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Improve Customer Service In Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

The main reason for this report is to analyze the problems in customer support of hotel and promote substantive suggestions to solve the issues. The report includes the special definition of service, analyses of problems and ways of solving the issues. In order to improve those weaknesses of customer support, this statement also recognizes some precise strategies.

2. 0 Introduction

Along with speedy financial development, competition in hospitality industry is becoming more intense, and the client service is now an important means of enhancing efficiency, building brand and extending sales. The level of customer service will basically determine the results of competition. Guests check a hotel, buying not only the facilities, and friends have a meal at the hotel, purchase is not limited to meals, moreover, they want to receive high-quality and thoughtful service. Therefore, the hotel's mission is to provide quality services for friends and to meet up with the needs of friends. It is common pursue of hotel director that how to boost customer service quality and make the hotel in a dominating position in the fierce market.

3. 0 Customer support definition

Services can be defined as the sum of behavior effectiveness that hotel staff devoted their thoughts to create with the foundation of certain equipment and facilities and with the target of customers needs (Gavin B. and Gillian M. , 2002). We are able to build a body to explain the word "service".

Figure 1

As the number 1 said that customer service contain eight means: smile, quality, ready, viewing, appealing, creating, eyes and giving (Joost P. M. Wouters, 2004). In fact, these are some of the dictionary description about "service". It allows service's explanation more specific, more operational. It is a circle surrounding the guts of hotel, and this circle form this is of service.

4. 0 Bettering service quality is the survival basis for hotel

Modern customer needs are varied and personalized, and their requirements are also getting higher and higher. It needs the hotel starting from the client needs and continually enhances service quality (Omar M. and Simon J. 2006). Fundamentally speaking, quality of service is the foundation for success and development of hotel. Competition among hotels, essentially, is the service quality competition. The reasons are as below: 1. Customers are delicate to quality of service; 2. Customer satisfaction are favorably related to service quality.

5. 0 Customer service quality's problems analysis

5. 1 Degree of service quality is low

Many hotel staff lack of effort. "Smile service" can't be carried out and insufficient basic manners etiquette (Allan Yen-Lun Su, 2004), and the staff can not operate advanced tools. Although the problem has been improved in recent years, it still will not meet client satisfaction perfectly.

5. 2 Insufficient inter-departmental services co-ordination

Hotel customer support products have the property of integrating and which is provided by different departments and staff. Hotel service quality is good or bad that will depend on the amount of assistance and coordination between different departments and staff. Many managers are more worried about the performance of their departments, rather than the co-operation with other departments, the corresponding barrier will eventually hurry the guests to turn to rival.

5. 3 Service Quality Management is inefficient

Hotel service quality products are not only the physical products, but also the intangible service. Intangible service's principal is human-that is hotel personnel ˜ Marianna Sigala, 2005). Regulating and managing the conduct of staff is the fundamental way to improve the quality of services.

6. 0 The implement measures to increase the quality of hotel customer service

6. 1 Build support system of customer service level of hospitality industry

Figure 2 (FL=foreign dialect skill OM=procedure manage skill

IK=information knowledge EK=etiquette knowledge)

From the survey results, it is crucial that strengthen the procedure manage skill of high-star hotel staff, foreign language communication skills, as well as the growing populary information systems management knowledge and so forth. Hotel should build the certification system of hotel industry personnel training that implement a voluntary system of taking assessment to post. Through methodical training, help new employees master specific amount of hotel industry business knowledge.

6. 2 Hotel professionals should strengthen awareness service quality

The quality of customer service the centeral work in hotel daily management, thus all personnel should have a sense of quality and managers must establish the idea of service quality. Only professionals taken root deeply in the concept of customer service quality can he consider quality as the lifeblood of businesses, and make staff recognize the importance of customer service quality (Ling-Feng Hsieh and Li-Hung Lin, 2008).

6. 3 Establish perfact service quality management system

Establish the organization of customer support quality management. Hotel should set up specialized organization of customer support quality management as ensuranment of service quality system. Specifically, it is that establish comprehensive, methodical and rational, and controlled service control system, and bring the hotel quality activities into a unified quality management system by way of a certain guidelines, methods and techniques.

Make out quality benchmarks and quality aims. Hotel should make specific specifications to daily management of each service item and service industries, and make work norms and steps to make staff have the guideline to adhere to. Hotel can accurately record service procedure for different positions and areas, and then examination carefully, further improve service matching to quality manage requirement, finally rationalize it, and identified it with the form of wording and images and then form a service program.

6. 4 Implementing a system of first-staff being in charge

As much as customers worried, they visit hotel and spend cash simply for buying service, plus they do not have interest in understand that with which thing they can change to which person for help. They have got the right to think that any employee signifies hotels and really should solve problem for these people. Which means this system means, any hotel personnel working in the post, who is the first to be consulted by customers, will be the key person in charge of fixing problems and demand of friends (C. F. Cheung and W. B. Lee, 2003).

7. 0 Conclusion

In final result, many hotels need to boost customer service level. Therefore, control and review is necessary when implementing administration and marketing activities. The hotel has to build business goals for managing and critiquing.

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