Introduction Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar Marketing Essay

Overlooking the well-known Peshawar course plus the historical Bala Hisar Fort, Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar is situated two kilometers away from the international airport. Simple yet lovely, it offers the mixture of fine dinner, matchless services and thorough business facilities, surpassing the guests, Expectations from the favorite Pearl Continental Hotel brand


Pearl continental chain in Pakistan is possessed by the Hashwani group under the hold company Pakistan Services Ltd (PSL) and Hashwani Hotels ltd correspondingly. The Pearl string was received by the group in 1985 at the same time when the representation of the hotel was faltering due to service inefficiencies at the moment the name of the hotel was transformed from Hotel Intercontinental to pearl continental, furthermore several work were designed to increase its image. These included new fixtures and fresh landscaping of the hotel groundwork as well as improvement of food and service through training of appropriate human resources.


We are committed to dynamic development and services brilliance built upon your heritage of traditional hospitality. We strive regularly meet and surpass friends, employees and other stake holder's expectation. We feel delight in making attempts to position Pakistan in the forefront of the international world.

Our main values

Growth and development

Competences and contribution as the sole basis for job security.

Promotion from within

Learning environment and opportunities

Provision of world-class education and training

Aligning people with latest technical trends

Recognition and Growth

Achievement orientation

Performance centered evaluation

Appreciation and incentives

Setting ever rising benchmarks of performance


Listening two way interaction

Participation and encouragement








Sense of ownership






Group of companies

Owing to the eye-sight of its creator Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani, (Hashoo Group of Companies) is a finest player in hospitality industry in Pakistan in view to the fact that its inception in 1972. It offers offered its respected friends warm welcome, flawless service plus supreme facilities guaranteeing a memorable experience.

Strategically situated at leading locations the hotels outfit to the business enterprise and leisure time needs of local and international market. So the Group's commitment to excellence, consideration to details and individualized services ensures a devoted guest website directory.

The task to control the hospitality interests of the Group led to the forming of two companies:

Hashwani hotels limited (HHL)

Marriot hotel Islamabad

Marriot hotel Karachi

Zaver Marriott hotel Gwader

Pakistan Services limited (PSL)

Pearl continental hotel Peshawar

Pearl continental hotal Rawalpindi

Pearl continental hotel Karachi

Pearl continental hotal Lahore

Pearl continental hotel Bhurban

Pearl continental hotel muzaffarabad

Goals and objectives

Customers services

Pearl continental hotel the most significant string of hotel in Pakistan sustains the typical of excellence that it's famed worldwide. With the hotels the skill and knowledge of hospitality are applied in excellence to offer the most luxurious ambience and a wealth of services to the guests who are as treasured as Pearls.


Investment in people and individuals resource development can be an ongoing process in the Hashoo group. New management theory and interval training programs are contained at all level of supervisory at managerial positions. Hashoo looks forward to imparting organized and scientific knowledge of the procedure of both tourism and hospitality business.


In order to maximize revenue through souring new business, different marketing preparations are being made such as joint ventures and exclusive marketing arrangements.

Growth profile

The outstanding development can be achieved with excellent services, improvement in interior decoration and facilities, variety of cuisine, growth/addition of banquet halls, upsurge in air travel catering business, and agreement to provide food at marriage parties.

Traditional parties

Pearl continental hotel is synonymous with a custom of personal services, efficiency, convenience and guest satisfaction. Repeat customer's business because of the exquisite delicacies and courteous services which give full value for money, is one of the most valuable assets

Health and protection Environment

PSL is determined with constantly shoot for higher benchmarks for health, security and environment for their employees, and friends. The hotel is very mindful to the occupational safeness and health issues and to cement their "environmentally friendly philopshy.


PSL is wanting to extend its activities in all major locations of the country and abroad also to play a pivotal role in the introduction of travel and leisure in Pakistan which can only just be achieved through continual support of the government, financial institutions, and of course our valued share holders

P-3: Conduct a SWOT and PESTLE audit of confirmed organization


Political factors add highly towards the business enterprise of any organization. Therefore the politics issues have great influence on business of any particular company. The instability of the country and increases fees are spoil the industry of every business. It include hotel industry as well, from previous five years every business facing challenges in portion, the deteriorating regulation and order situation in the country and continued large numbers of taxes, hotel industry would depend on vacationer, if the united states is not in security so how holiday will visit Pakistan, and also there is absolutely no proper infrastructure for beauty of province that foreigners come Pakistan and stay in hotels, the semester in foreigners tourist when on 11 Sept when blasting in PC Peshawar.

