Examining Quality Control and Procedure Management in Dell

Dell is one of the very most successful and profitable computer corporations in history. It has been known for its innovative customer support and product custom settings. As it continues to grow, it is faced with the challenge of how to maintain its customer relationships and inventory management, while continuing to meet up with the requirements and requirements of its customers. This paper will study how Dell implements enterprise-wide computing software, which profiles and focuses on its customers, as well as streamlines the stream of its products throughout the resource chain. Dell's cooperation with other software applications companies has allowed it to become head in customer romance management (CRM) and supply-chain management (SCM). These initiatives have resulted in net income of between $30 and $60 million during the last five years.

Supply Chain Management is now more and more important for the success of today's business community. Dell has realized this development from its initial step and is becoming one of the very most successful Laptop or computer companies on earth by putting emphasis on its supply chain, concentrating on its its build-to-order and direct sales strategies.

Dell is still figting with quality control management problem. . The quality problem relates to low and high end servers, laptops, and desktop models. The standard check-up by company suggest a higher increase in the amount of machines that require to be serviced by Dell in the field soon after the delivery, and also machines went back to Dell for substitute/repair.


Dell Inc. is a multinational information technology corporation that develops, sells and supports computer systems and related products and services. The head office of dell are in Circular Rock, Texas, United States. Dell has hired more than 90, 500 people around the globe according to the survey in today's time[update].

Dell grew during the 1980s and 1990s and became the most significant seller of Personal computers but this is not for a long period. At the end of 2009, it kept the first position in computer sales, the business sold computers, servers, data storage space devices, network switches, software, and computer peripherals. Dell also provides HDTVs, surveillance cameras, printers, MP3 players and other electronics built by other manufacturers. As of Apr 2010, Dell topped in computer sales abandoning HP and Acer.

In 2006, Fortune magazine rated Dell as the 25th-largest company in the Fortune 500 list, 8th on its total annual "Top 20" list of the most-admired companies in america.

In 2007, Dell rated 34th durinf first few months an during last quarter it was rated 8th on the equivalent lists for the year. In 2006 one of the top magazines recognized Dell as you of 38 high-performance companies in the S&P 500 that acquired consistently out-performed the market over the prior 15 years.

On January 31, 2007, Kevin B. Rollins, CEO of the business since 2004, resigned as both CEO so when a director, and Michael Dell resumed his former role as CEO. Traders and many shareholders said that rollins credited to poor performance of the business resigned his job. The business announced fourth time in same season that the company was fail to reach what the analyst approximated and the results were not upto the mark.

In February 2007, Dell became the main topic of formal investigations by the U. S. SEC and the U. S. Lawyer for the Southern Region of New York. The company has not formally filed financial reviews for either the 3rd or fourth fiscal one fourth of 2006, and many class-action lawsuits arrised predicated on there recent performance survey. Dell Inc scheduled to lack of financial disclosure is at a bad part but would normally subject the business to de-listing from the nasdaq and luckily exchange gave a waiver to dell to switch was done on normal basis and rate.

On March 1, 2007, downfall stored the company demonstrating a sydney of product sales of $14. 4 billion, down 5% year-over-year, and net income of $687 million, down 33%. NASDAQ prolonged the business's deadline for filing financial assertions to May 4.

The computer industry includes software applications, computer hardware, as well as the development of computer components, set up, logistics circulation, sales, marketing, and the provision of information technology services. Dell is available of manufacturing personal computers and servers. Its competition are Hewlett Packard/Compaq, IBM, Apple, and Gateway(depending upon the country opponents may vary eg-gateway is not officialy available in india)

The new style in the computer industry is to become virtual corporation and Dell is at the forefront. Matching to Dedrick and Kraemer (2006), Dell is "aiming to combine the cost benefits of horizontal specialization with close coordination of vertical integration". In the first 1990's, Dell shifted to new strategies and attempted to distribute its products through shops, later knowing how unprofitable this process was. It decided to focus on increasing customer service and support by allowing customers to put and custom configure orders directly. This led to a unique strategy-customization. Practically one out of five standards-based computer systems sold in the world today is a Dell.

