Euthanasia Should It Be A Legal Option Beliefs Essay

"Euthanasia: The word "euthanasia" comes straight out of the Greek -- "eu", goodly or well plus "thanatos", loss of life = the nice death -- and for 18th-century freelance writers in Great britain that was what euthanasia recommended, a "good" death, a welcome way to depart quietly and well from life"(MedicineNet. com).

Euthanasia can be an issue that has and can stay up for issue for many years and can stay there forever. There are several issues that are focused on when debating the topic of euthanasia. A couple of these things that are always included are the honest, moral and politics questions related to euthanasia. Your choice of euthanasia is the one issue that can affect anyone, regardless of what race, religious beliefs or public group the individual originates from. Euthanasia is an issue that is definitely going to be questionable for everybody and is an concern that is sensed deeply across the world. Congress and other governmental bodies have a responsibility to address euthanasia and appearance whatsoever facts involved.

When I discuss topics such as this, I am truly passionate. I do believe there should be great thought and talk when it comes to something as drastic and difficult as euthanasia.

I personally have worked in the funeral business for quite some time and in long-term health care. I have seen all edges of death. I've had loved ones who have passed away, been around many families after and during the death of a loved one. I have seen folks who have passed on a number of different ways, many not enjoyable.

I have professionally experienced what it feels as though to watch someone wither away daily until there may be nothing left. I have seen the pain to them, noticed the desperation in their voice when they ask god to let them pass away and release them from the hurting they are going though. It really is a very hard thing to do. I have viewed cancer patients and many others stay and dread your day that each of them know will come when their family has to see them suffering. I have heard them notify family that they wish they could have control over how they will die. I really believe from the claims that they have expressed to me that they feel this way, because they could prepare their own families and have their families understand that when they feel just like they are at a point of misery they could choose never to suffer any further.

When you sit with someone and try to comfort them because they are dying, it is possible to see every one of the dread and pain by the look to them. I was with someone in this situation; I performed her hand as the tears ran down her face as she trembled from concern with the unknown. This is a center retching experience because throughout enough time I had developed known her I grew very close to her. The reason I am letting you know this is the fact that before she come to this point in her life all she spoke about was her need to expire before she reached the idea of struggling every day.

The first time that I remember viewing anything in the news headlines about assisted suicide was when Dr. Jack port Kevorkian made it into the general population eye. As a adult, I recall viewing everything in the news headlines about Dr. Jack port Kevorkian and the aided suicides that he orchestrated. I understand at that time in my life I had not been able to understand all aspects fully of what was really taking place. After doing much research on Dr. Jack Kevorkian I am aware his sense of needing to help people. Euthanasia is the way he realized how to help them. From what I've read most average people in world think, he is a monster or the devil, but many doctors do agree with his view on the terminal sick. From the information that I've read there were assisted suicide taking place throughout the complete course of his job. Below is some information that I was able to find on the history of Dr. Jack port Kevorkian.

Timeline of Dr. Jack Kevorkian's Life

· 1952- He graduated from School of Michigan medical school with a niche in pathology.

· 1956- He released a journal article, "The Fundus Oculi and the Dedication of Loss of life, " speaking about his initiatives to photograph the eye of dying patients, a practice that acquired him the nickname "Doctor Loss of life. "

· 1980's- He publishes numerous articles in the obscure German journal Treatments and laws outlining his ideas on euthanasia and ethics.

· 1989- Kevorkian builds his "suicide machine" in his Royal Oak, Michigan, apartment.

· November 20, 1991- Their state Board of Drugs summarily revokes Kevorkian's permit to practice medicine in Michigan.

· Apr 27, 1993- A California regulation judge suspends Kevorkian's medical permit after a need from the state's medical plank.

· March 14, 1998- Marks Kevorkian's 100th assisted suicide.

· April 13, 1999- Oakland County Circuit Judge Jessica Cooper sentenced Kevorkian to 10-25 years in prison for second-degree murder and 3-7 years for delivery of an controlled element.

· June 1, 2007 Kevorkian was released from jail.

(All information coping with Timeline of Dr. Jack port Kevorkian's Life) (Detroit Local Information)

One thing i find very interesting about his situation is the fact that throughout all for the fatalities that he contributed to, he faced legal charges with many of them, but he was always acquitted or the case would be fell. I read that the total amount of patients that he aided finished up being around 130 people.

