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HRM Training And Development Programs

In order to link the workforce activities to the strategy of an organization strategy, Human Source Management is the best way. HRM is frequently known as Strategic HRM. The main driving force associated with an company is resources. There are usually two types of resources which are believed in the organization that can be tangible or intangible. Funding, company's place, employee's etc are the tangible resources while intangible resources include goodwill or repute of an organization, capabilities of an employee. For a organization both types of resources are very important but extensive edge within the other resources is gone to human tool or workforce. it is impartial resource as the other resources are centered. As the human being every one has different skill and functions from others therefore the employees in virtually any organization will vary from one another in this respect. (Mathis, Jackson:2007)

HRM has several goals:

To fulfil the requirements of the business and management

There should be a link of real human resource strategies / insurance policies towards the business objectives.

To find different methods for human resources to "add value" to an organization.

To help a business get the commitment of employees to its morals, goals and objectives.

In simple words the HRM is defined as employing, preserving and compensation folks with time with the job and organizational need. Individual Resource Management is a managerial function which usually concerned with hiring, motivation and retaining people. Its main emphasis in any corporation is people. (Stredwick, 2005)

"Intangible resources are incredibly important to an organization as they contribute much more than the tangible resources to total value of the asset of an organization" (Grant, 2005)

To obtain the competitive advantages over its competitors training and Development of employees is a tactical tool that an organisation uses. In general education is "mind planning" while training is the systematic development of the data, skill capabilities and attitude needed by an employee to fulfil the necessity of the work and development is the growth of the employees in the sense of their understanding and knowing of the job performed by them.

"I never train my pupils; I only try to provide the conditions where they can learn" (Albert Einstein, 1879 - 1955)

"Learning without thought is labour lost. Thought without learning is intellectual loss of life" (Confucius)

By supplying proper and effective training and development and keeping the focuses on the desired benefits is an integral function of the individual source management. Any organization that has Creativity and using a competitive advantage over opponents, it is only possible by using capable employees backed by strong information and understanding about their field appealing. Of course through the training and development program, cost and time investment is critically very important to the smoothly going of operations during the way of the task. (Holt: 1993).

According to Baldwin et al, 1994 reported that it's a skilled by small and medium organizations that if indeed they have skilled labour it is one of the most important factors contributing to their growth. In order to be successful in a worldwide market, an motivated, activated, happy and skilled labour which a small organization needs that can make at low costs.

Importance of Individuals Resource:

Flexibility and adaptability is fundamental for the individual resource to possess. As the circumstances changes with the duration of time, therefore the management program of their training and development for the introduction of employees should take this feature into matter as well.

According to Dransfield, 2000 human resource management is very important and mainly it is due to the capabilities and skill of people and best utilisation of resources by the company in the manner they want to.

People/ Labor force as an integral Learning resource of any firm:

The most important activities in any organization are workforce planning. People are the main main factor of any group. TO build up a team of expert, skilled and specialised individuals is also an integral function of the real human resource management.

It starts off with the examination of the strategic position of any business. The desired final result of this research is then supply into a forecasted demand and supply of the labour for the organization. At the end of this examination the establishment and execution of your human learning resource plan which man target is to force plan how Strategy feeds? (Vernez: 2002)

How a workforce demand forecast?

In order to get an accurate forecast of the workforce size there must be proper planning to put the human resource mutually. Main key factors are;

There should be considered a demand between existing and services or services

What part of a business is disposed off or what product closure.

Introduction and implementation of new technology

There should be cost lowering programmes.

Any merger, Acquisition, jv, partnership. (Vernez : 2007)

How a labor force Source forecast?

The main point for the estimation of resource is the existing workforce. So that it is possible of any group to make a forecast of the labor force size and finally this can be weighed against the proper needs of any corporation, which results is "workforce distance" (that's indicate a forecast of too few or too many employees). The primary role of the HRM is to fulfil this gap. (Vernez: 2007)


Knowledge capital through training and development as a source of competitive benefit but how any business can get it?

Knowledge Capital:

Know how that originates from information, learning, skills and experience of the folks of any organization. It is the most crucial point of the human reference capital.