Economical factor

Almost all the political meetings, concerts, workshops, marriage party are kept in PC, Pearl continental hotel Peshawar has captured the majority of the higher school customers because of the strong economical ability. PC is more powerful than their competitors because they providing gym, sauna bath, pool, restaurant etc which provide them with edge on other Hotels, Personal computer were close Club B Q 24 months before however now again they open up it for his or her demand of customers, the purchasing ability of peoples were increased while instability make sure they are poor, but from last some months the condition of Peshawar is somehow fine, That may lead the businesses in good position.

Social factor

Socially Pearl continental hotel is more preferred hotel string to go to by its customers, as the Pearl continental hotel is dependant on Pakistani culture and traditional so its famous among the peoples and also famous worldwide by abundant culture, as the costs of Personal computer is high so Peshawar individuals would not come to Personal computer for foods, so actually they are targeting good income peoples and high standard people for the staying, Personal computer build a good image among customers and focusing on quality foods and services with their customers


All major credit are acceptable round the clock, Pearl continental hotel have most advanced technology for cooking food and modern cooking food recopies, from day-to-day utilities, to carpets, and antiques, our shopping area provides all, Personal computer have entering electronic doors, and they have camera fix system, the rooms having own credit cards which can gain access to through password, and every room have own refrigerator that have cool fruits there.


PC is 5 star hotel which is legalized properly recognized, and paid a tons tax to the united states in every province, and they also hire employees from the every province which is also good for society, they are paying a large quantity duty to the country, which can help the country in progress and they are highly recognized and standardized their services by ISO 9001.


Pearl continental hotel do not do anything about the weather changes, and environmental changes.

SWOT Evaluation of PC


From the questionnaire and observation and personal experience that possessed done it the key replies of customers about the key strengths of Laptop or computer are:

Those choose good area on road

One of the main strength is that Personal computer is in the hotel market from last 36 years

It also preserves quality in good quality food restaurants

Quality services in your brain of customers

Energetic personnel and be eligible staff

External clients are economically wealthy, PIA and cellphone companies

Foreigners are enticed towards only PC in the District

Embassies ambassadors also stay static in five star PC hotel

international tourist are drawn to PC, because of 2 kilometers destination from airport

Worldwide famous and high hotel chain in Pakistan

Luxurious and comfortable rooms in the province

All the facilities regarding, health, basic safety, security, picking and drop etc

High tradition food with great hospitality

History of hospitality

They provide custom smart in province

After starting hotel in Dubai it become international 5 star hotel chain

The key strength of Laptop or computer is its tone of voice mail credit card locking system for ideal security.


PC being an old hotel in history bares a hard weakness since old customers does not have a preference to go to the same hotel over & over.

They desire to see slightly new.

The famous declaring "OLD IS Silver" actually is the strength of this hotel as it diverts the interest of its customers back again to the luxuries provided to customers.

The extra weakness of PC lies in its phone system which is again an old system.

As Sheraton enjoys the great benefit of having latest technology that is it Tele-communication

Instability in Peshawar

Rich peoples of Peshawar most of them are traditional so didn't want to perform marriage ceremony in PC.


A kind of monopoly in province

The only 5 star hotel in the province

No specific competitors

Seminars are just as before a great opportunity for Laptop or computer as worldwide seminars are being in custody in the location if not in Laptop or computer Banquet halls which once more help PC to show its quality services as well as in this way people across the world come to the location and reserve rooms for themselves

Parities wedding along with other extra circular activities are chance to help PC separate its name.

If IELTS test are transfer from Islamabad to Peshawar so it would be the biggest chance of them, they'll take IELTS test in Computer.

If the health of Peshawar is stable for overseas come to Peshawar for investment, so they'll stay at PC.


Threads from different terrorist group

Law along with order situation can also be a danger like attacks. If rules along with order not uphold throughout the united states people round the world would stay away from Pakistan of course, if people won't come if so there will be no tourist usually are not will book the rooms.

As if products fails with customer at Laptop or computer like if indeed they negotiate for a room and PC struggles to fulfill their fulfillment they can always walk over the road and simply blow.

