Life Of Queen Elizabeth I English Literature Essay

Queen Elizabeth I used to be the last queen of the Tudor family to rule England. Queen Elizabeth was born in Britain in 1533. Her parents were Ruler Henry VIII and Ana Boylen. Elizabeth's family played out an important part of England's in the 1500's. They improved the religious beliefs and made Britain a stronger country. Elizabeth was the greatest Queen ever before to rule England.

Elizabeth I was born in Greenwich, Great britain in 1533. She was created on September 7, between 3-4pm. All the nurses and her family thought she'd be a guy. She turned out to be a woman and she was called Elizabeth after both of her grandmothers.

Elizabeth had a big family. She experienced a mom, a step-brother, and a step-sister. Her mother's name was Ann Boylen. She was Elizabeth's immediate mother, the one who gave delivery to her. Elizabeth's step-brother was Edward VI. He was the first out of the children to rule. Inside the Tudor times, males ruled first. Despite the fact that he was the youngest, he still became ruler of Great britain at age nine. Elizabeth's sister was called Mary. After her sibling perished in 1547, when Elizabeth was 13, her sister Mary became the Queen of England. She perished eleven years after becoming queen and then Elizabeth got over. Elizabeth never thought that she'd become queen because her sibling and sister would go before her. But Elizabeth does end up being the queen of England in 1559. Elizabeth was unhappy when her sister passed on because they might play games alongside one another. Elizabeth appeared up to her plus they were very close.

Elizabeth's father Ruler Henry VIII got six wives. His second partner Anne Boylen is the one who gave delivery to Elizabeth. She was one of the main of his wives. All six of his wives were Catherine of Avagon, Anne Boloyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard, and Katherine Parr.

Elizabeth and Ruler Henry VIII didn't see each other much. Henry VII delivered messengers to ask her questions about her health insurance and her education.

Elizabeth's cousin Mary, Queen of Scots, was one of the very most attractive Monarchs that ruled Europe in the sixteenth hundred years. While Elizabeth was Queen of Britain, she made her country Protestant. Many English Catholics didn't like this. They sought Mary, Queen of Scots, to rule a Catholic country. She once was Queen of Scotland however the Scots converted against her because they did not trust the person she committed. They made her kid James the king and captured Mary. Mary escaped in 1568 and visited Britain. There she asked Elizabeth to protect her. Elizabeth soon found herself in an undesirable position. Elizabeth didn't know very well what to do because if Mary lived freely in England she should lead a Catholic rebellion and try to replace Elizabeth. Elizabeth then decided that it would be dangerous so she acquired Mary maintained as a prisoner. Elizabeth was nice to Mary and still treated her beautifully because she was her cousin. She ensured Mary resided in comfort and experienced servants look after her. After Mary showed up, there have been two attempts to make her queen. On the next plot Mary attempted to plot against Elizabeth and dominate. Soon, Elizabeth noticed it was dangerous to keep Mary and in 1587 she had her put to loss of life. In 1587 Mary was performed. Six months after Elizabeth possessed a grand funeral on her behalf cousin. Elizabeth wished and ensured showing proper admiration Mary, her cousin and a queen.

Elizabeth's father, Ruler Henry VIII made sure she acquired great education. Henry ensured Elizabeth was taught by tutors. These tutors trained her math, history, astronomy, geography, structures, needlework, horseback riding, and dance. Also, Elizabeth had to learn a number of languages. She discovered Latin as her second terminology. By the time she was ten, she was learning French, Italian and Greek.

While Elizabeth was young and her daddy was ruling, she resided in many royal homes. Elizabeth lived in four different houses growing up. She would move house to house every month. Elizabeth would only see her sibling and sister several times a month. During the winter, Elizabeth spent the majority of her amount of time in the Whitehall Palace. During the summer, she would spend almost all of her time going to her country homes. One of her favorite homes was the Hampton Court Palace because it was no more than ten mls from the center of London. When she would go directly to the Hatfield House she was able to see her sister Mary. Mary was thirteen years older than Elizabeth. They were friends and like to spend time together. Mary trained Elizabeth that can be played cards.

