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Management Case Study: Coca Cola Company

Cola-Cola Company Roadmap starts off with their quest, which is long-term. It declares their work as a company and functions as the typical against which their weight of action and decisions. The quest of Coca-Cola Company is to renew the entire world, to inspire moments of optimism and enjoyment, to generate value and make a difference.


Vision acts as the platform for Coca-Cola Company Roadmap and manuals every section of the business by talking about what they have to achieve to be able to continue attaining sustainable quality development. People, be a large location to work where people are encouraged to be the best they could be. Portfolio, bring to the earth a stock portfolio of excellence beverage brands that expect and persuade people's desires and needs. Partners, nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together they create communal, enduring value. Plane, be a responsible resident which makes a particular by supporting build and support ecological communities. Profit, increase long-term return to shareholder while being aware of their general obligations. Productivity, be considered a highly successful, bend and fast paced organisation.

Coca-Cola products

Coca-Cola companies employ a thin products range that happen to be Coca-cola, Sprite and Fanta. Those products are sold in the market with a difference size of containers which are 250ml, 300ml, 1liter and 1. 5liter pet.

Working as a worldwide Team

Coca-Cola companies built around two core investments, its brands and its people. That's what makes working at Coca-Cola so special. They believe work is a place that the company need go every day. It should be a place of exploration, creativity, professional expansion and interpersonal relationships. It's about being encouraged and motivated to achieve extraordinary things. They want people to take satisfaction in their work and in building brands others love. In the end, it's the combined abilities, skills, knowledge, experience and passion of our individuals who make us who we could.

Coca-Cola Company has 92, 800 associates about the world live and works in the markets. They provide more than 87 percent of them outside the United State. Within the geographically diverse environment, they learn from each market and share those learns quickly. As a result, Coca-Cola Company culture is ever more collaborative. From drink principle and development to merchandising, Coca-Cola associates are posting concept across departments and marketplaces in new ways. As a result, Coca-Cola affiliates are increasing enthusiastic about their work and influenced to turn programs into action.

With a stock portfolio of more than 3, 300 list of product, from diet and regular sparkling drinks to still drinks such as 100 percent fruit drinks and fruit refreshments, waters, sports activities and energy beverages, teas and coffees, and milk-and soy-based beverages, Coca-Cola Company variety spans the world.

Management Function



Planning is the procedure of preparing goals, developing proper, outlining responsibilities and then deciding how best to accomplish them. As a result of the look process, everyone in the business is aware of what should be achieved, who should do it, and how it ought to be done. It really is a detailed programmed regarding future course of action. Plan also a blueprint specifying the learning resource allocations, schedules, and other actions necessary for attaining goals. It defining goals and then identifying the activities and resources necessary to achieve them. Planning can be difference of type, an organisation can classify some of the important types of ideas which are the financial and non financial ideas, formal and informal ideas, specific and regular plans, tactical and functional strategies, long range and brief range ideas and the previous administrative and functional plans. Planning function is important to the managers, managers need to plan so the staff member' activities are steady with the organisation goals and the right type and amount of resources can also be attained. A planning function requires information, wisdom and decision making.


  • According to Dror (1974), he says that planning is the process of preparing a couple of decision to use it in future, fond of attaining goals.
  • According to Professor Stoner (1997), he says that planning is of creating objectives and appropriate training of action before taking action.
  • According to Archibugi (2008), say that planning is a way of making rational decision; a way that is, somewhat, common to many areas.

Real Practice

For a Coca-Cola company, planning is very important to them because corresponding to Joel Ross and Michael Kami theory, they feel that an organisation with no strategy planning is like a ship without a rudder, on offer the circle. It's such as a tramp that is no destination to go to. Strategic planning, execution and formulation will be the center management function. One of the primary factors for identifying whether the company performs up to its potential or not is the degree to that your management team performs, the strategy making and strategic implementing function. Coca-Cola organisation considers that only the good tactical and good implementations are the most trustworthy proof of good management. A strategic plan is the bridge of the future, which an company uses to lead from what it is from what it envisions it may become.

