Dyson Marketing Communications

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Dyson Appliances Limited is a UK founded company which is a market innovator in selling floor cleaners in UK, US, Australia, Japan and rest of Europe. It started out marketing its floor cleaners in 1993 in UK. It's been brand name the No. 18 consumer superbrand for the year 2010 in UK. Dyson is not known as a producer of electric products but has been acquainted to the general public as a scientific innovative company. Advancement and invention is the heart of Dyson Ltd. It

This private limited company was founded by James Dyson an commercial designer. To help make the most effectively and worldwide selling brand of floor cleaners is the mission affirmation of Dyson Ltd, as time passes Dyson has changed into other products in the same kitchen appliances category as the Washing machine, Bladeless fan and hand dryers. Being a private company all the details about the company are not open to the public, but the best of information has tried out to be extracted from the available research documents, magazines and websites.

James Dyson attended London's Byam Shaw art institution and was specialising in painting. But painting beautiful objects wasn't enough to quell attention, he wished to make, and then he joined up with the Royal University of Art, where James researched architecture, but instead of colonnades and cladding, powerful marine anatomist was the order of the day. He developed a flat-hulled high-speed getting art and, with it, his interest for engineering. Soon, he'd also developed a fresh kind of wheelbarrow - one with a huge extra fat ball that didn't sink into mud and chunky ft for stability. All the while understanding how to take dangers, make blunders and use annoyance as a petrol for creative imagination and dealing with problems.

Dyson vacuums are exhibited in museums surrounding the world, like the New York Museum of Modern Art work, the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Museum of Modern Art, the Knowledge Museum in London, Paris's Centre Georges Pompidou, and the Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen.

New ideas will be the lifeblood of Dyson. Making Errors, failure and home tests are guiding concepts of Dyson which invests around 50% of its incomes for further development.

Dyson Key Markets and Regions of operation

Being started commercial operations in the entire year 1993 in UK. Dyson has consolidated its position as the marketplace innovator in the vacuum section in UK. It has presence across all around the globe. Predicated on the available information Dyson sold its products in more than 40 countries.

What is Marketing Communication

The word Marketing Communication is constructed of 2 words which is often interpreted in their individual capacity. Hence, this is of Marketing Communication is mixed anticipated to changing interpretation of the base words.


Marketing may be thought as the process by which organizations create interest of customers in products or services they produce. "Marketing" suggests selling and a goal of effective advantage for the communicator. (Marketing Communication and the Hierarchy of Results- Michael L. Ray)

In the global context, global marketing can be defined as the firm's determination to coordinate its marketing activities across countrywide boundaries in order to find and satisfy global customer needs better than the competition. This implies that the organization can:

  • Develop a global marketing strategy based on similarities and dissimilarities between markets;
  • Exploit the knowledge of the head office through worldwide diffusion (learning) and adaptations;
  • Transfer knowledge and guidelines from some of its market segments and use them in other international markets.

(From Global Marketing- Svend Hollensen)


"Communication is an activity of relationship of communications among persons by using a communication route or a medium. Communication is the exchange and circulation of information and ideas in one person to another; it requires a sender transmitting a concept, information, or feeling to a receiver" (U. S. Military, 1983).

Effective communication occurs only when the receiver is aware of the precise information or idea that the sender designed to transmit.

Marketing Communication

In the context of marketing, communication is the subject matter communicated by the organization for its expected or potential customer, to ignite the buying process by such a person. Effective Marketing Communication is one which would results the deal of something or a service.

Marketing Communication (Marcom) is a subfield of marketing that involves personal advertising, advertising, publicity, pr, reseller support- merchandising, product sampling and product packaging. They are all communication tools and the subfield is very an attempt to gather several diverse area of the marketing mixture under one conceptual construction based on communication research and theory.

