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Health Care THE RIGHT Or Product Sociology Essay

Many people consider healthcare to be a privilege while others consider it a right. Health care should be considered a right; everyone should be eligible for proper healthcare rather than be at the mercy of being medically treated or not, predicated on their financial position. It has been an argument for over a century. Inside a country like ours, it is a shame that people do not provide something that needs to be a basic man to every citizen. The Preamble of america Constitution and in Article One, section 8 of the U. S. Constitution both illustrate the original reason for our USA: to promote general welfare for every citizen. I assume that healthcare is a vital part of your general welfare which is the government's responsibility to provide this for us. It should be our right to health and healthcare.

Even in 1943 when Chief executive Franklin D. Roosevelt possessed proposed another Bill of Protection under the law for Americans, for he suggested this was due to the political rights that are assured by the Constitution and the Monthly bill of Rights possessed became inadequate to assure us the identical opportunity in the quest for happiness. Roosevelt's solution because of this was to declare an economical bill of privileges, which included "the to adequate medical care and the possibility to achieve and revel in health. " However, however america turned its backside on Roosevelt's eye-sight for a more secure and happy America, and as a result our health health care system is in a state of crisis.

Figure 1-Roosevelt, Franklin. The Economic Monthly bill of Protection under the law. Web. www. fdrheritage. org

The right to health however is assured anywhere else through international real human rights treaties and declarations such as, the General Declarations of Individuals Rights, the American Declaration on the


Rights and Responsibilities of Man, the Convention on the Protection under the law of the Child, and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The proper to health is also acknowledged by national constitutions around the world, and even some U. S. condition constitutions include safeguard of the general public health as a core administration function.

"Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for medical and physical condition of himself and his family, including food, clothing, enclosure and health care and necessary interpersonal services, and the to security in case of unemployment, sickness, impairment, widowhood, later years or insufficient livelihood in circumstances beyond his control" ~General Declaration of Individual Protection under the law- Article, 25 ~

The country of France cash its healthcare system by using fees from income, pharmaceutical companies, and products that are harming to one's health such as tobacco. Using their healthcare plan, they fee a co-payment for several specific techniques that are performed, but every citizen still has healthcare. Denmark also has a universal health care system; it differs from France's where it is free to everyone who's a citizen. Their federal government made the decision to fund its program through fees. Germany has the world's oldest widespread health care system, which protects the majority of the German society. Not everyone is forced to take part in the typical program, people who have higher incomes can pick to pay a duty and opt from the universal plan and buy private insurance. Those who have chosen to choose out to get private insurance then pay prices that are linked to their health status. Many countries enjoy a universal healthcare system, where every citizen and even non-citizens can afford to get proper health care. The way the system works essentially, is everyone pays off taxes towards health care predicated on their income and allows everyone to use it without prejudices. This technique is used successfully in many countries worldwide especially in Europe and Canada.


When you listen to someone from another country talk about the United States they say that

we have a great country to reside in. With being in such a great country why is something as essential as health care considered as a luxury item. In addition, with this country being so rich and a country that truly really helps to build other countries; it is sad that we as residents are penalized on whom the better healthcare gets depending on money. The United States has one of the most detrimental healthcare systems on the planet and so far as industrialized countries we are the only country without a universal healthcare system and our citizenship does not include healthcare as the right. Either in the United States, we receive our health insurance through an employer-sponsored plan or we purchase our very own insurance that often includes high monthly premiums as well as high deductibles for a simple plan. I could definitely understand someone who cannot manage to pay the prices that moves along with having private insurance; it can cause you to feel like you are trapped in a hard situation. You know you will need the insurance, but when something will happen that will require you to make use of it how will you shell out the dough all? The prices are expensive enough as it is when you add the thousands for the co-payments and the deductibles; you can easily spend over $10, 000. 00 a year. Additionally, as a result of financial downturn, many people don't have health care or cannot afford healthcare.

Figure 2-Nesri. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. nesri. org/programs/what-is-the-human-right-to-health-and-health-care

Health care is a luxury in our population, we have the people that can afford to pay for the medical services they obtain, and we have the ones who cannot and they're kept in the cold. Simply put, our HEALTH CARE: A RIGHT OR Product 4.

health care system serves too few, costs too much, harms too many, and is also too inefficient. Ten years ago, affordability was primarily a problem limited to low income families, but is becoming an issue with middle class families.

