Lux Beauty Bar Soft Touch Marketing Essay

Consumer product divides into four categories which is convenience, shopping area of expertise and unsought product. Lux Beauty Pub "Soft Touch" is consumer product which under convenience goods. Lux is tangible, Non-durable goods based on this classification. Convenience goods are type of good that is purchased often by consumer without regarding much exertion or account. We bought it frequently and immediately. We desire a solid soap on a regular basis for cleaning the body in order to protect our body. We used cleaning soap for bathtub every day. When it completed, we have to buy again from shop immediately. A business that providing convenience product will typically need to focus on increasing production level rather than on increasing product features and quality to increase profit. Because of the high purchase volume, pricing of Lux Beauty Pub "Soft Touch" is commonly relatively low. In the Lux firm's view, the reduced price of convenience products means that income earn is suprisingly low. In order to maximize income, the company is selling in large amount. Subsequently, Lux Company try to distribute solid soap in mass through as much retail outlets as you possibly can. So, we can buy the Lux Beauty Pub "Very soft Touch" from many purchase location such as 7-eleven, food shop, TESCO, CARREFOUR plus more. Because of many competitors in the market, the Lux Company has made many advertising on Lux Beauty Pub "Very soft Touch".

Product Attributes

Product quality

The product offers affordability in the superior section. As Lux is popularly known as a well brand additionally it is one of the reason why the consumer has a perception in mind that product is good of quality.


Lux soap has been popular for its product offering. It includes its customers a variety of soaps enriched with a variety of nourishing materials such as rose extracts, almond oil, dairy cream, fruit components and honey that are help user to truly have a perfect pores and skin.

Style and design

To create the presence nourishing component in the Lux soap, a unique theory, "ingredients you can see in the soaps", was created. A properly packaging amazingly showcased the materials and it accepted by culture. Its globally ingredient-linked perfume increased the sensorial experience.


Branding plays an important role as it is intended to signify the merchandise of Lux and differentiate them from competition. The current custom logo is formulated with three words which is "LUX". It coloured with gold color. Brand name "LUX" comes from Latin, meaning light. It really is a short form of English term Luxury and the name has shown the way the products work. It symbolizes Luxury, relaxation and comfortable. Branding has offered legal security because of its unique intellectual property. Other than that, Lux is able to build-up strong customer loyalty and premium recharged for the brand through branding. Furthermore, branding supports adding value to the product of Lux. The brand or the custom logo of Lux helps in the recognition of products which is a hint about the product quality for buyers.


Packaging is important when the merchandise are being purchased as it is the first things that consumers see before purchasing the merchandise. The different colorings have different variants. For example, Lux cleaning soap "Soft Touch" is in pink colour and Lux soap "Wake Me Up" is at blue colour. It includes different package size which is 100gm and 120gm.


Labelling is an important element which helps to provide information for purchasers and intermediaries. Sometimes it offers unit pricing, available dating, dietary labeling plus more. Lux trade figure or logo is present prominently in the deal. There also has one female model in the packaging. The key component is display graphically.

Product Support Services

2. 1. 3 Major Brand Strategy Decision

Brand Positioning

"Most of us desire to be pampered, to appear and feel great, to take pleasure from that instant when anything seems possible. And that's precisely what LUX gives you on a regular basis at a price you are able. . . " This is the Unilever brand setting for LUX product. The merchandise profit is LUX provides women with a collection of sophisticated skin area and hair care products developed to meet their needs and delight their senses

It visits consumer on the deeper level and experience with "LUX bring the legend in you"

Brand Name Selection

For brand name selection, brand name "LUX" is derived from Latin, signifying light. It really is a brief form of British term Luxury and the name has shown the way the products work. It symbolizes Luxury, relaxation and comfortable. This name LUX is one of the main reason of the reputation of this some. LUX is the name that is out using its products, which explains products as light as silk, luxurious experience and soothing. It's a unique name which is not hard to pronounce and remember.

Brand Sponsorship

Unilever is a manufacture's brand and its shares its income with government. It is a semi private company that creates brands around world such as LUX, Dove, Lifebuoy and much more. Since 1925, Lux launched the globe first mass market beauty bar, "make like the costliest French cleaning soap" and it keep enhance their product quality as yet.

Brand Development Strategies

Unilever must take some brand strategies to be able to create high value for local LUX over challengers. It should make a line extension strategy. Introduce more variations in existing LUX products. It can boost the sales and improve the revenue. Besides that, Unilever can have a brand extension strategy, it can presented complete brand new products under the name of LUX. For instance shower gel, liquid cleaning soap and more so that local products of LUX have more appeal and customer attention then the local one.

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