Huck Finn's Voyage to Adolescence

Holden Caulfield, the protagonist of Catcher in the Rye, requires a quest into maturity in order to create into an adult from a teenager. Holden struggles to find the maturity and responsibility for manhood, battling from hypocrisy and misunderstanding. For him to attain that sense of sophistication, Holden must complete his quest with reversing his sense of thinking and his acknowledgement of his superiority toward the environment around him. He eventually figures out his faker views and endeavors to improve from his experience with others. He eventually does not differ from his past view on hypocrisy from others and himself, seeking specialized help at the end, [an assistance that helps fix his hypocrisy issues--AM]. On the other hand to Holden Caulfield, Huck evolves his adolescence by learning from his encounters on others and using his moral conscience to find what's to him. Huck, still on the quest to adolescence to adulthood, fixes his teachings from others to create his personal thoughts and increasing on his experiences from days gone by concerning family and views on slavery. In Tag Twain's novel The Journeys of Huckleberry Finn, Huck's journeys on land and his changing romance with Jim depicts the value of heating his experiences together during his adolescence.

The Widow and Pap relations with Huck on land teach him about the importance of liberty and of one's wants. The Widow taking Huck in, "couldn't stand it no more he lit out", not enjoying the stay with Pass up Watson and the Widow therefore, he comes after what others want, and what others want him to do is stay with the widow and doesn't stay because he wants to. Huck, not being deprived of his complete independence, doesn't desire to be with the Widow reflecting some circumstance of imprisonment in his early life. The widow also forces Huck to do activities that he doesn't really want to do. Huck was created to learn bible reports which he considers is futile because" [he] don't take no stock in lifeless people" (2), and even to visit institution, even though "[he] don't take no stoke in mathematics" (15). [Captured in a mental health imprisonment--PaPP], the widow persuades Huck to complete and find out the tasks that she feels are essential for him like bible reviews and mathematics. Tom plays a part in this mental imprisonment as well when Tom Sawyer gang is founded. Huck, delivered an orphan, takes a kind of sacrifice for the oath Tom Sawyer's gang has if someone was to not in favor of their back contrary to the gang and betray them;however, Huck has no-one except the Widow where he's essentially constricted to for the gang, Tom says "every boy must have a family group or a person to kill, or else it wouldn't be good and rectangular for others" (8). [Dropping his independence progressively--PrPP], Huck cannot leave the Widow and Pass up Watson as he has to stick with them being something he doesn't favor, teaching him the value of decision making on his own. Later, [when Pap physically imprisons Huck-AdjSC], Huck transitions in one with insufficient liberty psychologically to both being imprisoned in physical form and psychologically. Pap locking Huck in the cabin, strips Huck of his protection under the law while at exactly the same time teaching him a lesson how important freedom is. Pap goes to "lock the entranceway and keep carefully the key under his cushion" to avoid an attempted escape from Huck when he's sleeping, still trapping him. This snare is made up of Huck's want for flexibility, [a freedom of being freed physically- RWM]. Huck's experiences with Pap and the Widow makes Huck urn for personal independence that he wasn't eligible for as a child.

Huck's experience with the Wilks demonstrates to him about the honesty and trust in strong relationships to be backed. Urning to be more friendly towards Mary Jane, Huck notifies her about the design between the Ruler and Duke. Huck believes that him telling her improves his relationships with her even though he "ever seen her since she walked out that door (191). Down the road however, Huck uses up with facts that exhibits the effectiveness of his bond with Mary Jane saying that he "thought of her a many and a many a million times" (191), describing how relationships can be created from integrity and trust. The bond with Mary Jane being predicated on honesty helps prevent him from being untruthful and resting instinctively towards others, a good example being the affirmation from Levi Bell. Huck also discovers another lesson from the Wilks; he discovers the connections that Slave Owners can also portray miserable emotional feelings toward their Slaves. The day following the funeral, the "king sold the niggers (182)" as property with no sisters being notified about the situation and the advertising came as a surprise. [Mary Jane crying--AbP], she learns that her slaves are for sale thus separating their families apart from one another. This is a metanoia towards Huck as he hasn't seen other people be concerned with another slave's life and thoughts, allowing him to connect to Jim even more. He now is aware that he is not the sole person breaking the cultural norm of bridging the contest gap by exhibiting compassion to someone that isn't white.

Huck's decision never to submit Jim is inspired by his experience with the Widow and Pap and exactly how he lost a few of his freedom growing his relationship with Jim. Huck understands that Jim yearns for the same freedom that he was not in a position to have, supporting Jim out from his experiences. Even though Huck wouldn't transform Jim in scheduled to him declaring that "he said he wouldn't, and he'll stay with it(43)", he had another reason never to switch Jim in besides his thoughts; he was affected by his involvement with Pap and the widow. He known that Jim possessed his rights and independence restrained like he does and required him to experience different things than the restriction his parents offered him during his youth. Continuing to help Jim instinctively while facing troubles, his past due internal issues exemplify the data he has of the sin he has commited by aiding Jim. However; Huck was still looking for freedom after reaching it from escaping and can relate with Jim's search for freedom. His activities compunction about assisting Jim resurfaces when he remembers about widow and Pap. Keeping in mind the actual Widow and Neglect Watson have educated Huck, he feels guilty helping Jim, but nonetheless decides to aid him even knowing he will be "heading to hell(214). " [He would prefer to go to hell for his actions, than tell the truth to Pass up Watson--// Framework], safeguarding Jim from being enslaved again. From his moral dilemma with himself, Huck seems guilty only after remembering what Pass up Watson has done for him and what he did to pay her again. He fights the urge to share Neglect Watson about Jim, with both of these seeking a larger independence in their life. Huck, inspired by his storage and experiences with Pap and Widow, displays his potential to study from experience during his adolescence. Huck also demonstrates what he noticed with Wilks family. He now establishes and acknowledges that romantic relationships should be built from trust. Huck then attaches his romance with Jim towards these ideas and Mary Jane's view of slaves. He realizes that he'd be breaking the trust and companionship he founded with Jim as he is Jim's "old good friend in the world. And the only one he's acquired now (214)" Huck cannot deal with breaking Jim's trust and contemplates the issue and feud toward blacks and whites. He's also aware that he shouldn't break away Jim's thoughts with him, like how the slaves from the Wilks thought and that they shouldn't be separated from each other. Huck realizes that feuds are breakable and endeavors to bridge the distance between the races which he would have never thought of doing before his experience.

Huck coalesces his experiences collectively from land and on the raft with Jim to develop his sense of moral conscience. Through this development from encounters, Huck can be compared to any child that undergoes different activities and guidance to create who they are, they just each have some other story. These encounters can be considered a producing factor that formulates the concepts and the sort of person someone is. In population, many children use their activities in university and parental advice to create whom they will become. Using their experience in university and parental information, they use this criterion to determine their frame of mind and their formation as a person and can radically change their ideas and motives. Without these understandings, children are in a sense of free world in where they have to develop themselves without recommendations but nonetheless form into who they are.

Works Cited

Twain, Draw. The Travels of Huckleberry Finn. NY: Bantum, 1981. Print.

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