"MARKETING AND SALES COMMUNICATIONS is a critical facet of a company's overall marketing quest and a significant perseverance of its success. The marketing communications components of the marketing combine have increased in the importance dramatically during the past decade. Indeed, it's been claimed that marketing in the 1990s is the communication and communication is marketing. The two are inseparable" Shimp (2000)

"Marcom cannot be just used for marketing exclusively but Marcom techniques can be used for a number of other purposes such as for a political marketing campaign, improvement in health procedures, changes in societal values etc. Thus marcom applies for persuasive mass media campaigns of most types. " (Marketing Communication and the Hierarchy of Effects- Michael L. Ray)

Role of marketing Communications

Marketing marketing communications (marcom) signifies all the consumer oriented materials such as leaflets, press releases, Web sites, and trade show presentations. The value produced of marcom planning is because of the direct relation of such likely to the customer, making marcom planning an important activity for the business. Thoughtfully written marcom plans:

  • Enables the company to handle a big quantity of products, areas and consumer interactions in one tone.
  • Creation of included communication channels by way of a varied team of people.
  • Assist the messages to increase above the sphere of industry and continuously reach the target audiences.
  • Provides superior brings about terms of work of time and money.

Tools of Marketing Communication

For any company, the various tools of marketing and sales communications includes distributing information, promoting brand, image and reputation, creating and stabilizing product and service demand, emphasizing features and benefits, providing competitive differentiation, producing sales leads, guaranteeing customer retention and commitment, and motivating staff.

Some tools are as follows:

  • Advertising

Advertising is defined as "any form of communication made by a public or a private undertaking in connection with trade, commercial activity, business, craft or profession to be able to promote, directly or indirectly: a) the commercialisation of any goods or services, b) any ideas or concepts, initiatives or establishments". Advertising can be an impersonal, mass medium form of communication, where the person who wants to speak the concept incurs a monetary cost for transmitting the message through a picked medium. It grows to a large volume of audiences in a discrete way. A couple of two main functions of advertising:

  1. Influencing the demand for goods and
  2. Managing consciousness and knowledge of the entity within an entirety.

The various types of media that could be used for advertising are:

  • Print press advertising like in the magazines, periodicals, web directories etc.
  • Broadcast mass media advertising in the form of tv set and radio for mass penetration at a comparatively lower cost per person reached.
  • Outdoor advertising like the billboards on highways, bus-stops etc.
  • Enclosed advertising just like a store displaying its name inside the store.
  • Digital and other advertising like telephony advertising, movie theater advertising, online and internet marketing.
  • Sales promotion

Sales promotion is offering to the consumers extra or additional value. Such an additional value may be created by offering say Buy One get One products, or Fifty percent Price products, free products/ examples, extra quantity of the same goods at no extra price, savings and price reductions. Hence the primary target of sales campaign is to encourage certain behaviour of audience, often to benefit sales for the business. Such a tool attracts new customers and help maintain existing bottom part.

  • Direct marketing

"Direct marketing is the full total of activities where products and services can be found to market segments in one or more marketing for informational purposes or even to solicit a primary response from a present-day or possible customer or contributor by mail, telephone or personal visit. " (Onkvisit and Shaw 1993, p717). Direct marketing is concerned with the management of customer behavior and can be used to check the strengths and weaknesses of the other marketing communications disciplines used to talk directly with individual customers and frequently take a behavioural (call to action) message. " Load, C. (2009), Marketing Communications Interactivity, Communities and content.

Thus we can understand by direct marketing as all the activities undertaken by seller which help to communicate immediately with the purchasers for the intended purpose of effecting an action by the buyer

  • Public Relations

"PR or publicity is the marketing communications function or activity performed by the organisations which holds out programmes made to earn public understanding an acceptance. " (Svend Hollensen Global Marketing, Pg: 554). Being truly a component of modern culture an entity has to protect the interest of itself as well as its stakeholders (contemporary society generally speaking )and for that reason has to have effective marcom once and for all pr. It includes both internal as well as exterior communication

  • Personal Selling

Unlike Advertising, personal selling is a dual way or more than 2 people involved communication process which permits instant feedback and it is not disturbed much by the noise like in advertising. It is an strong communication process and requires skills for effective communication, but it also enjoys high overall flexibility.

