History Of Corporate Individuality Analysis Marketing Essay

Businesses become more complex by the day hence better solutions to achieve profitability need to be effected continually. Pr section have their hands full with new ideas that are growing in the market place that they need to quickly asses and take up if their corporate entities are to go ahead.

Corporate identity speaks of a unique approach to service or product delivery by that particulate corporate entity. Claims and logos are a few of the earliest forms of corporate identity. For your corporate entity to gain competitive advantage therefore you can find dependence on a strategic view of communicating corporate personal information. Our study is dependant on a typical corporation called Jurlique Company of Australia. The corporation is a natural skin care and beauty products manufacturer. It boasts of natural solution ingredients from farms in southern Australia.

2. 0 Commercial Communication Activities and Tools

Corporate communication or public relations as sometimes called has become the avenue of concentrate for today's corporate world. Commercial communication should be well balanced and able to cater for the internal and exterior requirements of the organization. Internally the worker should get communication that will generate positive behaviour towards the business more or less an internal image, while externally corporate and business communication should create a corporate and business image that the general public can identify with.

The press will play an extremely essential part in achieving this. While the general population demand on the company may become more, the role of corporate communication will effectively addresses these pressures thus sustaining the business.

The internet is one of the tools that is currently being explored to provide a channel for effective corporate and business communication.

2. 1 Theory - Corporate and business Communication.

Communication and PR (public relations) always uses number of theories.

The broad categories of these theories change from the traditional, to modern to relations to mass communication. In understanding that communication complexity leads to more audience centred theories, we can choose to say one basic theory that works supportively of corporate communication, the coordinated management of meaning.

For successful public relations we recognize that an organization will create their own ideas about appropriate action and sociable realities while aiming to coordinate their values with those of others. This is just what Jurlique did. Their slogan speaking much of this where character, science and development are at interplay.

2. 2 Current Activities and Tools

Australia is a solid advocate of friendly to the environment initiatives globally. Jurlique as a business from this part of the world already echoes this reality by the strong mother nature based products driven website. Looking at the home site we quickly understand two aspects about Jurlique, the merchandise they manufacture and the area of the world that they operate. A well-balanced product sale and identity style is struck whenever we asses this site though Jurlique strikes a more product sales style whenever we asses their major product promotion campaign.

Much of the information posted is all about the four mother nature based skincare products and a solid statement of where in fact the recycleables for these products are found. Within this we see revenue style.

While reviewing the house webpage we can clearly notice a proactive approach in types of signing up to become a 'jurlique insider' a strong corporate communication aspect intended for symmetrical communication. (

It is possible to also remember that their improvements are conspicuously determining with a specific niche in this case Australia.

By elaborately establishing forth their range of products even with pictures (real colour) of the same, Jurlique are providing enough information for the audience to make an order of these products. There is a special provision for especially online shoppers who in turn be eligible for e-gift certificates. This in ways is promoting the deal activity. Whenever we scrutinize closely the home page of this website we can also locate a website link that communicates an individuality activity. When the business invites you to become an insider, they are simply subtly examining their reputation from the feedback they receive on this one.

We well know that the general public always loves to identify with an effective corporate and business entity. (Corporate Identity, 2010)

With this understanding Jurlique have made the point on their home page in form of an proactive approach link.

Whereas an online sale of the nature based mostly products will bring in income, the call to join up as an insider will not have any tangible monetary or income gain but will direct result into a reputation boost.

This asserts the primary difference between a sales activity and an identity activity, the past has income creating effects as the consumers acquisitions and will pay for the merchandise or service as the second option has a reputation building impact where in fact the consumer or general public commit themselves to recognize with the company.

Senior executives within a company now consider communication of any company's identity of vital commercial success.

Lately their has surfaced a strategic view of conversing corporate personal information laying a path of development from commercial image, to corporate identity & most lately to commercial brand. (Gray & Balmer, 2005)

3. 0 Commercial Identity

This is the unique and strong point or identifier of your corporate and business entity that distinguishes it from other entities. Positively and successfully communicating corporate individuality leverages a firm offering it a competitive benefits.

