Humanity In 'Daring New World'

At first view, it appears that the perfect happiness, balance, and peace are created in Aldous Huxley's novel, in Brave New World. The government own' absolute electricity over the world and folks. It solves every problem which been around before, like poverty, illnesses, disasters etc. ; it makes the world happy and satisfied, it deletes every bad feeling and storage of the old world. However, the utter control in addition has a negative aspect: the loss of humanity. The people of World Talk about are perfect and the main one who does not fit into this perfect picture, who continues some humanity, should be exiled.

But people seem to enjoy a their condition, and if there is an unexpected going on, the government created a solution: they can take pills, the soma, and then everything will be alright again. Government makes the people passive and satisfied so that they do not question the society's order, in which they live. " Each member of society is allowed to learn only so much as is immediately highly relevant to the tasks he must perform, and even those alpha-plus intellectuals whose pre-and post-natal conditioning has still left them with enough intellect to think for themselves are not permitted to explore any new ideas. " (Thody, Philip. Aldous Huxley- A Biographical Release. London: Studio Vista, 1973. p. 56)

Any free research or thought is recognized as dangerous as artwork, literature, religion. For instance in Section XII. , Mustapha Mond reads a piece of work, called "A FRESH Theory Biology". He himself admits that it's a masterwork and it is a pity that it cannot be published. However, the work is dangerous since it can make people " lose their faith in pleasure as the Sovereign Good and try believing, instead, that the target was somewhere beyond, somewhere outside the present human being sphere; that the purpose of life had not been the maintenance of well-being, however, many intensification and refining awareness, some enhancement of knowledge. " (Huxley, Aldous. Daring New World. London: Old-fashioned, 2004. p. 154-55) That's the reason books has been suspended nowadays. Moreover, only miserable people produce books, it is full of old things, like troubled, illnesses, sad fatality, love, and the people in Brave New World cannot understand these circumstances, ideas, emotions. They are old, folks are new. According to Mustapha Mond, they never want what they can not get.

They are never ill or unhappy, they never are affected, they aren't afraid of loss of life or old age. You will find no husbands, wives, children. The culture is secure.

So that is why they might not understand the high art. As Mustapha Mond sais: " You've got to choose between happiness and what people used to call high fine art. We've sacrificed high artwork. " (p. 194) Mustapha Mond is the only one in this world who knows the things from the old age ranges (e. g. Shakespeare, the Bible), and who have free thoughts, ideas. But even he does not change the order because he is poor. Once he was almost exiled with an island but he didn't want to say goodbye to his comfortable, happy life so he completed thinking. If he dies, no person will bear in mind and understand Shakespeare.

The only exceptions are Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson. They believe that they are really outsiders. On the main one hand, they do not fit into this type of contemporary society, on the other palm, they don't belong to the Reservation, too. Just three men of the complete society feel that something is not right. For example, Bernard is irritated when he hears that two men speak about Lenina such as a piece of meats. Later, he'd prefer to spend per day with her, walking by themselves, but Lenina cannot understand his affectionate ideas. He is also considered as a stranger by others, they pass on rumours that alcoholic beverages was devote his container when he was embryo. However, later Bernard's sympathetic behaviour changes and he becomes hypocrite when he wants to work with John to keep his success.

Helmholtz is wise and critical of the World Status. He views the insufficiencies of this 'perfect' world. He loves poetry, he'd like to write something, he seems that coaching is insufficient for him, he wants to get something more. Even Helmholtz sees the genius in Shakespeare's art, but he laughs at it because he's still shaped by the culture where he has been increased. He cannot imagine the feelings referred to by Shakespeare because he cannot such thoughts. Helmholtz and Bernard are heroes with two edges: they keep some emotions from the old world whereas also, they are identified by the " new world ".

In the globe where there is no humanity, the sole person who continues humanity is the Savage. His savageness is his naturelness, he is savage only for the over-civilized people. The Savage is the only person who is able to feel, to love. He loves his mom, Linda, and he uses the term 'mother' normally. He feels pain when Linda dies and it is also unknown, frightening for others. John adores Lenina and he knows only the old way of love when people lived in monogamy. He recognizes and respects the old piece of art, Shakespeare. He gets a chance when Bernard calls for him to the earth State. He is thrilled because Linda has told him a whole lot of stories relating to this world. He waits something perfect, however, he becomes disappointed because he considers evidently the people's deficiencies. Then he "can bother making a choice; he can recognize God, poetry, real threat, independence, goodness, and sin, accept, in a nutshell, "the righ to be unhappy", as Mustapha Mond remarks; or they can ease all anxieties by approving the " new world ". " (Karl R. , Frederick; Magalaner, Marvin. A Readers' Guide to Great Twentieth-Century English Novels. London: Thames and Hudson, 1961. p. 277) The Savage has the to choose which is why he differs from others. He gets the to choose life with its every bad aspect (like tumors, poverty, starving), which he is aware well as he resided in the Reservation; for Mustapha Mond this choice is equal to self-destruction, but for the Savage it's the life. For him, the life span in Brave new world means prison where he should lose his nature and principles This world is no more beautiful, perfect, good. He cannot be civilized, he cannot change his believes, ideas, thoughts. He lives in a Shakespearian world and he's unable to live in a global where "Henry Ford has changed God; free love, matrimony; test tubes, motherhood. " (Karl R. , Frederick; Magalaner, Marvin. A Viewers' Guide to Great Twentieth-Century English Novels. London: Thames and Hudson, 1961. p. 277) and where in fact the science has imprisoned the men's spirits, souls.

People residing in the World State have losen their mankind, they may be just produced on the line, like machines. In addition they behave like machines: do the actual superior power commands them without sense anything, thinking anything, or questioning anything. "Science has perfected the entire world which can't be upset, for this is self-perpetuating- people live only because of research, and to allow them to deny their maker is tantamount to denying their own lifestyle. " (Karl R. , Frederick; Magalaner, Marvin. A Visitors' Guide to Great Twentieth-Century English Books. London: Thames and Hudson, 1961. p. 277) Savage is different from them, he's regarded as an unnatural creature that is why he must be civilized or isolated. No matter which one happen. But he cannot keep his personality.

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