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If You Want To Help Visit Egypt Travel and leisure Essay

One of the most important activates that any country has through its different locations as all people know is tourism. It really is one of the very most interesting and fascinating type of activities and services used to provide individuals or certain amount of people traveling experiences all around the world. These experience revolve around going across countries a long way and miles, overseas and oceans to take pleasure from different places, with different civilizations apart from home. (Michigan Status University, 2007)

After what occurred in Egypt just lately, 25th revolution, there has been a turning point in all the industries, creation procedures, and even services. Sadly, when Egypt was about to become one of the very most successful producing countries in industries, development, providing services, and even having special positions in the stock markets compared to another countries all over the world, suddenly, all this has turned ugly. Creation has been halted, services became poor in satisfaction, and Egypt became out of stock market position. The service that was highly afflicted by that revolution was the Tourism. Tourists who had been in Egypt throughout the revolution, travelled back to their homelands as a result of concern with what was going on from serious political events in Egypt. This is also therefore of the bad Public Relations plan that was made on Egypt in those days through the press and press. For that reason, a new PR advertising campaign must be developed and resolved in order to give to Egypts Tourism life back again as before.

Egypt has been constantly a country of tourism where Europeans use to spend their vacation there and view its archeological finding and its own antiques. The visitors there are going to the most attractive places such as Sharm -el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Safaga while others. Besides that, Egypt is also well-known for its wonderful environmental tourism on top of other varieties such as Safari, consultations and activities. Egypt was acknowledged all around the history as a target or the actual tourists are aiming for since it was frequented throughout the primeval period, the holidaymakers feel affection for visiting extensive and immeasurable places in Egypt, yet it suffered the reflection throughout the middle and modern background. Alternatively, the advancement of the Paranoiac traditional artifacts which had been extended long time previously has added a distinctive appeal to Egypt and also its inimitable spiritual and cultural testimonies or tombstones which are incredibly precious to visit and grab the attention of the visitors to come back and visit those unique places. For the educational and archaeological tourism, Egypt has many types of broader fragments that the travellers can visit around the world with its geographical location and its modest atmosphere all the year round, as well as its horizontal measureless coastlines, and beaches with its exclusive reserves of coral reefs which truly present Egypt with rewards of your competitive edging.

Situation Analysis:

Egypts Tourism Problems after 25th Revolution:

As Egypts countrywide profit is dependant on its strong historical testimonies that revolved around its different metropolitan areas. Travel and leisure has been one of the most crucial factors of allowing foreign currency as well as people with different nationalities enter in Egypt. As a result of the revolution, a global financial crisis acquired arisen between Egypt and different nations. Most of the European travelers who come and visit Egypt recently, their rate has lowered in a theatrical way. Following the peak that was at presence all around Egypt, lots of the reservations in terms of airplane seats, hotel bookings, and conferences have been decreased in their amounts. (Mwathe, 2011)

In order to make a successful Tourism Marketing Public Relations campaign, this situational examination must be placed in consideration in order to really know what type of subject matter will be delivered to the people across the primary topic Tourism and its improvements.

-Women before and after the 25th revolution, before the revolution the Egyptian people usually believe women are inferior to men, The Egyptian women were used to avoid connection with men who were not in their family relationships, while following the 25th revolution, women have their rights; they learned how to say their viewpoints and views, also the womens strong contribution in Egypts protests contrary to the Mubarak supervisions or regimes has a positive coverage to the political equality that have occurred in the Tahrer Square, many women were marching to have their privileges and civil liberties, yet this occurrence highlighted the fundamental implications of defending the womens protection under the law in Egypt and may restrain the enduring developments towards civilizing the womens political rights in the united states.

-In addition after the revolution, all people were connected jointly together in order to safeguard and clean their country. Egyptian people were and still getting in touch with everyone to sanitary Egypt by those ideas first to buy local products, second to avoid shouting and learn to listen to one another, third to keep carefully the pavements clean by painting them, and finally calling the travelers another and visit our precious country that have lots of marvelous places to visit. Additionally, Muslims and Christians were one spirit at the time of the revolution struggling to use their rights and today they are simply much linked to the other person and finding ways to safeguard their mosques and churches as Egypt has been well acquainted with its religion, principles and key points.

Key Information:

There are different groups that information need to be sent to; included in these are groups that contain direct affect on travel and leisure (publics)like the media, the travellers and travel and leisure companies, among others that contain indirect affect (consumer) such as colleges and college or university students. Announcements used should be appropriate, important, memorable and understandable by different targeted organizations (Yeomanz & Tench, 2006). The following is an example of the messages you can use with different groups of the publics;

First, the mass media should be influenced showing the positive aspect of the trend instead of the negative one. For example, showing the avenues which may have been cleaned following the revolution and the way the Egyptians are receiving more civilized and are nurturing more about their country. The mass media is normally buying good report that appeals to people; however, sometimes the announcements communicated give poor image of the united states. Therefore, the media should be send announcements about the financial and social aftereffect of losing tourism for your Egyptian contemporary society and also for Egypts reputation and image all-over the globe.

