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In this article, we are employing Johnson & Johnson as the business for our tactical global business alternatives project report. Introduction is shaped as the simple background of Johnson & Johnson. The concentration of this article will be placed on J&J's subsidiary - Johnson & Johnson, Band of Consumer Companies, Inc. Johnson & Johnson. We are focusing and relating this record on the infant product line of Johnson & Johnson.

The strategic initiatives of Johnson & Johnson's skills, strategy, staff, composition, system and distributed worth will be discussed and evaluated in this survey. We investigated their company functions so as to better understand those to permit effective decision makings. A political economic examination is conducted to provide global risk insights for Johnson & Johnson that is beneficial to J&J control those dangers as potential and risk. In relation to Johnson & Johnson `s baby care products, Porter`s makes model is used to analyze the competitive benefit of the firm. One of the key understandings would be that the middle-high rivalry exists with less volume of competitors on Baby Good care product line from competitor like California Baby, Simple. SWOT analysis show that Johnson & Johnson holds strong competitive advantages after assessing its pros and cons despite of a few disadvantages of global standardization strategy. The progress strategy of Johnson & Johnson will be picked predicated on both interior and exterior environment factor for the three years plan. These diagnoses are in reference to the SWOT analysis based on the business resources - assets, intellectual property, and people. Lastly, the settings of entrance will be damaged by the several inner factors in this report. It consists of internal need, technology know-how, management know-how as well as pressure for cost lowering.

The recommendation part would provide several suggestions for the improvement of Johnson & Johnson through the business structure and Man Source Management.


We have chosen to work on Johnson and Johnson (J&J) for our tactical global business solutions project report for this is a worldwide American pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer packed goods maker founded in 1886. With an increase of than 250 subsidiary companies positioned in 57 countries across the world and having its products sold in over 175 countries, J&J is a outlined company evident with its listing among Lot of money 500 and registering its stock with NASDAQ (NYSE: JNJ). Which has a diverse range of products bought from global marketplaces, J&J adopted the business strategy of global standardization whereby there is limited customization necessary for its products for target is located on having customers' recognise and identify J&J as a household brand.

Focus of the report will be located on J&J's subsidiary - Johnson & Johnson, Group of Consumer Companies, Inc.


As Johnson & Johnson is a global manufacturer numerous subsidiaries on a worldwide range, J&J would employ the service of its employees by using a stringent procedure for selection and concentrate on one's performance. This implies that J&J recruits folks of experience and capability with a global way of thinking - hires third-country countrywide (TCN), indicating that recruitment of individuals is mainly dependent on being consistent with J&J's organizational framework.


With the objective of market expansion and maximizing earnings in order to be responsible with their stockholders, J&J followed the business strategy of global standardization. Choice of global standardization strategy is because J&J's concentration is located on lowering costs and that there is limited dependence on customization of products for this generally the same apart from minor changes in the products' packaging.


The employees of J&J can be said to be well encouraged to help J&J has provided their employees with many incentives ranging from personal to performance benefits (i. e. twelve-monthly incentive reward, long-term incentive awards, and severance benefits). As J&J have high expectations on their employees, J&J delivers their employees on regular worker training that clocks typically 8 hours or even more every year (i. e. leadership development and management education in fields like money and marketing). J&J also makes sure that their workers are motivated by giving them the to voice one's opinion on company issues through J&J's Credo study.


J&J's organizational structure is dictated by its commercial strategy. J&J primarily implemented a decentralized approach to management however in the first 1900s, modified it to a far more standardized strategy for J&J's top professionals pointed out that their subsidiaries aren't well-positioned on a worldwide platform to serve customers immediately. The change in corporate and business management allowed J&J to mitigate limits posed by the decentralization way. One illustration would be J&J having categorized all subsidiaries into three categories namely, consumer, pharmaceutical and professional. The chairman of each category is given the duty of identifying opportunities for leveraging services and expertise across companies in every market and the franchise managers assigned the responsibility of coordinating cross-company sales of a family group of products (e. g. baby care products in US, France, Australia). The centralized management methodology benefits J&J for this provides J&J's top management a better view of its global procedures and have the ability to effectively deal with and integrate its global businesses. This resulted in the success of J&J in being globally effective in terms of procedures for cost of production is lowered in conditions of minimizing redundancies and duplications through the processing and developing process.