Market segmentation is the section of market into different groups of customers with distinctly similar needs and product/service requirements.

  • Targeting

To determine which, if any, of the sections uncovered on the market segmentation should be targeted. Such sections should be specifically targeted by the organization.

The function of designing the business's offering and image so that they occupy a meaningful and distinct competitive position in the prospective customers' minds.

Integrated Marketing Communication

The idea of IMC took delivery in america in the overdue 1980's. The Caywood, Schultz and Wang presented in 1991 the idea of IMC after having a survey was conducted by Northwestern university or college with countrywide goods promoters in USA.

Schultz defined IMC as, "Broadly defined, IMC is a thought of marketing communication planning that identifies the added value of using a comprehensive plan to evaluate the proper roles of a number of communication disciplines. It combines these disciplines to provide clearness, steadiness and maximum communication impact. "(Schultz et al, 1993). "Proponents of IMC contend that it represents a logical first step in the move from outbound product driven communication to the greater interactive consumer and behaviour focused methods of the twenty first century. "(Kitchen and Schultz, 1999). Thus we can understand from IMC that it is a process by which all types of marketing communication are monitored so that the prospective customer or community are delivered a plain, constant and convincing communication about the entity and its products.

(An inside-out method of designed marketing communication-An international research by Gayle Kerr, Don Schultz, Charles Patti, Ilchul Kim)

Among the differing explanations of IMC, Shimp has tried out to find the unique top features of IMC in 2000 as follows:

  • The primary objective of IMC is to impact behaviour through directed communication.
  • IMC process starts with the buyer or possibility and ends with the brand communicator.
  • IMC uses all sorts of communication and all means and company contacts as meaning release channels
  • For a better brand image synergy and coordination are utmost important.
  • IMC requires marketing communication build long lasting relationship between the brand and the buyer.

Thus we can conclude that IMC is the look, coordinating, controlling, integrating and handling the various marketing communications which develop from a business towards its outdoor environment or external environment.

Marketing Marketing communications Strategies and Practices utilized by Dyson

To understand the marketing communication strategy of Dyson, it is very important to know a brief overview of the company which will help us understand the future span of marketing for the company.

James Dyson got started working on his vacuum cleaner idea since 1978. His idea was to build a bagless, filterless vacuum. Within the 1980's he approached Hoover Company which was the market innovator of that time and energy to take up his idea, but it had not been accepted by Hoover. Undeterred by the Hoover snub, Dyson continued to work on his concept of vacuum cleaner. After 15 years of hard work, dedication, toil and aggravation and tests 5000 prototypes James finally launched the Dyson Cyclone DC01 Vacuum which was based on the effect of your tornado in 1993. The company for another 12 years put almost 100 % of its gains for further R&D widening its team of researchers from a meagre 3 researchers to 350 scientists. In interview with a leading advertsing newspaper, Dyson's global marketing director, Clare Mullin, pressured the business's pledge to development, declaring, "We're an engineering-led company, not really a marketing-led company. "

Thus the overall stress of the company are available out to be technology, development, technology and invention. That is a proclaimed difference between a revenue oriented commercial company and Duson. Dyson can be an innovative, technology company not merely other company. This is the basis of marketing communication of Dyson that it's different.

Context Analysis

SWOT Analysis


  • Technologically superior product offering
  • Brand Image
  • Loyal Customer base
  • Financial Power and higher profitability
  • High Revenue generation
  • Can earn prime on its product offerings


  • Lower sales amount than competitors
  • Limited range of item offering in collection compared to larger competitors
  • Limited resources


  • Qualitywise superior offering is usually in demand everywhere.
  • New untapped marketplaces.
  • Increasing sales by reducing prices.


  • Susceptible to cyclical changes as in recessionary conditions cheaper substitutes may be preferred.
  • Branding as expensive products.
  • Better product offerings by competitors at relatively lower prices.

Strategic Mission and Objectives

To build the very best and efficient vacuum cleaners brand.