"The ability to learn faster than your competition will be the only sustainable competitive benefits" (Arie de Geus: 2002)

Competitive Advantages:

"Knowledge worker efficiency is. . . (The) only competitive advantages in a worldwide Economy" (Drucker: 2007)

A Competitive benefits is an good thing about a business over its opponents which it gets by offering clients big value, either giving them higher services or benefits or by lower prices that justifies. Every Organization derives competitive benefit through training and development. In virtually any organization there is a greater balance, elasticity and ability for development. At least 2 yrs training contributes into the employee's steadiness. Employees are more productive and effectively get involved towards the development of the organization. The employees are more versatile in operation by training plus they can be transferred to any kind of job. So there exists surety of overall flexibility as well and development will bring prosperity which will have an effect on the yearly earnings of the business.

However by training the accidents damage and scrap of the equipment can be prevented or can be minimised. In case the employees are well trained by the organization the grievances absenteeism can be reduced. (Wilson, John: 1999)


Apple is a multinational corporation that designs and trading markets electronics, software applications, ipod, iphone, notebook computers etc.

Training programs of APPLE:

The training programmes of the apple provide an aim to aid their employees to develop their skills and ability.

1. Educator has Professional development:

Apple offers a broad selection of professional development workshops. To be able to produce and draw out digital content for his or her classes they can be designed to give faculty expertise and self-confidence. They indulge media assignment as to generate imagination and there is clubs collaborating in and out of course. Each workshop is lead by ex girlfriend or boyfriend- educators which is fully adapted for their establishment. (Apple'S Dvd and blu-ray Studio Prio site: www. apple. com/dvdstudiopro)

2. It includes Professional Services:

With your IT Office for a planning of implementation of new technology the apple professional team participate. Even team are designed for those proposals over time. (Apple'S DVD Studio Prio site: www. apple. com/dvdstudiopro)

3. iLife, iWork and pro application certifications:

In order to demonstrate their capabilities and skills at creating digital content such as films, music presentation and much more, the students and educators are granted by associate -level qualification in iLife or iWork. (Apple'S Dvd movie Studio Prio internet site: www. apple. com/dvdstudiopro

4. Programmes like Mac Operating-system X, Mac OS X Server and service accreditations:

To prevent the troubleshoot Mac OS X or to implement a Macintosh personal computer Operating-system X.

Server - based mostly system, apple possesses training and certification

Courses and programs.

It offers an revise version of iPhone development training course that includes full dental coverage plans of iPad development. Another 5 days course is conducted for the intro of iPhone and iPad development. The two other lessons are in the queue

ANSIC Programming

Objective -C for beginners.

The trainer choose their classes what they need and these classes are educated by two well -known and highly regarded iPhone builders Jonathan Lehr, founder of About Things, and Aaron Morse, creator of numerous reach iPhone software including TapDefense, and Trenches. (Apple'S Movie Studio Prio web site: www. apple. com/dvdstudiopro)

Challenges experienced by HRM:

There are few obstacles which are facing by HRM:

1. Globalization:

As there is absolutely no right or wrong way to run any business, many organizations took initiative to boost HRM in their own organizations. Success of any business is determined by the organization's talents and weaknesses. Globalization is a biggest task for HRM because of the change in technology every day. (Shermon, 2004)

2. Cost and Investment:

As the training given by the business, the business should spent time and money on it. And sometimes after training the employees do not stay within the organization this is the biggest challenge confronted by the business and every group should allocate its specific budget for working out and development of the employees. However when the business obtained the final results based on the needs and requirements than this cost and time worth it.

"The expense on the training of the employees will be a recurring benefits for the organization for some time to come which will be in the form of increased efficiency of the employees" (Singla, 2000)

3. Keeping Speed with Rapidly Changing Technology:

As in the period of globalization, with the passage of time Technology is also changing quickly which has turn into a severe problem for the human being resource management to cope with. To become update with the marketplace, working out and development program should be updated based on the need of energy and market condition. (Haines: 1999)

4. Doubt:

Future is uncertain therefore the market situation is actually unpredictable and to keep carefully the employees up-to-date with the existing market situation, it needs a complete analysis of the existing business situation.

5. Retention of the employees:

The Big problem experienced by an organization is to keep their staff after their training and development programmes. The opponents always try to take their investments of the business. (McKeown, 2002)

6. Product Life Cycle:

As this is a new modern technology time and credited to globalisation the changes occurs so quickly that you should need to keep your employees up to date giving them training programs and workshops or brief courses because the life span routine of any IT related program is very short. (Stark, 2005)

7. Diversity:

According to Thomas, 1992 "proportions of work place variety include, but are not limited by: age, contest, ethnicity, gender, physical abilities/qualities, race, erotic orientation, educational backdrop, geographic location, income, marital position, military experience, spiritual beliefs, parental status, and work experience"

The impressive ideas can be helped bring only by the diverse body of ability therefore the success of any corporation depends on it. With all the mixture of the skills any business opportunities can be seduced by a business more rapidly and quickly in this globalisation age (Cox, 1993), which must be the most crucial organizational aims.