In the business enterprise of health care, Johnson & Johnson is encouraged and united by the common goal: to look after medical and well-being of the folks they serve around the world. Caring drives the folks of Johnson & Johnson in their try to make the world an improved and healthier place through exactly what they do. It is core to their business strategy and initiatives, the programs and partnerships that they build, the positions that they undertake public coverage issues, and their look after the environment.

As the business moves onward, it is constantly on the push the development envelope as coordinated activities under the centralized control, infusing superior technology and ingenuity into every product they make and every project which the company undertakes. The task of the J&J functions as something in which "build from within" group, as 95% of these people start at entry level and then improve and prosper throughout the organization. This not only creates many wonderful opportunities to expand and advance, it creates a particular camaraderie among fellow J&Jers, many of whom arrived up through the ranks together.

Johnson &Johnson developed this credo which speaks about their quest statements, views and their pledges to the clients and modern culture. Robert Lumber Johnson, previous chairman from 1932 to 1963 and an associate of the Company's founding family, built Our Credo himself in 1943, just before Johnson & Johnson became a publicly exchanged company. This was a long time before anyone have you ever heard the term "corporate public responsibility. "

WILLIAMC. WELDON is the chairman, Table of Directors, and CEO of Johnson &Johnson. He needs pride in the organization work types of procedures and summarize their operation of the day-to-day work is about their response to the unmet needs of their patients and customers and also their response to the needs of their colleagues; their reaction to assisting the global areas in which they live and work; finally, their respond to the decision for research and technology in health care.


The parent or guardian company of Johnson & Johnson which is Procter & Gamble (P&G) has been pioneering products in almost 50 different categories and their baby products will be the function where this statement will be concentrating on.

As the company moves forward, it is constantly on the push the development envelope every day, infusing superior technology and ingenuity into every product they make and every task which the company undertakes. The procedure of the J&J functions as a system where "build from within" corporation, as 95% of their people start at entry level and then progress and prosper throughout the business.

This not only creates many wonderful opportunities to develop and advance, it creates a particular camaraderie among fellow J&Jers, many of whom came up up through the ranks together.

This also talks about why their hiring process is so thorough. J&J `s system is really as such that they may be not just offering a job, they expect you to increase into one of their future market leaders. From day one you'll help develop or support enjoyable brands you know while working on projects that have a direct effect on their global, $61. 9 billion sales in '09 2009.

Shared Values

Johnson &Johnson`s management design of helping to condition and establish what health insurance and well-being means in every day lives. Their products, services, ideas and supplying now touch the lives of at least one billion people every day. They credit their power and strength to a regular approach to handling their business, and the character of the people. They can be led in everything they actually by their Credo, a management doc authored more than 60 years ago by Robert Hardwood Johnson, previous chairman from 1932 to 1963, and by four strategic principles.

Their company style is deeply rooted in their Credo and deeply in filtered into their employees and leaders. Johnson & Johnson `s system is such that their overarching beliefs which leads their business is their Credo, a deeply organised set of worth that have dished up as the proper and moral compass for generations of Johnson & Johnson market leaders and employees.

Above all, their Credo issues them to place the needs and well-being of folks they serve first. In addition, it speaks to the duties they need to their workers, to the communities in which we live and work and the entire world community, also to our shareholders. They believe that their Credo is a blueprint for long-term development and sustainability that's as relevant today as when it was written.

The company behavioral style is that their beliefs embodied in their Credo guide the actions of the folks of the Johnson & Johnson Category of Companies in any way levels and in all parts of the earth. They did so for more than 60 years. These Credo prices extend with their accounting and financial reporting tasks. Their management is responsible for timely, accurate, reliable and objective financial assertions and related information. As such:

They maintain a well-designed system of internal accounting control buttons.

They encourage strong and effective commercial governance off their Plank of Directors.

They continuously review their business results and tactical choices.

They give attention to financial stewardship.

Synergistic teams

All of the aforementioned of Johnson & Johnson `s skills, strategy, staff, structure, system, personnel and distributed value formed along and proved helpful in cohesively to create a synergistic team of labor force that oversee the whole procedure from sourcing materials, production lines, manufacturing to research and development (R&D). It is seen as that a synergy is the or push created by the working collectively of varied parts or procedures. In Johnson & Johnson, the baby care products will be the consequence of synergy and quality reassurance as offer by the company.