P-4: Apply anybody Strategic positioning approach (Value String) to the research of given organization

Strategic Positioning:

Strategic Positioning regarding to me is the purposeful positioning of your brand in order to foster the MINDSET that you would like inside the mind of your audience. This may have a direct impact on the prices you are able to impose as well as the entire level of authority your readers give you on your subject. Obviously, you almost certainly want them to truly like you and like what you have to state. But, when we start taking this into the realm of business, it doesn't always translate into income. Strategic positioning is the way you position your organization, business model and offerings by examining your marketplace, quickly changing environment, futuristic developments, competition, consumers and leveraging it to your advantage.

Value String:

Value chain evaluation sometimes appears as the prosperity of new opportunities for companies that catch right customers, design a customer-responsive source chain, produce a flexible and affordable supply chain and make use of the right technologies to permit their business model Supply chain management is being increasingly looked upon as a source of sustainable competitive advantage by reducing costs intelligently, without at all minimizing value for the customers.

The analysis of Value string analysis is also ideal for me in understanding, what exactly are the various technological systems used, resources of raw materials, inventory management methods, warehousing management techniques, the current scenario of source chain practices completed by various junk food companies and exactly how effective are they in pursuing their standards and how does it can help to overall economy of the united states. It also helps me in understanding the current opportunities in Supply chain sector and requirements of experts in companies and helps me in producing the required skills and capabilities necessary to be the part of Value chain analysis in a reputed business.

Value chain examination in Computer:

The main three things to consider in any supply string management are:

Managing Product

Information flow

Funds flow

Managing product :

Raw materials: Chicken, fruit and vegetables, cheese, etc

Raw material suppliers: Reliance and even more (vegetables), Fowl (Venky's)

Distribution channel (logistics associates) : Personal computer does not have any any logistics partner as all the circulation of materials are done by specific suppliers and Computer head office also has its own circulation channel around Pakistan.

Information move :

Communication stations: Personal computer uses email and telecommunication route for interacting with PC head office and suppliers like Reliance, More, and Venky's.

Funds flow :

Funds Moves i. e. the amount of money repayment to suppliers and other debtors are done by using a bank account. Each and every PC store has its own bank-account and the payment of each shop is performed by Head office (Karachi) through this bank-account on a regular monthly bases.

Drivers of Value chain management in Laptop or computer:

Facilities : (Production/storage):

As PC follow a centralized system for everyone its raw materials or elements are stored and produced at the individual Computer stores. The storage area of some items is done for monthly bases and few for weakly bases.

Responsive V/S Efficiency:

PC follows the Efficiency approach to syndication of materials in all over Pakistan. With help of the distribution method it is able to reduce the time involved with activity of goods from one route to other route member and then achieving the customer, in a position to reduce the carriage cost and possessing cost involved with responsive method of distribution.

Inventory : (Natural Materials, Work In Process, Done goods)

Raw material like chicken, fruit and vegetables, etc are provided from the local market of Pune like Reliance, More, Venky's, etc all these are taken care of on weakly bases and work in process items and finished goods are managed on daily bases and are stored in Laptop or computer shop only.

Sourcing : (Outsourcing)

PC has not outsourced any of its processes to any other company; all the businesses and techniques are maintained by PC HQ (Pakistan) Karachi and other by individual PC shop itself.

Inventory Pattern:

Type of review accompanied by PC:

PC practices a regular review way for all its process like inventory maintenance except the substances supplied by Personal computer Karachi which is managed on regular bases. Periodic review involves:

Monitoring at periodic intervals

Quantity placed as the total amount consumed during this interval.

Time between your orders is set.


In overall analysis of Value chain analysis, it has been observed that PC in all over Pakistan practices a similar design of Supply string that permits it to lessen time involved to attain end customers and reduce expenditures in supply string. Eventually it is able to reach and match its end customers needs and would like at an acceptable or customer acceptable rates all over Pakistan.

In short I could say the Value chain analysis of Personal computer has an optimistic impact on profit maximization by considering following points:

PC (HQ) Karachi equipment ingredients to all or any its wall plug by its own transportation network around Pakistan

PC has no logistics partners they are self sufficient and useful to all or any logistic operation involved with reaching the customers.

PC practices a regular review system to keep trail on all its inventory and market demand.

P-5: Demonstrate capability to think strategically

Strategic thinking as a development of learning therefore you transform thoughts into simple fact by growing one's capability in team work, problem solving, as well as critical thinking. You need to see it as a tool to help a small business or else group deal with change, sketch for and make transitions, and foresee new options moreover opportunities. Proper decision maker ought to be flexible, be a powerful decision machine on their own, and deal with good relation ships in the company of co-workers. For instance, when organizations with similar wellbeing create tactical alliances, they can be much more prone to achieve their goals and so forth followers may also be sympathetic insiders. A good aspirant should become aware of these concepts, a sympathetic older bureaucrat in the right organization who knows a task can also grant the most help you. Finding such a person and encouragement that romantic relationship shows plan.