Dell has one simple concept: to market computer systems right to customers. Dell's customers are global huge and range from individuals, smaller businesses, large businesses, and institutional organizations, such as academic institutions and nursing homes. The mission statement for Dell is "to be the most successful computer company on earth at providing the best customer experience" (htttp:\\www. dell. com). Since Dell is a global huge company, its "direct methodology is relevant across products, locations and customer segments" (http://www. dell. com).

Michael Dell started Dell in 1984, he previously limited cash and purchased almost all of the supplies had a need to build his first personal computers following the sales were made. Well-established computer manufacturers like IBM acquired a lock on the computer market, where customers preferred to buy products from retail outlets. This new idea of "building-to-order" and purchasing over the telephone was a major risk. The first obstacle was to make a need on part of the customer to desire the purchase of a custom-made computer. The next hurdle was having customers call a toll free quantity to order the product. Dell had to discover a way to defeat these obstacles and then provide a service that would build a reputation for superior business to consumer efficiency.


Every business is maintained through three major functions: money, marketing, and

operations management. Businesses management (OM) is the business enterprise function that ideas, organizes, coordinates, and manages the resources had a need to create a company's goods and services. Operations management is a management function. It includes taking care of people, equipment, technology, information, and a great many other resources.

The role of procedures management is to convert or transform a company's inputs into the

finished goods or services. Inputs include human resources (such as personnel and managers), facilities and functions (such as buildings and equipment), as well as materials, technology, and information.

Proper management of the operations function has led to success for many companies.

For example, in 1994 Dell Inc. was a second-tier computer manufacturer that managed

its operations just like others in the industry. Then Dell put in place a new business model that completely improved the role of its procedures function. Dell developed new and progressive ways of handling the functions function that have become one of the instances in todays world. These changes allowed Dell to provide rapid product delivery of customized products to customers at a lower cost, and thus become an industry leader.

With historical development there will vary concepts in operation management eg. total quality management supply string management and inventry control management.

Total Quality Management

As customers demand constant top quality in their products and services, companies

have been forced to focus on improving quality to be able to remain in the business. Total quality management (TQM) is a school of thought, promulgated by "quality experts" such as W. Edwards Deming, that passionately seeks to improve product quality by removing factors behind product problems and making quality that speaks alone. With TQM everyone in the business is accountable for quality. TQM was employed by some companies in the 1970s and became a significant area of the company in the 1990s. This is a location of procedures management that no competitive company has been able to disregard.

The importance of this movements is exhibited by the amount of companies

joining the rates of those attaining ISO 9000 qualifications. ISO 9000 is a place of

quality criteria developed for global manufacturers by the International Organizationfor Standardization (ISO) to regulate trade in to the then-emerging Western european Economic Community (EEC). Today many companies require their suppliers to meet these expectations as an ailment for obtaining agreements.

Supply String Management

Supply chain management (SCM) involves managing the circulation of materials and information from suppliers and potential buyers of recycleables completely to the final customer. The objective is to own everyone in the chain work together to lessen cost and improve quality and service delivery. Resource chain management requires a team approach, with functions such as marketing, purchasing, operations, and anatomist all working together. This process has been proven to resulted in satisfyeing more customers, and therefore everyone in the chain profits. SCM has become possible with the development of it (IT) tools that permit joint planning and scheduling. The systems allow supply string execution and design cooperation, which enables companies to react better and faster to changing market needs. Numerous companies, including Dell Computer, Wal-Mart, and Baxter Medical care, have achieved world-class status by effectively controlling their supply chains.

In details we will talk about the strategy and management of dell here.

Dell competetive advantages

Dell's Direct Business Model

Commitment to Start Standards

Order Speed/Build to Order

Supply Chain Optimisation

Continuous Process Improvement

Inventory control

The term inventory means the worthiness or amount of materials or source on hand. It includes raw material, work-in-process, finished goods & stores & spares. Inventory Control is the procedure by which inventory is measured and regulated relating to predetermined decisions such as monetary whole lot size for order or production, safety stock, minimal level, maximum level, order level etc.

Traditionally, the focus on inventory management has always been about not working out of finished goods. Manufacturers would always have more and more excessive levels of raw materials, work in process, and done goods in regards to not for keeping costs but only for avoiding a stock-out. If demand was higher than expected or a dealer missed a shipment, inventory would bail the administrator out. As long as outbound shipments were satisfied, so were the procedures managers. But there was a problem in this plan because having costs and other routines were difficult to nagae credited to low technology and managers dismiss these.