While Elizabeth was growing up, she was raised a Protestant along with her brother, Edward VI. Faith was very important to her. When she became queen she chosen her country would become a Protestant country. This might cause many problems on her behalf in the foreseeable future. It caused wars, fights, and plots against her.

After Mary died in 1558, Elizabeth became Queen at the age of twenty-five. She noticed she'd become Queen when two men bowed down to her while she was reading the bible under an oak tree. She was crowned Queen on January 15, 1559 at the Westminster Abbey that was the traditional place to coronate a Queen. Her new name was Queen Elizabeth I. The day before her coronation, she was taken through the streets of London in a carriage. After she was crowned, a huge feast happened in her honor. There were parades, banners, and big crowds. After the parade, she spoke to the public. At first, individuals were worried a young gal at twenty-five cannot rule England by herself. Later, she proven that she could. Elizabeth select William Cecil as Key Minister and a tiny council of Ministers to suggest her. She remaining the Hatfield House and visited the Charter House in London. Soon she kept that house and visited the Whitehall Palace which was the key royal palace in London. Soon Elizabeth would figure out what she'd want to do to make Great britain a strong and powerful country. Two years later Mary, Queen of Scots, was carried out and Philip was surprised. He didn't like this a Catholic Queen had died and made a decision it was period to invade England. In 1588 the Spanish tripped about 130 boats from Spain. This considerable fleet was known as the Armada, or The Spanish Upset. In the meantime, in England, Elizabeth was preparing for war. She compiled an army and sent out about 150 boats. Then the English waited for Spain to arrive.

While Elizabeth I used to be Queen, she had not been focused on conquering other countries. She was more centered on trade and exploring. Elizabeth identified that trade was very important to her country. She encouraged retailers to find new land and marketplaces for his or her goods. During her reign, British merchants started out to operate in the Americas. English merchants also journeyed to new areas of Africa & Asia. During her reign, Britain was also famous because of its explorers. The Queen payed for many new voyages to find new land. Some explorers were Humphrey Gilbert, Martin Frobisher, Frances Drake, and Sir Walter Raleigh. Martin Frobisher come to North Canada. Humphrey Gilbert claimed new found land for his Queen and Sir Walter Raleigh made the first English voyage to North America. The most famous Elizabethan explorer was Frances Drake. He sailed all the way across the world in his ship. After he sailed back home to Great britain, Elizabeth made him a Knight and gave him the name Sir Frances Drake.

One of the largest and popular battles during the Elizabethan time was the Armada. One of the reasons the attack began was because King Philip of Spain asked to marry Elizabeth. Elizabeth said no, because she was frightened he would seize control. She was frightened that he'd turn Britain into a Catholic country and hated that it was a Protestant country. She refused to marry him and they gradually became opponents. The actual struggle began when Spain delivered over ships filled up with treasures like silver and gold. Elizabeth saw the opportunity to steal the treasures for Britain and cause a Spanish upset. Elizabeth delivered over captains going explore and trade but also to harm the Spanish. Elizabeth also used the sea as an advantage so her explorers wouldn't have to travel on land. Elizabeth hated King Philip of Spain, and he hated her. Ruler Philip of Spain protested the problems but Elizabeth said there was little or nothing they could do to stop her. Philip became furious but Elizabeth didn't caution. In 1585 Elizabeth annoyed the Spanish again. She directed English troops to support the battle against Spain. Two years later, on July 29, the Armada come to the French slot of Calais. The Spanish rested there for a evening before they crossed the British Channel to assault England. The English acquired another plan, a wonder attack. At midnight, Elizabeth sent out eight fire boats towards the Armada. These ships caused a great deal of damage. Some Spanish boats shot up in flames. Later they both fought at sea. There was not clear champion until a large storm arrived. Heavy winds blew the Spanish boats from the English Channel and England was now free of the Spanish. Because of the storm, Spain was forced to sail completely around the English Isles. Many of the Spanish boats were wrecked and the remaining delivered to Spain. Elizabeth got won the conflict against Spain.

