Famous Amos Cookies | Analysis and Analysis

Wallace "Wally" Amos, Jr. (created July 1, 1936) is an American professional and article writer from Tallahassee, Florida. He is the founder of the "Famous Amos" delicious chocolate chip cookie brand. He later co-founded Uncle Wally's muffins. He currently resides in Kailua, Hawaii and also Long Island, New York, where he runs the Chip & Cookie premium cookie brand and stores.

Wally Amos proved interest in preparing from an extremely early age, and it was from his aunt, who would bake cookies for him, that Amos would develop his chocolates chip cookies formula. Amos would improve on his aunt's formula, that was already common since it included several substances not generally associated with chocolate chip cookies.

Over the years, thousands have slaved over the hot stoves trying to recapture the sensational preference created on that glorious day in Lowell, Massachusetts. But not until 1970, when Wally Amos began to bake his secret recipe, has any chocolates chip cookie been so thoroughly authentic and delightful at the same time.

The face that launched one thousand potato chips, Wally Amos is the daddy of the gourmet cookie industry. As inventor of "Famous Amos" cookies, his report is the quintessential North american success history.

Originally, Wally Amos, a true cookies lover, baked his cookies to share along with his friends. The "Famous Amos" cookie story started when he commenced using his bite-sized cookies as calling cards and thank-you gift items. As Wally made his rounds in his entertainment business, increasingly more of his friends and clients called for another tote of Wally Amos Cookies. Finally, with the support of several Hollywood personalities, Wally launched The Famous Amos Cookies Company in 1975.

Famous Amos is one of the very most recognizable cookie brands in the world and its products are positioned as premium quality. This notion was initiated by Wally Amos in 1975, as the brand currently is one of the Kellogg Company and comes in most parts of the earth. Its products include bite-sized chocolate cookies, sandwiched cookies and muffins that come in various flavors. After that, it offers personalized wrapping services at its area of expertise stores.

Famous Amos Malaysia

Famous Amos was designed in Malaysia as a private limited company, obtained by DKSH Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad (formerly known as Diethelm Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad) in January 1997. DKSH Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad can be an investment possessing company posted on the Kuala Lumpur STOCK MARKET since 1994 under the firms Function, 1965 on 9 November 1983. It is the franchise holder of the "Famous Amos" chocolate chip cookie in Malaysia.

The Famous Amos Chocolates Chip Cookie Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd presently functions over 50 successful Hot-baked stores in shopping malls and international airports in Western and East Malaysia and markets delicious chocolate chip cookies as well as muffins, beverages, snow cream and an considerable selection of confectionery items. The chain is constantly extending and has outlets at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and the international airports of Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu. The Food Ingredients unit caters to manufacturers of drink, confectionery and biscuits as well concerning fast food organizations. In addition, a passionate team provides customers with expert advice and specialized training.

Mission Statement

Kellogg company's eye-sight and mission assertions define their emphasis upon sustainable development, broadened meaning of cultural responsibility and the true strength of the company - our people and our brands. Parallel with the goals of its father or mother company, Famous Amos is targeted on achieving lasting progress through the growth of its businesses.

Corporate Public Responsibility

Famous Amos also relating in corporate cultural responsibility by donating and do charity to help people. For example, Famous Amos were able to increase RM7, 000 throughout their charity sale at Sunway Pyramid previous December 2010 and all money was donated to Rumah Expectation. In addition, kids were each given a goodie handbag while caregivers received a hamper as a gesture of understanding for their effort.

The Management

The management team of Famous Amos is form by managing director, general supervisor, senior operations manager, business development and offers manager, fund and administration director, human resource supervisor, and area director.

Each of the management associates will do relating with their post to make sure the product can be reach to the clients in an easier way and bring satisfaction to them.

For instance, managing director will be liable to develop and deliver on the company's proper plan in the most effective and efficient manner. Besides, they'll also accountable for the overall performance of the company as well as for the day-to-day running and management of the business's business, under delegated expert from the Board. While for finance and administrative director, they'll be doing data and makes up about daily transactions, guaranteeing precision and completeness of required documents and supporting paperwork serving as evidence of transactions and responsible for all concerns related to the functions and administration of any office.


