Marketing Essays - Customer Product Needs

Customer Product Needs

Marketing is the process of determining customer needs and then presenting a product corresponding to the people needs. Marketers create products on the market so that we can consume every day. Whenever we buy a product we pay for marketing each and every time. Marketing acts as an important role in our daily lives. Marketing is basically gratifying customer needs which improve the standard of living and better standard of living. There are two main people involved with marketing customers and sellers. Marketing includes the activities of a company associated with buying and selling something or service. In order to sell the products marketers try to promote their products by different kinds of medium. The most well-known type is invoice boards and signals. The internet has been the most most straightforward and effective way of promoting products to the customers. Periodicals, T. V, Radio and newspapers are different ways of adding products. Marketing is focused on selling, delivering products to consumers, promotion of services to attract customers.

There are numerous definitions of marketing. One of the great management thinkers Peter Drucker said something which acts as a good reminder of the value of good marketing:

"The purpose of marketing is to learn and understand the client so well; the product or service matches him and provides itself. " Peter Drucker

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Marketing Communication:

Marketing communication is subdivided into 4 features:


Advertising is transmitting information to the clients by various types of multimedia by paying amount sum of money. It is essentially to attract the clients to buy the products.

In order words advertising is a publicity to influence the folks to purchase the precise product. Advertising mass media includes T. V, newspapers, movie theater, radio, posters, billboards and internet. It promotes the products and tries to convince the consumers to buy something by pressure that it is more desirable to them than others. Advertising can be done by the organizations, sectors as well as by individuals. Advertising can be used incorporating with other marketing and sales communications.

The amount of advertising in UK can be known through posters, billboards and T. V. It's been projected that the drinks industry spends over 200 million on advertising which between 1 and 2 ratio of nationwide income is spent on advertising in UK.

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Sales promotion:

Sales promotions are the excellent offers to persuade the clients to buy goods and services. Normally to increase in the sales of a business for the short time and sometimes to sold out the old stock. They are the tricks to trap the customer for the particular product.

There are types of sales promotions methods to that a business can use to make products appealing. A number of the methods are as under:

Discount vouchers:

Customers been dispatched the coupons, or they themselves rip off from the publications and newspapers which enables these to get this product in low price by exhibiting the coupon.


Sometimes when a customer buy a product, allows these to enter the draw to win a reward (for e. g. cash, cars, electronics, air seat tickets etc. )

Free items:

Sometimes when the merchandise is bought by the clients they get another product free with it or sometimes different prizes instantly.

Loyalty credit cards:

They are those credit cards which allow the customers to earn points on the credit cards when they buy products, down the road which is often redeemed as cash or goods. (for e. g. Tesco team greeting card, nectar etc. )

Loyalty cards have grown to be the most crucial excellent form of sales advertising.

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Public relationships:

Public connection doesn't package with the merchandise and services. It mainly deals in making good relationships between employees or customers. The principal function is to really have the trust of general public understanding.

Examples of pr are worker prep, support of charitable occurrences etc. In this type of marketing communication the business directed for the upsurge in sales by improving the image of the company and product.

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Direct marketing:

Convey of advertising communication directly to the consumer on specific basis through any kind of medium.

The main difference between immediate marketing and other kind of promotion is the fact you have close connection with the needs of the client and flourish in delivering a note.

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Integrated Marketing Communication:

The management of the business is planned in such a way that the feature of marketing communication interact instead of allows them to work separately. As stated above marketing communication includes sales promotion, advertising, immediate marketing and pr.

Integrated marketing communication good idea for making business more revenue. All the marketing communication departments work together for the betterment and profitably of a business. They company use only one procedure towards everything.

Integrated Marketing Communication is more than the management of a company's outgoing note between different multimedia and the consistency of the subject matter throughout. It really is a detrimental marketing plan that captures and uses a huge amount of customer information in setting and tracking marketing strategy. It could be also identifies as a all natural approach to promote investing of digital market.