Holding costs can be explained as the total annual costs that are incurred by holding onto inventory. The dollar amount for possessing costs typically ranges between 20-40% of total annual average inventories. For instance, if a company has average inventories of $1000, the company would have an annual positioning cost at least $200. Common factors that attract positioning costs include opportunity costs, increased lease required for the area of the inventory, higher prices to insure the inventoryand cost of utter goods.

Opportunity costs will be the highest cost. For example, if a firm comes with an average inventory level resulting in $100 million price of goods, the firm effectively has $100 million tangled up in inventory. Supposing these funds are not being loaned to the firm (which immediately brings about interest expenses), then these are funds that should be found in other opportunities.

Objectives of Inventory Control

To meet future demand anticipated to variant in forecast statistics and actual statistics.

To cover demand scheduled to seasonal or cyclic variations.

To meet the customer need timely, effectively, effectively, smoothly and satisfactorily.

To smoothen the creation process.

To provide help for intermediate several products on the same facility.

To gain overall economy of production or purchase in plenty.

To reduce damage due to changes in prices of inventory items.

To meet the time lag for transportation of goods.

To meet the technological constraints of production/process.

To balance various costs of inventory such as order cost or create cost and inventory carrying cost

To balance the stock out cost/opportunity cost anticipated to lack of sales against the expenses of inventory.

To minimize deficits due damage, robbing etc.

To stabilize employment, resources and machine and individual efforts.

Benefits of Inventory Control

Ensures an sufficient supply of materials

Minimizes inventory costs

Facilitates purchasing economies

Eliminates duplication during ordering

Better utilization of available stocks

Provides a check against the loss of materials

Facilitates cost accounting activities

Enables management in cost comparison

Locates & disposes inactive and expired store items

Basis for financial statements which is reliable.

Inventory control Dell

Using modern tools, manufacturers and merchants are reaching inventory turns that are as important as the resource chains that produce them. Take for example Dell. Dell has achieved something that sometimes leaves them with average inventories for long enough to last only three days and nights. Rather than incurring positioning costs, Dell doesn't order before demand is set up.

The system Dell has achieved is known as a Just In Time (JIT) system. JIT is designed to keep inventories only possible by producing only what's needed and when it is needed. The technology engaged allows customers to place an order on Dell's website and acquire their computer within days and nights and maximum of 1 four weeks. Dell's website is connected to their electric data interchange (EDI) system which allows suppliers to see what parts Dell requires as soon as the customer purchases the computer. The suppliers, who make multiple shipments to Dell daily, resource Dell with the parts they need when, and only when, they require them. Although the software is costly, for Dell, plus some many other organizations, the result is savings that provide competitive edge. However, JIT is an extremely difficult system to set up that requires many years of practice and extremely cooperative suppliers to master. For many businesses, this is not an option. In particular, this system is not suitable for products which may have a very large backorder cost.

Backorder costs are the costs associated with failing woefully to meet demand. Maybe the product is a commodity and the cost is only lost income, but maybe the backorder brings about bad word of mouth that drives the price even greater than the lost earnings. It is important for a firm to look for the approximate costs tied to backorders. When this is achieved, professionals can compare positioning costs to backorders in order to help determine what maximum inventory levels are. Sadly, backorder costs and having costs aren't the only real variables associated with optimum inventory levels. Other costs such as ordering costs (costs associated with ordering. Includes paperwork, inventory matters, etc. ), dealer business lead times (how long it takes between buying and receiving materials), and supply lead time and demand versions are also important parameters that can't be ignored. Many of these factors can make maximum inventory levels very hard for managers to determine. Today, software business solutions help both alleviate the workload and drive down costs (in particular, ordering costs).

