Enhance The TRUSTWORTHINESS OF Carlsberg Business Essay

Carlsberg Company has produced more than 40 breweries over the world. The Carlsberg Brewary Malaysia Berhad is subsidiary of Carlsberg brewery in Denmark. After Carlsberg carry forwards to Malaysia, it activated beer industry inside our country. Besides that, the Carlsberg Brewary Malaysia Berhad provides tangible and intangible revenue to our citizen. The production of Carlsberg is also able to gratify different customers.

Part 2


Regardless of the occasion and place, our Brands will be the customers'

preferred choice.


Carlsberg Malaysia is a Active professional of the ale, stout and drink brands, Getting people mutually and Adding to the excitement of life.

Major goals:

Maintain the Carlsberg Green Label business lead in the market share for another 5 years.

Capture back the most significant possible level of smuggled beer, converting the purchasing of smuggled beer to acquire of Carlsberg Green Label for another 5 years.

Develop alternative advertising approaches for Carlsberg Green Label. "Nice One: Great Beverage, Great Testimonies" that celebrates the beverage drinking culture of storytelling.

Intensify product setting to overcome the consequences of competitors' positioning activities.

Enhance the reputation of Carlsberg as a worldwide provider of entertainment over another 5 years.

Yes, the company is living up to its quest, eyesight and goals. Carlsberg Green Label beer has more than 50% share of the Malaysian Beverage Market since it was locally released in 1972. Although Malaysian Government has restricted radio, tv set and outdoor advertising, the firm still has some substitute way of advertising. The company spend about 10 % of its total annual earnings on advertising and advertising campaign each year. It experienced launched a plan called "Nice One: Great Beer, Great Reports" that celebrates the beer drinking culture of storytelling. The campaign is generally directed at a larger audience rather than just the Chinese language market. The primary methods that the company uses are press advertising, movie theater and in-store advertising. With cinema advertising, it can create a powerful visual impact and build positive brand imagery further. Besides that, the company had utilized some product-positioning strategies such as sponsoring of neon-light banners for business outlets throughout Malaysia. For example: Neon-light banners of restaurants, pubs and coffee shops.

Part 3

The basic business structure of Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad is practical structure. This means that employees in the company are grouped mutually relating their occupational specialties. Within the functional organization framework of Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad. The top position is handling director followed by different department which includes marketing office, sales department, money department, resources and logistics section, human resource division, and general manager department. Each department has its own staffs that they will work according the functions of their department. There isn't much interaction between your departments.

The organizational structure match with the strategies of the company. Nonetheless it can be increased to bring maximum advantages to the business.

For market strategies, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad provides a wide range of beer types, from light to mid and full durability beers. Besides superior beers, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad also produces lower-priced beers so that it can be affordable by more customers and raises their approach to the market. The tactical business product, Carlsberg Green Label is making use of a multi-market procedure in its market strategies which means the company will not only concentrate on on specific market segment. For example, the company is focusing on from group of young consumers to old consumers and also both gender of consumers.

For product strategies, Carlsberg Green Label is currently employing product-positioning strategies are as follows:

Sponsoring of neon-light banners for business shops throughout Malaysia. Sponsoring the Maybank Malaysian Golfing Open 2012

Sponsoring the UEFA EURO 2012competition at Trophy Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre on 7 April.

In marketing, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad is promoting the grade of Carlsberg Green Label better to the Malaysian market, hence it is bettering and maintaining the existing quality of the brewed beer. Research & development is carried out on the existing taste desire to assess the quality expectations of beer in the Malaysian market. In addition, due to the ban of advertising alcoholic drinks in the advertising, Carlsberg Green Label has been relying seriously on other kinds of indirect advertising. The designed marketing communication strategies presently employed by Carlsberg Green Label include promotion through custom logo placements such as, sponsorship of sport happenings and sponsoring banners and signage at caffeine shops.

In rates, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad is using one-price strategy. Carlsberg Green label are sold at the same price to every customers who purchase them under the same conditions and in the same quantities. This makes the pricing process easier and is also administrative convenience. In addition, customers will not feel unfairness and bias over another customer because of different costs issue. Besides, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad is preserving its price because the ale price in Malaysia is relatively high and the conditions for smuggled ale. Furthermore, price change may influence the reputation of the company, which might lead to outflow of customers to the competitors.