A management principle which is mainly made to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales campaign, public relations, and immediate marketing work together as a blended force, rather than allowing each to work in remoteness. Used, the purpose of Integrated Marketing Communication is to make a single appearance or subject matter in all fundamentals of a advertising campaign. A successful built-in marketing communication plan should be customize what is required by the client predicated on time, budget and resources to reach the mark or goals. Small business can start an integrated marketing communication plan on a small budget by creating a website, email and SEO. A big business organization can start a built-in communication plan on a more substantial budget than a small organization. They are able to use things like print, mail order radio, Television plus many other online ad promotions. The main target by the end is to market their product. Television set is used in order to receive the generation alert to the product while Prints are used to educate the general public and Radio is also used to keep the message delivered at the top of the mind.

There are 3 Ps which has to keep in mind in built in marketing communication which are the first one is ideal for product. Which means that overall everything is done for the clients. What exactly are consumer requirements and what they really want? The products they are looking for and what are the benefits in demands, and what exactly are the unfulfilled requirements. The next P is the purchase price. One has to check out the cost which the customers want for. What is their perception of the price tag on the goods and how much are they in a position to pay and willing to spend. The 3rd P is for the area or distribution. This means where you can sell their goods, and which is the best possible place to promote you affectively.

David Ogilvy thinks IMC means providing "one stop shopping, establishing your agency to provide all the functions a customer should buy, and learning to manage them alongside one another. Maybe this is a tail.

David further said that IMC may be the key to getting away from the 'disease' of "discussing creativity all the time" and getting back again to concentrate on sales. This is at least lower leg.

Integrated Marketing Communication may also be called as integration of all promotional tools. All the communications tools are better if they interact in agreement alternatively than working individually.

While different departments such as sales, direct mail and advertising can help one another through Data Integration. This requires a marketing information system which gathers and shares relevant data across different departments. Marketing and communications goals must support the bigger level corporate objectives and commercial missions.

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Marketing communications comprises five broad categories:

Personal advertising, advertising, pr, immediate marketing and sales marketing promotions. Each has its own set of pros and cons and can be completed in many ways. However, the key is to check out the available options in a thorough way and ensure persistence throughout the decided on media. Selecting communications methods is subject to a number of factors. The factors that effect the choice and effectiveness of your promotional mixture include:

- Mother nature of the market (market size, geographic opportunity, type of customer, etc. )

- Dynamics of the product (complexity of the product, service requirements, etc. )

- Level in the product life-cycle (earlier versus later levels of the life span cycle)

- Price (high versus low product price)

- Funds designed for promotion

This funding point is very highly relevant to all companies. Budgeting is an essential function of the IMC process. The next items impact the budget determinations:

- Percentage-of-sales method (a specified percentage of either earlier or forecasted sales)

- Fixed-sum-per-unit method (predetermined buck amount for each and every product sold or produced)

- Reaching competition method (match competitor's promotional outlays)

- Task-objective method (amount and type of promotional spending had a need to achieve promotional Goals)

Advantages of Integrated Marketing Communication:

The key benefits of using included marketing communication or IMC is that it is indispensable and inexpensive to any corporation. IMC discusses the four different emails that an business has to understand of so that it can run if not manipulate. In order to effectively integrate pr and marketing, there are six techniques which may have to be used to accomplish an organization's target.

In order to achieve the organizations goals, public relations practitioners are generally asked to perform many other tasks hand and hand with marketing and advertising. It total communication program is merged with public relations, it not only save money and time but strengthen the organizations capacity to safeguard the stability of the merchandise or service. (Miller & Rose, 1994). Public relations professionals are told everyday to create programs that are compatible with advertising strategies accurately and cost effectively. Pr can help attain marketing goals and increase consciousness by playing an extremely tactical role (Miller & Rose, 1994). Pr are anticipated to inform as well as persuade tendencies, generate an environment for customer acceptance and build trust.

