Disadvantages Of Traditional Media Tools Marketing Essay

Since tv set has blessed, it has already become the most readily useful media tools amongst others over a long time. A lot of the convention company thinks that featuring a television advertising campaign may echo their company's brand or position at a prestige level.

The Advantages

Television advert is an instrument that delivers high frequency potential where per day a single ad can reach millions of viewers instantly. This is because television is the best reach of other types of multimedia since each house own a tv. Furthermore, television offers promoters the most extensive coverage compare to other marketing.

The Disadvantages

Television advertisement may be considered a good tool to reach millions of individuals but the cost for an advertisement is high. High cost probably comes from the development cost because commercials usually need more time, idea and resources to create it. Therefore, creating a commercial is expensive.

1. 0. 2 Radio

Radio is much less effective as tv set and it is more difficult to get more potential consumers because largely people only concentrate on hearing the music alternatively than advertisement. In the meantime, the most effective way to transmit the note from an advertisements is when a driver stuck in the center of the traffic. At the same time, many smaller local companies use radio advertising because the price tag on making a radio advert are less costly compare to television set.

The Advantages

Mostly radio advertisers help the listener to store the note easily. Method such as repeating the ad can efficiently helps the listener to remember it. From time to time, the greater the listener stick to the air, the communication will will go deeply into the person frame of mind and soon from short-term to become long-term storage area. Adding sound result in the advertisement may effectively help consumers to well so every time they been told the sound they could recall back again to the advertisements.

The Disadvantages

Radio adverts have few chances to reach countrywide audience because there is merely a short exposure time of transmitting the subject matter. Usually an advertisements is about 15 to 30 seconds. A lot of the times listener involved in alternative activities such as working, paying attention on driving or maybe using radio as a restaurant or retailers background music to provide their customers a good and comfortable environment. Therefore, most of them will not pay much attention or miss the ad part.

1. 0. 3 Outdoor Advertising

Commonly some companies use billboards to advertise along the medial side of the highway in Malaysia. Besides that, banners outside a restaurant, on public travelling and even dangling on the pillars under the flyover also an example of outdoor advertising.

The Advantages

An outdoor advertisement is a highly effective way to transfer message towards large group. For local companies, these ad is an efficient way to transfer the message to their local goal because usually local audience able to see them everywhere. The location of establishing these adverts will affect the results such as putting near by a restaurant, inside metropolitan areas area, clinging on tall structures, railway stop and amusement park.

The Disadvantages

The major drawback of a patio advertising is brief exposure of the time. When the advert is set by the road side, motorists may only have an instant look on it. They can not get the full meaning from the advertisements unless they stop their car.

1. 0. 4 Magazines

In old days, advertise in journals is also a best way to transmit information towards market. Advertise in different magazine allow to focus on to different consumers matching to demographic and lifestyles.

The Advantages

Magazines advertisements often provide high-quality color on the pictures. Colors and images can catch the attention of attention because mostly people like to look at bright colored things instead all with words. Besides that, the main function of periodicals is to allow readers to learn it during leisure time. With looking at colors and images, it can benefit in comforting themselves like minimizing stress after an operating day yet they may have longer time to undergo with advertisement.

The Disadvantages

Due to high-quality color in every magazine, the price tag on creation and printing is way higher compare to paper. Therefore, the publication advertisement prices are also expensive because marketer needs to create more idea and time to market it in various magazine and different goal. If some advertising campaign target to two consumer, it may effectively aim for to children in child publications if the same idea advertise in adult mag, the outcome will be different and that's why advertiser need to create another advertisements to focus on their parents.

1. 0. 5 Newspapers

Newspaper has been hundreds of years as a job of transmitting local, nation and global information to the general public. Papers is a best tool to advertise because the purchase price greatly cheaper compare to others which is allocated on daily basis.

The Advantages

Local sellers count heavily on papers advertisement because this is actually the only tool that focuses on more on locals. The main element factor that advertises in magazine is that you can list our your information like promoting sales, business retail hours, and physical store location within a page yet the price is cheaper than journal.

The Disadvantages

Newspapers advertisement also have a shorten life expectancy like as outdoor advertising. Normally a person will place the newspaper away once they surface finish reading it. Normally a person won't re-read second time on any information unless the object or article in a position to attract the audience.

Therefore, go by advertisement will remain unnoticeable if it fails to attract the audience.

1. 1 The Advantages and Down sides of Non-Traditional Marketing Tools

1. 1. 1 E-Mail Newsletters

E-mail notifications can be an excellent way to create brand awareness to the general public. News letters can be subscribed in some branded company internet site. The newsletter must maintain a kind of dealing with offers value to the clients. Besides that, some company will corporate collectively so they can share the publication by adding in their own advertising campaign as well as their partner's advertisement.