External Environment

Environment can't be controlled; therefore we should analyze the surroundings first then show the strategy that also reflects the organization framework subsequently.

Political Current economic climate Analysis

The political economy of a nation defines the varieties of interdependence amidst the political, economical, and legal systems, and also demonstrates they interact and influence one another.

Political systems

The system of government in a region defined as politics system which divided the 200 plus world entities into 2 dimensions that are the degree of collectivism versus individualism and the amount of democracy versus totalitarianism. More nearly, individuals would be attached together to achieve the common or collective goals in the high framework country, like South Korea, Japan, those people concentrate on the benefits associated with world and long-term romance; individualism means democratic political systems and free market economies like People in america have free privileges to vote in election. Myanmar, North Korea become the totalitarianism that government absolutely handled by one person or political party. Whereas, China are present the greyish area that it's been a move toward better individual free market economies, but the government is still a totalitarian dictatorship.

If the politics systems are high secure, the company would be decentralized; normally, the company would focus in the low stable situation. But the politics systems in say Japan (i. e. change in 3 prime ministers since 2007) is relatively unstable when compared with that of other Parts of asia like Singapore, the Japanese government is more wide open in terms of local market access of multinational companies.

Economic systems

In market overall economy, production is determined by the connection of demand and supply; besides, the government stimulates free and fair competition between private providers, the staff of governments like the fantastic Britain, US and France. The aim of command market is 'the good of society'; all companies are state managed in command economy, such as Thailand, South Korea, and Indonesia. India is the typical example of combined economy in which certain areas of the current economic climate are still left to private possession and free market mechanisms while other industries have status significant ownership and government planning.

The company would decentralize in the consistent economy system or focus in the inconsistent economy system.

Legal systems

For a small business that operates internationally, understanding different legal systems play an important role of the process. Legal aspects help to facilitate business operations so therefore it is very crucial and essential for international business operators with an understanding of the different legal systems about the world.

Companies must consider the legal buildings of the country where they operate in. Globalization reduces barriers between countries and bring country together in a global platform. But increasing investment among countries also helps it be more difficult for those in various cultures to comprehend the guidelines of other countries. It is important to check out the legal system of the country in which business is conducted or the government has the right to have legal activities taken should laws and regulations be not comply.

International Business Laws

Businesses operate in a global in which the laws and regulations of different government authorities and judicial systems might discord as they originated from different cultures. Hence, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the legal system and also know how does business legislations impacts commerce in the business's own country and overseas. The impacts of international business on business law facilitate the inclusion of specifications in their company rules or procedures that solve these challenging and intricate issues.

Social ethnic environment

According to Geert Hofstede Cultural Theory, the global sociable culture around classify as 4 proportions which regarded as 'costs'.

Individualism versus Collectivism

The individualism and individual success is common in the American Countries, both negative and positive implementation in individualism. The positive part is exhibited in competition between individuals alternatively than collective teams and the person get pay-for-performance desire to compete within organization especially in the dynamism folks economy that prompted person to take risks and tried out new things with original ideas (i. e. Steve Careers). However, the individualists just concentrate task-based, they can not create a strong and long-term romantic relationship with others which is the good thing about collectivism. US, Canada & Australia is the classical individualist staff that are different from Asia (i. e. South Korea, China) act as collectivists.

Power Distance

The degree of popularity of hierarchy or inequality is available among the organization, the higher power distance (i. e. Japan, Vietnam) represent in the decision making by the seniorities and praise as the status, position and encounters; in contrast, your choice making and specialist took by the task consultant and pay-for-performance compensation represented in low electricity distance culture like Denmark and UK.

Uncertainty Avoidance

The degree of tolerance for doubt and ambiguous situation, the low uncertainty avoidance displays the high risk taker and adaptability of new things (i. e. Australia, Singapore); the high uncertainty displayed the reduced tolerance for uncertainty issues like France and Italy, those countries need the structured organization or guidelines to obey so that People from france and Italians are difficult to get over the culture shock when they dispatched as expatriate managers.