There are lots of factors that fast communicating corporate id. Some of this factor such as mergers resulting from the dynamic corporate world require redefinition of commercial identification. Turbulent business conditions, deregulations and globalization demand an organization establishing channels of interacting their corporate identification.

3. 1 Theory - Corporate and business Identity

When initiating good techniques we count on theories which are a good explainer of various parameters and their interrelationship. Theory may be used to elaborate how commercial identity, image and reputation are increased by commercial communication. While looking at commercial identity we are attempting to establish how unique a corporate and business entity is from other.

Corporate identity here refers to the uniqueness of an organization and will constitute a number of components. These components would include the commercial overall strategy, its culture, its businesses and organizational design.

Culture here's referring to all the assumptions, principles being shared and beliefs collectively organised by the organization employees.

Operations constitutes the mixed of activities the corporate entity partcipates in to attain its strategy. (Corporate and business Image, 2010)

Organizational design talks about the structure of the corporate relationships. Issues matter the types of departments product versus function and the corporate overall orientation whether smooth or extra tall are taken into account in the organizational design.

3. 2 Current Identity Activities and Tools

Jurlique can be an Australian company that has branches round the world interacting in beauty and skincare products. The knowledge behind the products is they are herbal structured, extractions from nature's procedures. This company has established farms for their recycleables in South Australia and have steadily gained a growing consumer base over time. They are really a manufacturer and distributor of the herbal centered (nature founded) skin and body maintenance systems.

While the corporation has its occurrence on the internet through their website they also have a physical address and location in Sydney NSW 2000 at 219 Castlereagh Neighborhood. (Jurlique General Information, 2010)

Jurlique are the main distributors of the nature centered products to self-employed retailers. They also undertake sales directly on line using the internet.

They have their slogan as Characteristics Science Innovation. An image of their company logo is here now below

4. 0 Corporate and business Image.

This describes the way in which in which a commercial entity has its products are recognized by the public. Commercial entities always aim at communicating a confident and attractive image. This works to improve the organization reputation. Several factors drive the communication of corporate image. Business turbulence, globalization, business realignments or mergers are just a few of the factors that drive communication of corporate image. A demand that commercial entities be socially accountable has also contributed to communicating corporate and business image.

While managing corporate and business image the PR department has the activity of communicating the business's identity to the people audiences. The public relations team is tasked with maintaining an acceptable corporate and business image within the general public domain. What must be done is to truly have a unique and strong commercial reputation within the public domain thereby promoting an identity that may be discovered by their most vital followers, and obtaining reviews from these very people ensuring that the subject matter is favorably interpreted. Any negative image within the public website can therefore be tackled when the general public relations department adjust their communication strategy in so doing re-shaping the organization identity.

4. 1 Theory - Commercial Image

Corporate image defines a reputation the firm has with the stakeholders. Stakeholders contribute to the company's welfare whenever they exercise professional trust. Consequently, a company's image in the sight of its stakeholders is important compared to that company. (Corporate and business Image, 2010)

4. 2 Current Image

We recognize that image is important since it influences the perceptions of the many stakeholders and works towards the corporate profitability. Communication therefore must be well used to ensure this end. Jurlique has effectively used he news media, the internet and the press i. e. top flight mag issues to draw out this.

Looking at the 'in the press' web page on the site we recognize that they have engaged various magazines to publish their new products tapping into new markets, retaining the marketplace and image. (Jurlique in the press, 2010)

Building up a positive image among everyone is effective to the firm. Jurlique has sought to truly have a corporate brand; the products keep the same name as the company. By so doing they may have build a strong reputation especially so in the region of natural based skin area and body maintenance systems.

Studies indicate that an outstanding corporate and business image similar to the one by Jurlique and an outstanding identity are appealing to the labour make. (Gray & Balmer, 2010)

The general information page comes with an signal of the occupations with Jurlique, branding appeals to attention from the labour pressure and so the policies of the company on employment must most probably to the general public for scrutiny.

Accordingly consistent corporate image is essential to all. While working on corporate and business image inconsistency should be averted to be able to gain self confidence with the stakeholders. Reliability is directly related to stakeholder self-assurance and a boost to the corporate image. Inconsistencies sometimes carry speculations that are not good for the company's image. The financial community and the shareholders as authentic stakeholders have many the same financial and proper concerns about the business and the business's financial data can easily be seen from the finance institutions.