During Elizabeth's reign, there have been many plots. Plots are top secret plans against opponents. Elizabeth employed spies because she was worried about people plotting against her. She feared other countries would send visitors to murder her because she was Protestant. Mary, Elizabeth's cousin, decided a plot against her so she could become Queen of England and turn England into a Catholic country. In 1569, a Catholic nobleman in the North of Britain lead a rebellion against the true Queen of Great britain, but the rebellion was soon defeated. Two years later, another Catholic nobleman tried out to free Mary, Queen of Scots, from jail. He was captured and carried out. She didn't have evidence that Mary understood about the story. In 1586 Mary was trapped plotting against Elizabeth. Again, an British nobleman prepared a storyline. The nobleman was Sir Anthony Babington and the plot also involved King Philip of Spain. This plot was called The Babington plot. After this story, Elizabeth recognized it was too dangerous to keep Mary around. Immediately after this she gave orders to obtain her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots, performed.

Elizabeth backed and cared about a lot of things. A very important factor she cared about greatly was the poor. In Elizabeth's time, there was insufficient food to supply everyone in England. Some individuals starved to loss of life. Elizabeth made the rich pay taxes. She used this money to help the indegent and build work houses, or places to allow them to live.

Another thing Queen Elizabeth I supported was poetry, takes on and music. She was very happy and impressed with the skills of her people. She motivated many writers, musicians, and musicians and artists. Poets would come to her and read their work at her courtroom. Playwrights would perform their plays in front of her. Elizabeth herself was also very musical. She sang, danced, and played out the lute and the virginals. While she was Queen, composers would write their music for church services and would create madrigals. She'd encourage all of these things so people could show their skills.

Elizabeth's favorite playwright of her time was William Shakespeare. He was in a traveling troop of stars. They seen Stratford in 1587. Most of his plays were performed at the Globe Theater in London, where he performed for the fantastic Queen Elizabeth I. Shakespeare's group was called the Queen's Men because Elizabeth was their sponsor. It really is regarded as known that Shakespeare once wrote a play just for Elizabeth and performed it on her behalf at the Globe Theater.

Queen Elizabeth I cared also about her fashion and appearance too. She thought it was important and she stayed fit until her previous years. Also, Queen Elizabeth I expected her courtroom to dress well. She managed more than 300 dresses. She wore lots of jewelry, even in her mane. When she acquired old, she protected her thinning hair with a bright red wig. Elizabeth I hated looking old and used thick make-up to protect her age.

Queen Elizabeth's previous years were very hard for her. Most of her friends acquired perished and she was lonely. She skipped Robert Dudley, her closest friend. She always respected his advice. He passed on during the time of The Armada when she was 55. She was recognized to keep a notice by her bed from him for the rest of her life. During her final years she suffered from toothaches often. She also began to go blind. She refused to have her teeth pulled out and her recollection began to fail.

In Feb of 1603 Elizabeth captured a fever and some weeks later she passed away. Queen Elizabeth I was given a great funeral at Westminster Abbey in London. This was the same place that her coronation occurred. Her tomb was embellished cheerfully with gems and rocks. Her tomb reaches the Westminster Abbey and you can still visit it today. After her loss of life, people named her time of reign "The Golden Age". Her people kept in mind and recognized all the things that this great Queen acquired done to make her country powerful and successful. Elizabeth I had fashioned turned out to the people that a woman could be a strong and motivating leader on her own. During her life she was wanting to show them a woman exclusively could be equally as good as a man. Through the Spanish Armada she told her army, "I've the body of any weakened and feeble girl, but I have the heart and stomach of the king. " In the long run, Queen Elizabeth I did verify that she, Elizabeth, at a years could rule Great britain alone. Queen Elizabeth I had been the greatest queen ever to rule Britain.

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