Masculinity versus Femininity

Whether the differences of work in gender tasks accepted in modern culture, Japan and China should be masculine population; the careers of gender are specific and form a male dominating population and person more concentrate on financial and materials possessions. Alternatively, gender tasks are overlapping in the femininity country, such as Thailand and Finland, people in those countries focus more on standard of living. Therefore, in the femininity countries, the purchasing electricity of lifestyle is relatively high which explain an appealing way to Johnson & Johnson develop.

Overall analysis

Those external surroundings provide global risk insights for Johnson & Johnson that is beneficial to J&J control those risks as potential and risk to consider good thing about the comparative international business technique to form and conform organization framework in the long-term.

Competitive Advantages - Poster's Five Forces

Degree of Rivalry

The middle-high rivalry is present with less quantity of opponents on Baby Treatment products, like California Baby, Simple; but Johnson &Johnson is dominant in the infant Care industry and the economies of range so that the firm shows less extreme competition. The cost of competitive advantage and promotions are relatively high, like the advertising and savings; on top of that, J&J has over hundreds background and good image of Corporate Friendly Responsibility (CSR) end result them continue to be competitive alternatively than leave the industry. Next, the high rate of growth display the middle-high competitive situation overall on the market.

Threat of new entrants

The dangers of new entrants should be low despite of low barriers of entrance in the signals of low costs of set-up. The brand equity of J&J is relatively high and it offers great impacts on the market so that a sizable quantity of suppliers choose to sign contracts with it rather than the new entrants that gain for improving suppliers' brand and interesting more income, Lafe's Body Care and attention is an example of new entrant who release a new baby care product line lately.

In addition to the transitioning charges for customers, customers are keen on the brand with quality guarantee using for baby or not the less discrepancy of prices.

Threat of substitutes

Some baby care products from say Pigeon Firm and Drapolene are recommended by doctors (i. e. accountable to babies), but lack in brand recognition acknowledged by customers as renowned brands and the ones products are not much easier to buy or package deal of those products are not lightweight for customers to bring; compared with them, Johnson & Johnson baby maintenance systems differ from they may be bought in almost of most supermarkets under the world-wide circulation channels and become convenient to transport about. Hence, risks of substitutes should be low.

Power of Buyers

There are a whole lot of alternatives for customers donate to the high bargaining vitality of customers, especially for the price-sensitive customers, who are want to the high-quality products with the lower costs in the traditional theory research. However, J&J's Baby Maintenance systems are considered as the fundamental healthy pharmacy products for baby by an amount of loyal customers. All in all, the bargaining power of customers should be low-to-middle as its healthy baby brand image developed in customers' brain round the world, even the adult females choose to but baby products to service their skins.

Power of Suppliers

There are thousands of suppliers to provide the materials, goods and services that allow J&J Family of Companies to create products, supply office buildings and other facilities to service customers surrounding the world. J&J focused on dealing with small and diverse suppliers in conditions of their abilities to support its long-run development objectives and add value to its business through providing the progressive solutions to their marketing, making and R&D efforts.

Even though the various inputs from the suppliers, the competitive situations also are present among suppliers and large amount of substitute inputs donate to the low electricity of suppliers.

Financial environment

Analysis on J&J's procedure results is vital for this allows its stakeholders to gain an insight how J&J is accomplishing on the global platform and whether the management strategy utilized needs to be regular or transformed according to future market projections.

Looking at J&J's world wide web sales figures within the last 5 years (Appendix 1), accumulated from J&J's 2009 twelve-monthly report, we visit a generally consistent growth in its net sales. Though there's a dip in worldwide sales physique of 2. 9% ($61. 9 billion) from 2008, this can be accounted with J&J's shelling out for research and development ($7 billion) as well as acquisitions and collaborations. Although this may cause a decrease in J&J's sales margin, it'll benefit the business in the long-run whereby gains will be reaped after results on investment. Presently, J&J is expanding its functions in the BRIC countries (i. e. Brazil, Russia, India, and China) as well as other fast-developing markets. This should be a extended task of J&J for at least another 3 years to increase its gains and increase its global market show. That is inline with J&J's organizational perspective - "drive superior business results and sustainable competitive advantage".