A clear defining of the goals as well as aims of the movements; classification of competitors; shipping out a SWOT evaluation; imagining and in performance scenarios; identifying most important in addition to secondary targets; identifying allies; deciding what property are required (salaries, expenditures, other); devising strategy; sketching up an action program.

Strategic thinking and SWOT Examination: It is simpler to create better and more valuable choices after identifying advantages, weaknesses, opportunities, additionally hazards. A SWOT analysis can be practical to a situation, a suggestion, a person, or a business and is crucial for good decision-making.

Strategic thinking and Firm: Corporation, Observation, Views (environmentally friendly view, industry view, the job view, as well as the measurement view), Traveling causes, and ideal position. The candidate's ability to establish his/her ideal area in clear, tactical terms is plus.

P-6: Prepare and proper plan for given organization

Strategy developing process

Strategy plus tactical planning will include taking a positive methodology that evaluates all activities based how well the experience moves the business enterprise toward its center goals. Strategy is itself a route of an organization which achieves advantages for the business throughout it resources inside a challenging environment to meet the needs of the marketplace and to match the expectations with their stake holders and the marketplace as well.

Strategy is along term short-term and intermediate conditions. And for reaching the goals but it's clear that whenever organization is focusing on their future therefore the usage of maybe it's along term. It's clear that strategy is future focused. Proper management process that includes three phase: strategic planning and identification, formulation, and execution. Strategic management is an ongoing process to develop and adjust future oriented strategies that let a business to accomplish its objectives, considering its capabilities, limitation, and the surroundings in which it activate.

Strategic planning and diagnosis

The first rung on the ladder of our developing of strategic of any company company should indulge itself in tactical planning. Because plan is the first step to produce a decision and to bring the near future in present whichever firms want to achieve it in future can calculate it through planning. And planning is the first rung on the ladder for achievements of strategic there fore planning indicates to organization way or avenue for reaching its goals and targets. This then contributes to strategy development covering the following issues discussed in more detail below:


It's described and shows that future intended position of a firm. And it demonstrates what company want to achieve which is primary objective of Strategy Bridge.


Show the reason and living reason of firm and forward looking visionary goal that help and guide the quest for future opportunities.

Core value

It shows core values are view details that are distributed among the list of stake holders of a business. It drives from firm culture and its own top priorities.


Its another specific step that corporation and it is procedure for planning of that firm made what organization want to achieve and objective of firm should be specific measurable, attainable, and reasonable and timed.


It's a affirmation which suggests what organization desires to accomplish in future and it a high level accomplishment the various between goals and aim that goals is designed for long conditions while target are for short term.

The second step or procedure for strategy company analysis executing situation and research the market and their current position on the market and all the environment factors that could be internal examination of organization and external. Specifically, strategies are strategies for accomplishment objectives and goals. The center goal is the most crucial long term target organized for the businesses and goals are short term steps in moving the business enterprise on the way to that destination. All activities or techniques should endure an objective and all goals should support the target. This step of proper planning insures that actions for which the business enterprise spends its resources all donate to goal as well as objective but tactical planning involves much more than this so in this level business recognizes and evaluates existing objective strategic objectives strategies along with plus strength and weakness of firm which is analysis and examines and firm own performance and capacities.

Furthermore, external

The internal evaluation of company can identify by durability weakness of firm and BCG matrix model while the environment examination assesses the macroeconomic monetary growth interest and currency activity which can be identify through PEST analysis and Michael five factors. In the same way clarifies other critical issues in this regard group make plan and arranged its future goal and for achieving it arranged a strategies.


To define for the business how can best complete also to specify where and how the organization will contend furthermore ensure that changes in strategy are associated with changes in the planning and execution process. Clarify the restrictions of permissible change. Likewise, define where you can contend differentiators how to remain competitive make a technique map financial model and strategic change agenda. This stage has three areas of strategy involve. Make technique for corporate and business level business level and functional level strategy.


It is an exaction step being paid it done step is and this is very significant step because strategy fails scheduled to not properly implemented. This looks easy if not obvious but in practice can be extremely difficult. When utilizing the strategy, it is obviously advantageous to stay aware left over versatile to changes in the surroundings. Interesting people at an expressive level with the strategy is vital to ensure that the strategies do well.

