how to make a justification report

Justification Report

1. Introduction

I have been appointed as a task supervisor of MPAG (Mostper Playground Auto Group Ltd) which is a fast growing campany shaped by the merger of a number of garages who sell used automobiles.

As the newly produced MPAG, the garages then became sellers for the Average Autos Car manufacturer. Subsequetly, as the business enterprise of each storage area has expanded to repay the sale of new vehicles, the parts and servicing part of the business enterprise in addition has developed. The principal business of each garage is currently regarded as in car sales; each storage offers in both new and used autos. The used vehicles held at a specific garage come from a number of options; some from customer trade-ins at that garage area, some from exchanges with other MPAG garages. Each storage aspires to keep a restricted amount of second-hand vehicles in stock, depending on current tendencies within the group as well as local sales patterns. Cars are frequently moved between your five MPAG garages in the Mostper Area Automobile Group to avoid any car staying over a forecourt for any great period.

In addition to used vehicles, each garage helps to keep a limited supply of new cars. They are designed for customers to check drive or purchase. A record is maintained of all new autos on stock within the MPAG. If a person requires a particular car and the local garage does not have the required model or specs, the sales staff can check if another garage in the MPAG has one in stock. If you can be located then a copy/exchange between garage area is aranged by the manager. If not, regarding a purchase need, they can place an order with the common Autos producer. Although members of the sales personnel may take bookings for test drives, the ultimate authorisation rests with the manager of the storage area.

Each storage has a number of other departments; parts, servicing and supervision. The primary reason for the parts team is in providing the service team and promoting car sales if any optional extras will be required that are not factory fitted. The parts office can also operate with customers straight. The service department at each garage has a variety of functions such as basic car servicing and valet service. A number handle MOTs. The small admin department manages staff administration functions. The admin team may also manage booking in autos for the service office and switchboard activities.

The company made a decision to develop a web service and appointed a job manager to control the project. So my first jobs as a job manager would be;

  • choose appropriate agile method to be able to develop the answer and deal with the job,
  • guide the systems analyst to create evaluation and design documents which help to visualise the task well before the development, and
  • Guide the developer to produce the program which meet all the user requirement.

Comparing with last couple of years, today's Information Technology (IT) administrator is under ever-increasing pressure to provide results - in the form of applications that drive improvements to underneath line - whilst IT finances are being significantly slashed. In the meantime, despite the semester of the Internet economy business environments continue steadily to change at a rapid pace departing many IT shops struggling to maintain with the rate of change. These changes have resulted in an increased involvement in agile software development methodologies with the promise of immediate delivery and flexibility while preserving quality.

Agile methodologies such as extreme Encoding (XP), SCRUM and Feature-Driven Development strive to reduce the expense of change throughout the software development process.

So following the discussion of necessity gathering, the methodology will be decided to all these case study circumstance.

2. Set of Requirements

This is the set of requirements for MPAG written below. The first units of requirements can be considered as the main/ standard requirements for every user without specifying their need.

1. The users should be able to create a merchant account using SUBSCRIBE process.

2. Once a customer opens an account, he can login using his customer name and security password.

3. The client can see online where in fact the nearest storage area is (The geographical location).

4. Then your user requirements will be categorized according to their major requirement of enough time.

After the main requirements, I have categorized the user requirements according to their needs and needs mentioned below.

Service Department

1. Once authorized in, the clients should be able to do a scheduling for their car service.

2. When the car(s) are garaged, the automobile owner can see the progress online.

3. The client can store private data, such as VIN or certificate info, for easy access online.

4. The client can retrieve the history like the last time a repair was performed, with searchable repair varieties.

5. The online profile should permit them to show their vehicle in electronic showroom.

Sales Department

1. Once agreed upon in the customers can search for used/new cars using advanced search options like produce, made, color, etc for the intended purpose of purchase before they go to the garage.

2. Once signed in the clients can seek out used/new autos using advanced search options like produce, made, color, etc for the purpose of try before they visit the garage.

3. In case the customer's selection of car is unavailable in the nearest storage area for purchasing or test drive, they should be able to send a get to the garage to get the precise car as soon as possible.

4. In case the garage received the customer wanted car from another branch, the customer should be recognized by sending an email.

Parts Department

1. Customers should be able to search for a specific car part online in general (In the entire garage network)

2. Customers can see a set of garages where a specific car part is designed for purchasing.

3. They must be able to order it online, if indeed they wish, as an online transaction therefore the goods will be sent to him.