Dell's Inventory Turnover Data

Year Inventory Turnover Week's Inventory

1992 4. 79 10. 856

1993 5. 16 10. 078

1994 9. 4 5. 532

1995 9. 8 5. 306

1996 24. 2 2. 149

1997 41. 7 1. 247

1998 52. 40 0. 992

1999 52. 40 0. 992

2000 51. 4 1. 012

2001 63. 50 0. 819

Key point to notice here's that Dell was carrying over 10 weeks price of inventory in 1993. By 2001, Dell was hauling less than 1 week's value of inventory. This essentially means that inventory used to sit down around for 11 weeks and today it rests around for less than 7 days.

So what will this mean for Dell?

computers lose 1 percent of their value per week. This is not like the canned food industry where managers can let their supplies remain around for weeks before anyone comes and orders. Computers aren't canned goods, so that Kevin Rollins of Dell says-. they are simply rot, the longer a computer sits around, the less it is worth.

Due to depreciation together, in 1993 Dell was shedding about 10% per computer because the personal computers were all ready to be sold but there is no order approaching. In 2001, Dell was losing less than a percent. Based on holding costs alone, Dell reduced costs by nearly 9%.

Since 2001, Dell has continueed to lessen inventory. Taking a look at their latest annual studies, day's inventory has fell by approximately each day.

Benefits of low inventory:

Supply string management

A supply chain involves all parties included, directly or indirectly, in rewarding a customer demand. In other words, a supply string (SC) includes all organizations that collaborate to be able to create and deliver a finished product to the final customer. A good example of a simple, direct SC would be one which contains one provider, a distributor of the materials, the bakery and a person.

Supply chains can vary in proportions, how complicated the connection is inbetween the customers and circulation of physical existence. In the following figure two different kinds of channel relations is seen: direct, where in fact the SC consists of one supplier and one customer of any organisation, and long, where apart from the above, a supplier's distributor, a customer's customer, etc. are included. Generally, source chains are vibrant, and require the move of information, products and cash between different periods.

Supply chain management has the objective to really have the right products in the right quantities at the right time at minimum cost, a situation that would guarantee ideal service levels for the customer and optimized performance for the organizations all together and separately. So, SCM will involve the management of flows between and among customers of the resource chain in order to maximize total supply chain profitability, hence optimize the total value produced throughout the SC.

while realizing the existence and importance of others - an organization needs first to decide about its supply string strategy and then decide and take required activities that will fulfill the customer demand.

Dell's Supply String Strategies

The direct model identifies the fact that Dell does not use the retails channel, but offers its PCs directly to customers through its website, Dell. com, as Shape shows. This way the intermediary steps which could add time and cost are removed, and Dell is straight associated with its customers. this plan look very simple but its very hard to look at and deal with such an insurance plan, a very high experienced and experienced staff is necessary.

Fig 1

fig 2

Indirect Distribution channel for Computer industry

Direct ditribution channel for PC industry(number 1 as shown by dell)

When Dell was a smaller company than it is currently, prior to the development of powerful, industry-standard servers of the sort that Dell manufactures, the Dell IT group ran its SCM repository applications on large, expensive, proprietary servers predicated on the UNIX OS. However, as the business grew, servers missing the necessary capacity needed to be changed with even bigger, more powerful servers. And because the servers weren't upto the mark and efficient, upgrading an individual server often required shutting down entire systems. The increased performance of industry-standard DelPowerEdge machines, however, has empowered Dell IT to make cost-effective, highly scalable systems using Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 10g.

In simple fact, Dell sells directly to all its customers, "from home-PC users to the world's greatest corporations". This way it creates a primary relationship with each individual customer, which actually is a great way to obtain competitive advantage. As Michael Dell has stated, this direct romance "creates valuable information" about the customer, thus Dell knows who the finish users are, what they have bought from Dell and what their preferences are, a fact that allows Dell to offer add-on products and services, and stay, in general, closer to the client.

Quality control

Recent data items indicate that together with mounting corporate and business governance and slow progress issues, but dell can also be facing a problem of quality control. The product quality problem pertains to low end servers, laptop computers, and desktops, not the high-end server models. Route checks suggest a noticeable upsurge in the amount of machines that require to be serviced by Dell in the field soon after delivery, and also items went back to Dell for substitution/repair.