Strategy Evolution

The finishing level in proper management is strategy evaluation along with control. All strategies are focus to future oriented for the reason that internal and external causes are regularly changing. Here the strategy evaluation furthermore control process business verify if the chosen strategy is reaching the organization purpose. The principal strategy analysis and control activities are; critiquing internal along with exterior forces that are the bases for present strategies calculating performance in addition if any deviations appear it taking corrective activities. The process of strategy analysis includes of three activities:

Review the essential forces on which strategy was developed and examine that does indeed there may be any change in those forces.

compare the real performance with budget performance (standard performance)

Take corrective action regarding to requirements or modification of deviations:

Strategy at different degrees of business strategies can be found at several levels in virtually any firm raging from the entire business through individual working in it.

P-7: Evaluate possible option strategies (Deliberate and Emergent Strategies)

Emergent strategies happen from lots of random selections, perhaps made reduce the hierarchy, that they may not initially be recognized as being of proper importance.

Emergent strategies develop out of habits of behaviors in contrast, to designed or deliberate strategies that are enforced from above the hierarchy.

(Source Business strategy course reserve page 138)

Intended strategies are those areas of plans which can be actually came to the realization are called deliberate strategies. While emergent strategies are those that develop out of design of behaviors. The duty of tactical management is to control and form these emergent strategies as they develop.

PC's management possessed explicitly planed market diversification strategy in order to increase their market talk about and profits by introducing services along with various other facilities but credited to recent terrorists episode, inflation, and poor security conditions of Pakistan have made their customers unwilling to go to hotels and restaurants which eventually struck Computer plan so before choosing technique for PC we have to evaluate their strategy.


The strategy of market development is not suited to PC at this time in other words; it does not gratify the goals of Personal computer and cannot maintain their competitive advantages as a result of poor security condition of Pakistan.


Their strategy cannot be implemented in inflation and in this unpredictable situation because this strategy requires huge purchases and in this kind of situation customers won't want to go to hotels and restaurants.

Acceptability to stakeholder

In current situation they'll not meet their stakeholders' anticipations i. e. high come back on investments, development, high cash flow and market capitalization.

Therefore Laptop or computer should select other technique for those emerging habits. Ansoff development vector matrix can help PC in choosing the best alternative technique for the existing situation. Ansoff matrix can be seen below:






Leading market share

Strong presence in Western market


Specific location oriented packages

Low cost packages



Concentrating on Russia, India and China

Could make their existence in road transportation


(Source: Designed from Ansoff (1988) as cited in Johnson et al. (2005)

The strategies along with their advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below:

Market penetration strategy: -

In this plan Laptop or computer can increase their sales by sitting competitive prices, advertising and sales promotion in their current market.


PC can secure dominance of growth markets.

It will help them in generating out their competition.


Current uncertainties make a difference this strategy because keeping all eggs in one container is not without dangers.

Setting lower prices, sales advertising can lower their revenue for a while being.

Product development strategy

It is the kick off of services (innovation) to existing market. It'll give the following advantages to Laptop or computer:


It will power their competitors to innovate.

New comers won't stand up against Computer for competition.


The drawbacks are the expense and risks.

Diversification strategy

Diversification occurs when a business decides to make new products for new market segments. Some are related diversification and some are unrelated diversification. So Personal computer can do related diversification like they can start a marriage hall which also provides food items in marriages.

ADVATAGE: -It offers increased prospects for his or her growth

DISADVANTAGE: -It is risky strategy as well, having many characteristics of new business start ups.

P-8: Select a proper future technique for a given organization

Future strategy: "defines the future course of activities, including those that identify resources required in future and exactly how to achieve a standard purpose in the future

(Source: Glossary of course book (strategies) page 309)

New technique for PC

The strategy should be based on the current condition of Pearl Continental Hotel, the strategy is approximately the Buffet of Pearl Continental Hotel that how they may enhance their sales through this strategy, and exactly how they achieve their goals by this particular strategy, so subsequent steps are making this strategy complete whether its gain profitable for Computer or not. Every group does marketing mixture for the successful marketing operation.


