Electrical Energy In The Home Engineering Essay

Electricity can be an essential power source for modern living. Disruption to provide or isolation can lead to the introduction of alternative methods of obtaining this essential energy learning resource. For electrical energy to be useful it must be harnessed by using a power circuit and an energy-converting device.

As electricity became progressively more used as the key power in homes and electric appliances became a fundamental element of daily life for many Australians, the hazards associated with electricity became more prominent. Voltages only 20 volts can be dangerous to our body with regards to the health of the individual and amount of time of connection with the current. Basic safety devices in home kitchen appliances and within the electric circuits in the house can prevent electrical power injury or help out with reducing the potential for electric impact.

This module boosts students' knowledge of the history, dynamics and practice of physics and the applications and uses of physics.

Electrical Energy in the Home

1. Society has become progressively more dependent on electricity over the last 200 years

Discuss how the key sources of local energy have transformed over time

The main sources of domestic energy have improved greatly through the years. As population grew each new energy resources gave more vitality, more wealth, better living conditions and much more chance of humans.

Assess a few of the influences of changes in, and increased usage of, sources of energy for a community

Before only man electricity was used, there was hardly any leisure time, but anticipated to industrialization, there's been a great deal of mass development which has greatly decreased human being effort and providing us more leisure time.

Discuss a few of the ways that electricity can be provided in distant locations

Some sources of energy for distant places are:-

Diesel generators - A diesel driven engine drive an electrical generator

Solar skin cells - A solar cell turns sunlight directly to electricity which is often stored in electric batteries for night time use.

Wind Turbines - Generate electricity from the energy of the wind.

Identify data resources, gather, process and analyse extra information about the differing views of Volta and Galvani about creature and chemical substance electricity and discuss whether their different views contributed to increased understanding of electricity.

www. wikipedia. org

Luigi Galvani conducted a series of experiments with pets, you start with dissected frogs.

Galvani completed a wide varying series of experiments which discovered that there were convulsive moves of the frog when two metals were designed to touch the other person while one steel was in contact with a nerve and the other was in contact with a muscle of the frog. Galvani deducted "that the electricity was inherent in the pet itself".

According to Galvani, this summary was strengthened by "an observation that a kind of circuit of your delicate nerve substance is manufactured out of the nerves to the muscles when the occurrence of contractions is produced, similar to the electric circuit which is completed in a Leyden jar"(2). The diagram left illustrates Galvani's theory (3). Galvani publicized the results of his experiments in a publication called (Commentary on the Effect of Electricity on Muscular Movement).

When Alessandro Volta read Galvani's "Commentary, " however, he arrived to another conclusion. Volta centered on both different varieties of metal found in the basic types of Galvani's tests. The diagram to the left shows Volta's theory that the electricity started in the bimetal arc itself, here drawn in two distinctly different tones, and that the resulting circulation of electricity produced the muscular contractions (3). Volta's subsequent experiments resulted in the introduction of the voltaic cell--similar to a modern-day car battery--and to the introduction of the field of electrochemistry. A lot of our current understanding of chemical type reactions can be traced almost directly to the tests of Galvani and Volta.

Electrical Energy in the Home

2. One of the main features of electricity is the fact that is can be moved with comparative easiness from one location to another through electric circuits

Describe the behavior of electrostatic charges and the properties of the domains associated with them

Electro static charges drive or pull each other. . . . . . . There are pushes between them:

Same charges: Repel

Opposite Charges: Attract

Field between two incurred plates

The pushes are best discussed by imagining that all electric fee is ornamented by a push field. Any electric charge that is placed within the field will experience a make.

By classification the course of the power field lines is the direction a confident (+VE) charge would move if located in the field.

Define the machine of electric charge as the coulomb

The device of electric demand is the coulomb (C). 1 coulomb of fee is an extremely large amount, so "microcoulombs"(uC) are commonly used.

1(uC)=1 times 10 to the energy of -6 C

Define the electric field as a field of pressure with a field power equal to the power per unit fee at that time:

= electric field strength (Newton/coulomb) (NC-1)

= pressure (Newton) (N)

˜ = electric fee (coulomb) (C)

Since push is assessed in newtons (N), and fee is at coulombs (C), it practices that the machine of electric field power is the "newton per coulomb" (NC to the power of -1).

This means if a charge "Q" experience an electric pressure "F", then there has to be an electric field present, and its own durability is F/Q.

Define electric current as the speed at which fee moves (coulombs/ second or amperes) consuming a power field

Current is the speed at which fee flows. 1 ampere = 1 coulomb/second Conventional current goes from + to -. The electron activity is in the contrary direction of conventional current.

Identify that current can be either immediate with the net flow of demand carriers moving in one route or alternating with the demand carriers moving backwards and forwards periodically

Direct Current:

If the electric field is constant, then the charge will move steadily in a single direction. That is called immediate current (DC) e. g. Battery power.

Alternating Current:

If a areas continues reversing its path, so does the existing. The charges will move backwards and forwards. This is called alternating electric current (AC). Generators produce AC.