Segmentation is the process of dividing market into smaller sections with specific needs, characteristics, or behaviours that might require distinct marketing strategies or mixes. You will find four basic market segmentation strategies: habit segmentation, demographic segmentation, geographic segmentation, and physiographic segmentation.

Geographic segmentation is market segmentation strategy whereby the designed audience for confirmed product is divided according to geographic units, such as countries, states, areas, counties, locations, or neighborhoods. Famous Amos opened all over the world such as LA, Singapore, Malaysia etc. In Malaysia, almost the outlets or stores are exposed in the hypermarket, malls and airport terminal such as Queensbay and Gurney Plaza at Pulau Pinang. It is because both of the positioning have higher density of higher-level income of human population and foreigners.

Behavior segmentation is market segmentation strategy whereby the division of the target market is made based on the patterns where the people on the market live and spend their time and money. Buyers in a market will vary in their wants, resources, locations, buying attitudes, and buying tactics, and any of these variables may be used to divide a market. For instance, Famous Amos has offered some gift ideas such as cookies in gift idea packages, hampers, chocolates, hamlets, brownies and muffins, gummies and candies for any of the festivals or occassions. This is very convenience for customers when have any celebrations or friends' birthday, thay can buy Famous Amos products as the present or presents.

Demographic segmentation is market segmentation strategy whereby the planned audience for confirmed product is divided into categories based on demographic variables (demographics). Demographic segmentation is typically the most popular basis for dividing groupings, primarily because consumer use and wishes or needs usually match demographic categories, but also because demographic parameters are easy to assess and obtain. Time and life routine segmentation is a kind of demographic segmentation. The Famous Amos cookies is focusing on children, young, foreigner or office personnel. Their customers almost are higher income level and also have a well occupations. Their cookies draws in the children a great deal as it is munchable, crunchy and sweet. It is suitable for the flavour of children and young. Besides, it also offered some kinds of muffins and brownie to the kinds of lovers.

Psychographic segmentation is market segmentation strategy whereby the supposed audience for confirmed product is divided relating to social class, lifestyle, or personality characteristics. Famous Amos portion market segments by consumer life-style, promoting their cookies and products as expressions of those standards of living, such as chocolates chip cookies and sandwich cookies which proposed by Famous Amos are favor of the chocolate, sweety and cookies enthusiasts. The delicious chocolate cookies is one part of their lives.


Next step is market targeting. It is the procedure for choosing a proper market for a given product. Famous Amos need to judge the different market sections and decide which and how many to serve. To do this effectively, they must examine three general factors: (1) section elegance (i. e. , the impact of opponents, substitute products, etc. ); (2) portion size and expansion; (3) company aims and resources. Besides, they also have to summarize four basic ways of satisfy target markets: undifferentiated marketing or mass marketing, differentiated marketing, concentrated(niche) marketing, and micromarketing.

Target market of Famous Amos are concentrated marketing which is focusing on one or some small segments. For instance, this segment ought to be the lovers of chocolate such as chocolates cookies, chocolate muffins and brownies, candies and gummies and so forth. Chocolates is part of the life. They would like to keep these things oftenly or everyday. Famous Amos will categories their cookies, muffin and brownies, candies and gummies for the children and more radiant who like to taste lovely and chocolate flavour. Besides, the hamper items, occassions surprise or cookies in packs is targeting the clients who want to give so present to somebodies when have any festivals or occassions such as birthday's item, Valentine Day, Chinese language New 12 months and Christmas Day.


Finally, the previous step is positioning. It's the way the merchandise is identified by consumers on important distributes that is the place the place the product occupies in consumers' imagination relative to rivalling products. Perceptual positioning maps can help explain a brand's position in accordance with competitors.

Famous Amos have differentiate their product such as provide their cookies that are fresh and home made taste. Utilizing the best materials, like semi-sweet chocolate chips and flavorful nut products, these homemade tasting cookies became famous simply by person to person. The " Free Smell " from Famous Amos Hot-baked store has been an amazing aroma in our freshly baked cookies to enjoy by true cookie buffs everywhere you go. Customers could make a decision themselves the amount of cookies they want and they can even mix the various types but same price of cookies alongside one another in a load up when buying at Hot-baked stores. This escalates the satisfaction of customers.

