Examples Of The Company Suffering From Bad Publicity

Greenpeace distributed an argumentative video on YouTube about Nestlé's source for palm oil because of their products. The targeted product was the Kit Kat bar and the video play from the Kit Kat slogan "Have a rest, Have a Kit Kat". Greenpeace said that Nestlé's source have a dirty hands in ruining a rainforests that have been natural habits for orangutans. Furthermore, Greenpeace's video also imitative Kit Kat's commercial by starting with a bored office worker tearing paper for his boss for hours. He pulls out a Kit Kat bar and bites involved with it without noticing or caring that the Kit Kat is truly a bleeding orangutan finger, and leaks blood around his face and keyboard. In this case, Nestle took an instant action removed the video. By today technology, there continues to be had a way to let YouTube user repost the video. The users started reposting the video all over the internet and the greater internet surfers repost the video all over the internet, and the more videos is taken down, the greater videos will added.

*What is company's brand positioning?

(March 2012)

http://www. nestle. com/csv/nutrition/positionedproducts



Affordable and nutritious

Nestle targeted customer with products that are nutritious, cheaper and tasty. Popularly Positioned Products (PPPs) supply high vitamins and minerals by affordable cost and in suitable formats to send the needs of some 3 billion lower-income consumers worldwide. Their current PPPs spread from culinary products to beverages, to dairy and biscuit with over 400 products can be purchased under some global brands such as Maggie and Nescafe.

These actions bring 30-40% improvement in market penetration within lower-income customers in the last 24 months and increase distribution of Maggie noodles by advertise about affordability and healthy messages.

* Provide some information about a recent advertising campaign.

http://www. networkworld. com/community/blog/marketing-gone-wild-candy-bars-stalk-you

Nestle company launch a promotion called "We will see you" that find by GPS trackers which the shape alike normal chocolate bars. Whenever a winning customer opens the wrapper, it will activates and send a message to the prize team who tracking them down within a day to provide a check for £10, 000. This chocolate product will get from KitKat Chunky, Yorkie Milk, KitKat 4 Finger and Aero Peppermint Medium.

London showed off this video of Nestle using cutting edge geolocation technology to locate six lucky winners over the UK and Ireland. They believe this promotion will particularly invoke to men, fascinating them to the chocolate singles category and therefore driving increasing sales. Nestlé Confectionery is delighted to be first to market with this highly impressive GPS for the promotion.

During August 2010, Brazil was the first ever to use GPS, drop it into something to track you and take marketing promotions to a whole new creepy yet impressive level.


Corporate Social Responsibility is defined a concept which the company incorporate social and environmental concerns in business functions and interactions with stakeholders on voluntary basis.

Does the business promote a positive impact through its activities on the surroundings, consumers, employees and communities?

http://www. ukessays. co. uk/essays/communications/nestle. php

Nestle shown great concern for the society though the launch of their concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in 2006, Creating Shared Value (CSR). after the launch of CSR, Nestle undertaken many projects to help the society. An excellent project that brought significant change to society may be the Cocoa Plan project to facilitate African cocoa farmers and the society take advantage of setting market prices by growing their productivity. Nestle funded farmer schools in West Africa to learn better ways which able to produce higher quality cocoa and increase revenue. Not just that, Nestle built a development and research centre that work at hand with Nestle plant science base. Nestle as somebody of International Cocoa Initiative and the globe Cocoa foundation solved problems, example child labour and insufficient access of education and health such as send farmers to field schools educates the farmer the best way to increase productivity and also educated of diseases and prevention ways. In cases like this, the increasing of income for those West African household improve their lifestyles. Between that, the significantly of boosting of production of cocoa increase their exports and conversely decrease their foreign owing. There's also can learn new skills, study the technology and share useful information on the list of locals who delivered to work.

http://businesscasestudies. co. uk/nestle/business-principles-in-action-nutritional-labelling/ethics-and-business-principles. html#axzz2L5lKmRxZ

Nestle developed two business principles that centered on communications with consumers. Among the business principle is Nestle consumer communication should reflect moderation in food consumption rather than encourage overeating especially important regarding children. Another one of the business enterprise principle is must incorporate the desire to have vibrant diets. Their advertising should never mean the reposition of meals with snacks and heavy snacking. Nestle helps consumers recognize and understand the nutritional content of the food that they bought. That is a positive effect on the trustworthiness of the business. Consumers can be know the Nestle behaving responsibly and communicating with them. In addition they facilitate and promote healthy living for their staffs. Nestle company linked to the Guideline Daily Amounts on the front of packs with the inner communication programme to inform staffs about GDAs and labeling system. In cases like this, it can help to motivate staffs as showed nestle cared about their well-being and their own families.

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