For the most part, Dell outsources set up to offshore partners in Taiwan and China. It isn't clear yet if the issues are triggered by sloppy processing or design imperfections. We believe the former, and can continue steadily to check field data. In addition, Dell is struggling through early adoption of the Microsoft Vista operating-system, and users might not exactly have the ability to differentiate if the problems they are having with new notebook computers stem from poor construction, design issues, instability in the operating system or incompatibility in program components with Vista. Quality problems with Dell notebooks are nothing new - we regularly saw proof that last year.

The go up of issues with low end machines and desktops is troubling -- and our investigations indicate that it's charging Dell money and starting the downfall of its brand. The timing of the quality lapse cannot be worse for management, considering the recent announcements about mistakes in accounting and financial settings.

An professional of something constructor that often competes with Dell said he locates the company has been much less cost-competitive since Michael Dell has came back to the CEO position at the company, and that the Laptop or computer maker is representing a certain amount of "confusion" in rivalling for business throughout this quarter.

Cost issues and turmoil seem to be piling to Dell's quality issues from this past year, when the business recalled 4. 2 million notebook batteries due to fire dangers. Because of its part, though, Dell has said it has found its response to customers with quality or technical problems has advanced.

SWOT Evaluation of Dell Computer


Dell's Immediate Model methodology of enables the company to offer direct human relationships with customers such as commercial and institutional customers. Their proper method also provides other kinds of products and services such as internet and phone purchasing, customized personal computers; telephone and online tech support team and next-day, on-site product service. This considerable range of products and services is definitely one of Dell's strengths.

Dell Computer's award-winning customer support, industry-leading development and regularly strong financial performance differentiate the company from opponents for the following reasons:

Price for Performance - Dell signifies a very effective procurement, production and circulation process allowing it to offer customers powerful and custom-made systems at competitive prices.

Customization - Each Dell system was created to order to meet each customer's specs. this is actually the only company till now which includes been efficient in applyeing this plan through the entire world. Under developed countries like india where people are not much in contact with internet, they are also aware of the companyz system of online oredering and customizing and almost 90 percent of the people are satisfied by this.

Reliability, Service and Support - Dell's direct customer allows it to provide the most efficient customer support before and after the sale. the industry of computer is such that only a specialized help person can fix the machine so when dell provides with such a service of online omitting problems and toll free registering grievance and at that moment servicing, this gives a customer an advantage point then other companies.

Latest Technology - Dell can create the latest relevant technology in comparison to companies using the indirect distribution channels. Dell changes over inventory for typically every six days, keeping inventory costs low.

The company's program of the web to other areas of the business enterprise --including procurement, customer support and relationship management -- is growing at a rate of 30 percent. The company's Web site received at least 25 million goes to at more than 50 country-specific sites. the latest technology also holds effective sights like customizing the outer appears like different variations of colours, girls have different choice and children have different. the business also makes more through this because a lot more you customize, the more a customer needs to pay for it. now adays dell is also providing to make its own design on the outside screen.


Dell's biggest weakness is attracting the college university student segment of the marketplace. Dell's sales income from educational corporations such as schools only accounts for a mearly 5% of the full total. Dell's concentrate on the organization and authorities institutional customers somehow affected its ability to form connections with educational organizations. Since many students purchase their PCs through their institutions, Dell is actually not popular amonst the college or university market yet.

Dell is not available in retail outlets, customers cannot go to retailers because Dell will not use distribution stations. Customers just can't buy Dell as simply as other brands because each product is custom-built corresponding to their features and this might take days to finish. most of the times it happens that customer is unaware of the requirements of the the materials to be installed so corresponding to him customizing the personal computer is a major headaches and customer goes for simple buying.

Dell weakness lies in their time of delivery also. normally 15 to 20 days and nights are followed after the order have been put. people necessitating a urgent laptop or computer or youngsters exited about a new laptop or computer doesn't want to wait for these many days. it happens with us most of the days, whne we are in a disposition to buy something we want that thing to be supplied as soon as possible. this is alos a major weakness of dell.


Computers according to customer demand and requirement and becoming more and more popular and also a necessity today. Customers are receiving increasingly more educated about pcs. The first time users may avoid dell but a second time usr will usually like dell because now he or she is more known to the product, more aware about what he requires and also keen to work with more and powerful technology.

Desktops are now out of fashion and people 're going for laptops because it is easy to transport and easy portable device. this is a significant segment where company can target and attain a reputed position.

