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Introduction Of Hard Rock and roll Cafe Travel and leisure Essay

Hard Rock and roll Cafe is one of the universally acknowledged trademarks. Since its establishment in 1971 with only one restaurant in London, this brand name has spread out its reputation and its business expanses to 170 locations in 51 countries around the world (Hard Rock and roll Cafe, 2011). Founded by two music-loving People in the usa, the soul of rock&roll music has inspires its business style and create the traits of HRC, a theme restaurant creates value in form of quality food and music entertainment. Moreover, the success of HRC today is noticeably contributed by the 10 operating management strategy put on all its string of restaurant worldwide.

Operation Management Strategy: Hard Rock Cafe fits in to the multidomestic international strategy. Each cafe has its autonomy with practically half of these being franchised. Instead of just having one menu that all cafe will serve, the menu is altered to fit the neighborhood likes. Every Hard Rock Cafe offers its experience and memorabilia to talk about with the locals and visitors who are visiting

Design of Goods and Service:

The first strategy has to be applied at HRC is the differentiation in its design to produce entertainment atmosphere. You start with a straightforward design with a power guitar, HRC come into operation in 1971 when the rock&roll activity was at its peak. These Rock-n-Roll theme isn't only hit people tastes 30 years ago but also a hit for the foreseeable future.

Secondly, the experience strategy has been successfully taken to HRC goods and services including good food and visual and sound experience opportunity as well. Coming to HRC, customer can see a distinctive memorabilia collection of 70, 000 items including souvenirs from different popular musical bands, artist and rockers. This variety collection engages the attention of rock and roll&roll fans who would love to see these things with the own eyes. That is also the mark customers with special desire of experience. Hard Rock Cafe has in the end end up being the world's leading collector and exhibitors of rock 'n' roll memorabilia, which get a lot of attention from music lovers. In accordance with the memorabilia, HRC also pay effort on live music occurrences, TV channel and website.

Nowadays, Hard Rock and roll is not only a name, this can be a phenomena with the slogan " Love all-Serve all". Besides delivering the aesthetic and audio satisfaction, HRC also provide good meals with local menu to meet local demand. Each country has different menu collection which is designed for local style. For example, different kind of beefs are served at Australia and NZ while pork is a focus in China market. ( check lai menu cua cac quoc gia tren)

Hard Rock and roll International will have 6 business sectors such as cafes, hotels/casinos, live, shop, memorabilia, philanthropy. Incredibly, 48% of HRC revenue originates from retail including various kind of T-shirts, jackets, albums of singer and hand bags with hard rock and roll custom logo. HRC offers changes for experiencing and using by eating their souvenirs.

In summarize, the look of goods and services at HRC can satisfied every specific with good foods, good service in blend with distinctive entertainment with Rock-n-Roll enthusiastic atmosphere. .

Managing Quality:

The impressive design definitely catches customer eye; however, the service quality has power to take them back. Therefore, managing quality definitely is a main target. At HRC, quality is managed in term of service of food, music and atmosphere.

Regarding food provided, HRC conduct a lot of quality study to access the satisfaction of these priority goal, their customers. Food quality must be studied a whole lot of good care so platform one some factor to keep the certification such as materials, renowned suppliers and keep bettering the selections. HRC research are on a scale of 7. Any reviews significantly less than 7 is considered as failing. This rigorous satisfaction credit score keep maintain their quality of service. Besides, the menus will be adapted accordingly to satisfy customer recommendation.

In addition, HRC recruitment conditions also donate to quality service. To be able to provide best experience and truthly indicate the business heart, HRC carefully chooses the personnel whose working competence and enthusiasm of music or rock-n-roll can permits a courteous service. Furthermore, waiter at HRC can use international dialect which can ease the majority of the 70% visitor visiting HR. The brand new employees then will be trained and developed to take part in the operation of HRC. The excitement of the whole personnel as they participate the clients is one of the reasons people keep going back.

The staff is sometimes scheduled right down to 15 minute intervals; which means a waitress or staff member will check up on you within that time frame. I believe their motto says everything "LOVE ALL -SERVE ALL-TAKE PERIOD TO BE KIND-ALL IS ONE-SAVE THE PALNET". Naturally this is at the mercy of change anticipated to seasonal demand of travelers as well as the process and capacity design of every specific restaurant. Hard Rock Cafe is actually undergoing changes to support its environment. They are actually focusing on live music inside of restaurants; this means they will change every once or son often to accommodate the music industry's hot designers.

Process and capacity design

The process and capacity design is what drives the decision of the locations of these facilities. HRC creates products within an useful manner, by inspecting them for cost success and by labor requirements. HRC analyses the complete creation process from purchasing food substances, to preparing the meals, and to providing the meals. They ensure their process and capacity design creates an excellent meal and eating experience for every and every one of their customers

Location selection

Because 70% of Hard Rock's friends are tourists, modern times have found it expanding to 'destination' locations. While this has been a winning strategy for years, allowing the firm to expand from 1 London cafe to 110 facilities in 41 countries, it includes made Hard Rock and roll susceptible to financial fluctuations that struck the holiday business hardest

To make sure that customers are attracted to the Hard Rock Cafe, management has developed a good location strategy. Before deciding on a location, they'll carefully research market to check out a precise location. They'll also examine the timing to make certain that the overall economy will support a new cafe in that area. Once a cafe is opened up, it is viewed carefully and process and capacity design will enhance the menu, inventory, and layout as customer's tastes change.

Location management has chosen to franchise certain cafes to avoid risk and so the business will run smoother. They have also discontinued marketing just aim for cities popular for their tourism and have targeted smaller, less touristy locations to don't be hit so difficult by the changes in economy

Why it has been firstly opened in London?