Now let's dicuss the pros and disadvantages of legalizing euthanasia. Many strong emotions surface when discussing a topic like euthanasia. I have read a great deal from both edges of legalizing euthanasia. I assume that the main arguments for the legalization result from personal experience and the discussion against it is personal thoughts and worries. The worries seem to be to be predicated on the fact of doctors executing euthanasia on unwilling/unknowing patients. Which, in my own opinion is a good point. I strongly believe that worries for god needs to be instilled in virtually any doctor which may consider undertaking euthanasia/assisted suicide. The choice should exclusively be that of the patient and no person else's.



"Us residents should like a right guaranteed in the European Declaration of People Privileges -- the right never to be forced to suffer. It should be considered as a lot of a offense to make someone live who with justification will not wish to continue as it is to take life without consent. "

-- Faye Girsh, Ed. D.

Winter 2001

"Regulations against euthanasia and aided suicide are in destination to prevent abuse and protect people from unscrupulous doctors and more. They are not rather than have been, intended to make anyone suffer. "

-- International Process Pressure on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Aug. 9, 2006

"Especially in regards to to taking life, slippery slope arguments have long been an attribute of the moral landscaping, used to question the moral permissibility of all sorts of acts. . . The situation is not unlike that of a doomsday cult that predicts over and over the finish of the world, limited to followers to find the very next day that things are virtually as they were. . .

-- R. G. Frey, D. Phil.


September 1991 public government Remmelink Survey on euthanasia in holland exposed that at least 1, 040 people die annually from involuntary euthanasia. Their health professionals were so used with compassion that they decided not to disturb the patients by requesting their thoughts and opinions on the problem. "

-- Nat Hentoff

Oct. 3, 1992

"In case the prevention and comfort of suffering are the seeks of medical interventions -- and not just the preservation or prolongation of life -- it seems vital to rethink our profession's reluctance to take part in euthanasia or even be present during an aided suicide without legal promises of protection. "

-- Sherwin Nuland, MD

Feb. 24, 2000

"The prohibition against killing patients. . . stands as the first offer of self-restraint sworn to in the Hippocratic Oath, as medicine's key taboo: 'I will neither give a deadly medicine to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make an indicator to this result'. . . "

-- Leon Kass, MD, PhD


Chart Above: (Procon. org)

Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide is a subject in which many people are going with an opinion. There will be different reasons to aid different opinions. Here are some (pro and con) estimates, some unexpected.

(Pro) "My Supervision is dedicated to the preservation of America as a free of charge land, and there is absolutely no cause more important for preserving that freedom than affirming the transcendent to life of most humans, the right without which no other protection under the law have any meaning"(Ronald Reagan, previous U. S. chief executive).

(Pro) "A guy, even if very seriously sick or prevented in the exercise of its higher functions, is and you will be always a guy. . . [he] won't become a 'veggie' or an 'dog, '" the Pope said. "The intrinsic value and personal dignity of every human being does not change depending on the situation" (Pope John Paul II, 2004).

(Con)"You subject because you are you. You matter to the previous moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but also to reside in until you die" (Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of Hospice).

(Pro) "The essential question about euthanasia: Whether it's a libertarian motion for human independence and the right of choice, or an intense drive to exterminate the fragile, the old, and the different, this question is now able to be answered. It is both" (Fenigsen, Richard).

--Above Quotes: (Euthanasia. com)

The next information that I want to give you is approximately some of the laws set up when coping with euthanasia. In my opinion, anyone who makes laws dealing with euthanasia must ask themselves a few of the following questions. Folks have to ask themselves what they might want if indeed they were in a disorder where these were unable to care for themselves at all at all. In case a person understood that death, was around the corner and the only thing keeping them alive, would be medications, feeding tubes, or machines what would they certainly? If a person is struggling to make the decision to destroy their own body then, truly who gets the right to their body, culture?

Now, why don't we talk about the several places that contain already legalized euthanasia or a kind of euthanasia. You will find four countries where euthanasia is legal. Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States are the countries which have legalized it at least in certain areas/states. The status of euthanasia as a legal option for ending one's own life is in a state of legal limbo in a great many other countries/states because of the complexity of the problems.

