Effects Of Television Programs And Cartoons On Children Mass media Essay

h originates from Latin and this means as well as a device, environment and kind of marketing tool which we use whenever we communicate. Alternatively, we use the term of "media" in Turkish dialect and that appears unkind than other editions but at exactly the same time we use mass communication medium conception. However, the word is not a Turkish word but created a close connection with this is and consumption of the term. Nevertheless, the words of "media strategy" or "mediums" kind of wrong usages shows us that how impractical of the idea and that expression has got into our dialect as well as creating confusion. (Halil Nalaoёlu, 2003, Medya ve Toplum, Ips letiёim Vakf± Yay±nlar±, stanbul)

After all commited researches, we observed that mass communications tools was investigating effects of sent messages on upon the targets from the origins to date. Because of this, receivers of emails quite simply audiance or listeners situations were carried an important weight and it was aroused more attention than other components of communication. The audience understand the meaning of the approval of effective or passive, the research found apt to be accurate, however, dubious, questionable, problematic parts formed. (ѕahinde Yavuz, 2005, Medya ve zleyici, Bitmeyen Tart±ёma, Vadi Yay±nlar±, Ankara)

Today on the role of marketing influence and a lot of research has been done. Research workers, the event proceeds today, according to the liberal pluralist strategy, especially the visual media presentation and a principled knowledge of the task falls on the way up was needed. To give a display of the concept by the principles of honest norms on the one hand, and how the presentation of the message transmitted boundaries on the other palm, also packages the collection between social advertising and are defending the thesis. (Ayёe nal, 2003, Medya ve Toplum, Ips letiёim Vakf± Yay±nlar±, stanbul)


In a report demonstrated that the most interesting period of childhood, developmental psychologist and expert pedagogues by 'Before Deal' between the age ranges of 4-7 is named the period. Rises children's imagination at this time, games and playthings become the most crucial part of life. Children are incredibly much is "egocentric". Based on the world as they experience the feeling that the planet spins around them and they are the only humans. One of the most characteristic feature of this universe of inanimate objects human being characteristics is they think that lifeless things can be alive. In kid's world, any change in terms of cognitive development may be having full beliefs. For example; Devices like the story book Puss in Boots camel can turn into pet cats or mice. At times such as this kind of thinking moves, may also be startling. Actually, these types of fantastic games, films, experiences and fun products are tools to enhance creativity of our kids, us which enrich our relationship. To achieve this positive goal, what we have to do is involve some mandatory approaches. Which approach brings about what direction the study is going to be a case and that will be examined in accordance with recommendations of the researches.

A research of violence in television programs and cartoons to the elements and their activities were examined and children were noticed to behave differently after observing violent content on television set cartoons. The pre-school children used in this review and 100 children were witnessed before and after watching television. One group was watching violent cartoons, as the other group, no aggression, non-line of the content of movies are given. Children who had been watching violent videos were detected to deal with with other children more and not in favor of with their parents and be more impatient of their behaviours reviewed by the researchers.

Educators and pedagogues are also recognized by the "new technology" that children's programs and cartoons are no different than an adult programs and shows on tv. That shows seems a little lady just like a teenage female and children who feels like the toon heroes matters unsuitable topics matching to children's age and topics do not conform to the developmental characteristics of children. That puts at risk of these young children mental health. (Sevil Gјmјё, Pedagogue, Istanbul, 2010)

When we consider each one of these things and we get these results that creativeness and pondering system of a kid is effecting when seeing cartoons at risk up of videos like the development of systems that are affected by some negative elements. To prevent these adverse effects from the world of cartoons for children with different alternatives, rather than depriving them much easier to navigate and that will be effective results obtained by experts and research email address details are positive in line with the data that we have.


Television has an important role in an adult's life and a child's. Today, as a major entertainment and recreational vehicle of tv set programs adopted, viewed and consumed by the children approximately adults. Programme-makers are aware of the variety of the audience, and according to different age groups and educational programs were created in order to their goals. Cartoons are among these programmes and fundamentally children are the main target for these productions.

Primary school era children in the time preceding its relationship with tv set are similar for the purposes of finding. Television set programs, especially the smart, radiant and fast-changing elements, moving individuals, strongly the audio or light gets children's attention and affects them. Pre-school children talk with violence watching television cartoons and which makes them become ready for violence enjoying these unreal but lively and brighter images. Especially talk about of cartoons has a major responsibility in that. School-age is an essential period for children as they tend to be assault and shows intense behaviours in conditions of their impacts of behaviours because how old they are.

During this period, a child produces increased attention. They have an ability to comprehend and follow the continuity in the reviews. The described events as implicit in their conclusions and approves the activities or moves of the character types and its mimics. The style in this era and violence in children varies and changes if they watch violent programs.

Especially those who follow such programs which demonstrates real life of violence and the ones children who presumed himself a hero shows aggressive behavior in real life sometimes appears to increase.

During the adolescent period, damaged by tv set charactersor identity creation is significantly less than younger ages. But this young teenage children are more convinient to copy violence the in the television set or criminal action by mimicking, shows us a rebel behavior of "traditional authority challenged action" can be subjected. (Josephson, W. L. , 1995, Television set violence: A review of the effects on ch±ldren of d±fferent age range. Canadian Traditions. )

Cartoons multi-colored, exaggerated and packed with fun world, impresses kids big time and at the same time entertains their world. Because of the level of creativity and pondering system of the kids are very not the same as adults as children watchs cartoons and seems themselves part of the particular watch and this develops their creativeness. The cartoons and occasions they watch and follow in a way that's much simpler to choose and internalize for these people. Therefore, cartoons has important activity during children's internalization period which learning and observing creates different worlds in child's thinking system. But the cartoons can be adversely affected in many elements on children especially discernment sensible submits and shows us that the ones who did not reach the amount of understanding and judging could be way more affected. Because observing the cartoons, children's world gradually begins to become part than it. If the required intervention is not made a child makes himself part of that illusion world and cuts the truth between that world and real life. That influences negatively children's development. They start losing adaptation of real life and dismiss what going on around them. They start becoming various other character which does not exist in real life. (dil Seda AK, 2010, ‡ocuk Geliёimi Uzman±, Istanbul)

The most affected social groups of the tv set broadcasts are today, children. The broadcasts influences their personality development and socialization who are at the level of development also well known by the city.

To protect children from negative effects of tv broadcasts for both countrywide and international levels, the many preparations being made every day and joint functions are conducted. Those programs particularly interested by the kids and can cause series of physical, mental and moral development damages. The world government bodies are working to them not to be too violent and kind of measures taken in the direction appealing is still being investigated even as we aren't sure if we are on the right way. (Dr. A. Zahid Akman, RTK, 2006, lk¶ёretim ‡aё±ndaki ‡ocuklar±n Televizyon zleme Al±ёkanl±klar± Kamuoyu Araёt±rmas±, Istanbul)


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