These activities can best be achieved by dealing with advertising functions in the business (Miller & Rose, 1994). For public relations, marketing and advertising to work more efficiently the three functions need to be more meticulously aligned. One approach to IMC originated by program director, Tom Duncan and his faculty at the University of Colorado. Duncan's IMC Message Typology talks about the four text messages that an organization needs to be familiar with so it can "control, or if not control, then perhaps impact. " The four types of text messages are; prepared, inferred, maintenance and unplanned. Although Integrated MARKETING AND SALES COMMUNICATIONS requires a great deal of effort it delivers lots of benefits. It can create competitive advantages, boost profits, while saving money, time and stress.

IMC wraps marketing communications around customers and helps them move through the various stages of the buying process. The business concurrently consolidates its image, builds up a dialogue and nurtures its romance with customers.

This 'Relationship Marketing' cements a connection of devotion with customers which can protect them from the inescapable onslaught of competition. The ability to keep a person forever is a robust competitive edge.

IMC also boosts gains through increased performance. At another level, first research suggests that images distributed in advertising and immediate mail raise both advertising awareness and email shot responses. So IMC can boost sales by stretching out communications across several communications tools.

Carefully linked communications also help buyers by giving timely reminders, kept up to date information and special deals which, when provided in a planned collection, help them move pleasantly through the phases of the buying process. . . and this reduces their 'misery of choice' in a sophisticated and active world.

IMC also makes messages more reliable and for that reason more believable. This reduces risk in the mind of the buyer which, in turn, shortens the search process and really helps to dictate the results of brand evaluations.

Un-integrated marketing communications send disjointed information which weaken the impact of the message. This may also mistake, frustrate and arouse anxiety in customers. Alternatively, integrated marketing communications present a reassuring sense of order.

Consistent images and relevant, useful, announcements help raise long term romantic relationships with customers. Here, customer directories can identify effectively which customers need what information when they need and throughout their entire buying life.

Finally, IMC will save you money as it reduces duplication in areas such as graphics and photography given that they can be shared and used in say, advertising, exhibitions and sales literature.

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Moriarty, Sandra E. PR and IMC: The great things about integration. PR Quarterly, Semester94, Vol. 39 Concern 3, p38, 7p, 1bw.

Once IMC strategy has been determined, marketing managers look to control the four basic components of the marketing combine: product, price, place, and promotion, known as the four P's of marketing. Since these four factors are controllable, the best mixture of these elements is set to reach the selected marketplace.

Product: The first factor in the marketing combine is the product. Products can be either tangible or intangible. Tangible products are products that can be handled; intangible products are the ones that cannot be touched, such as services. You can find three basic degrees of a product: core, real, and augmented. The primary product is the standard level, what consumers really buy in terms of benefits. For example, consumers do not buy food processors, by itself; rather, they choose the benefit of having the ability to process food quickly and effectively. The next a higher level the merchandise is the real productќin the case of the previous example, food processors. Products are typically sorted based on the pursuing five characteristics: quality, features, styling, brand name, and product packaging. Finally, the augmented degree of a product consists of all the elements that surround both the center and the real product. The augmented level provides purchasers with additional services and benefits. For example, follow-up complex assistance and guarantees and guaranties are augmented product components. When planning new products, firm managers look at a amount of issues including product quality, features, options, styles, brand name, presentation, size, service, guarantees, and return procedures, all so that they can meet up with the needs and would like of consumers.

Price: Price is the price tag on the product paid by consumers. This is the only component in the marketing mix that generates income for firms. To be able to generate revenue, professionals must consider factors both interior and external to the business. Internal factors take the proper execution of marketing aims, the marketing-mix strategy, and production costs. External factors to consider are the target market, product demand, competition, economical conditions, and federal government regulations. There are a number of charges strategies available to marketing managers: skimming, penetration, amount, and psychological. Using a price-skimming strategy, the purchase price is initially place high, allowing organizations to create maximum income from customers happy to pay the high price. Prices are then little by little lowered until maximum revenue is received from each degree of consumer. Penetration rates is used when firms established low prices to be able to capture a big share of a market quickly. A quantity-pricing strategy provides lower prices to consumers who purchase larger quantities of something. Psychological pricing will give attention to consumer perceptions. For instance, odd rates is a common mental costing strategy. With peculiar pricing, the expense of the merchandise may be a few cents less than a full-dollar value. Consumers have a tendency to give attention to the lower-value full-dollar cost even though it is really costed closer to another higher full-dollar amount. For instance, if the good will set you back $19. 95, consumers will focus on $19 somewhat than $20.

