Effects Of Compulsive Buying Disorder

Compulsive buying disorder or Omniomania often called shopping habit was known in the early nineteenth century, and considered as a psychiatric disorder in the early twentieth century. It is characterized by excessive habit regarding shopping and spending which might lead to dangerous effects. Why compulsive buying is known as a dangerous symptom? Although it is not specifically stated in the diagnostic of mental disorders it does seem to be a well-researched topic in neuro-scientific psychology. It really is hard to assume that a person consciously decides to be always a compulsive shopper, but it might begin as a simple day of shopping. A person might feel happy once purchasing, and continuously wants to duplicate the sensation. These Compulsive consumers usually see shopping as a way of escaping negative feelings, such as depression, panic, boredom, self-critical thoughts, and anger. Sometimes they tend to go shopping to satisfy an inner void in their personality wanting to treat symptoms of low self-esteem through compulsive shopping. Compulsive consumers will definitely lose their spouses when they tend to hide their buys and once the consumptions are discovered, they often end up being the focus of arguments. (Shieldsl, 2013)

There is a quite difference between impulsive and compulsive shopping. Experts who've looked into this matter assumed that the difference between both aspects rests with the internal motivation or reason behind making the purchase. Impulse buying is normally unplanned, and happens in the moment such as witnessing the required item in the shop which is known as a normal shopper. While a compulsive shopper will plan the shopping experience in an effort to avoid or ease uncomfortable internal thoughts. (Benson, 2006)

The major difficulty identifies the unawareness of these irrational spenders that they suffer from such sickness. Therefore, when they get used to the condition and means of recovery it'll be easier to alleviate from the strain and sadness they experienced. Shopping addiction not only impacts women as it was long known, it also impacts men just as it can to women, what differs only is the type of things they buy. (Shieldsl, 2013)

Shopping addicts need to be effectively led by specialists such as psychologists to help them get over their craving since as it is known that problem has fundamentally psychological reasons. They have to find a fresh way to escort their despair, anger, and all the negative thoughts that might lead someone togo extremely outrageous in shopping in an attempt to eliminate all the inner negativity. Psychologists stand for one of the most important right solutions for this problem since psychologists help shopaholics take care of the challenge from its roots as they allow them to express and let out their negative thoughts in other more beneficial means alternatively than shopping compulsively (Hartney, 2009).

Problem Statement

At first glance, people might see unnecessary shopping a comparatively normal activity of lifestyle especially to the ones that are able all expenses. This initial conception fails to consider, that kind of shopping assumes an totally different meaning. Regarding to my personal interest and interest to know more about shopping lovers and just why they practice such excessive behavior, this research would help spotting a lot of related habits, and just how they look. Compulsive shopping or spending may cause social, occupational, family and financial problems in one's life (Clark, 2008).

All brought up results relate to each other in ways or another, people who take part in compulsive shopping could become preoccupied with this action and spend less and less time with important people in their lives. They build a fantasy world of their own far away from reality, that may leads finally to harm in connections. Financial problems might occur if money is borrowed or there is extreme use of credit to make purchases. For the above stated details, there is a need to handle the subject of shopping addiction and its own negative effects. Thus, it is expected in this review to look up the solutions suitable to the condition.

Research questions

The following research questions are being used to guide the research process:

In what way does indeed shopping addiction affect the personal life of the addict?

To what extent does psychological care help shopping lovers get over their addiction?

Hypothesis: Being shopaholic has damaging effects on connections.


The conditions that are recurrent in this study include compulsive buying disorder, impulse purchasing, extreme tendencies, and psychiatric disorder.

Compulsive buying disorder is thought as "increased shopping cognitions and purchasing behavior that contributes to distress or impairment, additionally it is associated with significant psychiatric comorbidity, particularly mood and anxiety disorders, element use disorders, eating disorders, and other disorders of impulse control"(Valence, 2006, p. 4). In the same way, it is considered as "an obsession with shopping that significantly inhibits the functioning of the individual" (Benson, 2010, p. 9)

Impulse purchasing is known as "an unplanned decision to buy a product or service, made just before a purchase. Person who tends to make such purchases is known as an impulse purchaser or impulse buyer" (Zimmerman, 2009, p. 16) Furthermore, "Impulse buying is the purchase habits of consumers who buy goods or services at the start point of contact. This normal patterns is affected by sale indications and advertisements at retail locations" (Harwood, 2011, p. 22)

Excessive behavior stands for "inappropriate individual kind of buying habit whereby consumers repetitively spend more than what they can afford this business lead us to identify high buying as a perception-based build" (Thompson, 2007, p. 8) Furthermore, Abnormal tendencies can be from the disproportionate use of the substance. After you take part in an excessive patterns you are trying to calm an unresolved feelings or injury (Sparks, 2008).