Be a world head in the vacuum cleaners brand

To build world class cutting age digital appliances for improving peoples lives

To be technologically innovative

To invest closely in development for future sustenance of business

Sr. No.

UK markets

US Markets

To keep up with the market leader position in the vacuum segment

To maintain the market head position in the vacuum cleaner segment

Marketing Objectives

To be a market head in the vacuum cleaning and kitchen appliances business. To advertise company as a technologically advanced company producing high quality products for improving daily lives.

Sr. No.

UK markets

US Markets

To maintain and combine the market leader position in the vacuum cleaner segment (2002)

To rapidly enter the market and record the vacuum cleaning markets(2002)

To increase sales by the certain percentage say 5%

To increase sales by say 10%

Marketing Communications Objectives

Communications Impact- the objective of any marketing communication is too effectuate sales and promote the brand image of the organization.

Credibility- It's the value fastened by the customers

Cost- They are the costs mounted on the marketing and sales communications.

Control- The level of control which may be exercised on the marketing communication through different tools.

The use of different tools entail acahievement of different objactives as may be predecided by the organization.

Marketing Communication Note Objectives

Differentiate- Dyson has tried to distinguish its products by stressing the superior technology of the product. Don't Lose the Suction Campaign perfectly pronounces the differentiation of Dyson products from its rivals product.

Remind- This emails involve duplicating the messages before delivered. This consolidates and Strengthens prior communication. Dyson states that his announcements are boring, but still it shows the company's seriousness towards its business.

Inform- This calls for informing and educating the attributes of the product. Dyson's product in US and UK do the same function of informing attributes to the clients.

Persuade- This induces the customers to take action towards buying the product.

In short, the marketing communication message objective should be to catch the attention of, maintain and notify consumers about the brand.

Marketing Communication Strategies (3 P's)

The adoption of the strategy is based on the Product Life routine and this marketing aims:

  • Pull Strategy
  • Push strategy and
  • Profile Strategy

UK and European countries Markets

Dyson presumed in its products to be the advertising tools. To get a technology improved quality product the term of mouth is the better form of advertising or marketing communication. In European countries Dyson enjoyed an enormous person to person advertising, hence the need for specific high finances or cost allocation to marketing communication was less. One more way of communication was through advice of store staffs.

US market

After tasting success on the Western Continent, Dyson embarked on new voyages to the U. S. The entry of the high priced, British made vacuum cleaner in US coincided with the recession and dwindling US Vacuum industry in 2002. However the creator of vacuum Adam Dyson also presiding Dyson Ltd was upbeat about the success of vacuum in US market segments. Such an upbeat feelings was because of the knowledge of inserting a high technology product in the hands of customers creating value for the product.

The tools of mouth area to mouth area marketing communication had not been possible in US as individuals were not so close and ranges segregated people.


Fallon Worldwide, an advertisement agency received the advertising contact from Dyson and launched a advertising campaign in USA in 2002 by the name "Doesn't Lose Suction" to showcase the superior technology of Dyson products in the vacuum cleaning business section which needed an improvement and a big change as per Dyson.

Part Two

For selecting an organization, we've selected Apple Inc. as our company. The business is to establish a Summer marketing campaign for the introduction of its Iphone-5 in the united kingdom Markets. Launch time frame is on June 1 2011

Apple Inc. Objectives

Based on the organizational motto of "Think Differently", Apple Inc has its explained objectives of focusing on gratifying personal consumer needs rather than simply satisfying a demographic requirement as well as, enhancing performance and balance rather than launching new features when launching new versions of any product.

Brand Mission

The Apple Iphone brand objective is to bring best mobile experience to everyone.

Brand Vision

The Iphone brand perspective is to empower everyone with the latest clipping era mobile technology.

Brand Objectives

Producing a telephone which suits all the basic requirements of the mobile.

Build strong brand orientation.

To focus on the niche section of the market.

Introducing latest and innovative technology in mobile phone experience.

To present an online - facilitating smartphone along with the Ipod and advanced version of Iphone 3 and Iphone 4


Improved network connectivity than Iphone 4

Camera for picture taking and video tutorial needs for special moments, 8 MP Camera including a camera for video recording calls.