Place: Place refers to where and the way the products will be allocated to consumers. There are two basic issues involved with getting the products to consumers: route management and logistics management. Route management involves the process of selecting and motivating wholesalers and retailers, sometimes called middlemen, through the use of incentives. Several factors are analyzed by strong management when identifying where to sell their products: syndication programs, market-coverage strategy, geographic locations, inventory, and travel methods. The procedure of moving products from a manufacturer to the final consumer is often called the route of circulation.

Promotion: The previous variable in the marketing blend is advertising. Various promotional tools are being used to communicate communications about products, ideas, or services from businesses and their customers. The promotional tools open to managers are advertising, personal advertising, sales advertising, and publicity. For the promotional program to work, managers use a mixture of the four promotional tools that best gets to potential customers. This blending of promotional tools may also be known as the promotional mixture. The purpose of this promotional mix is to converse to prospects the features and advantages of products.

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The Bombay Bi-cycle Team is London 1st choice Indian dishes restaurant. I joined up with the Islington branch 10 months ago. THEREFORE I selected to create about this restaurant. It is called the 1st Indian cuisine franchise in London. The first restaurant was inaugurated at Clapham 20 year's again which is, still favorite for many Londoners and chefs. Many braches have been opened after that, now The Bombay Bicycle Club possesses around 18 braches, in different elements of London. The purpose of the employers of the business is maximum satisfaction of consumers.

According to Tana Ramsay (Gordon Ramsay) told to the latest issue of the London Journal that "the Bombay Bi-cycle Club was a local favourite. It has to be from the Battersea one though, that's the best

Marketing communication of the Bombay bike club works well. They apply all the marketing features to be able to get the maximum profit and consumer satisfaction. I am going to now analyze all the marketing communication based on the Bombay Bicycle Club.


Bombay Bicycle Club invests set for advertising too. They may have various ways of advertising. Since online shopping is a rage these days, they have also committed to e-retailing and the respond is overwhelming. It's been made possible for the capability of consumers. Customers can order their food without the trouble of walking down or driving a vehicle down and finding the parking space. They are able to order food from home by simply simply clicking the updated selections. The clients also get a discount for placing your order their food online. They also provide facilities for customers to book a table or the complete place online.

They also have leaflets with menus which they disperse it to retailers, customers, and even as poster on bikes and other vehicles. Even billboards are being used at high traffic areas to catch the attention of new customers

They have regular advertisings in the Local and other news papers in britain. Newspapers are a good way to obtain reaching out to a large amount of people. Another way the Bombay Bi-cycle Club has carried out is the utilization of magazine advertisings, as magazine advertisements are generally better as they are able to reached the desired demographics

Sales campaign:

Every now and then the Bombay Bike Club gives out vouches or coupons to customers, with these coupons customers get discount rates on the food and drinks depending upon the growing season. For the regular customers, there is a flat discount which they get whenever they visit the place.

Public relationships:

All the employees and the professionals are courteous, friendly and the atmosphere of the restaurant is warm and homely. The satisfaction of the client to the tiniest detail is the primary concern for Bombay Bike Club. In addition, it participates any community services by distributing food and beverages completely free.

Direct marketing:

The Bombay Bi-cycle club is mainly a direct marketing establishment as you can find more of real human to real human contact. Folks are given all the details of a food item ot any product over a individual basis


After all the research I came to summarize that marketing performs an important role in the business. Marketing is basically gratifying customer needs which improve the quality of life and better standard of living. I came to learn about the marketing and sales communications. Advertising and sales campaign escalates the sales of the business which also increases the profitability of the business. Sales advertising and immediate marketing makes the business to keep in touch with the previous customers. It not only helps the business to retain the valuable customers but also to catch the attention of new customers. In a nutshell if all these feature of marketing work together, they can grow their business, make large amount of money and retain the customers.


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