Functions of management

The management position requires one to wear many hats. Therefore, there are individual hats that correlate to the five basic management functions. Managers atlanta divorce attorneys organization spends significant amounts of time leading, nevertheless they also need to plan, organize, personnel, and control and is dependent on what degree of management and responsibility included. To become a successful director, it is important to become a professional within all five of these functions.

One of the first & most important functions in management is planning. Planning consists of the procedure of analyzing the goals of a business and creating an idea to meet these goals. Both Koontz and ODonnell state that planning is deciding beforehand on what to do, when and exactly how it will be done, and who will be doing it (Akrani). Therefore, planning is the foundation of the management role, and plays a crucial part to the success of an organization by identifying the means and the methods in order to achieve the objective. An integral element and starting point of this process should include the introduction of a Quest and Vision Declaration to which supports the way a business functions. The mission statement is the reason of the organizations life, while the vision assertion is the motivator in which defines the purpose and path of the business for not only the director, however the employees as well (Rothbauer-Wanish).

As our textbook areas, when you fail to plan, you intend to fail (McConnell). Therefore, planning in general management is very important to several reasons the main reason is it permits management to make effective decisions. In addition, the importance of planning is the fact it performs a vital role to the success and expansion of a business as it ensures accuracy and reliability, economy, and operational efficiency (Akrani). Planning also offers many different hats for this plays a confident role in the business environment, helps make uniform decisions, places performance expectations, and helps the business solve problems and obstacles that are present every day. Without planning, an organization can get inefficiency, confusion, disorder, and wasting valuable resources in both human and material.

Another important function in management is organizing and its key roles are the results of the decisions that were made through the planning process. Organizing is what comes after the planning process. Therefore, if you ask me the definition of organizing in management is the bringing together of resources to accomplish the organizations objectives. It's the ability to recognize and coordinate the many role positions combined with the careers that are related, and the way between authority and responsibility (http://managementstudyguide. com/arranging_function. htm). According to your textbook, organizing tools are what builds structure through insurance policies, procedures, work guidelines, and job descriptions (McConnell).

Organization is so very critical in management primarily because it helps facilitate productive management by avoiding confusion and duplication or delays of work (Akrani). Once the organizing structure is well identified it can promote harmony by creating path and co-operation between different departments in the business by optimizing your available resources. Furthermore, company is important to motivating employees, providing progress for both the organizations and its employees, and motivates creativity and creativity. The main reason that firm is very important is it coordinates relationships of most workers while directing towards the success of the organizations targets and goals (Akrani).

Staffing is considered one of the most important managerial functions for this controls the staff and recruitment needs of the organization-hiring the right people for the right job (Roberts). In addition, the staffing process is constant for this includes training and development of employees, performance appraisals, and campaigns. If done properly, professionals should have the capability to foresee the staffing needs and at the same time to be organizing resources so the appropriate types of procedures can be administered. Therefore, staffing is centered on two other management functions which are planning and organizing.

Staffing is the most important advantage to any organization. Without proper staffing, many businesses would fail because of inadequate staff placement. Furthermore, effective staffing will ensure that employees are well managed, get further training and education so employees are better prepared to do their careers while portion both their inside and external customers of the business (McQuerrey). Additionally, effective staffing is important to staff retention, for selecting costs are costly credited to training and development; though it fulfills production it creates value for the organization (Banton). Therefore, insurance agencies loyal personnel only helps bring about the organizations reputation and enhances competition within the business by rotating staff in other areas to further develop their skills while exposing them to other areas of the business enterprise (Banton).

Another management function is directing to that involves planning, managing and staffing. Directing is in the same aspect as leading and is also the responsibility on all levels of management. A director must have the capability to direct/lead their employees for it requires the process of instructing, guiding, and overseeing their insubordinates. Furthermore, directing/leading requires management to encourage, connect, encourage, and coach their employees as well. This management function also wears many hats such as defined above, primarily due to its numerous characteristics that are participating. When managers/supervisors direct they must be able to command and motivate employees while providing positive management.

Directing in general management is very important for the only real purpose is to instruct employees either through verbal and written communication. This provides motivation, guidance, creates action, and creates morale and self-confidence. Furthermore, leading and directing provides a methods to the employees the targets and goals of the business that they work for. Employees want to know very well what is expected of them and when they may have the assurance with their management in performing clear directions they have a better understanding of what is expected with their performance (Heathfield). Most importantly, directing/leading provides employees a feeling of trust and support. Without the course from management, the outcome is a lack of employee empowerment and engagement.

The last of the five management functions is handling which should go along with planning, it is said that without planning, controlling is meaningless and without handling planning is inadequate (http://managementstudyguide. com/controlling_function. htm). This function involves monitoring, assessing and reporting on all areas of the organizations shows and the objectives to ensure that activities through the planning phase 're going as planned or even to make any corrective activities as necessary-performance options. Furthermore, controlling is performed on a continuous basis and includes all management levels. Having control promotes not only compliance, it also stimulates that tasks are being performed in a timely manner.

Control in management is very vital to the organizations success. Think about if there was no control by the management, the business wouldn't normally have any way in knowing if they are meeting their goals and what activities have to be taken. In addition, control offers employee empowerment by giving feedback regarding staff performance in protecting against future problems. Another important reason control is used by management is to protect the organization from various dangers such as natural disasters, workplace assault, security breaches insurance firms plans and types of procedures set up that protects the center, employees, and its infrastructure. Finally, control is about ensuring that your organization is on course and running well. Many people view control to be in a negative sense, however when management has control it sets a positive perspective towards completing the goals and in obtaining maximum end result from all resources.

As stated in the beginning of this paper, management has many hats and I've only touched on the five basic functions. Most of us don't realize just how many different processes are involved when managing a department or a whole organization and the value of being able to effectively plan, organize, staff, direct, and control while maintaining your sanity. However, when you bring all these functions together you can create a competent system. Throughout this course I have learned that it's not enough to be always a successful director, its being an effective manager that counts. It is actually amazing how these different functions correlate with each other, for instance control will depend on planning and group to be able to meet the deadlines, and control depends upon leadership and planning to supply the resources that is necessary to complete the responsibilities set forth by the business.

Therefore, with the combination of these management functions it'll provide for a manager to successfully run the business by being final result and solution powered, can put together a directed and well-motivated band of employees, and person who can understand while being stringent at the same time. It does take skill on the managers behalf to have the ability to convey these various activities on a regular basis while ensuring the targets and goals are being achieved. All five of the functions share and is also centered on one common theme, staff empowerment and engagement, development opportunities, and success. This is exactly what I see when all five of the functions will work together, a powerful manager.


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