Sleek and stylish features

64/128 GB Memory space for extra storage space needs

One Touch email technology

Upcoming 4G Networking technology.

Inbuilt Apple GPS Navigation system.

One thrust connectivity

Highest resolution display in the telephone market.

Touch display screen with scratch confirmation technology

Situational Analysis

SWOT Analysis


  • Higher price helps preserving it as a mobile for specific niche market people, hence demand is managed.
  • It is the most useful phone available for sale.
  • Thousands of software applications are available specifically designed for Apple on Istores.
  • Upgradability is possible credited to software upgradation.
  • Brand Knowledge makes Apple products sell as hotcakes.
  • It has best touchscreen resolution on the market.
  • Most suitable for entertainment purposes attracting young people towards Iphone.


  • High price deters some customers
  • Not much suited to business purposes.


  • Relatively smaller segment of smartphone has scope for development.
  • Branding as an innovator and revolutionizing products.
  • IStore provides a continous stream of revenue even after sale of Iphones.
  • Perceived luxury value to Iphone has result of increasing demand.
  • Opportunities to connect up with many companies for creating Iphone applications.


  • Competitors discovering better quality and better features for phone
  • Apparent pressure for minimizing prices.

Target Customer profile

Market Segmentation

This involves determining the similar sets of customers. For Iphone similar sets of customers maybe male/ woman, amateurs/ professionals/ corporate persons, students etc.

Target Market

Iphone target market is the group of individuals who would like smart cell phones as well as entertainment devices. The mark can include cream class of people, who like to supercharge features. For business needs specialists, corporate personnel should be targeted. The principal target is the upper middle income persons. They would be targeted as the telephone is build predicated on their requirements. The supplementary target may be the university students, high school and university students who need a all-in one device. Corporate customers for large requests are also to be targeted.


The Iphone 5 is to be located as a innovative product, differentiating from all the available cell phones in the market. It really is to be sold as an Apple brand, a symbol of quality. To become promoted as your computer which really is a phone.

Marketing Objective

A high focus on has been setup for the first 2 years of release in UK and USA:

In the first time, 2 lacs of Iphone to be sold in UK predicated on our previous performance of Iphone sales.

In the next year, a rise of 20% in the sales goal over 1st yr is contemplated.

Marketing Strategy


The Iphone gets the great benefits as described above.


The Iphone is competitively priced at 450 in the united kingdom markets. However in agreement with network providers like Vodafone, T- mobile, 3, Orange, O2 etc, competitive and best discounts would be provided for the customers.


As the mark groups are found out, targeting the target group with the latest promotional multimedia. Large scale Television set advertisments. Regular advertising for full 2 years period. Creative advert. Creation of hoopla around the phone.

Place (Distribution)

Large scale distribution of phones before the day of kick off based on days gone by experinces of hurry on the launch day and shortages within time of unveiling.

Message and Creative idea

" If you are not using Iphone5, you are passing up on something!!!". "Have you tried your side at the new Iphone??".

"Iphone5, This changes everything again!!!"


Based on the targeted sales of 2 lacs Iphone5, the earnings turn out to be (450 * 200000) = 90, 000, 000. We would work out the initial marketing communication expense at say 20% of profits, then we have a complete of 18, 000, 000 for our marketing.

Reference and Bibliography

Svend Hollensen: Global Marketing- A conclusion oriented Approach, Fourth model, Pearson- Prentice Hall

http://www. jiffynotes. com/a_study_guides/book_notes_add/emmc_0000_0002_0/emmc_0000_0002_0_00096. html

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http://www. iphoners. com/threads/iphone-marketing-plan. 141/ (Seen on 17-1-2011)

http://www. howtobeamarketer. com/articles/marketing-mix/4-promotion-marketing-communications/46-integrated-marketing-communications-templates-word-powerpoint-and-pdf (Accessed on 17-1-2011) Used for IMC Plan Diagram

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