History of the Coca Cola Company

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May 8th 1886 Coca Cola was made by John S. and dished up at Jacobs' Pharmacy. At start the business had a difficult start and it was known as "Coca Cola" by company's accountant Frank. In 1887 the promotion method was coupons, and John S. registered Coca Cola Syrup and Extract to US patent office. In 1915 the Coca Cola Company design a container by Alexander Samuelson which became standard bottle for Coca Cola. In 2008 Coca Cola sponsored the big games and Coca Cola facebook page which is made by two enthusiasts has over twenty-two million admirers worldwide. In 2009 2009 Coca Cola became a billion dollars brand, and in 2010 2010 Coca Cola Company obtain the whole UNITED STATES bottling business. By 2011 Coca Cola Company celebrates its 125 years.

Coca Cola is largest company in the world which sells drinks. Coca Cola has large product brands which are more than five hundred. Its products include popular names such as Coca Cola Antique, Fanta, Sprite, and Minute Maid. Coca Cola besides being number one company is the most respected company on the globe. Coca Cola has an extended history to be lasting company in income and also for protecting neighborhoods and their environment (The Coca-Cola Company, 2010).

Vision, quest, and aims of Coca Cola

Mission of Coca Cola

In the mission declaration of Coca Cola its goal as an organization is to serve in standard conditions. It also calls for good consideration about every single action and decision made by Coca Cola. The purpose of mission is to help make the world refresh, inspire people, bring happiness, and to make difference by value of its products.

Vision of Coca Cola

Coca Cola perspective is the construction roadmap for every facet of Coca Cola's business. Coca Cola's eyesight is to attain sustainable growth by applying the principle identified below:

People: Bring ideas into people's life while employed in Coca Cola.

Partners: Creating a winning network of suppliers and customers.

Portfolio: Bring profile of quality into the world.

Productivity: Making Coca Cola effective company.

Profit: Make profit while heedful of responsibilities.

Planet: Becoming accountable citizen and aiding sustainable neighborhoods.

Objective of Coca Cola

Objectives are drive from eyesight and mission of the business and it provide as action of Coca Cola how to respond on the planet.

Headship: Having courage for better future.

Group work: Believe in collative genius.

Integrity: Be genuine.

Passion: Having difficult experience mind determined.

Accountability: To get accountable to the people.

Diversity: Broad as Coca Cola's brand.

Quality: Produce best products.

SWOT Coca Cola

Coca Cola's strengths

Coca Cola is well known to the entire world, and its reputation is its durability. Coca Cola may people by its color, logos, and marketing. Coca Cola has position in beverage industry which is not challenged by another company. People who drink Coca Cola are dedicated to Coca Cola for example 80% of income of Coca Cola come from its 20% dedicated consumers. Coca Cola has capacity to market and make products across the world which is unique to Coca Cola.

Coca Cola's weakness

Coca Cola Company has few weaknesses. There is no effect from Coca Cola to answer fully the question people create about harm's of Coca Cola's drinks. People feel that Coca Cola's products aren't good for health.

Coca Cola's opportunities

Coca Cola has many opportunities which normally it takes advantage of because of its success. Coca Cola can actively market its products that are less popular. Coca Cola is know to 90% population of the world and it may bring this to 100%. Coca Cola can increase the distance between itself and its own competitors.

Coca Cola's external Threats

Coca Cola has been very successful company yet somehow to deal with some dangers. Coca Cola need to stay its lawsuits. It also needs to change people's negative view about Coca Cola Company.

Challenges confronted by Coca Cola

Coca Cola worldwide market shares in flavored carbonated and soft drinks are forty seven percent. In USA Coca Cola has this talk about to forty two percent and globally 50 percent. Coca Cola is world largest companies, distributer and marketing expert of beverage industry which brings many issues for Coca Cola. Canning and bottling is performed in many countries, in 1995 change in company of Coca Cola lead to five local group headed by group chief executive and it also resulted in spinning of canning and bottling functions into independent companies.

The other issues are encountered by coca cola are related to different things. There is frequent change of Chief Executive Officer and there was also financial crisis in Russia which strike Coca Cola. Coca Cola is also facing the condition of poor global market. Coca Cola must offer with price anticipated to local competitions, and there is also problem of foreign exchange which causes low profit scheduled to fragile currency. There was also task for widening Coca Cola which resulted failing of purchase of Cadbury. Coca Cola also offers challenge to be low quality.

Challenges that are ahead of Coca Cola are related to many spectrums. Coca Cola lacks creativity in marketing and advertising. They have poor relationship with some bottlers. There are some issues related to management of Coca Cola by over managing table of directors. There may be unwillingness in Coca Cola to change relating to industry demands. Pepsi diversification into snacks and non beverage industry is obstacle for Coca Cola.

Opportunities in given problems for Coca Cola

Brand recognition is vital factor affecting Coca Cola's competitive position. Coca Cola's brand name may ninety percent of the world. The primary cause within the last couple of years is to understand this brand to better still known. Packaging changes affect Coca Cola's sales and industry position but generally speaking people are tending not to be effective by new product.

Coca Cola bottling system let it take benefit of never-ending progress opportunities round the world. This plan of Coca Cola gives opportunity to provide in large and various geographic areas.

Levels of strategies of Coca Cola

Step 7: What strategies are followed in the company over time. Distinctly discuss independently all the levels of strategies. And identify the DOMINANT strategy.

Building Competitive Benefit Though Business-Level Strategy

In a business design which is prosperous we have to have business level strategy which provide a company competitive edge over its competitors. They must decide 1) customer needs and how these are satisfied 2) customer groupings and how they need to be satisfied 3) distinctive competencies of how customers must be satisfied.

