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The method and hardware for recording new stock item

Main Types of Topologies

The following sections discuss the physical topologies found in sites and other related issues.

Bus Topology

Star Topology

Ring Topology

Mesh Topology

1. Bus Topology

a single data highway attaches all the nodes.

Network nodes are tapped onto the highway via T-connections.

Nodes have identical concern and there id no requirement of a control station

The nodes need to co-operate with each other to use the bus successful and also to avoid corrupting each other's transmissions.

It two nodes try to transmit at the same time, the signal on the bus will be impossible to learn.

Advantages of Bus Topology

- An easy task to connect some type of computer or peripheral to a linear bus.

-Less cable when compared to a superstar topology.

Disadvantages of Bus Topology

Entire network shuts down when there is a break in the main cable.

Terminators are required at both ends of the backbone cable tv.

Difficult to recognize the problem if the entire network shuts down.

Not designed to be utilized as a stand-alone solution in a large building.

2. Star

Computer mounted on a central point

Connection is active

Used twisted match cable

RJ 45 connector, that connect directly to the NIC on the device end, and to the hub or the other end

Notes are often added and remove from a network

Advantages Star Topology

Nodes are often added and remove from a network

Network problems are better to troubleshoot because suspect nodes may easily be disconnected from the hub

Disadvantages a Superstar Topology

Requires more cable connection than bus topology.

If the hub or concentrator fails, nodes attached are impaired.

3. Engagement ring Topology

A ring contains nodes connected in a engagement ring through multiple indicate point links, creating a physical and rational ring framework. A star engagement ring structure consists of a physical star but a logical ring.

The most typical type of cabling used in pure band topologies is Fiber content Optic Cable television.

Rings are often used as the backbone of networks.

4. Mesh Topology

Multiple point to point link are being used to connected multiple site

Types of Media

There are two common ways of media

Cable type


Cable Type

Coaxial Cable

Twisted Match Cable

Fiber Optic Cable

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable was one of the first type of cable tv used in data systems and LANs

Support Ethernet-type networks

Permits high data rates

Provide extra safety from electro-mechanical interference

Two types of coaxial cables are

10 basic 2 (Thinnest)

Maximum distance 185 meters

Cable type RG-58

Impedance 50 ohms

10 foundation 5 (Thick net)

Maximum distance 500 meters

Cable type RG-8

Impedance 50 ohms


resists EMI better than twisted couple cable

supports higher bandwidth than twisted match cable

allows for longer distances


It cannot be bent around tight radiuses

Cable is heavy, and expensive

Difficult to install

Twisted Pair Cable

Consists of a pair of shielded wiring twisted jointly because the wire connections are twisted, together electrical interference is minimized.

- very high bit rates

- maximum distance 10 meters

Three types of twisted match cables are

Unshielded Twisted Couple Cable (UTP)

Shielded Twisted Set Cable (STP)

Screened Twisted Set Cable (ScTP)

UTP cable connection category

Category 1 -for analog and digital tone(telephone), low rate data application

Category 2 -for voice, Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN), medium rate data up to 4 Mbps

Category 3 -high-speed data, up to 16 Mbps

Category 4 -up to 20 Mbps

Category 5 -up to 100 Mbps

Category 5e - up to 1000 Mps


Easy troubleshooting

Easy steps and changes


distances from the hub to the node of 100 meters

sensitive to noise

Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cable tv contains a light transmitting wine glass central surrounded by a reflective cladding part.

Fiber optic cable feature long transmission distance and high transmission speed.

Up to 50 Mbps

Allows long distance transmission (up to 2 km)

Two types of fibers optic cable tv are

- Multimode and

-Mono mode


Specifics a light indication containing more than one light ray

Light source (LEDs - light emitting diode)

Distance 2. 5 to 50 km

Mono mode

Only one light signal

Light source (Laser beam Diode)

Distance 80 to 140 km


Wireless connectivity is within the region of Local Area Network (LANs) where traditional cabled systems are being increased, expanded or even totally replaced by cordless technology in the form of Cordless LANs (WLANs) or Wireless Fidelity (Wireless) systems.

In the case of WLAN, radio waves provide the connection between the various elements of the network.

Components of Cellular LAN

Wireless Access Point (AP)

Wireless Adapter (WA)

Wireless Specification

802. 11 the initial wireless LAN specs, one or two 2 Mbps data rates using FHSS OR DSSS signaling technique in the two 2. 4 GHz consistency range.

