Feminism in the works of Medea

In the Scandinavian play Hedda Gabbler by Henrik Ibsen and the Greek Tragedy Medea by Euripides, the two protagonists produce an independent-mind on not following the common standards enforced by society regarding the rights of women. Even though Medea occurred in early Greece and Hedda Gabbler in Norway in the 1900's and did not promote the same environment, society's treatment of women was virtually identical. At that time it was surprising to see women rejecting their role and being more powerful than their guy counterparts. Both characters are used to illustrate that stereotypes and sexist ideas increase society's treatment and perception of women.

Feminism changed a lot of things for women in modern society, bringing more equality between genders. In the past, women wouldn't normally provoke anything about not following society's view about how they must be, therefore they were scared to be dishonored and offended to be an "inappropriate woman". In these two stories we can see the liberation of feminist women who are in advance with time by exhibiting us courage, cleverness and vitality. However, in Hedda Gabbler and Medea the feminine personas astound the visitors because of the unpredictability regarding women's right in those days. This is the beginning of evolution for women's right, which with time started increasing the to vote, receive more equal wages in comparison to men, right to get started on a divorce method, freedom of conversation, right to be present at colleges, safe abortion, within many others. Hedda and Medea are character types that show the initiative for the will of equality between genders.

Ibsen emphasizes the story with Hedda Gabler although she might portray the story as a perverted female. Ibsen illuminates her identity as an example of the depraved population, who would sacrifice on her behalf own personal, and independence. In those times women possessed almost no freedom; they were restricted to stay in their homes and wouldn't normally be able to handle the outside world away from the family. In the publication Hedda Gabler would like independence but she has no measures of being sensible of herself. At this time Hedda can be likened to be a new version of Medea since Hedda urged for self-reliance but was not able to own it, so she conveys her anger by ruining her efforts for fulfillment. She actually is very negative even as can see she wipes out what she does not accept. She refuted her pregnancy, teared down Thea's life-work, burned up Lovborg's publication, spoiled the manuscript he regarded as his child, and dedicated suicide, are all samples that show her desire to have life. Since Hedda has such deception regarding the desire to have life that she is not emotionally in a position to connect with others. Hedda will not carry a role like most of 19th century women; she is neither a maid like George's aunt nor housekeeper like Mrs. Elvsted. As a product of the nineteenth century, when women were destined to become either respectable old maids like George's aunts or humble housekeepers like Mrs. Elvsted, Hedda can be an anomaly. Rather than preparing his little princess for wifehood or motherhood, Basic Gabler, Hedda's daddy, educated her to drive and blast, skills of the military services, which became her root base for the appeal to violence and romance. She has somewhat masculine qualities and are seen as a comparison in the play. Hedda advised Tesman she acquired found something to cross time with, and it came out to be pistols. This price is Tesman's reaction. "No, for the love of God, my darling Heddadon't touch those dangerous contraptions! For my sake, Hedda! Eh?" A pistol portrays masculinity, and she feels it's fun to truly have a pistol in her hands, while male people are terrified to see her with it. This is one way the author shows the ambition Hedda is wearing vitality and on managing people, and this concluded Hedda's analysis to compare it to Medea.

Medea ignores the feminist stereotypes which were present in Greek Society, with regard to her desire. She concerns and challenges that girls are weak and inert, runs against Jason's sexist values, and ignores the role to be a mother, all this for questioning women's inequalities in a patriarchal modern culture, meaning, federal ruled by men, and home managed by men or the eldest. Women in those times were to be at home with parents until someone opt for husband for her to marry. Once the woman was taken up to her husband's home, she got to carry out the children's education and action. Medea is infuriated by Jason's betrayal and matrimony to another woman. And since she portrays inequality in women at those times, she questions what role and position should woman have in a patriarchal world. We can see at the start of the storyline when she posses some questions. "Are we women not the wretchedness? We scuff and save a dowry to buy a manOur lives is determined by how his lordship feels. For better for worse we can't divorce him. On the other hand "husband tired of domesticity, Is out views friends and looks forward to himself" These two quotes clearly demonstrate the injustice between genders, and the importance it experienced especially on women. It's like contrasting women to slaves and men to the independence the slaves want.

Women appear to be pathetic and submissive in the Greek population in Medea's viewpoint. It makes her question about and finally work on what she will not seek for her desire. For example she wants revenge on Jason and she would like to take over the affair. This kind of behavior once more points out to be masculine. Still she is not as strong as a guy and is she actually is unable to find the same position. So she opts by by using a man's willpower, so she says. "I'll destroy the children" "when all Jason's desires" "are ended up I'll leave this land". This reaction is extreme, she sets her children's life at the same level as having control over the problem. By showing her determination it makes it clear that it is yet another way of provoking feminist ideals and jobs. "This program must run. No weakness. Nostories". This offer from Medea evidently seems she has really given up on motherhood modals alternatively than her independence. Medea's feminist purpose says she has to seek for her independence and desire and since she actually is quite strong willed she practices what she's to do. A good example is when Medea kills her kids. The destiny Medea has is so intense it looks she has no control over actions. She portrays to be the opposite of submissive and week female in Greek culture.

Medea sometimes appears as an important character of feminism, although she disrespected culture. She discusses "nurturing" and "mothering" children that still now a day's people argue and complain about. On the other hand, Hedda Gabler, talks about issues that were more prevalent in those times. Either report we can see the rejection their role in contemporary society and appearing to be stronger than their man counterparts. Even though today, men resemble to be more powerful and controllable than women, but it is merely perceived such as this because women still seem to be to be published being weaker just like in Medea and Hedda Gabler's time. Regarding flexibility and protection under the law, women are almost, not saying exactly the same as men's.

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