The Advantages

E-mail newsletter is near instant delivery compare to producing newspaper and journal. The business can share and send the e-mail to their customers at any time they want. In the meantime, the company could also send the newsletter to multiple customers just in few clicks time. Hence, recipient can forward the news headlines easily to their friends and family if the offer distributed by the company is effective.

The Disadvantages

The genuine deliverability to the recipients can be low credited to SPAM filters or e-mail address changes. Nowadays, there are numerous potential hackers in the web. To prevent and protect customer's level of privacy, many e-mail web browsers using advance filter technology to filter incoming message. So whenever the email browsers discover something dubious inside the publication, it'll automatically guide it into the junk box.

1. 1. 2 Blogs

Some company use web logs to promote their products. A blog advertise can be effective when growing positive work-of-mouth communications. Meanwhile, using a blog is easier to check the business's news or process and the content mostly will be modified regularly compare to a every week or every month e-mail newsletters.

The Advantages

Company weblogs provide an easy usage of company news. By doing so, they encourage their customers to see their weblogs frequently because some company will regularly revise their latest product, forthcoming occurrences and latest deals. Hence, a company that presents their latest details will gain commitment from existing customers.

The Disadvantages

When a blog that interacting with transaction, small local business company may face problems with it. If the company is brand, customers will spend additional time on the websites page to browse what they looking for plus they can make repayment securely because usually well-know company allow people to feel more reliable and secure. Quite simply, when a small local business company with a least well-know brand, customer's self-confidence level towards the business will not up to top quality company.

1. 1. 3 Online Advertising

Since 1990s, internet marketing have increased steadily. Because of the vitality of internet, marketers feel that online advertising is the hottest and highly effective method to reach consumers. Types of internet marketing are popup, web banner, marketing feed or video tutorial advertisement.

The Advantages

Online advertising makes it possible for advertisers to reach a lot more people than traditional advertising marketing in a shorter time. Advertisement can be more targeted than some traditional marketing because there are variety of individuals with different age, race and culture searching the net daily.

The Disadvantages

Heavy online advertising will cause web users to slowly immune system to advert. When end user are immune to advertisement, the number of men and women who react to advertisement will continuously decrease and the ones advertisements will become not important to everyone any further.

1. 1. 4 Online Public Networks

Recent years, online social networks have become popular among people. Some company use social networking site to talk to consumers. One of the most well-known social networking site is Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo+ and Twitter. Rather than talk to consumers, companies also making product and event announcement.

The Advantages

Since the network is unlimited, advertising in interpersonal networking sites are great for appealing to more customers. Whenever a customer is linked to your small business, your company account and information will distributed among their relatives and buddies too. The rate on spreading reports in sociable sites gets faster therefore the network can soon expand wider and even more when the advertisements has efficiently build awareness in public.

The Disadvantages

Despite of building brand awareness, social sites aren't that effective because it need to depend on how a end user remembers an organization brand. Whenever your company brand is not as famous in the market, people won't aware of your product. In the meantime, brand consciousness is usually created from big ad on Television, banners, billboards, magazines, newspapers and other repeated advert tools. However, interpersonal sites may harm from bad comment when a product dissatisfied the customers and since everyone able to comment on something easily. So, this may pull down the business's image easily.

1. 1. 5 Couponing

Coupon are available in newspaper, journals, or online advertising campaign. At most company will encourage consumer to slice or print these entire coupon and collect for certain amount to be able to redeem the offer. Some companies like McDonald will request consumers to print out the coupon off their webpage so they can enjoy the rebate.

The Advantages

Heavy Couponing customer will save up their regular monthly expenses effectively. Whenever a smart spender accumulated lots of coupon code, they could get the quantity of offer goods in cheap. Over collecting coupons, enthusiasts may require their relatives and buddies together for help out in collecting it. In so doing, the promotion information will propagate to others by word-of-mouth.

The Disadvantages

Some people will feel disturbing anticipated to self-respect. They could believe that why I have to spend some time to collect the whole coupon and utilize it to save only a few ringgit which they may manage to pay. It really is wasting period to accumulate it and sometimes some discount occurs in periodicals so consumer will require to purchase the magazine weekly to collect it.

http://wiki. answers. com/Q/Different_types_of_non_traditional_market

1. 2 Promotional Mixes Used by Proton Company

Advertisement is important to every company. Effectively using advert will not merely creating consciousness to the general public but also possibly increase market sales. The Proton Company is using this method to gain profit and increase market talk about. The company has used five ways to advertise their product such as television, banner, newspaper, cultural media networks and sales promotion.