Planning can also be a future plan of action. Planning is pertaining to itself with look ahead into the future and identifying the vision, mission and goal of the task or program. Perspective is that delivers the overall structure of research within which quest assertions are written and goals picked. In addition, it is the required future point out of organization. Regarding to Peter F. Drucker, objectives are essential in every the key areas where performance and results straight contribute to the progress and survival of a business. The eyesight of the Coca-Cola company is to be the best and the biggest anchor bottler on the planet. They quest are to renew the world, to set-up value and change lives everywhere they participate. In the Coca-Cola organisation, almost all of the goals preparing and planning activities are managing by the top management. The top manager had arranged three aims for the Coca-Cola organisation. The objectives of Coca-Cola can be categorised as the tactical goals, tactical goals and operational goals. Strategic goals are claims of what an company wish to achieve over the time of the proper plan wants over the next years, next five years. The tactical goals are considered when company is thinking about the long-term goals. This proper goal is set up by the top management with assessment by the mother or father company brain quartered at Singapore. The most notable managers have to make sure that they are based on the changing environment that they have to review in the annual meeting each year. This goals is to make sure that Coca-Cola company can continue provide the quality products to the valuable customers, to task an outstanding corporate and make an effort to satisfy the client through extra regular service and an excellent service along with the complete tactical and functional support. The managers also need to select and maintain in professional people for the organisation. Another, the tactical goals that happen to be define the final results that major divisions and departments must achieve for firm to attain its overall goals. The top professionals of the Coca-Cola Company with an total annual basis devise these goals alongside the consultation of the low level employees. After that, each departmental director have to subdivide the total annual jobs on the quarterly or monthly basis to truly have a proper check to ensure that these targets are achieved mainly through the marketing after the annual tasks is given. Because of this year, managers must ensure that Coca-Cola can increase the income by 20% of the likened this past year and improve the total retail customer around 10%. There is also to increase the market show by 5% and 30% of the reactivate the savings of customers. Last, the operational goals which would be that the managers placed to ensure that every employees can perform their own goals and informed what exactly are expected of these and they are evaluated based on certain rules and regulations followed equally by the company. This operational goals may come up some concern which is some fresh salesman cannot reach their goals therefore the managers must ensure that the salesmen can find the new customer, keep existing one and recreate the discontinued accounts giving them some training.

In addition, planning is vital in making management decisions. Decision making is the analysis of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the worth and preferences of the decision maker which is the procedure of sufficiently reducing uncertainty and uncertainty about alternatives to permit a reasonable choice to be produced from among them. An undesirable decision making will have a bad final result so a good administrator must good in decision making, they have to must sure that every decision they make is good for the organisation. Your choice making process in the Coca-Cola company is centralized. There are six step in your choice making of the Coca-Cola company that happen to be discover need to make decision, generate alternatives, examine the alternatives, choose among alternatives, use choose and keep going the study from reviews. In Coca-Cola company, decision which always takes by the top administrator can related to the presentation positioning, trade savings, advertising campaign, price reductions and distribution.

So as a summary of planning, planning is the first tool of the four functions in the management process. It is rightly said "Well plan is half done". Compare to the theory and real practice, both of them are related to with the near future action which is how to attain the organisation's goals with those objectives that are setting up by the professionals. The difference between an effective and unsuccessful supervisor lies within the look procedure. So for me personally, a successful supervisor should have a planning skill for achieve the organisation's goals.



Organising is one of the four managerial functions which give attention to allocating and planning individual and non-human resources so the plans can be executed successfully. It also means constructing an organisational composition that is compatible for the accomplishment of the arranged purposes, lines of power, and responsibility identified, and something of guidelines and procedures which lead the performance of subordinates lay out. Organising is how the plan will be completed therefore the goal is achieve. Once an idea is planned, the next phase in the progression is to agree on which individuals will need to be include, who'll be in demand, who'll keep individuals held responsible, and what resources will be necessitate, who will be in demand for getting those resources, who'll monitor the improvement? Those phases are all area of the organising process in the task. Hence, organising is next to planning because once the plan is planned, the next natural move around in the progressions is to get organised therefore the plan comes to fruition. Organising is also the ability of acquiring people who do not work for you to realise things. To be a conclusion, organising refers to the categorising of activities and belongings in a reasonable way.


