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Global Sources Business Model Information Technology Essay

Global Resources was founded on the concept that international trade between companies, individuals, and nations creates a prosperity whose mutually assisting character brings people closer mutually, strengthens bonds and finally leads towards world serenity.

www. GlobalSources. com has 65 content management office buildings worldwide. If there is no office locally you'll be able to ask their number and discover necessary details that are required by you. Refer body 2 in appendix.

Global sources can be an available market for the export and transfer of goods to and from China(refer body 3 in appendix). So indirectly additionally it is aiding in boosting the current economic climate of the united states by pushing export of good in mass. Global sources employs a corporate public policy and ensures it does its tad to improve the standard of living of the underprivileged.

If you need to find a supplier or supplier in a particular part of the world or you are thinking about creating a business marriage with a fresh partner then Globalsources is the website for you. The website offers the opportunity to look for vendors, suppliers, manufacturers and potential business companions in any part of the world. The service made available from this site is completely free, but to utilize it, you need to make your own bill, by an in depth process where you need to place all information about your business. The various categories which can browse through are:

Home Products



Fashion Accessories

Computer Products and many more.

These products are no problem finding and order. The website contributes around 7, 000 new products weekly, thus if the merchandise you are interested in is not there on the site chances are to come soon.

To buy and sell products through globalsources you just have to make an account for free, give a certain amount of information about your business and you will easily start. You then just login in and get those private provider catalog (send amount 4 in appendix).




Choice of quality, verified suppliers

Fast search

Quality selection of new products

Verified suppliers superstar ranking system

Trade show center

Depth and quality of special information

Less risk

Better products

More sourcing confidence


Find the right information bundle for your industry:

Auto Parts And Accessories

Baby And Children Products

Computer Products


Electronic Components

Fashion Accessories

Garments And Textiles

Gifts And Premiums

Home Products

Hardware And DIY

Security Products

Sports And Leisure

Telecom Products


The major competitor's to WWW. GLOBALSOURCES. COM are:


www. ec21. com

www. onccc. com

www. indiamart. com

www. tradeindia. com

www. madeinchina. com


Global resources have followed the search engine marketing techniques (SEM) activity, meaning ads for Global Sources shows up on various internet search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN. The greater the inquiries for the various keywords provided by Global Options the more the opportunity the website reaches advertise through the search engine marketing techniques.


Global sources is an exemplory case of Business-to-Business approach to e-business. It works on Business-to-Business INTERMEDIARY MODEL. This model is also called "ELECTRONIC EXCHANGE". It acts as an exchange for purchase and sale of products and services between customers and suppliers worldwide and interfaces all resource chain management phases between them. It retains wide-ranging database including information on export products and suppliers.

The Global Options website presently performs with around 213, 001 potential buyers who 89, 310 suppliers who are spread across 91 countries. A lot more than 89, 799 products with full requirements are available on the site.

Global sources B2B model is based on HORIZONTAL DISTRIBUTION. Thus, global resources are known as horizontal vendors and spread products and services at different negotiable prices.

A typical B2B scenario can be shown by figure(a). As detailed in the shape, in B2B businesses, customers from one business purchase products or services from others. The suppliers providing these can be





Refer physique 5 in appendix


Global sources give a platform to the international clients/suppliers worldwide in:

Supplier and product or buyer identification

Enhanced marketing opportunities

Buyers like different kind of media for various different reasons. Since every consumer will not use online sites, global sources lengthen "Media Selection" facility to its clients which can be customized as per potential buyers' needs/specifications. In the same manner, even the suppliers are given authority to create their own campaigns of advertising marketing in lieu with the preferred marketing types.

Other benefits can be found in form of following facilities:

Supplier Details which helps the customers in choosing the most economic and affordable supplier with best possible dealings.

Suppliers also access market forecasts (predicated on buyer inquires) describing various popular zones.

There are special features in the website that permit anyone viewing the web site to all together convert currency as well as the time zone. The web site also provides the latest information and research related to the industry.


Global sources have customers spread all over the world:-

Western euroope-18%

Eastern Europe and CIS-3%

North America-24%



Middle East-7%

Australia and Oceania-4%

Central and South America-9%

Refer body 6 in appendix


The revenue model at GLOBAL Options is :

Per trade brokerage

This means that for each supplier on the verification of a deal will pay a certain amount of money to global resources. In this way, even if the enrollment for the buyer's and suppliers is free global sources make money from the successful orders happening through the website.


The other source of revenue is through advertisements uploaded on the website


Merle A. Hinrichs Chairman and LEADER Officer

Spenser Au

Deputy LEADER Officer

Sarah Benecke

Executive Director

Craig Pepples

Chief Functioning Officer

Eddie Heng

Interim Main Financial Officer

Bill Georgiou

Chief Information Officer

Peter Zapf

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Mark A. Saunderson

President of Gadgets Business Unit

Daniel Yeung

Sales President of Global Options Online

Tommy Wong

President of Global Options Exhibitions

James Strachan

Executive Vice Leader of Corporate Development

Merle A. Hinrichs

Sarah Benecke

Eddie Heng

Roderick Chalmers

David Jones

James Watkins

Robert Lees


The team at GLOBAL SOURCES is doing a fantastic job, though it is behind alibaba. com in the b2b portion as of now, if they continue steadily to progress at this specific rate, the day when they'll become the top B2B website is not a long way away.

GLOBAL SOURCES has to gain the trust of all their customers and make sure that no scam is conducted. The security of the site has to be up to date and the good work of verifying the suppliers must continue and reach to a fresh level of trust and popularity by the global market.

GLOBAL SOURCES has to make utmost work to call for more users, aggressively and develop the e-markets for buyers and sellers, along with providing customers with updated and successful e-services to be one of the leading e-business players on earth.

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