First of all, many company still thinking advertise in tv is the most successful way to reach the audience. Since every home own a television set, the percentage of folks watching television set everyday will stay at an upper rate. Proton normally advertises their product during some peak time like during 6p. m. to 10p. m. Every family will commence to watch television throughout that period because everyone already back to house from working and having meal with individuals. By that time, each of them will come across with the ad. Protons even opt for some festive periods to market their product like the recent Chinese language New Season. Proton has purposely develop a commercial for celebrating Chinese New Calendar year by demonstrating a German engineer traveling the Proton Preve easily back again to his wife's hometown.

Secondly, Proton is also greatly using banner to advertise. By positioning banner in certain heavy traffic, cities such as Kuala Lumpur and even travel over in highways. Finding eyes banner normally the ultimate way to transmit communication into viewer mind even there is only a short while exposure. The best banner that Proton has generated is advising drivers to drive easily on the highway. Once the driver read the note, the very next day when they go by again they'll check recognise the business is concerning the public safety. In so doing, Proton has recently make a brand understanding to the general public.

Thirdly, in knowing the majority of the consumers will be reading magazine each day or anytime per day. Proton's advertisements sometime will be observed in a magazine. They usually will consumed whole page to advertise their service or product. Normally they'll not choose front side or second site but they will choose middle part of the magazine so that can simply capture the reader's brain with colors and pictures after reading tones of words in the last page. Besides that, Proton also advertises their service center location so readers could find their service center easily.

By grabbing the golden opportunity of using web in this 21st century, advertise in communal media networks is really as simple as effective. The large audience in the web has taken Proton to find more prospective customers to market their services. Simple steps like posting in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube will effectively transmit everything to its audience. Regardless of they accept it or not, after they view the communication already transmit to their mind. Proton has a Facebook and Youtube webpage. On Facebook web page, they often times use to publish recent promotions photos and reply consumers comment. While on Youtube channel, they are placing their products commercial or videos during their recent event.

Lastly, sales campaign is a value adding activities made to boost short-term sales and usually include point of sales activities such as in-store and event shows, product trial and distributing leaflets in public. Before starting the new Proton Preve, the company has organized an enormous event named Power of just one 1 at Stadium Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of creating that event is to raise the awareness of their Proton brand and to show the public how well their product perform, demo is provided at that moment. At the same time, the Preve also shown up but is covering up by stripe form cover so that can maintain at a mysterious stage. Every time after the start with their products, they will conduct a road show too by issuing brochure to allow consumer to learn more about the product.

Therefore based on all of these promotion strategies from Proton, the probabilities to convince a audience to choose the product is largely depend on the buyer expectation on the product, level of brand commitment or brands reputation and how great is the grade of the product. Even though sometimes it might not encourage a viewers but at least they're alert to your brand, product and services. So when times continues on follow by the advancement of the company product, the chances to persuade a buyer will can also increase. In conclusion, Proton Company should continue to advertise their approaching product so it may show the growth and improvement of the business. With these reason, the probabilities of folks to buy their product is higher.

1. 3 Effectiveness of Advertisement

There are two concepts that ensure the changing times of advertise to attain target audience is the effective reach and effective regularity. Effective reach is the percentage of your audience that must be exposed to a particular message to achieve a specific target. As the effective frequency identifies the amount of times a market must be exposed to a message to accomplish a particular goal. (Clow, 2011) Effective consistency and effective reach are necessary as when too little exposures may cause the advertiser neglect to gain its expected aims. Whereas if too much exposures will happen in the way of wasting resources. The very best in advertising is obtaining the intended goal successfully without experiencing wastage or marginal come back from extra advertisement.

Effective reach can be used under situation like a company desires to increase brand recognition. Then the promoters will focus on the visual presentation on the merchandise or the business logo. In this manner may allow a person to identify easily on the brand name alongside the company's logo. The primary objective of like this is to nearer a space in someone's knowledge with the brands. Therefore, if an marketer needs to increase reach then they have to market to a big group of target audience and keep mentioning the brand's name and custom logo as a feature. Marketing tools that can cause this happen effectively are by advertising in television, outdoor advertising, periodicals, internet, and immediate mail.

On the other side, the objective of effective frequency is to increase brand recall. Usually repetition in advertising method is necessary so that consumer can keep in mind well of the brand in their brain or recollection. Besides that, repetition can improve the times that particular brands will automatically popup in your thoughts. The additional time the audience perceives or heard about the advertisement is more easily to remember than he or she noticed once in a life time. Examples of press tools that can be used are by television, radio, newspapers and Youtube ad that's play first before exhibiting the actual training video content.

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