Second, the holidaymakers probably play the major role; because they are the ones who made a decision whether to visit Egypt or not. The mass media may be helpful at the moment; it can show foreigners an optimistic image for the Egyptian treatment to the vacationers. Travelers need to see how the Egyptians are receiving more respectful to them and how they are prepared to welcome holidaymakers in their country. In addition, travellers should be shown the positive part which is the clean roadways, the planted trees and shrubs and so forth.

Third, the legal physiques should be prompted to reform new guidelines and regulations that produce the travelers feel safe when browsing Egypt. For example, corresponding to Mr. Maher Moussa, an Egyptian travel guide; he stated that after the revolution when there have been almost no policemen; the sales representatives at the Egyptian bazars where treating the travellers very bad plus they were pulling them from other shirts in order to purchase products. Tourists at that time did not find one to help them; apparently they didn't feel safe by any means. Therefore, the policymakers should be told these stories and really should be encouraged to come back the tourism safe as it used to be before the trend.

Forth, the staff in neuro-scientific tourism need to be sent a note stressing on the actual fact that tourism is vital for them as well as for maintaining or even increasing their living specifications. They have to be encouraged to develop and enhance the way they treat travellers and also need to be encouraged to remain focused on their work, nor look for other available choices such as transitioning their professions or immigrating. Sales persons should be cared for the ethical tendencies of dealing with holidaymakers.

The following stand gives a quick synopsis for the communications to be communicated, to which groups and what are the success signals;

Target Group Information Communicated Success Indicators

The Media You may play a vital role in bettering the existing situation of tourism in Egypt; encourage, inspire and catch the attention of everyone working in the tourism sector to work harder and stimulate tourists to come quickly to our country

Increase in the rate of trips

Increase rate of security

Reduced terrorism

Increased degree of awareness about the value of tourism

The Tourists You can now watch the place where the whole Egyptians have achieved simultaneously to require their rights

In Egypt you can view monuments that should never be seen anywhere else on earth.

Your safeness is our first top priority; we will prosper to keep you safe.

Egypt is now welcoming you more than ever before

Legal Systems Tourists represent a major part of Egypts future; we need to keep them secure

we need to apply strict laws and rules that make tourists feel more secure in Egypt than other area of the world

Workers in neuro-scientific Travel and leisure We should persuade the whole world that all Egyptian never give up, never leave their work because of fear.

do what you like to do and change lives Steve Jobs

Think of ways to build up your job and improve your work situation in the travel and leisure industry.

Businessmen who Own Tourism Companies your role is vital in improving the existing situation in Egypt

The future is glowing for travel and leisure in Egypt. But, we have to confirm this to depends upon.

Schools and Colleges you will need to apply new coaching methods that coach students the ethics of interacting with travelers.

The Medias Goals and Targets towards Tourism after 25th Trend:

Any plan that is in the building stages must placed goals and targets in order to really know what problem they are trying to solve, what meaning they want to send to audiences and what communication and press tools they will be able to use.

According to Egypts travel and leisure circumstance, Medias goals and goals should be settled in a way that will help to improve the travel and leisure as an industry, and overcome the crisis after what took place in 25th of January. These goals and targets can help marketers in choosing mass media tools and deciding what things to put in them. On of the most crucial goal and aim that the advertising must concentrate on according to tourism is that to in boost the amount of vacationers arriving to Egypt again the goal through the objective which is increasing the plane tickets sums and hotel bookings.

Targeted Viewers:

The whole Public Relations campaign beside the media era is focusing on mainly foreigners who are located outside Egypt. They may be mainly Europeans, and Asians. Due to that, this mass media campaign must build-up the appropriate marketing communications tools with the key note of the campaign, and build them up in the correct way to attain the targeted publics Europeans and Asians - and let them communicate the message and understand it as it ought to be understood.

Media and Communication Tools:

Tourism Media Plan Communication Tools:

Communication tools are elements and objects that are used to mention the message from the campaign to the targeted followers. They are the primary factors in the multimedia campaign that will assist in attaining the goals and the targets of the advertising campaign. The concept could be conveyed through articles, radio, television set, World Wide Web, event sponsorship, or perhaps a whole assortment of press releases.

According the tourism media campaign, the main media tools which will be used are television, World Wide Web, and event sponsoring.


Through Television mass media tool used for a tourism plan, videos should be directed and produced as a recorded videos on tourism places in Egypt, for instance, Luxor and Aswan, the pyramids, Sharm el Sheikh resorts, and so forth, that will attract visitors to do not miss what history and civilization Egypt has made. Furthermore, to travel and leisure areas all around Egypt in the videos, celebrity endorsement could be used.