Besides, channel differentiation is implemented by establishing their own website, where customers can find the store location nearest them, browse cookie varieties, order snacks or even understand how to start out a franchise of the business. In addition, Famous Amos also found primarily on supermarket shelves. There have nine types of chocolates chip cookies that are freshly baked throughout the day in each of this Hot-baked store. That is convenience to customers when they want to eat the cookies, they can online browsing the nearest store location or buy at retail center.

Moreover, Famous Amos also identify their services by offering certain goods and services to keep their customers satisfied. It includes broadened their repertoire to add personalized cooked goods on order for any private and corporate functions for occasions such as functions, picnics, dinners and communal gatherings of all types. Therefore, when there have any people or communal gatherings, consumers will have a perception that Famous Amos has provide this kind of orderings.

Furthermore, Famous Amos distinguish their consumers to a higher level income people or people and youthful. Children are also their goal consumers as they will have an impact on their parents to buy the cookies or candies of Famous Amos products on their behalf.

At previous, Famous Amos distinguish their brand image by arranging the name 'Famous amos'. Besides, they also have their positioning affirmation "special menu for fresh, home made taste". They have got set the possible value proposition of 'Famous amos' is more to get more which mean that provides the most upscale service and demand a higher price. They will provide consumers with the higher quality of cookies with the higher price.

Marketing mix


The product is the physical product or service wanted to customer. Regarding physical product, it also identifies any services or conveniences that are area of the offering. Product decisions include aspects such as function, appearance, presentation, service, guarantee, etc.

There are nine varieties of chocolates chip cookies for example chocolates chip with pecans, chocolate chip no nut with extra potato chips, butterscotch chip with pecans, oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins as well as others which are newly baked throughout the day in each of the Hot-baked store. Utilizing the best substances, like semi-sweet chocolate potato chips and flavorful nuts, these homemade tasting cookies became famous just by person to person. The "Free Smell "from Hot-baked store has been an irresistible aroma of newly baked cookies to be enjoyed by true cookie fans everywhere.

Besides, Famous Amos in addition has launched "soft & chewy cookies" with variety of flavor for cookies buffs who enjoy freshly baked very soft cookies. Muffins, brownies, delicious chocolate, confectionery get and mix are complementary products commonly found in Famous Amos outlet stores. Readily crammed and customized presents hampers are also ever available.

Famous Amos has been altered to a cookies boutique with a determined range of cookies gift tins and wide variety of gift packaging. All gift packaging are also complimented with decided on imported chocolates and premium mugs which can be creatively jam-packed into unique products. Exclusive hampers are always available throughout the year and celebration hampers for example Chinese New 12 months, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Holiday and others. In addition, Famous Amos also attracts all private and corporate functions for occasions such as gatherings, picnics, meals and sociable gatherings of all kinds.


Soft cookies

Chocolate Chip with Pecans

Chocolate Chip No Nut with Extra Chips

Butterscotch Chip with Pecans

Oatmeal with Cinnamon and Raisins

Chocolate Chip with Macadamia Nuts

White Chip with Macadamia Nuts

Double Chocolates Chip with Pecans

Chocolate and White Delicious chocolate Chips

Macadamia Cookie

White choc toffee caramel

Triple choc chunk

Double choc caramel coconut



Muffin top

Muffin orange pineapple

Choc chip brownie

Baked brownie


Price is the money charged for a product or service. It can even be define through a far more broadly way which price is the total of all of the prices that consumers give up in order to get the advantages of having or using the product or service.

There are two ways for a corporation to set the purchase price which is cost-based costs and value-based charges. Cost-based pricing is defined price based on the price of producing, distributing and advertising product at a good rate of go back while for value-based is defined price based on customers' perceptions of value as opposed to the seller's cost. In this case, Famous Amos is using value-based prices because it creates value to their customers based on their qualities. Although price of products of Famous Amos are relatively high nevertheless they have its prices. Its values will gratify consumer needs and wishes.