Administration Department

1. Administration Division can communicate with all the branch administrations as a network.

2. Handle booking in autos for the service team and switchboard activities.

3. The clients can reach the primary administration office for inquiry and customer support purpose.

3. Justification Statement on Development

Customer service is the greatest customer retention investment organizations can make. Customers expect immediate response and -- if dissatisfied -- can fade away.

Therefore I am concluding my decision about the development stage of MPAG as I use below written explanations considering those key facts.

Investment in Business

Outsourcing is the simplest way to make sure your customers are getting the response they might need without a huge capital investment. The proper partner brings value to your customer service program. Managing customer services will take special skills training, administration, systems, sales, creative work, legal assistance, and response and monitoring technology. Something bureau, using its large level of work and assorted clientele, can entice and wthhold the top specialists in the field.


The outsourcing method of customer service alternatives is a robust business model since it allows our clients to focus on their primary competencies while allowing EMS to focus on ours -- customer service. You can concentrate on your business while we maintain and enhance your clientele through the management of most types of electronic digital marketing communications -- without the expense incurred by in-house, customer support programs.


It's hard to construct as you go. The versatility of a modular and scalable environment allows seamless support of your programs and grows with your preferences. A service bureau already has the infrastructure and management team in place, so companies can purchase the capabilities they need right now, without paying for what might be needed later on.


Many companies turn to outsourcing because it's just too expensive to maintain on modern tools treadmill. Because of this, powerful new products and services are made available to our clients' way before such alternatives would be possible under an interior development environment.


Outsourcing solutions are prepared to be deployed very quickly, providing our clients with a advantage with time to market. Freelancing allows clients to manage the growth of these business and improve customer contact, while we react to, route and monitor customer electronic marketing communications.

4. Justification Record on chosen Methodology

After doing few clinical tests, I am approaching to the final outcome of using SCRUM as the strategy. The main known reasons for my choice of SCRUM can be stated as:

  • Scrum delivers value to the business
  • Scrum helps form high undertaking teams
  • Scrum helps motivate and focus team members

So giving an explanation note to every one of those above motioned facts I would like to start out with the most crucial reality for the job manager: delivering worth to the business.

Scrum delivers value to the business enterprise through:

  • Every iteration the product is ready to ship.
  • Adapt to changing requirements: Short iterations imply that the merchandise Owner provides consistent feedback. As end result there are recurrent small course corrections as opposed to massive changes past due in the project.
  • Visibility of progress: delivering an operating product by the end of every iteration means that the customer, professional sponsors and other interested parties can see the merchandise take condition. They aren't stunned six weeks before release.
  • Accurate traffic monitoring of how much work is left before release: the blend of the merchandise backlog and the team's speed means that you notify how much the team will get done by the release date.
  • Lightweight requirements: Because the team is at frequent (preferably daily contact) with the merchandise Owner, she spends less time writing comprehensive requirements. Instead she actually is able focus on making decisions and responding to questions from developers.
  • Process improvement system to meet business needs: As business needs change - SOX, FDA conformity, through the retrospective the Scrum process can be improved and designed to meet goals and needs in changing conditions.

Apart from SCRUM, XP was also a considerable option for this project until I ran across that XP is geared toward a single project, developed and managed by an individual team and it is particularly susceptible to developers who are in fact of low quality at team working. Because in this task where I am going to be the task administrator for MPAG, I'd really appreciate the team heart and gathering around for one motivation.

And especially XP won't work within an environment where a customer or director insists on the complete standards or design before they commence programming and it will not work within an environment where programmers are segregated geographically as well that i think is one of the key known reasons for this project where we definitely have to deal with different geographical locations of garages.

And XP is not proven to work with systems which have scalability issues (new applications must incorporate into existing systems) which I think is a drawback for future years development.

So in conclusion, scrum provides a way for the business enterprise to maximize its ROI by using iterative development to rapidly create working software. It ensures that the team is actually working to deliver the highest main concern features which concludes any decision of using SCRUM for this project.



Concluding this justification report, so far I have gathered the requirements of MPAG, categorizing these to appropriate departments. I QUICKLY have finalized the strategy that I will apply for this task and the way the development should be continued.

In this level activities like last debugging, marketing and advertising haven't taken place yet as this is actually the very initial level I am reporting for. By finishing this activity the project will never be closed. But because of the unpredictability of the program development process it's not possible to establish exactly when this activity will take place and so the project might take shorter or longer than organized. But by using the controls distributed by Scrum, the project is now of course in the right course.


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