Internal Environment

Value Chain

J&J's corporate eyesight, "to maximise the global electric power of diversity and inclusion to operate a vehicle superior business results and sustainable competitive gain" is consistent with its corporate purpose of revenue and progress. Both J&J's eyesight and concentration has direct implication on its commercial structure. This is reflected upon the process within J&J's value-chain.

In conditions of J&J's organizational composition, Human source of information management (HRM) plays a essential role in the direct success of J&J as an organization for it is folks, most valued advantage, that donate to reaching the goals and objectives of J&J. At the moment, J&J hires experienced and competent leaders to bring the business to greater heights and J&J will not stop there. J&J provides all top professionals in training which include authority development and management education in domains like finance and marketing. J&J prioritizes on the professional development of each staff for J&J think that they have the capability in developing market leaders within the organization by exposing them to diverse domains and giving employees heavier duties to examine their ability. As mentioned above where personnel drive is important, we as consultants assume that J&J should continue to train their workers and appraise the performance of employees within the next three years. This is so that J&J would be able to make smarter use of the employees' capabilities and talents which will benefit the organization in the long-run when employees are faithful to J&J.

Focusing on J&J's consumer goods of baby products, the in-bound logistics ties in with procedures before linking with outbound logistics, sales marketing and lastly, providing businesses and consumers with service. J&J's in-bound logistics would include the purchasing of raw materials needed for the making of baby products and storing the raw materials in various selected warehouses. Operations will then occur whereby factory employees would have to work along a production belt by making use of machines and keep maintaining quality assessments as well as bottling of baby products. J&J would then distribute the ready products into pots for delivery, in allocated warehouses or right to retailers and distributors. To aid J&J's employees in convenient dispersal of information to sales staff, they have made use of MultiAid to solve all marketing resource management needs. This enhances J&J's functional efficiency and gives the business a head start property management for product image, captured data and circulation to retail trade areas is quickly accessible to employees with one go through the computer system.

With regards to sales and marketing, J&J advertises by relating consumers with real-life circumstance whereby a mother bathes her baby with J&J's baby products and having the assertion of "products for the ones you like".

There are two types of service provided by J&J - business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). J&J provides its business lovers and suppliers with business opportunities. This means that the degree of success experienced by J&J has immediate impact and can advantage companies that do business with J&J. Consumers of J&J face gathering useful and relevant information when having purchased J&J baby products for J&J has produced an online site (i. e. BabyCentre. com) and a online Baby Treatment Library to raise the closeness in customer relationship.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths (Internal)

Weaknesses (Internal)

Abundant financial resources

Strong brand name

Proprietary technology

Respected brand image

Wide product lines

Economies of scale

Committed employees

Superior product quality

Better marketing skills

Good distribution skills

Low customization

Lack of flexibility

Opportunities (External)

Threats (Exterior)

Opening of international markets

Rapid market growth

Brand switching

Demographic shifts

Low obstacles to entry

Economic downturn

Introduction of new substitutes products

Rival firms adopting new strategies


Johnson & Johnson is a well-known healthcare brand which ranks No. 1 within the industry under one 10 years of its historical development with a multitude of skincare products and superior product quality.

Abundant money are exploited by the R&D division to employ the committed staff for creating and even innovating the cleanliness products through proprietary technology and build-up the respectable brand image. Besides, it give attention to product leadership excel at product development and professional skills such that it will offer customers the best products in the industry.

As the facts show that, J&J widened internationally surrounding the world, like Asia (Singapore, China) that brought about by the better marketing skills. Additionally, the nice world-wide circulation skills due to its global standardization strategy that allow J&J to create great market shares by cost reduction which come from economies of size and fast product development what based on stable romantic relationship with local distribution agents and its own well known brand image as well as superior product like baby good care mainly.


Global standardization is the main international business strategy to control cost but this also is its downside that results in the low customization. As well as the world-wide product structure, the managers lack of flexibility to handle the challenge of changes in local market segments.


In order to bring along the development of local economy, almost all of countries welcomes the international companies create their products to diversify the neighborhood overall economy. The increasing attentions of baby nurturance and its own brand image fast customers to acquire its products and expand rapidly in the global new markets.