Describe electric probable difference (voltage) between two points as the change in potential energy per product charge moving in one point to the other (joules/coulomb or volts)

Discuss how potential difference changes at different details around a DC circuit

Decreases as it maneuver around the circuit.

Identify the difference between conductors and insulators

Conductor: A conductor is something with low resistance, thus current can flow through it easily. Generally metals are good conductors. Silver and Gold are great conductors, but we mostly use copper and aluminium for electrical wiring, this is because they are practically as good as conductors and a whole lot cheaper.

Insulator: An insulator is really a total opposite of an conductor. They have very high amount of resistance, thus which impedes current stream. Exemplory case of good insulators includes cup, plastic, and paper. Although their level of resistance is very high, it's all a subject of Ohm's Legislation. If a big enough voltage is applied, a good good insulator can "break down" and invite current to move.

Define level of resistance as the ratio of voltage to current for a specific conductor:

The device of resistance is called the "Ohm". The icon used is the greek letter "omiga". How this pertains to voltage and current is due to Ohm's Legislations.

Describe qualitatively how each of the following impacts the motion of electricity by using a conductor:

- length

Everything else being equal, the longer conductor has more resistance, thus indicating less conductivity.

- combination sectional area

The bigger the cross-sectional area, the less amount of resistance, thus meaning increased conductivity.

- temperature

Generally in metals, the hotter they get, the greater amount of resistance they develop, thus signifying increasing conductivity.

- material

Metals are generally good conductors while things such as wine glass and plastic are poor.

Present diagrammatic information to describe the electric field durability and way:

- between priced parallel plates

- about and between a negative and positive point charge

Solve problems and analyse information using:

Plan, choose equipment for and perform a first-hand investigation to assemble data and use the available information to show the relationship between voltage across and current in a DC circuit

Solve problems and analyse information applying:

Plan, choose equipment for and perform a first-hand investigation to assemble data and use the available facts to show the variations in potential difference between different points around a DC circuit

Gather and process supplementary information to recognize materials that are generally used as conductors to provide household electricity

www. wikipedia. com

Copper: A ductile, malleable, reddish-brown metallic component that is a fantastic conductor of heating and electricity and it is trusted for electrical wiring, drinking water piping, and corrosion-resistant parts, either natural or in alloys such as brass and bronze. Atomic quantity 29; atomic weight 63. 54; melting point 1, 083C; boiling point 2, 595C; specific gravity 8. 96; valence 1, 2.

Aluminium: (Symbol Al)

A silvery-white, ductile metallic element, the most loaded in the earth's crust but found only in combo, chiefly in bauxite. Having good conductive and thermal properties, it is used to form many hard, light, corrosion-resistant alloys. Atomic amount 13; atomic weight 26. 98; melting point 660. 2C; boiling point 2, 467C; specific gravity 2. 69; valence 3.

Electrical Energy in the Home

3. Series and parallel circuits provide different purposes in households

Identify the difference between series and parallel circuits

Series Circuit:

In a series circuit all the components are linked in series or linked one after the other, where in fact the current can only take a one route. If 3 lights are in a series circuit, the lights are either all on, or all off. They can not be switched separately. If one light "burn out" the circuit is shattered and they all go out.

Parallel Circuits:

In a parallel circuit all components are set up in independent branches of the circuit. Where in fact the current may take multiple pathways. If 3 bulbs are assemble in a parallel circuit, at each branch the existing divides and flows through one bulb only and each light can be switched on/off separately, of course, if one "burns out", the others continue to work.

Compare parallel and series circuits in terms of voltage across components and current through them

In series circuits the current is the same throughout the circuit i. e. IT = I1 = I2. Voltages will vary across different resistors, nonetheless they soon add up to the for the circuit i. e. VT = V1 + V2.

In parallel circuits the voltages are all the same across each resistor i. e. VT = V1 = V2 = V3. Currents will vary in each branch but enhance the total current i. e. IT = I1 + I2 + I3.

Identify uses of ammeters and voltmeters


An instrument for the dimension of electric energy. The unit of current, the ampere, is the base unit on which rests the International System (SI) definitions of all electrical devices. The operating basic principle associated with an ammeter depends on the nature of the current to be assessed and the precision required. Currents may be broadly categorized as immediate current (dc), low-frequency alternating electric current (ac), or radio regularity.


An tool for the way of measuring of the electric potential difference between two conductors. A variety of kinds of devices are available to suit different purposes.

Explain why ammeters and voltmeters are connected in a different way in a circuit

Ammeters measure the current, thus they might have to be placed series with the aspect you wish to measure current move through.

Voltmeters are located differently in a circuit as it measures the potential difference across an element and for that reason must be put in parallel with it.

Explain just why there are different circuits for lighting, heating and other home appliances in a house

In a typical modern home is wired to include a number of split circuits. Each circuit may contain lamps or power shops and all are wired in parallel.