Through using celebrities that are known locally and internationally, the subject matter transmitted will be more trusted and vacationers will be attracted to come and see Egypts history, visit every museum, every temple, and so forth. Also, marketers could stress on tourists emotional aspects in which their emotions gets connected which Egypt as a country, and keep to them at heart that these thoughts will be satisfied when they visit Egypt.

The Television tool started out with a small video that was made right after the 25th trend, From Egypt with Love (Boyd, 2011)

It was encouraging Egyptian people to treat travellers in an agreeable way and in once, the note is transmitted to visitors that the Egyptians are kind and inviting to anyone who come and visit the country - (make reference to the Videos Screenshot in Appendix 3). (Boyd, 2011)


The internet and World Wide Web now plays an important role in the multimedia sector, as it is a spider web that attaches depends upon and helps it be as a one united island. Internet could be used in tourism multimedia advertising campaign through making organizations on Face booklet, twitter and everything social networks that anyone could become a member of them. They could include information about how strongly the tourism is likely to be after the 25th revolution and what good changes have been made to the tourism in Egypt. Also, websites could be designed for information about every tourism place that is recommended for going to in Egypt including background, pictures, and even videos to let holidaymakers get attracted and become emotionally fastened with Egypt. Also, this will raise the needs to the foreigners to come and revel in what they have observed in real-life. Taking Face book for example to INTERNET Media, there are one of the campaigns that already began straight following the revolution made up of two organizations about making it through and getting the life back to the tourism in Egypt. These two teams have made a huge impact on vacationers and foreigners Facebook users all around the world wishing that it will improve Egypts travel and leisure image internationally. (Refer to one of the groups Profile Picture in Appendix 3). (Ling, 2011)

Event Sponsoring:

Sponsorship generates an enormous chance for any type of companies in which it helps to widen the good reputation through viewing companys picture, view, and everything which makes the company unique through reinforcements of certain incidents that will boost the attention of the targeted audience. (Khera Marketing communications, Inc. , 2011)

This event sponsorship could be an efficient way to communicate with tourists all around the world, in particular when Egyptian companies sponsor international occasions or vice versa. Through doing these sorts of sponsorships, foreigners will know and discover that despite all the series of events that took place in Egypt is still and attempting to maintain a higher position throughout the market of the world.

In my opinion, for getting back again tourism to its normal routine in Egypt, Egyptian companies must sponsor international incidents in order to remain linked with international audience and catch the attention of them to the country to be enthusiastic about the long-run to come and visit Egypt. Also, for international companies Egypt must make life simpler to them in order to be easily positioned in Egypt and this will help them sponsor Egyptian incidents, for instance, activities events, charity incidents, that will build trust between Egypt and different Nations.

Through following these steps in creating a media public relations plan to the tourism in Egypt, it can help in an extensive way to improve Egypts image to the outside world, not only view the dark area of the image. Furthermore, the concept delivered from the united states Egypt to the targeted followers foreigners will be dispatched and comprehended effectively Communication Process Appendix 3 and there will be no sound nor distraction in the emails process/ Egypt was always known using its loyalty, caring, kindness and so forth to its tourists and even its residents, which image must be the same till end of life time, And since the video tutorial said through one of the video tutorial promotions, Egypt We Love You! (Tench & Yeomans, 2009)

Barriers to Communication of the Message:

The physical barrier is too much related to the length between the functions. For example, face-to-face communication may be too much needed in some situations to make sure that the recipient understood the communication sent.

Recommendation; always ask for feedback from the recipient in order to be sure that the concept has been realized.

Language dissimilarities are always very critical for delivering the text messages; people from different countries may find difficult to understand the language or a certain subject matter or could even perceive the information in different ways.

Recommendation; translate the messages to as many languages as it can be.

Psychological obstacles can also be somewhat significant; peoples emotions are extremely important to be considered when delivering information. For example, when asking workers to keep working, they could believe that the media do not know about how they are suffering fiscally from being unable to gain money and fulfill their needs.

Recommendation; the information should show clear awareness of the different situations and offering emotional support to every concentrate on group.

Barriers that arise from conflict of interest between your crisis management campaign and different targeted groups. For instance, the marketing campaign may be eager to encourage the entrepreneurs who operate in the tourism sector to keep operation. While, at the same time the businessmen cannot continue because they are losing money and adding costs on themselves.

-Indentifying the Publics:

Egypt was known and can always remain as one of the amazing countries on earth due to its excellent historical pyramids, Luxor and Aswan. Nothing at all will ever have an effect on Egypts beauty in the sight of the world, therefore I encourage and persuade all Italians, Uk, and Russians to come and visit Egypt after the breathtaking revolution that was accomplished by the Egyptians on January 25th in the liberation Square that has now become a touristic area which folks from across the world speak about and are so eager to visit it and also to feel the pain and happiness which the Egyptian junior have created in Egypt.