There is an opportunity to create more market shares and enhance its brand image in the long-term in the lamps of the surge in global demographic society reach to 7 billion that data gathered from information of 2011, China and India act as the representatives; moreover, the superior product quality of J&J is the critical to attract customers transitioning from other brands.


J&J faces the threats of the low obstacles to entry due to the low cost of set-up, and the proprietary product variations will be difficult to safeguard when the obstacles are reduced so that the customers would switch to other brands more possibly. Another hazard reflected by the economic downturn, J&J is difficult to control the exchange rate risk under the global standardization strategy.

Most important, J&J would be forced to stay at the passive danger that the clients would be attracted by its rivals and sales would be declined if rivalries adopting the new strategies.

Outcome of SWOT Matrix

Generally, Johnson & Johnson keeps strong competitive advantages after compare its benefits and drawbacks despite of few disadvantages of global standardization strategy. In another position, J&J can switch the hazards to opportunities in the signals of its calculus-based capability and resources.

There are both inside and external environments to be carefully evaluated when planning for a three years progress strategy arrange for Johnson & Johnson as what happen externally and internally will have an impact on the company. These diagnoses are in reference to the SWOT examination based on the business resources - assets, intellectual property, and people.

With careful consideration and by selecting market penetration development strategy for a three season period, it will help them to get more market stocks through campaign and advertising using their strong marketing clubs. Before prepared the expansion strategies, the organization should generate a lot of information about if the company is offering new, existing or emerging products in a fresh or existing market.

From the medical diagnosis of the Porter`s model, knowing that the hazards of new entrants are low and also acknowledged to the high brand equity of Johnson & Johnson, market penetration development strategy described by Ansoff is chosen in the lamps of situation which involves neither new market segments nor services, are compelled to grow through this progress strategy. It is a technique that is designed to supply the business a greater percentage of market stocks. Market penetration occurs whenever a company enters/penetrates a market with current products.

This kind of strategy usually seeks to get a competitive border through competitive pricing strategies, advertising, sales advertising, marketing or other strategic initiatives. Furthermore, market penetration may be accomplished by increasing customer utilization through loyalty programs and bonuses that concentrate on Johnson & Johnson`s existing customer foundation. The business is concentrating on markets and products it knows well. Chances are to get good information on competition and on customer needs. Johnson & Johnson has learned very well about how exactly their products are going to provide the needs of their customer and always provides product satisfaction.

The first 12 months of this growth strategy can be gradually picking up to get exposure and consciousness among the list of consumers through advertising and promotional efforts. Marketing advertising such as TV commercials are aired frequently during the peak audience rate time phase and help position Johnson & Johnson baby products into the consumer.

By the second 12 months, Johnson & Johnson begin to see their advertising campaigns results as sales figured expect to expand even more. At this point of energy, Johnson & Johnson has extended their market show and penetrates the marketplace with their current products. Concurrently, promotional initiatives remain ongoing and also increasing to remind consumers the strong brand of Johnson & Johnson.

At the third season into this expansion strategy, there will be an increase rate of recurrence of purchase, increase amount per purchase occasion and also obtain the once non customers of Johnson & Johnson. Marketing actions such as commitment program in which their purchase gained them point to redeem for other products

Entry modes

Company position and global business environment are the 2 preconditions of decisions of admittance methods; company position is described as business strategy and global business environment play an important role of strategy risk through politics economy.

Business Strategies

The key strengths and weakness of J&J reflect in its international business strategy - global standardization strategy that concentrate on increasing profitability and profit growth by handling costs with worldwide standardized products, uniform promotional strategies, distributions stations and it seek top quality under lower costs in the value chain and in the entire world that managed benefits, costs and dangers; however the drawback of insufficient flexibility also exist. J&J baby treatment product lines are the cream, lion and shampoo, the products are sent out same around the world which is also known as as 'world-wide product (WWP)'; HRM would employee staff from the third country nationals for a greater pool of management skills.

Entry Strategies

Internal factors play a more important role than external factors in impacting on decision-making; the exterior factors relate with the political environment of the country with the risk of issue doubt.

External environment cannot be controlled, while the internal necessity about resources and capacities can ensure to operate on a global platform; in addition, technology know-how, management know-how as well as pressure for cost lowering also influence the entry methods.

