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Housekeeping Training and Development

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Housekeeping is an activity of making a location or organization clean and tidy. There is certainly specific team in hotel which is called housekeeping team. This division is responsible to clean the resort rooms and common area. This department is supervise by an housekeeping supervisor and assist by an associate manager. In this process, activities such as cleaning filthy surface, dusting, vacuuming and rubbish disposing are done regularly. In order to clean, tools such as broom, sponge, vacuum machine, and detergent are used. Housekeeping team also takes on an important role in hotel collection because it creates an nice impression.


What are three basic areas housekeeping employees should receive training?

List the elements found in each area and the value of environmental and health concerns.

Provide good and poor examples.


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Room is the essential area for a housekeeping workers to get training. Room is the primary income source for the hotel premise. Room should be placed clean so that it would build a good impression to the visitor thus building a rely upon them. however to obtain a clean room, housekeeping personnel should Clean the area thoroughly without raising dust, by using a damp mop, Consistently clean and disinfect equipment and furniture in customers room, Commode, Empty and disinfect the sputum mug frequently if the customer is deploying it, Clear and clean the waste-paper bin every day or when necessary, keep house windows available to promote ventilation and use air-freshening squirt when there is an odor still left in the room. The course of the area in the hotel mainly will depend on the composition of the hotel itself. The classification of the resort rooms is often used not really much for the indicator of comfort, as for the representation of the number of beds. You could easily say that the overall standard for the international hotel business today is a single room. Tourist, staying in it, can count on the separate bathroom, wardrobe, TV set. WI-FI link with the web is a default option virtually in every the rooms of new hotels. Depending on the coordinator country and the position of the hotel a standard room can have additional functions and features. For instance, in many hotels in Britain washstands with the different faucet for cold and hot water are available. In Chine the standard set for the toilet includes a hairbrush, a toothbrush and paste. In doing so the standard established for the toilet on the planet hotel industry includes soap, towels for body and hands and, lately, a bathtub gel. In addition to the standard room, the entire world classification distinguishes more than 30 different types of rooms. The sort of the hotel room can depend on the view from the windows, the quantity and how big is rooms, the quality of furniture, this content of mini-bar and the option of office equipment. As well as the classification of rooms there's a classification of accommodation. There's also a great deal of options: from a two times room, where three or even more people can stay, to accommodation with children or in the split cabin on the place of the hotel. Both the room types and the accommodation types have alphabetic acronyms, primarily in English. For instance, BO stands for bed only and means that meals are not included. An abbreviation SV (sea view) in the explanation of the area means that you will be able to take notice of the sea through your home window. These are the types of room


Deluxe rooms - one of the most expensive rooms in the hotel. Deluxe (De luxe) - the term is from the France language, actually can be high class


Standard or sole room - is a vintage of hotel business. An individual room in virtually any hotel plays a job of its currency.


Suite - is a accommodation with a better design. Suites are often similar in size to a standard room, but the quality of design remains good


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Hotel lobby plays an important role in housekeeping because that is the first place visitor will see in the entry of the hotel. Besides that, guest can in fact rest while hanging around their reservation to be proceses. The lobby should be held clean regularly, the recliners and table should be wiped and the floor should be mopped. Lobby also can be called as foyer or entry hall. Many office properties, hotels and skyscrapers go to great measures to decorate their lobbies to generate the right impression. Because the mid 1980s there's been a growing trend to think about lobbies as more than just ways to get from the door to the elevator, but instead as interpersonal spaces and places of business. Some research has even been done to build up scales to evaluate lobby atmosphere in order to improve hotel lobby design. Many places offering public services, such as a doctor's office, use their lobbies as more of a holding out room for the folks looking forward to a certain service. In these types of lobbies it's quite common for there to be comfortable furniture, such as couches and lounge seats, so the customer can wait around in comfort. Also, there may be television sets, catalogs, and/or periodicals to help the customer cross time as they wait to be served. In the long run the lobby should be retained clean to bring in more money.


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Hotel washroom should be kept clean so that it would build a good impression to the client. The housekeeping team is sensible to ensure that these place are held clean and tidy. a washroom can be considered a single unit having a toilet and side basin for hands washing. washroom can even be larger facilities, which may include bathing facilities or showers, changing rooms and baby facilities. washroom may be stand alone structures or installations, or be covered within properties such as railway channels, schools, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs or filling stations. washroom may also be found on some public move vehicles, for use by travellers. washroom are usually set facilities, but can also make reference to smaller public lightweight toilets, or much larger public lightweight toilets built as portable buildings. washroom are generally segregated by gender into male and female facilities, although some can be unisex, specially the smaller or solo occupancy types. Both male and feminine toilets may integrate toilet cubicles, even though many male toilets also feature urinals. Progressively, general population toilets incorporate accessible toilets and features to accommodate for individuals with disabilities. washroom may be unattended or be staffed with a janitor (possibly with another room), or attendant, provided by the neighborhood authority or the owner of the larger building. In many civilizations it is customary to hint the attendant, while other public toilets may impose a small payment for entrance, sometimes through use of the coin handled turnstile.



What amenities would you feature in a budget hotel property? In a very midsized property? In a luxury property?


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Budget hotel offers a cheap yet a comfortable place to stay. I'd like amenities such as food and beverage service and include with retailers which offers basic utensils and food. Other than that Air-con must be available. There should be special disability adapted rooms available. The friendly reception is available 24 hours to provide any information required, including currency exchange, safe deposit bins and internet connection. Younger friends can also have fun in the playground. In the evening, guests can enjoy music at the pool club, as well as the main bar and consistent party nights to keep spirits high. Barbecue and kaoreke should be provided.


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Midsized hotel usually is 3 or 4 4 star hotel. In my judgment food and beverage especially the restaurant must have variety of meals and facilities. Friends can relax by the swimming pool with refreshments from the pool bar, open from early each day until late at night and other leisure facilities like the pool table, drinking water polo and the recreation room, all of this facilities must be contained in midsized property. Besides that, Spa, Jacuzzi, wifi and cable television should be provided.


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Luxury hotel such as burj al arab receive the high class facilities or deluxe. Types of amenities an extravagance hotel should have is Food and drink service such as multiple restaurant with different kinds of cuisine and be entertained by top quality waiter and waitress. Besides that Bath ropes and towel should be provided in well furnished washroom add up to 6 star washroom. In entertainment wise, cable tv set with multiple channel should be provided and prepared with disc player. Iron and iron board should be provided as well as a huge attire. The beddiong should be huge as well as high quality cushion and blanket. In terms of food, a minuscule fridge should be provided with drinks, wine beverage and snacks. A world course jacuzzi and spa should be provided in high class and in spa the instructor should be well trained.


Question 1 and 2 show me the value of housekeeping office in hotel industry. Housekeeping department performs an important role in hotel industry since it create an enjoyable impression to the visitor, thus attracting more business. Besides that, hotel amenities also performs an important role in hotel industry because visitor will prefer to visit hotel which provide better amenities.

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