This includes the physical product or service that your business is offering to the clients, where Pearl continental hotel provide foods to their customers by means of buffet, where customers can enjoy the various types of foods in large quantity, and they can make among varieties of foods for the nighttime time, Pearl continental hotel should in the control of services that what exactly are we offering to the clients, are we offering effective foods to them or not. The food should be tasty and delicious, foods titles are, chowmein, fried rice, egg grain, fry chicken, hen Qoarma, poultry palao, France fries, yellow grain, while in the category of Club. B. Q, roast fowl, small meats, seekh kabab, Reeta, chicken breast boti, different food preparation of small beef, and Sweet place should be brilliant, different type of Sweets, Kheer, Kheer with different taste, Furoni with different preference, jelly, glaciers cream, plus much more in this section. Chinese dishes also available, (Study). A lot of people of Peshawar they prefer to eat Meats, small meats for eating not beef of Bakra.


This second area of the marketing promotion mixture is how much you are available your service or product for. This can are the total cost of ownership as well. As Pearl continental hotel is the 5 star hotel in the province, and they provide buffet because of their customers at night, so they were charging 1500 Rs for buffet, so they will fee more price as compare with their competitors, and Computer vision and mission is to provide custom services with their customers, and offer excellent hospitality to them, as from the market survey majority of folks like the surroundings of PC, so it is makes them high cost if customer want to go in that beautiful atmosphere, and market review also tell us that they should decrease their high price so that's why it ought to be not very high, so in new strategy the price should be 1200 rupees per person only, while in their old strategy they charging much more rupees, so that it will increase their customers, In new strategy we reduce the cost, so more customer will visit buffet as compare to old one and this new strategy Frigid beverages will also provided to the customers, such as Dew and Pepsi, and also Wah drinking water. The majority of buffet restaurants are charging buffet cost without Drink, however in new strategy it would be with buffet cost, because if customers will drinks more so they cannot eat even more, because their abdominal will be full, and also these Drinks have more calories from fat so once time they get the calorie consumption so their capability to eat will be less.


This is where you can buy your service or product. In the marketing mixture, this is often called the circulation channel. Pearl continental hotel can make a very beautiful place for the buffet in hotel; it'll be "Top of mind" terminology, once time customer see the placement area and she or he just like to see it again and again, the design should be Top of brain, and customers fascinated towards the placement of food items. The adornment of the area should be very nice.


Promotion covers all of the several ways you choose to communicate your business to the consumers. Television set, radio, internet ads, coupons, etc. in this new strategy the promotion part is very important for the obtaining of business goal, more recently the value of promotion is increasing day by day, Pearl continental hotel should advertise their services on electronic digital marketing, on Avt Khyber route while also concentrate on billboard, because effective billboards are attract customers and they trying to learn about the new things in PC. So both of these things will lead the sales of Laptop or computer up, while in new strategy the price tag on buffet is not much so more customers will come and it'll increase the Computer sales.

Image in customers

in this new strategy the image of pearl continental hotel will be familiar, and no person will think twice that be it costing high price or not, because the price range is normal now so everyone will willing to come and get maximum satisfaction from their buffet.

The main push of the marketing promotion mixture is optimizing these 4 P's and utilizing them in Computer hotel to get maximum result. As you get familiar with what's expected from your service or product, you can tailor the marketing blend to serve your pursuits better. Changing price, adding sales locations, increasing or changing advertisements can all help you increase overall consumer reaction to the product and services.


In this new strategy Computer target high class people, however in this strategy normal school people can also take part it, because if middle level people would like to go Shiraz hotel for 750 Rs, for buffet, you will want to come Laptop or computer to for 1000 Rs only, since there is a tons difference in Personal computer and other restaurants, Laptop or computer image, Five star hotel, brilliant atmosphere, so what a customer want more? And much more than 30 types of foods in kinds, PC have different part for Sweets as well. So customer recognizes more than us, what things to choose and what not, they may be more mindful and aware from types and features of food, in this new strategy people will love to taste the Personal computer foods, and they can fill up the space between PC hotel and other restaurants. So it will increase their sales.

Strategic implementation

Implementing a strategy successfully depends on selecting the right blend of organizational composition, control systems, and culture. Companies need to monitor and oversee the strategy execution process to accomplish superior profitability.

The main issues in building organization structure are how to group tasks, functions, and divisions; how to allocate power and responsibility; and how to use integrating mechanisms to improve coordination between functions.

Strategic control provides the monitoring and motivation systems essential to make an organizational framework work as intended and extends corporate governance down to all levels inside the company. The main sorts of proper control system are productivity control and bureaucratic control, rewards systems, and control through information technology

At the practical level, each function takes a different blend of structure and control system to accomplish its functional targets.

At the business level, structure, control, and culture must be merged in a manner that helps them execute their business-level strategy and control the associations among all the functions.

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