Core benefits are the benefits which will be the expectation of the clients that they will obtain it from the product. So the key thing of any firm is that "what is important to the clients". Theses are the benefits which all your competitors will offer you to the customers in order to be differentiated from its competitors. (Armstrong, 2006)

This is a vital function of HR and if it is neglected it might put business in financial trouble as Rothwell, 2001 said "having less integration between individual tool management and tactical business planning processes is increasingly acknowledged as a major source execution failures"

So importance of the linkage strategy between commercial strategies when proper training is given with relevance to the company's corporate and business strategy. Each company has a commercial goal and plan as the ideas include HR targets. So during training and development program, these objectives should be targeted to the employees.

Strategic Human Tool Training and Development:

1. Strategy:

Human reference management can package any areas of the organization which will impacts such as employees training, employing development etc. Strategic HR management is a proactive management of individuals. Basically it increasing everything from employing to the employees training programs to techniques and self-control.

2. SWOT:

There should be SWOT examination through the training and learning process. This analysis looks at the internal organizational strengths and weaknesses and exterior factors which are opportunities and threats. These are most important strategic factors as to organization's future.

3. Cost Gain analysis:

During the training and development of the employees there must be some cost gain analysis that there should be some strategies to gauge the best usage of resources and lower the price for up scale capabilities. Along with the new product development it always includes significant costs. These are not only sunk but also fixed. As cost is the primary concern of any managerial part.

4. Issues of the folks:

For the accomplishment of the organizational goals, the folks, practises are purposeful. The issues between people can be solved b giving them proper training and development.

Building Innovation Potential:

Knowledge creates knowledge and while it is along the way it brings competitive benefit which brings about innovation. Corresponding to Dan Remenyi, 2001 said "creativity is normally considered as the basis for development, and development as the successful execution of creative ideas in a organization"

The ability to take into account of any new idea is called Creativity. This includes the capability to basically it an capacity to rethink a vintage idea and innovation is an activity to place that ideas into process. (Bundy, A long way: 2002)

For the success inventions are must for the organizations. Any company to prove itself in the marketing must bring some technology and imagination in its business

Example of Creativity and Ingenuity:

Apple's done goods are not only differentiated by superiority nevertheless they are impressive and cutting edge. Reliable investment in R&D creates innovation. The company is fantastic in order control and delivery.

Creativity Technology and Design--- Apple

Apple, Inc - Innovative Products are iPod Nano, ipod itouch, iPhone, iPod Shuffle.

Any successful group must integrate all three in order to get the competitive edge. When one company makes creative imagination than it will lead to the advancement of the other organization

new iPhone Design:

Any initial idea is creativity while design comes through this idea. While through information that developed the product or service is design and imagination is merely n idea to put into process. Invention also brings competition in the market.


It is strongly suggested that training and development program is an integral part of individual resource management jobs and tasks.

There should be some activities which can be strongly suggested.

Training & Learning Courses



Highly demand development courses

Planning should be based on the needs and demand of any firm. There must be set up cover training and development of the employees of any corporation. However in order to depend on particular date with the globalization changes in the market /industry training courses and workshops should be strongly suggested because advancement and creativity would only be possible if the organization has current knowledge and trained its employees based on the demand of the customer and then for the rivals as well.


In order to get the objective and goals of any business it is highly required by any business to really have the complete and precise process of planning and study work of its training and planning programmes. The employees should learn by proper training and development programs in order to get the competitive advantage on the market or industry.

So it is the management part or wok not to waste time and money and utilize these resources properly in order to get the required output.

As earlier discussed that innovation, creativeness, sustainability and differentiation is the important part oh human being learning resource management. If working out level should be up to that point that could enhance the functions of any employees plus they have the confidence to overcome any most severe situation in better manner.

Psychological there might be pressure and financial distress but by the end training is resilient with the satisfaction and requiring product on the market.

For the longer life of any company specially in the globalize world it would only be possible if its products and services are according to the requirements of the customers and have some competitive advantages like Apple which is merely possible by working out and development programs of the organization.

So conclusively, focussed, broad and significant training of the employees is the key heart and soul of any firm.

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