802. 11a -provides 54 Mbps data in 5 GHz occurrence range.

802. 11g - provides 54 Mbps data in 2. 4 GHz regularity range.

Advantage of Wireless

more versatile than cable

easier to set up and alter

Disadvantage of Wireless

transmission speed is a lot less than cable

cost are higher than cable

less secure than cable

Can be hacked from beyond your building.

Any unauthorized mobile device can act as a receiver


Among four possible topologies, the superstar topology would work topology for the Amazing site of catalogs. Because celebrity topology is simple to understand and installed, troubleshooting and maintaintance than others topology.

Task 4

Delivery system of the Amazing online Literature shop

Workplace Theft

Theft at work is more prevalent than you might realize as "Work area theft is a huge problem. Building owners and service managers need to provide themselves to deal with office criminal offenses and protect their business with an integrated, careful approach. Determine who may be stealing from you, and how you can prevent it. Who would do that?

Theft in the workplace is a significant matter that's increasing for a big majority of facilities. Perpetrators may include sellers, or even thieves off the road who find workplace an easy mark. Frequently, we think of place of work robbery as someone snatching money from a pocket or a purse. It can as easily be an employee stealing office items or committing identification theft. We have to not only protect our property, but our information, too.


The first rung on the ladder to stopping office theft to hire the right people who won't take from you. Among the main ways of stop the insider is executing background checks that try to identify them before they're hired. When you yourself have ensured for these folks on your team, the next step is figuring out how secure your building is and where potential weaknesses may be. You can strengthen or add security elements to areas of your building that could be at risk. The basic solutions should have found out for building and work area security.

Access control-Electronic physical security (EPS)systems offer several alternatives for the safeguarding of investments and staff from unauthorized entrants into a work area. EPS systems can include a cards, a audience, and an electric locking device that regulates the site. Burglar alarms and radio rate of recurrence recognition (RFID) tags are also included in EPS systems. Another facet of gain access to control includes where people are coming into your building, and who's monitoring them. McConnell says "tourists should only have admission through one access, and should be checked in by a lobby attendant or security safeguard, there are a number of simple and temporary bad solutions offering visitors with badges that evidently identify them as a visitor while providing access for only a limited timeframe to limited areas.

Surveillance system

Video systems in the current complexes are analog (older technology) or digital, or a cross (where analog is being upgraded to digital), Visbal, director of research and technology at the Alexandria, VA-based Security Industry Relationship clarifies that. Many video tutorial systems incorporate video tutorial analytics that discover motion, penetration of an secured area, and things left out or moved. In addition to recording incidents, video monitoring has a mental impact. Visible cameras and signage work deterrents to office criminal offense. Building an "office watch" group will also reinforce workplace surveillance.

You can use these tips for a safer Facility for building Owners to check the security of your service.

*Be certain that all glass windows are secure.

*If doors only have a locking knob or lever, use a deadbolt for added security.

*Lock steel bars or door barriers with high-security padlocks that contain a hardened material body and shackle to avoid drill, hammers, blowtorches, and bolt cutters.

*Make sure all doors are solid. Look for sheet metallic on both sides of rear and basement entry doors. Make certain doorframes and hinges are strong enough that they can not be pried wide open.

*Good locks are the first line of defense. Use high-security hair or electric access-control systems on all entry doors.

*Verify that any electronic access-control unit has secure key bypass.

*Install motion-sensitive and continuous outside lights.

*Check the identity of any strangers who are in your office-ask who they're going to, and whether you can help them that person.

Security control in warehouse or office

CCTV system permits reliable and real-time warehouse monitoring and security alarm verification by security shield. It records the storyplot between pre-and post-alarm video tutorial, which is often used as research or for aesthetic verification. Equipping CCTV to keep keep tabs on and strengthen the quality control of product operation is absolutely a cost-effective choice.

There could be assumed that stock inaccuracies are released by robbery type errors that happen within the store. We assess the problem of having theft in store by optimizing the having cost under something level constraint.


I wish to recommendation for electric security for hardware, software and network necessity. I like use the Burglar alarms, radio rate of recurrence recognition (RFID) tags and CCTV camera. Through the use of these hardware, our stock inventory are more secure from theft. And also I love use the Electronic physical security (EPS)systems offer several solutions for the safeguarding of property and staff from unauthorized entrants into a work environment. EPS systems can include a credit card, a audience, and an electronic locking device that manages the portal. Because of using this system is better for my Amazing publication online system.

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