According to Chester I. Barnard (1886-1961), "the popularity theory of authority, which says that people have free will and can pick whether to check out management purchases. An order is satisfactory if the subordinate understand it, can comply with it, and views it as appropriate given goals of the organisation".

According to Chester I. Barnard (1888-1961), "corporation allows people to achieve what they could not achieve as individuals.


Base on the foundation functional procedure, Coca-Cola Company is divided into different departments in the true practice. People who possess the same based on common skills and work activities are grouped mutually. This method helps the business in achieving the economies of level through high brilliance of problem fixing and reduced needs of direction of the subordinates. Coca-Cola Company is leaded by the overall Manager. There are a total of five mainly departments at Coca-Cola Company which are Production office, Industrial Relation section, Sales and Marketing department, Human Resources office, and Finance and Accounting section. Each section has their own functions and responsibility toward the business. Production section is in control for the overall creation of the Coca-Cola Company. Industrial Relationships department is in charge for managing with problems linked to the operational environment of the staff and the problem from the labor unions. Sales and Marketing department is accountable for the producing the products obtainable in the marketplace and to deal with the problems associated to the advertisements of the goods. Human Resources section is in charge for looking the skillful pool of staff, choosing the experts and make them pleased in order that they should remain faithful to the company. Finance department deals with overall costing and costs of the goods. They also deal with the trade in correlated concern of the business. Accounting department assist to the sales section in making bill of lading and payroll entries.

Example hierarchy of Departmentalisation for Coca-Cola Company:

Figure : The departments under the overall Supervisor of Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola Company each exec is made in control for only a specific role that he / she expertise as the task specialisation is important. Each salesman is encountering different type of individuals as there is absolutely no tediousness or repetitiveness. The work is tough and promotions are based on performance. The exec of Coca-Cola Company gets statement from the Salesman. These Sales Managers are in control for the shows of the salesmen that they need to provide them timely comment. Assistances are demanding to be provided by Sales Manager at any time which is a problem connected to the performance of the personnel. The administrators keep an eye on an on-going basis toward these salesmen which assists as a competent managing mechanism. The staffs have a lot of power, responsibility and information relative to the job they are responsibility Nevertheless, every part of the information and authority relative to the task is provided by their individual supervisors. These procedures are the similar in the other subdivisions as well.


Coca-Cola Company each professional is made kept responsible for the activities of his or her underlings. An accurate guidelines and assistance is given at time to time to attain the purpose by this executives. Every supervisor is in charge of motivating their juniors to be able to increase the performance and efficiency of the staffs apart from the delegation. RECRUITING department assist staff so they could recognise their potential and uses various strategy to encourage them. In exchange, they offer the perfect to their supervisor. Thus boost their performance, superiority of work and consumer satisfaction. The period of control is the amount of staff who article right to a prearranged Coca-Cola Company supervisor. It is most excellent to truly have a the least 3 staff and a maximum of 5 staff confirming to their supervisor. This low design is because of this of the reality that the company is a perpendicular and there are various individuals having different works to do so. Whenever there are more than 5 individuals, it is hard to be been able. Hence when there can be an extreme of 5 people, the property and staffs still can be supervise in a highly effective manner.

To the magnitude that resources allocation is concerned, the executives of every division in the Coca-Cola Company have the power to exploit the organisational possessions whenever the possessions are required for the purposes of their department. Special authorization must be approved by other superintendents if these belongings belong to other superintendent. These resources may be capital, work force or other. When there are required positions in Coca-Cola Company rather than on reserve basis, job will be performed. The occupation begins every time a superintendent wishes a salesperson. Foremost, it'll send to be arranged by the overall Administrator of Coca-Cola Company before mailing it to Individuals Resource office, HR.

Example of the recruitment process:

Human Resources division will verify from their Ex-Employers about the tendencies and the reason for leaving.

If the candidate is selected

Education requirements and


Of the

Personnel Available job are make public within Coca-Cola Company

Human Resources department look because of its data bank

Selection is based on several decisive factors for various titles

Aptitude test

Example, for salesman

Candidate is asked to turn up for an interview

Candidate is asked for just about any references, which will make.