The reason why mainly everything is wired in parallel is basically because it has many advantages, such advantages are they can be switched on and off independently. If one burns out the other continue and the full total amount of resistance of the parallel circuit is less, and much more usable electricity can be sent to each light or kitchen appliance.

Plan, choose equipment or resources for and perform first-hand investigations to gather data and use available proof to compare measurements of current and voltage in series and parallel circuits in computer simulations or hands-on equipment

Plan, choose equipment or resources and execute a first-hand investigation to create simple model home circuits using electro-mechanical components

Electrical Energy in the Home

4. The amount of power is related to the rate of which energy is transformed

Explain that power is the rate of which energy is altered in one form to another

Mathematically vitality = energy split by time so P = E/t or E = P. t

Identify the partnership between electricity, potential difference and current

P = VI

Power = Voltage x Current

P = E/t

Power = Energy/Time

Power is assessed in Watts (W).

Identify that the total amount of energy used is determined by the amount of time the current is streaming and can be computed using:

Energy = VIt

If you incorporate the equation P= VI and P=E/t then it practices that VI=E/t and therefore, E=V. I. t

Explain why the kilowatt-hour is employed to measure electrical energy consumption rather than the joule

The reason why the kilowatt-hour which really is a unit of energy which is the expenditure of 1 kilowatt of vitality for just one hour. The reason why this can be used rather than joules is because electrical is consumed widely and extensively meaning massive amount consumption, the correct dimension for such a large amount of consumption, kilowatt-hour is the most appropriate measurement unit.

Perform a first-hand investigation, gather information and use available data to demonstrate the relationship between current, voltage and electric power for a model 6V to 12V electric home heating coil

Solve problems and analyse information using:



Energy = VIt

Question: If electricity cots 15c per kWh calculate i) the power consumed ii) the expense of using: a 100W earth and a 1kW radiator for 3 hours.


i) (100 + 1000) - 3 - 60 - 60= 11880000J OR 11. 88MJ

ii) 1. 1kW - 3 - 0. 15 = $0. 495

Electrical Energy in the Home

5. Electric currents also produce magnetic fields and these areas are used in several devices in the home

Describe the behaviour of the magnetic poles of pub magnets when they are brought close together

Define the course of the magnetic field at a spot as the way of power on an extremely small north magnetic pole when positioned at that point

Describe the magnetic field around pairs of magnetic poles

There is usually a North-pole and there's always a South-pole. Magnetic domains are always shown visually as lines of force that give an absolute pole at each end of the materials where in fact the flux lines are usually more dense and focused. The lines which go to constitute a magnetic field showing the direction and depth are called Lines of Make or more commonly "Magnetic Flux" and are given the Greek sign, Phi ( ) as shown below.

Describe the development of the magnetic field by an electric current in a right current-carrying conductor and explain the way the right hand grasp guideline can determine the path of current and field lines

When current is exceeded through a conductor, a magnetic field is created around it. The path of the magnetic field are available using the right side rule. Point your right side thumb in direction of the existing and the course of your fingers is the course of the magnetic field.

Compare the nature and technology of magnetic domains by solenoids and a pub magnet

In a solenoid the wire is covered into a helix or coil, the magnetic field in each loop adds to its neighbours to intensify the field. The magnetic field of your solenoid is strictly the same form as a club magnet.

Plan, choose equipment or resources for, and perform a first-hand investigation to make an electromagnet

Perform a first-hand analysis to see magnetic domains by mapping lines of power:

- around a pub magnet

- encompassing a in a straight line DC current-carrying conductor

- a solenoid

- present information using and show the route of your current and path of a magnetic field

Identify data resources, get, process and analyse information to clarify one program of magnetic domains in home appliances

Electrical Energy in the Home

6. Security devices are essential in home circuits

Discuss the dangers of a power impact from both a 240 volt AC mains resource and various DC voltages, from appliances, on the muscles of the body

An electric impact form a 240 volt AC mains supple can destroy a person while various DC voltages form appliances for example 50V can disrupt nerve impulses and send your muscles into spasms if the muscle involved in your heart and soul, it can get into "fibrillation" where it quivers uncontrollably and does not pump bloodstream properly. . . . . . . a possibly lethal situation.

Describe the functions of circuit breakers, fuses, earthing, dual insulation and other protection devices in the home

A fuse is a short piece of cable which can be used to break circuits as this has a low melting point if an excessive amount of current moves through it, it gets hot, which after that it melts and in doing so breaks the circuit.

Circuit breakers on the other side do the same job as a fuse, but can be "re-set" following a circuit overload triggers them to "trip".

Earthing is in which a power point and most plugs have 3 slot machines/pins another is perfect for the "globe" wire. The planet earth wire bears no current and does indeed nothing. But, if however a loose wire or faulty insulation allows an appliance to become "live" with electricity, then your current is conducted safely and securely by the earth wire down into the ground.

Double insulation is when two levels of insulation which can be used to shield electro-mechanical circuits form real human contact, so if the fault took place in small hand-held equipment, even with a earth line an individual can still get stunned.

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