The first status within america to legalize euthanasia, helped suicide was the talk about of Oregon. "On November 8, 1994 Oregon became the first express to legalize helped suicide when voters approved a tightly limited Fatality with Dignity Function. But legal appeals stored regulations from taking impact" (Detroit Local Information). This legislations seemed to distress many people throughout the United States. "On November 5, 1997 Oregon residents voted to uphold the says suicide laws, the first kind in the country. Regulations allows doctors to suggest lethal dosages of drugs to terminally ill patients" (Detroit Local Media). In the event that you read the Death with Dignity Work, you will learn that there are strict rules and procedures that must definitely be followed in order to participate in this Act

The second talk about to legalize euthanasia/helped suicide was Washington. Washington had a harder time aiming to pass a regulation legalizing euthanasia/assisted suicide. The express of Washington attempted to move a euthanasia legislations three times prior to the legislation was finally exceeded in 2008. As of 1997, there was a law that forbidden helped suicide. It announced that aided a suicide was a felony: "A person guilty of [that criminal offense] when he knowingly triggers or supports another to attempt suicide" (Ninth Circuit Judge).

Respondents, four Washington physicians who occasionally treat terminally sick, struggling patients, declare that they would assist these patients in finishing their lives if not for the State's assisted suicide ban"( Ninth Circuit Court docket). The Ninth Circuit's and respondents' various information of the eye here at stake-e. g. the right to "determine enough time and manner of one's fatality, " the "to die, " a "liberty to choose how to pass away, " and "the liberty to form death"-run counter compared to that second requirement. Since the Washington statute prohibits "aiding another person to try suicide, " the question before the court docket is more properly characterized as whether the "liberty" specially protected by the clause includes a to commit suicide which itself includes a to assistance in doing so. This asserted right has no place in our nation's traditions, given the country's consistent, almost general, and carrying on rejection of the right, even for terminally sick, mentally experienced adults"( Ninth Circuit Court docket).

In 2008, all the counter-top dictions in Washington's laws were viewed and carefully and the euthanasia/assisted suicide was legalized. Washington based their euthanasia law on Oregon's Fatality with Dignity Action.

When making decisions congress/legislation needs to be focused on the cover of the terminally ill or dying patient's to self-determination. At the same time, they must take the steps needed to recognize that, a terminally ill or dying patient's wish to perish never constitutes any legal case to expire at the side of another person. In addition, it must be recognized a terminally ill or dying patient's desire to die shouldn't constitute any legal action being used against anyone who has justification to carry out any actions designed to bring about death, such as assisting by not contacting (911) or other crisis services.

The assertion above I really believe is excatly why two other expresses have found it important to legalize kinds of euthanasia. Both of these states are Tx and Montana. These claims regulations read similar to one another.

Texas Euthanasia Laws

Code Section

Health & Protection 166. 45-51

Euthanasia Condoned in Statutes?

Mercy getting rid of or euthanasia is not condoned or authorized by Texas legislations, nor is any action or omission apart from to allow the natural process of dying.

Effect of Withholding of Life-Sustaining Procedures

Withdrawal or withholding of life-sustaining strategies does not constitute offense of Aiding Suicide


Montana Euthanasia Laws

Code Section

50-9-205; 50-10-104

Euthanasia Condoned in Statutes?

Montana's Right of the Terminally Ill Act will not condone, authorize, or approve mercy killing or euthanasia.

Effect of Withholding of Life-Sustaining Procedures

Death resulting from the withholding or withdrawal of life-sustaining strategies pursuant to a valid DNR order is not, for just about any purpose, suicide or homicide.


If the government authorities of the countries are unclear on the euthanasia regulations, it is unfair in laws that the common resident would be billed with understanding and abiding by the same regulations or face legal charges. The ultimate decision to legalize euthanasia is remaining the congress/authorities that struggles to honestly understand what the patient is certainly going through, how they are disintegrating, and their agony. Many terminally unwell patients have the feeling that they should have the means to leave this world when they are prepared and they shouldn't have worries of being faced any higher power informing them that closing their own life is illegitimate. Some patients feel that they have got lost the right to control their own lives and future.

I truly believe that all laws such as this will need to have stipulations. This will not allow everyone to eliminate themselves just because of depressive disorder or something along those lines. Personally i think that in instances reviewed throughout this newspaper about the terminally sick and dying individuals who laws and regulations like these can ease a whole lot of pain and stress for the kids as well as their families.