There have been many that have tried to go away a general health system for the United States, but without success. This should go way back to the 1912 Progressive Party System and Theodore Roosevelt's Bull Moose Party when they both made passionate conditions for a compulsory nationwide health plan in their Declaration of Key points of the Progressive Party. Unfortunately, this did not go anywhere as a result of opposition it received from the American citizens and the start of World Warfare I.

"The cover of home life against the hazards of sickness, abnormal employment and old age through the adaptation of something of social insurance adapted to American use" ~1912 Declaration of Rules of the Progressive Party~""Roosevelt, T. (n. d. ). Progressive party program, 1912. Retrieved from http://www. pbs. org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/primary-resources/tr-progressive/

The most recent attempt is at April 2006 when the express of Massachusetts became the first status in our nation to require most of its residents to get health insurance. This was to ensure that each uninsured citizen in Massachusetts will have affordable health insurance, this was especially in part anticipated to today's healthcare costs which are rising twice as fast as inflation making insurance unaffordable for many of the employers and people. Currently, we've over 47 million Americans which may have no medical health insurance. So in order to solve the problem in their express, Governor Romney and the Massachusetts state legislature enacted this course of action with twin goals of reducing the price of health care and guaranteeing coverage for all Massachusetts residents.

The Massachusetts plan contains the next elements: The state of hawaii would set up a governmental authority known as the Commonwealth MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE Connector(or Connector) to

HEALTH Attention: THE RIGHT OR Item 5.

serve as a clearinghouse through which individuals would have the ability to purchase condition approved insurance policies. Every citizen would be required to buy a health insurance plan, either from a private insurance provider or through the Connector, which there would be stiff penalties for many who didn't comply. For individuals who could not afford the insurance would have their bills provided for by the state of hawaii partly or in full, depending on their income. Employers with more than ten employees would also be required to provide medical health insurance for his or her employees or pay a special charge to provide coverage for low income individuals. The theory of this plan was to lower individual patient's insurance costs by enlarging the pool of insured patients. Particularly, younger and healthier patients (who often choose not to acquire insurance), would be asked to do it, thus paying some of medical costs of the larger population.

So therefore, mandatory medical health insurance became popular with the politicians in both major politics parties. This notion has also been endorsed by the National Small Business Connection and the National Business Group on Health. This notion also made several claims that includes New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Colorado to consider or are considering to incorporate some version of obligatory health insurance.

But after two years after it started, the Massachusetts plan didn't achieve either of its goals. The program did not lower healthcare costs, nor achieved it achieve widespread coverage. Instead, this plan has increased costs for individuals and their state, reduced income for doctors and hospitals. Costs have risen to the individual because Massachusetts requires insurance plans which includes 43 obligatory benefits, including in vitro fertilization, blood lead poisoning treatment, and chiropractor services-whether you want them or not. These mandated benefits have lifted the costs of medical health insurance in Massachusetts by 23 to 56 percent. Costs to the state have sky-rocketed and are projected


to run vast sums of dollars over budget. This is due to that mandated insurance is so expensive, the government has had to aid the expenses of the monthly premiums not only for the lower income residents, but also for people that have incomes as high as $60, 000. 00 for a family group of four-which is three times the Federal Poverty Level. The state had anticipated a substantial drop in spending for the uninsured instead, overall costs to the state has risen by more than $400 million, that is 85 percent more than actually projected. Due to these growing costs and falling revenues, usage of medical care has dwindled for most patients.

So what triggered this innovative intend to fail in achieving its planned goals? The plan had failed for two reasons: First, it violates specific rights; second, medical health insurance is a commodity-a good or service created by businessmen for trade in the marketplace. As with any commodity, medical health insurance cannot be created by a government mandate. The correct function of administration is not to create or provide goods or services, but to safeguard individual rights. Advertising health care to prospects who can afford it is just a logical way to spread it. That was certainly typical in the first days of the country when the doctors was paid in whatever manner the family could take care of. Charity, for many who could not afford attention, was the area of the church and the community, not the federal government.

Our health care system is dependant on the idea that healthcare is a item like Tv sets and computers that is certainly should be sent out in line with the ability to pay in the same way that consumer goods are. This is what health care is not about, health care is a need-not a product, and it should be distributed regarding to need. This is a fundamental blunder in the manner this country and only this country, looks at health care. Let's remember about specific choice and personal liberty aspects of the North american Way. We have to be able to spend our very own money in whatever way we see fit for we've attained it.