The price fee is dependant on its weight of the cookies. For example, 100g of chocolate chips with pecans is RM7. 90. Different varieties of cookies might demand in an alternative price. For instance, with the same weight of 100g, double chocolate potato chips with pecans are RM8. 90. While for other products like delicate cookies and muffins is charge RM4. 30 and RM3. 90 per piece respectively. Muffins top will definitely cost RM3. 90 and muffins orange pineapple is RM5. 50.

The cookies are tasty. Therefore, Famous Amos has a good feedback from customers once they had tasted. The real reason for of the delicious cookies is they still carry on the traditions of the founder-baker and use the initial recipes and the finest ingredients to cook the cookies.

Pricing decisions should take into account income and the possible costs response of rivals. Prices includes not only the list price, but also discounts, financing and other options such as leasing. Price is the money consumers pay to something. It is merely aspect of the marketing blend that produces revenue; all the represent costs.


Place decisions are those associated with channels of circulation that provide as the opportinity for getting the merchandise to the mark customers. The syndication system executes transactional, logistical, and facilitating function.

Place or syndication, encompasses all the activities that move a firm's product from its place of origin to the customer. A distribution route is the route a product requires from the area it was created to the customer who's the end end user. The first choice a company must make regarding syndication is whether to market its products directly to consumers or through intermediaries such as wholesalers and suppliers.

Famous Amos is one of the well known retail shops on the globe. It sells products to the customers to satisfy their needs and wants. Famous Amos is a selective distribution where the aim for customers can get the product from Famous Amos kiosk positioned in retail center and international airport. The retail retailers will mostly situated at the place that customers will easily buy it. For instance, Penang's outlets can be found at shopping mall which is Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Shopping center.

Besides, Famous Amos is using immediate marketing programs. There have no intermediaries between Famous Amos and the customers as their cookies is baked fresh daily in their hot-baked store. Therefore, they can directly provide cookies to their customers to accomplish highest value of the customers. In addition, they are also using indirect marketing channels. This is because Famous Amos also markets cookies in selected supermarket like Cold Storage space, Tesco, and Jusco.

Direct marketing channels

Indirect marketing channels


Promotion refers to activities the firm takes to talk the merits of its product to its marketplace. Ultimately, the goal of these activities is to persuade visitors to choose the product. The two most typical activities to promote their firms are advertising and general population relation.

Promotion decisions are those related to connecting and advertising to potential consumers. Since these costs can be large in proportion to the merchandise price, a break-even evaluation should be performed when coming up with promotion decisions. It is useful to know the worthiness of a customer in order to determine whether additional customers are worthwhile the price tag on acquiring them.

Famous Amos is using kiosk marketing where this is convenient to the customers plus they can get the merchandise easily. Besides, by using kiosk marketing, Famous Amos can obtain immediate response from the clients and it is a highly effective way to generate customer relationships. Most of Famous Amos kiosk is positioned in retail center and airports. For example, kiosk situated in Gurney Plaza.

In addition, Famous Amos is also using business-to-consumer (B2C) online marketing which businesses offering goods and services online to final consumers. It is a far more convenient way for consumers to get the merchandise through online service. Once customers transact through pay pal the goods will delivery within the time frame they assure. B2C advantages to consumers as it is a ready access to riches of comparative information and it is immediate and interactive. Furthermore, Famous Amos also has created a web based public network through Facebook. They have created a admirers site in Facebook and they'll regularly update the page and reveal the latest information using their customers.

On the other way, Famous Amos encourages their products through sampling test. They will first let the consumers try their cookies and convince customers to purchase their goods. As the elements using by Famous Amos is best, therefore people have a tendency to present their products to their friends and family. With the word of mouth marketing, more and more people will attempt on Famous Amos's products. Word of mouth marketing is one of the very most powerful campaign strategies as customers will only introduce the products to their relatives and buddies if they are satisfies get back product. Therefore, this is why that Famous Amos became so famous.

Besides, Famous Amos also encourages their brand through sponsors a movie "Burlesque". This not only can raise the brand of Famous Amos, it will raise customer knowing of their product. Finally, Famous Amos also will do charity by donate money and give cookies to the orphanage home. This is actually the way of general public relation, building good relationship with the firm's various publics by obtaining advantageous publicity, building up a good commercial image, and managing or going unfavorable rumors, testimonies, and happenings.

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