Throughout everything that I have find out about euthanasia, some individuals and/or situations have made a direct effect along the way I think about euthanasia. I honestly feel that when one will take their own life (when terminally ill), these are hurting no one nonetheless they are taking away all the pain they are suffering. Terminally sick patients fear the actual fact to be alive but not living. I believe by giving euthanasia as a legal option it would permit the patient to perish with dignity, to really have the right to expire when and how they want without suffering. They also feel that it could ease the be anxious and stress positioned on family. A family group may feel overwhelmed and puzzled when a family member is very ill and dying. The family could decide to move them to a care service or some other type of organization; however, this move could fast an unwell person to use their life while alone and scared. When a terminally sick patient struggles to take their life to their own hands, it places an agonizing responsibility on the family. If the patient is coherent when making the choice of euthanasia then the family members should not be forced to choose between respecting the needs of a loved one and obeying the law as it pertains to their cherished one suffering. Most family members are motivated solely by their love, commitment, and compassion for the sick family member, and the need, at least in their head, to help the family member so that there surely is no more anguish and pain.

The first person I would like to tell you about is an writer by the name of Derek Humphry, he has written many catalogs, essays, journals, news letters plus much more on the topic of euthanasia. After reading a few of his work, I know that he is convinced very firmly about the information that he's providing to the general public. His interest for legalizing euthanasia (which he calls 'self-deliverance') stems from the loss of life of his first wife. She experienced breast tumor that propagate to her bones and then metastasized to all her vital organs. When she come to the point of complete misery after 2 yrs of battling this malignancy she choose to end her life with the help of her spouse, Derek Humphry. He had written a reserve called "Jean's Way", it explains to the heartbreaking storyline in detail. You can also read elements of the storyline on his website at http://www. finalexit. org /lit-essays. html. It'll pull at your heartstrings.

In an article that shows up in a publication of his he writes; "One is 'emotional suicide', or irrational self-murder, in every of computer complexities and sadness. I believe that there's a second form of suicide -- justifiable suicide, which is rational and prepared deliverance from an agonizing and hopeless disease. "(Humphry, Derek).

Another person that caught my attention was an legal professional named Dick Marty, of Switzerland.

"He presented a written report to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on the Committee for Sociable, Health and Family affairs asking the Committee to consider allowing legislation to confirm that euthanasia is legal among the Council States and additional demonstrating the style in Europe towards handling euthanasia in a multi-national community" (Set up issue). The record explained in detail the need to bring the laws of Europe based on the truth of the fighting of terminally ill patients and the practice of euthanasia that, in line with the report, was limited to the shadows of discretion or secrecy and, though illegitimate generally in most Council of European countries member state governments, are rarely punished" (Set up issue).

Throughout Mr. Dick Marty proposal to legislation, he described that they need to create laws in order to safeguard the pursuits of the folks who are hurting and making an end-of-life decision.

After seeing everything that I have I sincerely think that terminally sick patients must have the to have a doctor-assisted suicide or euthanasia as a legal option when they know they are going to be troubled. Euthanasia should be legal so patients can die with dignity. However, I strongly believe that there should be guidelines and stipulations that accompany the legalization of euthanasia. Many people believe it should be an individual's to choose when and exactly how they would like to perish when they are terminally sick. Anybody that spent some time working or looked after an elderly or a terminally sick individual recognizes that it may be a very tense, saddening experience and just plain hard thing for most people to do particularly if the individual is a family member.

The terminally ill want the choice to die with dignity. By this After all, expire without withering away, and suffering. This decision also contains having the ability to make the choice that gives a patient the sensation of relief and calmness when they know for several that their anguish is over when they choose. If you ask me fatality with dignity also means dying while one still has a important standard of living. Some people believe that euthanasia is better than watching someone expire from failing to thrive (not wanting to eat or drinking). A whole lot tend to make it through only by depending on large amounts of painkillers, other medications, and being allowed to slip away in a nursing home, medical center or even in their own homes exclusively and scared. Whenever a person can make the decision about living or dying when they are terminally sick it seems to provide them a sense that they still matter and are essential to their family and friends.

In conclusion, the legal community must talk about the problem of euthanasia because the population is eventually heading to confront them with end-of-life issues. We all have been aware that the elderly/terminally ill populace is growing. As people have learned to handle their destiny, they have also learned that using a legally binding end-of-life directive or living will has afforded individuals facing terminal decisions more liberty of individual choice. The legal and politics communities have begun to address euthanasia to provide individuals with definitive answers on their rights, however, it will likely be decades before individual countries and the international community have described what euthanasia means, aside from how euthanasia should be governed and implemented or if euthanasia should be an option whatsoever.

Everyone that has an opinion needs to think whose thoughts and opinions matters the most, theirs or the terminally sick patients.

Work Cited

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