5. 0 Commercial Social Responsibility Program and Corporate Communication

Communication acts as the bridging factor between a company's image and individuality. (Kitchen & De Pelsmacker, 2004)

Therefore a corporate and business cultural responsibility (CSR) programme is one of the ways in which communication achieves commercial personal information and image. (Sims, 2003)

We know that the advertising will play an essential role in every this. We must be well aware that the multimedia themselves have a sociable responsibility.

We recognize that the social responsibility theory, first developed in the 1940s by Robert Maynard Hutchins, continues to be a guiding rule for the advertising today. (Pitner, 2009)

This theory is aimed at guarding the reputation and credibility of the multimedia which is a channel that corporate entities frequently use to job their corporate sociable responsibility programme.

5. 1 Theory - CSR

From research and study of various theories we're able to infer that the Corporate Public Responsibility (CSR) field signifies a panorama of ideas and lots of approaches, that are controversial and frequently times unclear

Every theory in CSR is a representation of four views regarding political performance, cultural demands, ethical ideals and income. (Sims, 2003)

5. 2 The Role of Commercial Community Responsibility at Jurlique

Table 5. 2. 1 below offers a summary of the role of CSR at Jurlique





Maintain an open policy about occupation opportunities

General Information page on employment at Jurlique(Jurlique Basic Information, 2010)


Provide home elevators the merchandise, and established stations of complaint management and consumer feedback

General Information webpage on occupation at Jurlique(Jurlique Standard Information, 2010)


There no cited philanthropy activities by Jurlique


Branding and promotion of nature structured products that are chemical free and therefore consumer and friendly to the environment.

Home site of the business has information on this (Jurlique Home, 2010)

Looking at the stand 5. 2. 1 we can infer that the strong point by Jurlique is without a doubt the campaign of nature centered skin and body good care selection of products. The firm by doing this is silently green marketing. The primary raw materials farms being in the southern part of Australia, Jurlique are making a strong point concerning their coverage on environmental issues. The actual fact that their recycleables are hand chosen asserts to the fact that the whole development process is kept as free as is possible from chemicals that could result from mechanized farming methods. Through this Jurlique portray a solid CSR activity as concerns the environment.

6. 0 Communication Programme and Stakeholders

Communication is generally concerned with corporate image and individuality. These are important to the stakeholder in helping them examine their perception of the corporate entity. Once the communication program is such that its insufficient, loopholes result leading to speculations that can be detrimental to the organization reputation and id. (Corporate Id, 2010)

As the communicators in a organization, you can find dependence on them to identify all the potential stakeholders from within and without the business and initiate appropriate mechanisms to handle all the stakeholders' information needs.

6. 1 Jurlique's Stakeholders

While effecting this communication it's vital to consider the stakeholder theory Freeman (1984, 1994) whereby the "stakeholder concerns are designed into tactical planning progresses, with stakeholders' competing hobbies maintained in balance. "

The stakeholders for Jurlique would range between consumers, to federal regulatory agencies, marketers and retailers of the products, the general public, their employees, public action organizations and financial institutions.

In choosing to make an online search Jurlique have tried out to handle the needs of several of these stakeholders by availing their information requirements.

6. 2 Stakeholder and CSR Consistency

While preserving a consistent CSR a corporation is able to gain consumer trust which is what Jurlique is doing by offering the public and consumer a stake in the company through indication ups to the 'jurlique insider' stakeholder. For Jurlique its not simply important to be always a consumer. They may have an initiative to let one sign up as an insider. While becoming an insider the stakes in Jurlqiue will probably rise. This will likely in turn impact just how one interacts with Jurlique which is part of Jurlique's CSR effort.

6. 3 Image, Identification and CSR Consistency

Critically examining Jurlique as a mother nature based epidermis and body attention Production Company it could be noted they are strong advocates of a precise CSR predicated on the environment. Their identity and image are steady with the CSR. Their affect might not exactly go unnoticed as it pertains to influencing the general public to join in and be part of the ratio that approves their creation process as 'jurlique insiders'.

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