If no suitable candidates for a particular profession

If no ideal applicants, then publicise in the newspaper

Coca-Cola Company

If cross the aptitude test

Carried out by the sales and RECRUITING department

Easy mathematics and common knowledge is analyzed. Acquainted with how of British is also essential

As a finish, an organising is the second function in the managerial functions. When the organization is well organised, it can be said that it's in the best conditions. Compare to the theory and real practice, declare that the popularity theory of expert which states that individuals have free will and can pick whether to follow management purchases. In the true practice, people tend to follow training from the person who is better ranking than them as they do not like to make their own decisions. The other theory mentioned that the business allow visitors to achieve what they might not achieve as individual. Yet, in real practice, people tend to work own their own as they do not wish to reveal the same expert with other also to prove they are capable of carrying it out individually.



Leading means the procedure of influencing others to engage in work behaviors that would lead to the accomplishment of goals. It can be said, it is the third function in management. This function has a unique characteristic when compared with other functions, using the humanistic perspective but require less systematic process for analysis as other functions. A head must lead his subordinates to attain goals more efficiency. Due to business environment, leaders are constantly on the change. Today, a manager must have the ability to make an instant and more exact decision, either in consensus building or teamwork environment. Control is a complicated process when a person influences others to accomplish a mission, task, and objective and directs the business in a manner that makes it more cohesive and coherent. Authority can also be defined as the ability to influence an organization towards the achievements of goals. To lead subordinates effectively, the manager must provide directions and leadership to his staffs, to perform the essential task within the mandatory timeframe, and with reliable use of resources. Management theory are include trait theory (control idea that make an effort to identify quality that differentiated from non- market leaders), behavioral theory (revealed behaviors that differentiated effective market leaders from ineffective market leaders) and contingency theory (market leaders should be adaptable and adjust to improve in the surroundings). In behavioral theory, it include autocratic, democratic and laissez- faire.


  • According to Keith (2002), Control is in the end about creating a means for individuals to contribute to making something incredible happen.
  • According to Tom De Marco (2002), Command must be distinguished from posturing.
  • According to Bateman-Snell (2004), Leading is the management function that involves the manager's attempts to stimulate high performance by employees.

Real Practice

In Coca-Cola Company, apart from the three of management functions, leading is important. The organization places the general manager on the top of the hierarchy. The general manager takes the duty of deciding major administrative decisions in accordance to the business's policy and procedures. He'll not be engaged in the operations aspect immediately. Departmental managers are tasked with leading and paving the direction for their subordinates. These leaders concentrate on two main parts of the procedures. First, being co-ordination with one another in the functions, in order to increase the business amount. Second, employees are encouraged to give new ideas on increasing customer satisfaction. Regarding to Herbert Spencer, that the time times produce the person rather than the other way around. Coca-Cola is convinced they are training a democratic and laissez- faire design of leadership that happen to be behavioral theory, through delegation and contribution of employees. Since the sales and marketing team are reliant on one another, the team management idea is applied.

The managers are incredibly supportive of the practice of experiencing subordinates cared for in a good and good manner. Employees are cured within the family. By encouraging them to take part in group conversations, using available communication system, employees are not overlooked in decision makings. So it can let employees always relax if they are in work and also let them sensing they are not only employees only come for work. They will feel comfortable as they are friend or an associate of family either with superior or workmate. There produce an highly open environment. Subordinates can show their view and sense to the administrator. Managers will encourage employees take part to the decision- making so they'll become participative so can make use for the group discussion. Relating to Victor Vroom, in cooperation with Phillip Yetton (1973) and later with Arthur Jago (1988) developed a taxonomy for describing leadership situation, taxonomy that wan used in a normative decision model where management styles were connected to situational variables, defining which approach was more suitable to which situation. Monetary and non-monetary rewards are being used to entice an increased participation, especially from the lower level employees. The company gives high top priority to motivate employees, implementing the insurance policy of promoting employees within the business, based on performance, alternatively than recruiting a new staff. Achievable goals and focuses on are establish, which permits most employees to achieve and succeed. Paying salary that are higher than the industry's standard is also an integral part of the determination plan. There are also various in-house promotions and competition to mix up employees' desire. Motivated employees, gives important and timely feedbacks, like job or personal problems, which managers may help to solve. To help expand motivate employees, the business places importance to the working environment and goals achieved. The employees will get the commission if they sell the merchandise in large. The commission rate is bottom on the performance basis of subordinated. So, subordinates not only will get the salary but also percentage. This can support and stimulate employees to work hard and achieve the goals successfully more efficiency. This way is very objective and are perceives attainable by the majority of employees. Beside that the competition between employees can stimulate them, other than this reimbursement plan is a motivating factor as paying more than the industry average. A good working environment and a challenging milestone are a the very first thing in employee's desire. Managers play a vital role to solve any problems of subordinates whether is job related or personal problem. Corresponding to Robert Blake and Jane Mouton in 1941, the five different control design of managerial grid model is dependant on the leader's matter for folks and their matter for goal accomplishment. They also will give employees timely reviews about their unsatisfied. Inside the function of leading, communication is a major factor in human being relationship. Together with the contingency theory, the manager will be adaptable and adjust to change regarding to situation.

