How Romeo And Juliet Change During Play English Literature Essay

Romeos identity changes quite significantly throughout the course of the play. We first meet Romeo in Work one Field one of the play, in which he comes across as an immature and sulky individual Ay me, miserable hours seem to be long". This also provides impression that he is self-absorbed, and the fact that he appears to fall season in love easily suggests that he's also fickle.

During Function 1 Landscape 4, Romeo is finally persuaded by Mercutio into attending the Capulet party, however he was not initially willing to look, suggesting that he is not capable of making his own decisions and it is inspired by his friends, this further solidifies his immaturity.

Despite this immaturity, even Old Capulet, who is an enemy of the Montague family, understands Romeo as a "virtuous and well governed youth".

We first see a change in Romeo's personality in Work one Scene five (the get together landscape) when he changes from a brooding, sulking persona into an impulsive and intimate one.

He expresses his emotions towards Juliet through ardent, impulsive gestures (for example kissing her when first getting together with her) and poetic vocabulary - " O she doth coach the torches to burn off bright. It seems she hangs after the cheek of night". He also shows the kind and loving side of his figure - "my hearts dear love"

During Take action two Arena two, Romeo first shows responsibility, when he agrees to be committed to Juliet, he then proves that he's well organised and has the ability to make his own decisions when he would go to Friar Lawrence and arranges to be married in Friar Lawrence's cell, but is pressured to do so in secret and so portraying him as devious and secretive.

However, although Romeo is apparently growing in stature and maturity, he still remains boyish and immature when along with his friends in Action two Field four when he teases the nurse - "here's goodly equipment, a sail, a sail!"

In Take action three Field one, his gentle characteristics is shown when he refuses to battle with Tybalt and responds calmly - "And so good Capulet, which name I tender as dearly as my own, be satisfied. "

However, when his best ally Mercutio is wiped out by Tybalt, Romeo becomes enraged and looks for his revenge on Tybalt. He disorders him and eliminates him. This proves that his love for the Capulet family name is much less strong as the commitment towards his good friend Mercutio. Romeo is then sentenced to banishment from Verona.

The day before he's banished, Romeo seeks refuge in Friar Lawrence's cell, where he reverts back to his emotional point out where the viewer witnessed in Action one Field one. He boasts that he may as well be deceased and rejects some of Friar Lawrence's advice. - " Not I, unless the breath of sick-heart groans. Mist-like enfold me from the search of eyes. "

When the Nurse happens and informs Romeo that Juliet is in the same way annoyed, Romeo blames himself, then collapses on the floor in sorrow and threatens to stab himself. This implies that he's still young and emotional.

The nighttime before he is banished, Romeo arranges to spend his yesterday evening with Juliet, where he briefly comes out of his sad state of mind and readopts his ardent and romantic identity.

He then leaves for Mantua.

Whilst in Mantua, he's been to by Balthasar, his messenger who provides him the grave information that Juliet is 'lifeless'. Romeo shows durability of persona when he chooses to manage his own future - "i quickly defy you superstars"

He chooses that he'll destroy himself - " well Juliet, I am going to lay with thee tonight". He is aware of any apothecary that will supply him with a poison. This suggests that he's headstrong and taking control, but does mean his is ruthless in his selections.

In Action five Landscape three, Romeo breaks in to the Capulet vault, where Paris who, unaware of Romeos love for Juliet wrongly assumes that Romeo is there to desecrate the Capulet vault troubles his. Romeo warns him -"tempt not really a anxious man" however his love for Juliet drives him to get into the vault regardless.

He kills Paris, however because of Romeo's developed personality, he shows remorse and bears Paris's body in to the vault and lays it beside Juliet.

Romeo sees Juliet laying in the tomb, and swallows the poison. This shows that Romeo is driven by feeling and his total and uncompromising love for Juliet.


We first meet Juliet in Function one Field three, where the audiences initial belief of her is that she actually is courteous and polite - "Madam I am here, what's your will?"

She also shows up quite childlike as the Nurse still recalls anecdotes of her years as a child.

We are also aware that her parents still make decisions on her behalf, as her daddy arranges on her behalf to be married to Region Paris, this shows that she actually is still seen as a young child.

In Function one Field 5, she first matches Romeo at the party. They instantly land in love and the audience first sees her romantic characteristics.

Despite sense passionately towards Romeo, she still remains organised and practical, and on the departure she says - "If thy bent of love be honourable, Thy purpose marriage, send me expression tomorrow".

Juliet directs her nurse to meet Romeo, suggesting that she actually is not entirely able to do things for herself yet.

In Act two, Arena 6 they are simply married. This demonstrates that these were deeply in love, however the speed in which they performed so will not show a high level of thought.

When Juliet hears that her fan has been banished, she actually is distraught and perplexed by issue of thoughts. Romeo has been banished, however he wiped out her cousin. She shows her deep love for Romeo as she remains dedicated to him when the Nurse criticises Romeo she scorns her.

In Work three Landscape 5, Juliet spends the night with Romeo. If they wake on the day of his banishment, she attempts to make him stay by proclaiming it was the nightingale that was singing, not the lark. But when realises that Romeo would be risking his life, she becomes pragmatic and explains to him that he must leave before he's found. This demonstrates she is sensible and would like Romeo to be safe as she cares for him.

Juliet shows her freedom and progress of figure when she now defies her parents when they inform her she'll be wedded to Region Paris.

In Act 4 Landscape 1, she begs for the assistance of Friar Lawrence and he provides her with a potion that will give her the appearance of loss of life so she can wake up in forty-two time and evade with Romeo. The actual fact that she actually is willing to do this shows her determination.

When she awakes in Take action 5 Arena three to find Romeo useless she stabs herself. There's a strong compare to how we first see Juliet in Function one Scene 5, as an obedient young gal who allowed her parents to make her decisions to an independent young woman who have made the most important and ultimate decision there is certainly, whether to reside in or die.

We can see therefore that during the play, the individuals of Romeo and Juliet develop significantly.

Romeo first appears as a sulking young son who shows little signs of maturity. By the end of the play he has developed into a headstrong young ones who is capable of making his own decisions.

Juliet first shows up as a polite young girl who obeys her parents. By the end of the play she's developed into an adult young girl who makes her own alternatives and arrangements.

The most significant point of development in this play is the move from youth into adulthood.

Their appointment and love for the other person are significant reasons of this development and the tragedy is all the greater for his or her increased maturity and stature.

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