Tourist Strategies Campaign

The sense of To do something "the sense of the Egyptians, unenthusiastic and create a dwell used at the first attainment of the data of the country of fight by the filled with interpretation, the kingdom of the warfare with a broad-start is for the reason that reimbursement of periegesis underscore the target of the seven regarded prior to the spectators. Mingling with the group to councils, factories, program of the doctrine of printing advertising and out of the materials Broadcasting / advertising would be the Customer, or gain the entire effectively blow. To become attacked with the battle On both sides, it will be done within the examples of the first part I am going to fortify the services of your battle which is spinning with an although, corresponding to a precise and in the manner to the effect of all concentrate on Promotional Views. (Weber, 2010)

The perigees will be underpinned the salary of the data of such activities six:

1. Known to 'a better Tourist Lives

This was the building blocks of the first phase to the data of the identification of perigees conflict. Will continue using the same expedition, I extended the appearance and feel standardize and of all relevant under the expedition may have recognized this owned by different labour. But just as changes to submit to an identification for its capability to up grade the answer to the process of the hearers of the draw.

2. While using co-operation of the allies

Fabios, the war of the will hinge on execution of the foundation of the fellowship of the many stakeholders the useful dishes. And here, the object of responsibility of coordinating the land of Egypt, has hired administrator w perigees with all of those other allies this one of the areas:

Private sector of my companions: depends upon kind of activity, Telecom areas can be different so that, juridical, etc. It really is of interest should be placed in each of effective contact reaches palm. This elite cooperate with the organizations to take part to fit the protector of a co-addition to the trouble of the proofs have been early.

3. Marketing communications software

To raise the Account of the warfare and find the advice and the support of the many stakeholders, while the whole marketing and sales communications program designed for, it'll be implemented. Any one is, the needy, MARKET marketing communications best a piece of the instruments which is lengthened to the ears.

4. The communication of the general public Relations Program

Marker between different varieties of marketing communications tools will be got ready, PR are the most crucial of its ability to inject trustworthiness in the war's of operation. Further they can adnotacione Public Relations of the singular degree the State experienced different sections of the tenement of the city. For if the annals of the area Published on the net Media, I will stretch lying in around about.

5. The knowledge of expeditions Plan

Designs of most wars is an excellent know that to be done is to be mindful in and enjoy results fine. Things are founded, the phases of Planning, for the following key steps:

The Project web perigees shall control the public to perform attitudinal research to adopt the perceptions of conscience also to the views of the Egyptians, and tourists will perigees. The study by the art of effectively expose the kid is crucial measure degrees of conscience to the sector of Point out.

Or Event elite, ecumenical, it is to consume of recognition have been done research results. This situation so all the soldiers the will of stakeholders perigees webpage, perigees tasks, a Federal of Egypt, arts institutes, and of the advertising.

From the committee I will be the keeper of the knowledge of perigees to appoint a council and in Latin execution of the knowledge of triumph in warfare.

6. Develop the communication of the programs of the advertising campaign tools

Print material

the awareness that the mark the seven petitions of the bottom will be supported by disseminating print out customized Promotional material for a conflict, and the things. And it is its circulation of Posters, Flyers, brochures and through the universities of the office buildings of the Central After the Egyptian, Friendly Security Company, leaves and inserts. Further Promotional material for university as mugs with sackcloth, Bumper Stickers, etc. it will be repaid. Matter and CDs to be stable as the worthiness of the Promotional and a big (Alaya, 2004)


Tourism is considered to be always a very essential activity for the whole Egyptian human population; it makes up about 11% of the full total Egyptian GDP and employs more than 2 million Egyptians (Feuilherade, 2011). Based on the previous Vice Chief executive, Omar Soliman; during the times of the 25th January revolution, Egypt has lost around 1 billion dollars in tourism.

For any plan to be successful it needs to get clear recommendations and ways of follow. The main strategy for conquering the crisis of Travel and leisure that occurred in Egypt following the revolution is probably encouraging integrated work between different people groups for the sake of improving the tourism conditions in Egypt. These conditions include, the treatment of tourists, the security and safety, services offered and so forth. The integration of work is not only including the publics; who are immediately influenced by the tourism industry. But, it will also include the whole public population because obviously everyone in the Egyptian modern culture is afflicted by tourism either immediately or indirectly.

Appendix 1:

(Women before and after the 25th trend)

(Indentifying the general public)

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Appendix 2:

1. How to plan Tourism Campaign

2. Strategy

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Appendix 3:

1. Key Messages

2. Communication Barriers

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