On the other hand, Carlsberg Green Label is allocated to every convenient shops in Malaysia. For instance, supermarkets, coffee outlets, sundry retailers, convenient stores like 7-11. Carlsberg Green Label is also a licensed product for distribution in every solitary night entertainment outlet stores in Malaysia. Example: Pubs, discos, karaoke lounges, and night clubs.

The above strategies obviously demonstrates, there are varies of duties to be perform by different office of the business. As an indicator, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad shouldn't totally set up their organizational composition to be practical. Although each department has different responsibilities and functions appropriately, but they talk about the same missions and visions of the company. Departments can talk about views and cooperate in some details of assignments, communication between departments is vital and helpful in obtaining missions and visions of the company.

Part 4

In Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad, employees is the greatest advantage and their health insurance and protection is paramount. The business recognize the value of good health insurance and safety procedures on overall business performance and are focused on making continuous advancements to occupational health insurance and safety measures at our place of work. There's a Carlsberg's Health insurance and Safety Plan, which stated the business are focused on taking reasonable, sufficient and sensible steps to prevent and control potential risks that may have an effect on medical and safeness of employees or may cause damage to property, products and also to the surroundings. The Group's Central Occupational Health and Safe practices (OHS) Committee is the business to ensure the objectives of medical and Safety Policy are attained. The policy helps bring about an environment of security as well as creates awareness of the need for safety bank checks and drills to be adhered to consistent with local and Group OHS expectations. The insurance plan also advocates that constant improvements be made to methods and systems to improve the Group's overall OHS standards.

In Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad there's a Learning & Development (L&D) programs. L&D initiatives focusing on train up leaders leadership coaching training workshops. There is an external mentor was involved to provide one-on-one training sessions for professionals over an interval of half a year to sharpen the command skill of the management team. A mentoring system was presented for more capable managers to mentor much younger managers to help build team support and relationship. The Carlsberg Sales Academy (CSA) was launched with the aim of creating more set up training and development opportunities and a job map for new sales hires.

Besides, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad initiatives to help expand build great people. The "highpotentials" (HiPos) sustained with the Carlsberg Accelerated Control Development Program (ALDP). These HiPos are individuals with leadership capabilities earmarked to move into key management positions as part of the Company's succession planning strategy. The ALDP is a worldwide Carlsberg initiative aimed at pooling and grooming HiPos to go into international control positions within the Group.

Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad provides program to build up the partnership between employees. For example Thirst for Great Carlsberg Hour was introduced in 2011, participation of employees help inculcate the culture of the company among the employees. C-day a meeting of Carlsberg was arranged to recognize and praise employees. Activities are organized in helping to reinforce employer-employee human relationships and drive up the performances of employees.

Furthermore, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad also giving out rewards for great performances. Example: In recognition of the spectacular achievements of Responsibility Free and East Malaysia Sales groups and the strong performance they shipped in 2010 2010, the mature management team took our Sales groups of 31 employees over a sales motivation and team-building visit to Macau. There were more great team-building moments Supply Chain Division needed a day-off in June 2011. Great exhilaration and many surprises were in store for the Source Chain team throughout a day of great fun and great teamwork at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

Continuous Improvement and Low fat (CI-LEAN) of Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad promotes ideas from the shop oor which donate to increased productivity, cost savings and efficiency. It requires all people making continuous improvements and ensuring the smooth implementation of effective and ecological systems. Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad provides opportunities for exchanging activities across country. In 2011, Carlsberg Malaysia initiated an exchange to Holsten Brewery in Hamburg Germany, which really is a part of the Carlsberg Group. Six people of the Resource Chain Department noticed rst-hand the CI-LEAN procedures undertaken in European countries.

In overall Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad,

Offer a competitive and flexible opportunities to entice and retain the right people

Provide a variety of profession and personal development opportunities

Reward short-term financial performance

Provide incentives to advance long-term business goals

Reward individual effort that performs excellently

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