Information writing among employees is highly inspired. Top management seeks input and reviews from lower rank employees, before implementing new company policies. The general supervisor is accessible to all employees at any time, if indeed they have any grievances or suggestions. Communications between departments can be done formally or informally. The company uses grapevine to get employees view about the management.

At Coca-Cola, the very best management ensures the culture of the organization, which includes its values formally noted and communicated to all employees, is honored. To guarantee the successful implementation of the rules and values, the very best management adopts the business lead by example way, when administering the procedures. Employees' action is reviewed regularly.

So, as finish for leading, authority is "organizing a group of people to accomplish one common goal". To attain the goal, leadership of manager are essential to leading subordinates to exert high level work for successful.



Every director whether in small or big organization needs managerial skills to lead the company. The top managerial skills have four important skills which is planning, managing, leading and handling or managing. All these skills are related to each other. Without this four skills manager are not being able to lead the employees in order to achieve organization vision, objective and goal. Controlling is once of quite as the organization will not substined without it. Manager need handling to encourages others employee to be creative, progressive and aware toward their careers, beside that managers identify any opportunities for change and development to upgrade the quality of employees and also their product, before it drives change the administrator scopes and plan it carefully. Besides that manager used managing to manages other employees through the change process to ensure it run effortlessly, supervisor also must takes bank account of all stakeholder conditions that happen to them to make a clear understanding and try to avoid from occurs problem.

Controlling is one of the actions involve in management, managing also one of the managerial skills. Controlling is the procedure of regulating activities to accomplish organizational goals.


Control involves verifying whether everything occurs in conformity with the program adopted, the instructions issued, and principles founded. Its object is to indicate weaknesses and mistakes to be able to rectify them preventing recurrence. (Henri Fayol 1916)

'Control is checking current performance against pre-determined standards within the plans, with a view to ensure enough progress and sufficient performance. ' (EFL Breach)

Controlling is the way of measuring and modification of performance to be able to be sure that enterprise goals and the strategies devised to attain them are completed. (Harold Koontz)

Management is the occupation of control. (Stafford Ale 1970)

Real Practice

Controlling is performed through the analysis, which is based on the objective basis. Some conditions are fixed beforehand, if these criteria are not fulfilled when the employees are asked and assessed for the reasons and corrective actions are considered by the individual managers. All of this is control by director to make the process run without problem. Different departments have different requirements, different reporting and managing systems. The reporting, analysis and control system of sales departments is Sales Person's confirming system and Sales Person's Analysis System. Controlling is important to director because administrator used it to check the error and made a correction therefore the deviation standard can be achieved. This managerial skills is been using by the well known beverage soft drink which is the Coca-cola company.

Sales Person's reporting system is where in fact the employees provide a daily report of his done activities to market creator of his area, sales rep also are free to ask for any type of assistance from the marketplace developer to help him doing the activities. Every sales rep will be giving a punch card which will record his entrance and departure time. In addition they will get a route card which he must complete to ensure the facts about enough time spent of visit the outlet, times through the journeying and it include the names of the loaders and salesperson amount of time in and out of the vehicle. This will make the progress running smoothly and managers are able to control. Aside from this the manager also will inform about another days and nights order to be packed in the truck to be deliver, this also will tell the supervisor the total of sales by the sales rep according to the brand and how big is the merchandise.