Psychiatric disorder is defined as "pattern of internal or behavioral symptoms that causes an individual significant distress, impairs their capability to operate in life, and significantly heightens their threat of death, pain, impairment, or lack of freedom. Furthermore, to certainly be a psychiatric disorder, the symptoms must be more than an expected respond to a particular event" ( Salters, 2009, p. 5) In addition to that, Kendra Cherry (2010) discovered that a psychiatric disorder "known as a mental disorder, is a pattern of behavioral or mental symptoms that impact multiple life areas and create misery for the person experiencing these symptoms" (p. 11)

Literature review

All of the compulsive buying researches has devoted to defining and explaining the trend. Faber and O'Quinn (2005) produced their definition from the much broader group of compulsive usage. They defined compulsive utilization "as a response to the uncontrollable drive or desire to obtain, use, or experience a feeling, substance or activity that leads an individual to repetitively engage in a behavior that will ultimately cause harm to the individual and to others" (p. 4). D'Astous (2009) offers a less extreme definition of compulsive buying "as a generalized urge to buy in the buyer population and that individuals who are extremely high on this factor may be called compulsive clients" (p. 10). D'Astous (2009) also recommended that "by dichotomizing consumers into two categories, compulsive or not compulsive, that people were missing a lot of the phenomenon. By overlooking what sits between compulsive and practical, we may be overlooking information that could help us to raised understand the phenomena and its roots" (p. 2)

Researcher's different point of views related to shopping addiction

Several empirical studies have yielded interesting studies about factors related to compulsive customers. Faber (2004) discovered that compulsive buyers tend to be young. However, Valence (2010) did not find age to be a significant factor. In my own estimation, age is actually a factor influencing a compulsive purchase process. For example, teenagers are highly inspired by their peers.

Consumer research workers have been discovering this phenomenon in order to describe, explain, and identify it. Psychology has given us answers concerning the roots of the occurrence. We now know that compulsive buying is a behavioral disorder that triggers a person to continually buy things regardless of financial, public, or psychological results. (Damon, 2008)

Compulsive buying is the consequence of dysfunction in any or all of the following techniques: heredity, category of origin, mental health reasons, and societal aspects. Compulsive buying is recognized from efficient buying by the next characteristics: the things aren't bought for his or her essential value, there is denial to the negative consequences of the activities, and it is troubling to the individual's life (Krych, 2009).

It has been suggested that the socio-cultural environment is one of the many factors that helped in creating of compulsive potential buyers. People's perceptions of what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior are based on societal, ethnic, and specific norms. During the socialization process, consumers learn what is acceptable and undesirable. If one's socialization process has been dysfunctional, that is, dysfunctional habit has been modeled to the average person, that person will "grow up" thinking the dysfunctional behavior is "normal. " Furthermore, if the socio-cultural environment is conducive to this type of dysfunctional tendencies, the individual's norm becomes reinforced (Hirschman, 2007).

Are men and women evenly addictive on shopping?

Compulsive buying is not just a problem that some women have, it appears that men are just as likely to have problems with it. The traditional view of women suffering from compulsive buying is just about the consequence of most studies being done mainly on women. Women will say to compulsive shopping than men. All people have bad techniques, but some don't really confess or agree to it or even they don't realize it. The aim of what I'm seeking to reach is that, it could be really not a shame to truly have a certain compulsive or bad practice and also to confess get back action because, when we are true to others we could true to ourselves and in that way we can find solutions to our problems. Astonishingly, more folks from lower incomes suffer from compulsive shopping than folks from higher incomes (Hollander, 2006).

A recent study of shopping habit, publicized in the North american Journal of Psychiatry, has uncovered that as many as 1 in 20 Us citizens suffers from compulsive buying. The surprising discovery is that men are almost as apt to be compulsive shoppers. This type of craving is a compulsive behavior that interferes with an individual's life to the extent a shopaholic may lay about their shopping addiction. They might be in extreme arrears, unable to control their shopping, and go through the same symptoms as other addictive manners such as compulsive gambling addiction, alcohol or drugs. The traditional view of compulsive spending is of women experiencing this addiction but the recent studies exhibited that men and women equally shop but for different kind of items (Lepore, 2012).

Problems that take place consequently of compulsive shopping

Shopping addiction isn't necessarily about the money, it's about how shopping impedes your daily life. If you or someone you understand has such increased behavior matching shopping then it's a genuine problem. A couple of a lot of people who are just total logical consumers, they buy what's on discount sales, or what they want and nothing at all else. James Roberts a researcher of Baylor College or university of Business in Texas claimed that, on the other end there are compulsive consumers who buy to their own financial mess up and to relationship problems and other types of debts, and then there will be the rest of us somewhere in between (Bryner, 2008). Because of this, breaking a compulsive buying craving is not that easy for irrational spenders. They have to accept it, inform their thoughts, selves, knowing they are tackling a significant problem.


The current research entails both qualitative and quantitative methods because the data collection treatment is based on a questionnaire and interview.


The first method of data collection is a questionnaire including seven questions which range between Yes/No questions and wide open ended ones. The goal of these questions is to collect data about the negative effect behind being a shopaholic person especially on human relationships. It will be sent out and implemented by the researchers herself. Sample investigated includes 30 people from the Shouf area (the test is randomly chosen).


The interview is likely to be conducted with one shopaholic. It includes (3 to 4 4 questions) about my research matter (The result of being a shopaholic person on associations) and their viewpoint.


Like other kinds of addiction, shopping habit is an illness. It is a hard addiction to triumph over since people do need to shop for basic things such as food and clothing. Thus, a person cannot completely eliminate shopping. You can find help, however, for the compulsive shopper. There are several treatment facilities that help people offer with any type of addictive habit. Thus, seeking help is indeed becausecompulsiveshopping can lead visitors to hard situations where they lose all their possessions. As well, compulsiveshopping can harm associations with spouses or with children, beyond repair.

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