Business-Level Strategy and the Industry Environment

In bitty companies composed of large numbers of small and medium size companies in the principle form of competitive strategy are chaining, horizontal merger, franchising, and using internet. In growth industries the strategies depends upon market demand. Companies need to identify from growth to maturity by choosing investment strategy that helps or supports there business design. You can find four main strategies which a corporation can have if the demand is falling:

  • Leadership
  • Niche
  • Harvest
  • Divestment
  • Strategy in High-Technology Industries

Technical values are extremely important in many high tech industries, and they assure compatibility, reduce dilemma in consumers, allow mass production by lower past and reduce risk with resource complementary products. A technical model shift happen when new technology come and revolutionize the structure of industry, drastically change nature of competition, and require for the company to adapt to new strategies for surviving.

Strategy in the Global Environment

For some companies international expansions means ways to earn greater earnings by transferring skills and products offering derived from their distinctive competencies to market where indigenous competition lacks these skills. Companies also tote localization strategy customaries their product offering, business strategy to country condition and online marketing strategy. The most attractive foreign have a tendency to be found in politically steady and develop countries. You will find five ways to enter into foreign market:

  • Exporting
  • Licensing
  • Joint venture
  • Franchising
  • Wholly managed subsidiary

Pg 284 ch 8

Corporate-Level Strategy: horizontal Integration, Vertical Integration, and Strategic Outsourcing

Corporate strategy should allow a corporation or its product to perform in a or even more value creation function at lower cost in a way which allows for differentiation or top quality price.

Horizontal Integration can be recognized as a means of increasing the profitability of the business by:

  • Reduce cost
  • Differentiation
  • Replication of business model
  • Managing the rivalry within the industry
  • Increase bargaining over buyer and supplier

Horizontal integration has two disadvantages 1) numerous pitfalls related to merger and acquisition 2) and the fact that the strategy may bring company incompatible with antitrust government bodies.

Vertical Integration can permit a company to perform competitive advantage by building barrier to accessibility, facilitating investment, product quality cover, and assisting improve program between adjacent stage in value chain. The disadvantage is bureaucratic cost for the business and lack of flexibility when the technology is changing fast.

Strategic Outsourcing of noncore value creation activities may allow a corporation to lessen its cost, differentiate its product, react to rapid changing of market condition and also to make smarter views of scarce resources.

Corporate-Level Strategy: Formulating and Implementing Related and Unrelated Diversification

Diversification is known as by managers when a company is producing free cash flows which are financial resources in excess to dependence on maintaining competitive benefit in company's original business. Diversify company can create value by:

  • Transferring competencies within businesses
  • Leveraging competencies for new businesses
  • Sharing reference for economical scope
  • Product bundling
  • Using diversification to control rivalry
  • Exploit organizational competencies to increase performance

Related diversification is strategy of creating a business unit into new industry related to company's existing business product by some form of linkage or commonality between a number of compound of every business unit value string.

Unrelated diversification's aim is to improve gain embedment general company competencies in new business units as well as perhaps to capture advantage of multipoint competition.

The Coca Cola strategy is to make Coca Cola more than a soft drink. It position itself to donate to make life better, fun times, little lighter and more fun. The organization strategy of Coca Cola is based after opportunities. Coca Cola has learned they are in beverage industry plus they sell one billion cokes a day and they know that folks drink forty eight billion serving of beverages everyday around the globe. So in term of global opportunity Coca Cola really needs only two show of drink industry so they need to design business system or strategy to take good thing about this opportunity. Coca Cola reaches keystone of its strategy because it is instance regarded and allows Coca Cola to make critical mass by day one. Coca Cola should capitalize on its brand as the brand make certain offers, such as guarantee quality, offer value, offer propriety, promise jobs, promise retail margin, promise make living by providing Coca Cola. Procter & Gamble is a very triumphant company but no one is aware what Gamble & Procter is but in circumstance of Coca Cola we realize instantly. Coca Cola use Corporate-Level Strategy in its business design to be very successful.

Changes in global environment

Strategic decision of the business which is functioning in global marketing place is becoming increasingly sophisticated. In such company supervisor can't know global businesses as set of independent decisions. Hence they are encountered by trade off decision in which different products, environments, source of information sourcing, and proper options must be looked at. In such companies two considerations also play important role the first is stockholder activism which is demand put on global company by the stock holders in the environments where it manages. Second thing is multi-domestic industry which is an industry where competition is segmented from country to country. A worldwide environment brings many difficulties for the companies which are mention below:

  • It increase global management task
  • It increase globalization of the company
  • Information outburst
  • Increase in global competition
  • Speedy development of technology
  • Strategic management planning increase managerial confidence

Page 137 Publication Competitive strategy

In my judgment there are many things which a company can do to make it through in challenging environment of global environment. A business should be developing a strategic planning for each and every and every company for develop very efficiently. An organization should adapt to changes which take place in global environment. An organization like Coca Cola works in country to country basis because of its bottling section which manages in many countries hence giving Coca Cola a benefits in global environment.

Recommend new strategy

Coca Cola's strategy should be intense in term of marketing and advertisement. Coca Cola should also improve the marriage between Coca Cola and bottle produces. Coca Cola needs to change itself relating to drink industry demand worldwide. The Coca Cola should execute socially relationships.


In bottom line Coca Cola should put into practice work place security, inclusive work environment, replenishing of water and reforestation. Coca Cola should collaborate with bottling companies' partners to be safer for working environment prevent incidents or illness also to have safe action. Coca Cola also needs to careful use normal water because it is employed by Coca Cola in many beverages and scarce of drinking water can be a large problem in future.

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