Sales person evaluation system is that your company help to promote their employees to the bigger degree of the firm. The analysis also increase salesperson drive to work hard and get the advertising or the monetary rewards which is given not and then the best vendor but it also has been given to the best market programmer and also the best sales director of the entire year. Performance is measured based on the achievement of the target which is set and communicated at the beginning of the entire year to each of sales director, quarter to every each market creator also to each sales rep on on a monthly basis. This performance is evaluated based on the basis of performance development plan, it also development plan to the sales rep on the call slips, option call, call completion, effective and beneficial call, attendance, progress in sales, market development and the punctuality of the salesman.

As for the coca-cola company, the administrator do organizational performance appraisal on the process which make valid information about staff work effectiveness for the purpose of making informed individuals resource decisions. Corporation must evaluate employee performance for several reasons. First, the employees need to comprehend the behavioral dependence on the job. Besides that employees work is examined for its contributions to company goals. Employees also need to know where they stand with the business in terms of their performance, in addition they motivate to do a good job is increased by the performance appraisal system. Valid information about performance levels of employees should be utilized to make decisions about salary increased, bonus items and training needs. Beside that employees desire a clear knowledge of what the organization expects from them in conditions of performance. The Coca-Cola Company realizes a good appraisal system makes organizational operations far better because managers may use the performance appraisal system as a motivational tool. An effective appraisal system creates many opportunity for managers to connect to their subordinates' about team performance steps, circuit times, company goals, service quality, and employees career aspiration. When there is no formal and objective performance appraisal system, employees may believe the firm is unconcerned with dealing with them quite, this is excatly why the managerial skills is much important to administrator to lead the business and it could not be complete if the manager do not practice all the skills indeed for the company future.

Few professionals would question the firms need to determine the performance behavior of its staff. The process must be produce consequence which are reasonable, timely and exact. The coca-cola management hope that actual performance and assessed performance will be the same, but when the emphasis of measurement is counting the outcome from procedure such as productivity and product, the relationship between actual performance and assessed performance is strong. Measuring managerial performance is much more difficult for administrator because the results of managerial works are harder to quality. An effective director is the backbone for the organization to have smart future.


The four functions of management planning, managing, leading, and handling is vital to organising and company. About the definition functions of management is management is creative problem fixing. This creative problem resolving is accomplished through four functions of management which are organizing, organizing, leading and controlling. The intended end result is the use associated with an organisation's resources in a manner that accomplishes its quest and objectives.

Planning is an activity of setting an objective, producing strategies, and outlining job and schedules to accomplish the goals. When supervisor plan for the organization it can help them more easily to reach their goal and less the time because planning skill can help them make a schedule for the business enterprise to help them reduce the problem. Planning also can carry out some advantage for the company like when the organisation`s sale is within decrease planning activities, like advertising can help the organisation to reduce their loss and increase their deal.

Organising is a person or group of individuals intentionally organized to accomplish a standard, common goal or set of goals. Business can range in proportions in one person to tens of thousands. Organising help allocating and organizing human being and non-human resources so that programs can be executed successfully. A administrator needs to set up resources, structures and process as time passes to facilitate operations and action. It can help a business more easy to manage enough time and reduce pointless consumption.

Leading means the process of influencing others to engage in work behaviors that would lead to the achievements of goals. A supervisor need good in leading because it can help the business enterprise faster and effectively to achieve their goal. To lead subordinates effectively, managers must definitely provide guidelines and leading their staffs to perform the essential activity within the required time frame, and with productive use of resources. The good thing about leading is that is help the staff have a primary direction to procedure and they will not stress when lost the route it will provide them with more have confidence to work.

Controlling is establishing benchmarks or standards, comparing actual performance against them and taking corrective action. An company need handling because company is not a personal form, so it must control the performance and going for a corrective action for achieve the organisation's goal. So managing is important to the managers so that they can help an company control the system and employee for decrease the mistake and present them corrective action.

Last, the four management function is very important for an organisation. It can benefit an organisation to accomplish it's goals easier. As a summary, this four management function is very important to Coca-Cola company for help them to become the best and the biggest anchor bottler on the globe.

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