Taking responsibility for our own health care means paying for it easily can, or doing without easily cannot. So those without financial resources receive inferior care and attention, and those who can afford it receive quality care. I do not believe that unaffordable health care is anyone's intention; however circumstances have made the expense of health care go up with medical good care development and technology. It ought to be clear to everyone that USA health care system is declining and not portion its individuals.

In the most recent presidential election, the ultimate two applicants provided positions on health care. John McCain's idea focused on an open up market contest alternatively than administration spending. Along with his plan there were taxes credits-$2, 500 for individuals and $5, 000 for households who cannot purchase or cannot get health care through their workplace. To help folks who are denied coverage by insurance companies due to pre-existing conditions, McCain suggested working with claims to produce what he called a "Guaranteed Access Plan". President Obama called for a universal health care system. His plan demands the government to determine a National MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE Exchange that could include private health insurance plans and a Medicare-like administration run option. Along with the widespread health plan everyone would have coverage no matter health position like if they had a pre-existing condition, it could also end charging premiums predicated on your health. It could have required all Us citizens to buy insurance through the federal government health care plan or a private insurance plan, but all People in the usa would be required to have insurance.

" I think health care should be a right for each and every American. In a very country as prosperous as ours, for us to have folks who are going bankrupt because they can not pay their medical bills-for my mom to expire of cancer tumor at the age of 53 and have to invest the last a few months of her life in the hospital room arguing with insurance companies because they're saying that may be considered a pre-existing condition plus they don't have to pay her

HEALTH Attention: A RIGHT OR Item 8.

treatment, there's something fundamentally incorrect about that" ~Barack Obama Oct. 7, 2008 ~

President Obama is right about the unsustainable span of our health attention spending. We spend $2. 5 trillion per yr for our health and wellness care and attention, 17. 5 percent of the gross home product. Under these current fads, this will increase to 48 percent of GDP by 2050. By that time, government health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid together will take in 20 percent of our own GDP. To put it simply, we cannot provide all the health attention that everyone might want. Any health care reform will have to confront the largest one reason costs keep rising: The American people keep buying increasingly more healthcare. If cure can save our lives or increase standard of living, we wish it. Therefore, in the long run, the only path to spend less on health care is to consume less health care. Someone, sometime, has to say no. The true debate here's about if we should ration care but who should ration it. Right now, that decision is often created by the insurance companies or other alternative party payers.

So if health care is considered as a commodity rather than a right, it makes a fairly strong circumstance that is should be bought and sold like any other product, for a income, and at the highest price the market will tolerate. It seems that our current system of private- for sales- at a income, medical health insurance makes the most sense when health care is recognized as a item. Then our private medical health insurance corporations as they exist now will not need to change very much if at all. When it comes to our private medical care insurance system, we overpay for our health and wellness care due to buying more and more healthcare. Besides paying for our actual healthcare services themselves, we have been also paying the operating costs of the insurance company, plus whatever profit's the insurance provider creates into our payments. And although they are simply regulated to a certain extent, private healthcare insurers aren't directly responsible to the general public as government institutions are.

Health care is just not another item. It isn't a surprise to be rationed on the capability to pay. It is

HEALTH Good care: THE RIGHT OR Item 9.

time to make widespread health care a national goal, so the basic to health care may become a reality for those Americans. There should be a clearly described basic health care plan that's available to all People in america. I am not talking about a health care plan that covers free, elective medical care. I would advocate for financing a health plan that be predicated on a thought of general population good rather than product. If all people can get benefits, they all can add based on their own ability to pay through taxes. These cash then would pay for all medically acceptable inpatient and outpatient services, both mental and physical. A properly financed, universal health insurance program provides the best chance to provide everything we People in the usa want most, high quality, affordable health care for any. I also believe that this would be something that a lot of doctors also want and would benefit from. Our current system of medical health insurance tends to place the cart before the horse, the role of financing is first then the delivery of healthcare. If we can explain the delivery of healthcare, we'd have a much better chance to create a more user friendly system. It would also support an comprehensive range of services distributed around all People in the usa which reflects intensive community based, principal and secondary degrees of care. We would finally realize and account what we have ignored for too much time: long term, respite and nursing home good care.

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