Technology know-how is the best way to control and produce on your own regardless of the sort of partnership for you can find the risk of losing the data, the choice could be taken by wholly-owned subsidiary, merger & acquisition and Greenfield. Just like the earlier acquisitions facts (in Appendix 2) implies that Johnson & Johnson choose extend for taking acquisitions since it is quicker to be performed and they believed they can increase the efficiency of the received firm.

From 1986 to 2008, Johnson & Johnson has its industry Authority Increased by acquisitions and inside development. From 1980s for this, they continue steadily to grow through acquisitions and internally developed businesses that give us leadership positions in a number of areas. Likewise, that they had shown significant results as level of sales proceeded to go up by the services such as their mass market disposable contacts which are known as as Acuvue by Johnson & Johnson.

Joint-venture can also be consider used under technology know-how factor, which allow company to reap the benefits of a local partner's understanding of the coordinator country's competitive conditions, culture, words and politics systems, but J&J is not self-employed firms, it possessed by P&G company as well as it will not have the tight control over subsidiaries need to understand experience curve or location economies and risk of control technology so that is it not proper for J&J.

Management know-how usually used as franchising, what can be beneficial to firm quickly build a global existence with lower risk and cost, despite of the task of brand control and high difficulty of good quality measurement because of the geographic distance. Therefore, in the next three years, J&J intend to exploit franchising settings to develop what also supported by federal.

Wholly-owned subsidiary (WOS) works well to control the company's operation under great pressure for cost of lowering; whereas, Johnson & Johnson is subordinate to P&G Company, therefore, J&J insufficient 100% ownership so that WOS is not suitable for J&J.

All in all, Johnson & Johnson would continue to adopt acquisition function and producing as franchising; from then on, they can collaborate with other therapeutic company and eventually acquire them. It is important that the other company work civilizations are similar to Johnson & Johnson. This process can include buying just the ongoing business businesses, including inventory, property, seed, and equipment, as well as the intangible investments (customer lists, patents, trade labels) and giving the remaining investments, such as trade receivables, prepaid bills, and cash, with the old legal entity.

However, business acquisition is not so easy as integrating it require a lot more initiatives. Integrating the acquisition after it's shut can be five times more difficult. A properly planned and organised acquisition considers the vast array of conditions that must be monitored after the offer closes.


As consultants of J&J, we would suggest several improvements to be made. J&J should choose a far more centralized approach to management to encourage employees in the showing of information and knowledge across subsidiaries. This can be done so by firstly, implement a typical IT system that is obtainable to all employees whereby it'll allow the head office of J&J to acquire better control and oversee the company's operations effectively. In conditions of decision making, J&J should make an effort to make faster decisions on a smaller scale (i. e. talking to the top professionals overseeing regional functions - Asia, Oceania, European countries, Africa) since emphasis is usually to be predicated on consensus decision making. This would indicate J&J's admiration for the ideas made by bulk.

To respond to changing global business conditions, J&J would need to be engage in initiatives including growing rewards and incentives upon achieving corporate goals as well as increase cross-company exchanges so that employees have the ability to engage in both information dissemination and sharing of encounters. Although J&J has a strong collaborative relationship with its suppliers, J&J should consider the choice of outsourcing for it would help to lower its cost of production of consumer products under competitive conditions and eventually, allow J&J to realize global effectively and efficiency.

Since J&J hires employees based on ability and experience, expatriation or inpatriation (i. e. possible physical relocation of staff) would help to strengthen J&J's corporate framework whereby employees from different cultures and backgrounds could work together in a global point of view and J&J can bring knowledge and innovative ideas from its subsidiaries across the world.


After examined the external environment through politics overall economy (i. e. risk) and socio-cultural environment (i. e. costs), we come up with an accurate and well-organized tactical global business solution statement for Johnson & Johnson in 3 years that since it adopt the global standardization to manage the benefits, hazards and costs.

After that, generalize the inner environment of J&J through Value String and SWOT Evaluation to set the marketplace Penetration strategy to grow. A couple of 4 inside factors influence the choices of entry modes which includes internal requirement, its technology know-how, management know-how as well as pressure for cost lowering within J&J corporation that bring about the final admittance modes of extended acquisition strategy, collaboration and franchising.

Additionally, the cross-culture problems also exist in Human Source Management so that the management and training development provided in advice part.


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