The internet is also playin a significant role in dell sales and purchases because dell is unavailable through outlets and now days people are usually more alert to the internet and its use. dell laptops and laptop or computer can be ordered with vast types of variants of the product where as in case there is shops the variety available is not so much.


This is such a industry or market where thousands of new products are launched every month because the it industry has more developed and each and every technical person has an ability to develop a hardware or software. we can easily see each day a fresh and very progressive products are launched related to computer industry. dell must keep an eye on new products that are alays being launched and also try to make new products so that company can maintain its reputation of an impressive company.

The company also faces a big problem of producing product that are high in quality and low in price. when such a predicament comes an organization has to make every effort to make maximum sales and income.

One more problem or risk is price between companies are reducing daily and there is almost the same price for the same product in two comapnies. Dell's Direct selling attracts customers since it saves cost. Other companies are alsooffering computer systems at low costs, this may harm the dell customer foundation and customers can move to other laptop or computer companies. With almost indistinguishable prices, price difference is no more a concern for a person. They could choose other brands rather than looking forward to Dell's customized pcs.

The next threat is decrearing rate of computer industry and unluckily dell gets the maximum talk about in this industry, suppose if the demand diminishes the the competition can be more hard and company would need to work more harder and harder to keep up its position in the market

Technology is improving daily. if on the one side its an opportunity for the industry, on the other hand it is also a risk for the industry because the computer industry is such an industry where an new technology or product doesn't desire a much high investment and large organizations face competiton when small companies create new and useful products at much smaller price

Technology dictates that the most up-to-date and fastest products are always the most popular. Dell must continue to keep up with technical advancements to be able to compete.

Porters five force model for dell-

Threat of new entrants-moderate.


The capital necessary for investment is low for new companies.

Differentiation in products is also low but brand can be considered as an entry barrier.

The economies of size is also low.

The federal or legal barriers are also low or alomot nill(depending after country to country)




There is a cost war scheduled to low margin.

The continuing decrease in profit.

High amount of the marketplace.

Threat of substitutes-low


If we look at the review evry 4 th person ahs a personal computer or laptop and there is no other replacement which could work as a pc or laptop.

The major competitor of dell is apple but people choose to go for dell because the majority of the softwares available easily and at normal prices aren't ccompatible with apple pcz.

Bargaining electricity of buyer -high


Buyers are highly price very sensitive to such products.

Reliability are customer service are nowadays very importants factors and for that reason company has to spend a lot for keeping cutomer.

Both these factors are incredibly important because if the service is available but cost is high people will surely alter to others.

Bargaining vitality of suppliers-high


Hundreds of companies are available which provide organic materials such as keyboards, hardware etc but only 2 that is Microsoft and intel standard are provided for almost all pc's, even the clients are satisfied when the raw materials is provided by these known companies. for a product to be a good quality, the hardware or software installed should also be of high quality.

The switiching costs are high.


Now adays the supply chain are concentrating on strategic part which is no important issue for dell now. The success is situated behind how th company executs the client and other intermediate persons involved and upto what level the business satisfies the complete group engaged.

Ensure better customer support emerges.

Dell is becoming an industry innovator in service and stability. Dell has used customer relationship management to its advantage. This has increased trust into their customers. By custom-building your personal computer that the client wants is created and an extremely strong relationship builds up with the customers.

Implement technology in step sensible style and with patience

The dell applied its new technology in a step sensible manner like, the i2 systems were developed then each and evry hardware was analyzed invidiually and then your aftereffect of each part was taken, like which hardware or software enhances or reduces the performance of the system.

Extend the connection from the client to the supplier

Dell was able to attract customers scheduled to mmoney save through online scheduling because the customer were delighted in paying less for the same system which was available at a higher rate on the market. at exactly the same time the suppliers were also being paid to deliver the merchandise and dell through different schemes and offers emerged to knew through the suppliers that what and when customers exactly want and which is the most likely product.

Go green

Dell in addition has contributed environmentally friendly need by having the first company to live green and always doing the three R's of recycling, always being mindful of helping to recycle. Because of its operations, Dell has integrated a company-wide vitality management program for automatically turning off machines during night time and during the time when it's not in working condition for a long time

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