Tendency in more suitable location

Analysis of location and other related elements

HRC has always catered to high visitor cities and vacation spots. In most large cities surrounding the world you will get a Hard Rock and roll Cafe. Making sure that the positioning of the procedure will hold the most exposure for the services that are being provided. Demographics play a essential role in the support of the product being provided. For instance Universal Studios Orlando is frequented by an incredible number of tourists yearly. When HRC chosen Universal Studios as you of these sites, they included in the process on how to accommodate for travellers and locals that filtration system thru the theme playground daily. HRC made a decision to add high tech lighting, tall standing pillars, and a level for concerts at Hard Rock live that accommodates 3, 000 people. Their design was that of the Roman Coliseum made of rock pillars. A couple of over 400 employees at HRC Orlando such as, wait staff, preparing staff, maintenance staff, and management. Once the center was complete, the Hard Rock and roll Cafe in Orlando stood as the greatest HRC on the planet and will serve more than 3, 500 dishes daily.

Layout design

Different designs for different contries, different tastes of contemporary society and asmosphere, location. different countries have the several representations. It offers every cafe may like the particular styles of appearance and bosom; it might be seen by some celebrities and still left the significant things ever before owned independently.

Ex: As one of the city's major music experience destinations, Hard Rock Cafe Manchester can hold a crowd as high as 450 guests and features a Rock and roll Shop, live concert level for shows and special occasions, and a Rock Lounge using its own cocktail bar available for private parties as high as 120 invited friends.

The Cafe's spectacular memorabilia collection and the majesty of this fabled city with nearby views of the National Collection, the Cultural Centre of Madrid, and the beautiful oceanic fountains of Intestines, will completely invigorate you, so get ready for the all night extravaganza, Hard Rock style

Like many franchise restaurants, HRCs derive from a couple of templates or blueprints, which can be chosen based on available space, expected traffic levels and customer stream. However, some of the properties are designed to be unique to fit into the adjoining architecture, or even to stand out. At a minimum, the design should not interrupt the movement of customers as they enter into and leave the facility. The normal location comes with an interior layout with a customer service counter with coordinator or hostess, a club, a lounge area, and a food preparation area.

Human resources and job design

Another key to an effective restaurant is to understand that employees desire to be an integral part of a team. Feeling important and part of this team goes quite a distance to making them want to stay with the employer

How many staff

Recruitment method and policies

Staff: Skill and interest of Rock

internal promotion coverage to enhance the commitment

Assessment of manager's performance.

Productivity of Personnel http://www. oppapers. com/essays/Hard-Rock-Operations-Management-And-Productivity/395373?topic

Hard Rock strives to make the work environment an enjoyable one. HRC ensures an sufficient amount of employees are appointed for maximum fruitful, while minimizing intense work responsibilities and jobs for employees. Employees are expected to create only within achievable means. The employee to production percentage is always well balanced and has a regular oversight.

Supply-chain management

While Hard Rock and roll is one of the most recognized brands in the world, this does not indicate its cafe is an all natural everywhere. Special factor must be given to the resource string for the restaurant and its accompanying shop. About 48% of the cafe's sales are from products. So the Supply Chain Management is vital. Supply chain umbrella includes: purchasing; inbound travelling; quality control; demand and supply planning; receiving, materials handling and storage area; materials or inventory control; order control; production planning, scheduling and control; warehousing, circulation; shipping; outbound travelling; customer support.

Productiveness is the key job of the resource chain management in Hard Rock

Outsourcing is a favorite method a big-scale corporation, like Hard Rock and roll, applying for its supply-chain management to boost working capital, inventory management and functioning margin.

Managing materials is a task in itself. Most of the restaurant industry is outsourcing to get the majority of their resources from vendors as its cheap. A lot of the memorabilia and souvenirs result from vendors to maximize inventories and stock while minimizing cost. The available inventory of items and products is dictated by the number of sales. HRC uses various formulas to compute what servings or items should be available by determining sales over a daily, every month and gross annual basis.


Store and serve food- Quality

Inventory management is mostly specifying the total amount and the utilization of goods. Management of products is essential to defend the normal span of consumption and creation against unexpected disturbances such as working out of materials. Inventory management is also the process of forecasting inventory, future inventory cost, and available space for goods and on demand substitution of goods. Balancing these areas of requirements enhances and ensures best inventory degrees of productivity.


Scheduling the large staff of bartenders, kitchen and wait around personnel, hostesses, and retail clerks is done based off of monitoring sales. When planning the timetable, they go through the previous year's sales and the tendencies for the last little while. They'll also consider any events which may be planned in the region at that time frame

shot-term forecasting to plan their services

Daily data from every single entrance

Record from musical events

Study on rush hour to allocate careers and human being resource

Just-in-time service

Employee scheduling can be an essential part of the day-to-day business process. In the scheduling process they examine factors such as approved employee requests, time of availableness, normal business hours, the business enterprise needs, shift deals, sick days, emergency leave, etc. HRCs prides on building a working arrangements that fits staff must create the right work environment which contributes to enhanced productivity. Change scheduling is a strategic challenge that requires satisfactory time, experience, and answers to manage the duty.


Quality control

Change menu and music

Website and Tv set channel.

Rock fest Job planned 9 calendar months in advance

Items at Hard rock and its own maintenance

Maintenance is mainly outsourced to private companies. Some of the hotels and casinos have maintenance departments on their property. Maintenance involves mending and troubleshooting any kind of mechanism or electronic device should it become out of order, busted, or not functioning properly. The larger properties have maintenance departments that provide 24 hour support. They are responsible for carrying out routine actions which keep devices in working order. Furthermore, these departments provide preventative maintenance along with corrective maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency and offer all products and services as they are advertised.

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