Marketing plan for dawlance group pakistan ltd

1. 1) Professional Summary

The research focus on this assignment clarifies the value and the impact of marketing strategies on its sales, turnover and other aspects of Dawlance Group Ltd Pakistan. Dawlance Group Ltd is one of the popular brands in Pakistan processing different electrical devices.

The collection of Dawlance Organization Ltd Pakistan because of this particular group work is purely made on the basis of two reasons.

* Being part of this organization in the past and accessibility towards some important data required for this plan.

* Working in information on e-business arrange for the pointed out company in prior semester.

Marketing strategies have been established for Dawlance Group and a whole marketing plan is proposed to analyze different aspects and to provide them a system more profitable and thus to increase company acceptance and demand. The business manufactures different products and sends to many parts of the country.

We have made initiatives to review and analyse both micro and macro environments for to determine the hurdles in our way. Every part is examined in context to Pakistan and planning is designed in a manner that is applicable within the united states effectively.

The company mission and vision declaration is evidently made and it's political, environmental, communal, technological and inexpensive issues are earned front that in a nutshell is known as as PESTLE research.

Along all the above exterior factors the business is also analysed by clearly pointing out its advantages, weakness and opportunities which give us a wide spectrum on designing our marketing plan for the company brought up.

The company Dawlance offers its products through its main warehouses and outlets within the united states and have almost negligible sales online whenever we characterise it as B2C or immediate to customer sale.

We endeavour to incorporate efficient and inexpensive marketing plans possible and make it more profitable for the business turnover and brand power.

The country is nearly in downturn and suffers economic problems that increase inflation and poverty in within the united states, indirectly affecting the retail market.

As the business manufacture electronics things therefore the market is segmented quite distinctly and the techniques used to target the segment is designed very effectively.

We have tried to design an idea that appeals to most customers from from coast to coast ranging low medium to top class family members.

The strategy here's low price and good quality and extra facilities to fully capture the marketplace and take a competitor lead.

1. 2) Company Information

Dawlance Group Ltd Pakistan

Dawlance company was founded in 1980 and today one of the leading supplier of electrical appliances in Pakistan. The company has its own reputation and now the greatest company in Pakistan in electro-mechanical household equipment.

The customers are mainly middles and wealthy category people within the united states and the company endeavour to provide stuff on easy instalments and cheap prices so everyone can be benefited. The business recently has 1550 employees. The business has a big setup and is has got the service of gifted team, HR and Marketing team.

Dawlance Group has been handed through the stages of continuous advancements and innovation to accomplish its position in Pakistan Market and take lead to its competition. It its imports its organic materials mainly from China, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and some other countries.

(www. Dawlance. com. pk)

Some of the merchandise the business is manufacturing are given as under.

* Refrigerators

* Air conditioning equipment

* Roaster

* Toaster

* Micro Wave Oven

* Juicer

* Tvs

* Washing Machines

* Dryers

* Irons

* Deep Freezer

* Small Appliances

Head Office:

Dawlance Centre 7/4 Civil Line-9

Dr Zia Uddin Ahmed Highway Karachi

Section No 2:

Market Micro and Macro Analysis

In this chapter we study all the internal and exterior factors that influence the Dawlance market.

2. 1Company Vision statement

2. 2 Company Quest Statement


The Dawlance is one of the popular electronics manufacturing companies in Pakistan. The company since built is has good turn over and good customer satisfaction level.

The company is competent in cities having big ware houses and retail shop that your customers buy immediately.

The products range between small gadgets like Switches, Irons to Air Conditioned and Refrigerators all of which has good demand within the united states.

The company have segmented its products in to daily use digital products to seasonal gadgets like heating units in winters and Air Conditions.

The company is also in competition of the others electronics companies developing same devices.

The company have normally targeted the center lower, middle-middle to top class family members. Some products with a low price and are also bought by poor course people.

The endemic of china market in Pakistan has substantial impact on sale and development strategy of the business.

More than 70% of Pakistan population is below 3 per day making it very difficult for these people even to meet with their both time meals. A lot of the families have a very low income and huge burden and problematic for them to go for luxury and even necessary things like Refrigerators and heaters.

Over days gone by one year the due the global problems the country is economic crisis producing the downfall of several making companies. Dawlance is also the sufferer of this monetary disease. The company is also facing politics and security problems worldwide impacting on its marketing strategies very terribly.

However the brand can't bring its quality down because of diluted market problems.

Below is the Pestle examination explaining different factors influencing organizations.

2. 4) PESTLE Evaluation:

The Pestle analysis is the abbreviation for political, economic, social, scientific, legal and environmental evaluation. Each one of these aspects are considered and analyse the exterior environment.


Political condition gets worst day by day in Pakistan. The united states is transferring through the dark stage of the annals facing security and instability problems. Government is not in position to provide funding for the business growth and is not in the position to look for international legislations. International trading policies are most detrimental and corruption is high.


Due to recent global economic crisis the company is facing a great deal of problems. Taxes rate is high and the retail market appears to be heading down.


Most of the people of the country are surviving in rural areas, unacquainted with the products and its own benefits. These people can't stand products Tv sets because of spiritual concern. The folks in these rural areas like manual work and do not like machinery. Female normally don't visit outlets and don't work. Most of the people can't manage to buy.


Technology keeps growing day by day. The company has latest machinery and have highly qualified designers and pros. The cheap technology of china has brought a new trend not only in Pakistan however in depends upon.

Legal and Environmental:

The company business is not bound to any legal and environmental constraints and has wide open hands to market effectively.

2. 5) SWOT Evaluation on Dawlance Pakistan


* The company has good market position and turn over.

* The business has latest equipment available producing different household appliances.

* The brand is so popular within Pakistan and has sixteen distributions centre from coast to coast.

* The business got very talented specialized and managerial staff.

* The company is positioned in main city Karachi, more close to big market segments.


* The business is losing big money scheduled to extra labours and manual work.

* The company hire graduates but the associated staffs not educate them properly that result in insufficient communication, incompetence and very less company knowledge.

* The Professionals of different departments not exhibiting their full and motivation for the business.

* Theft occasions occur typically because of no scanning system and irregularity.


* The business can take a business lead of Pakistan market by excellent marketing and customer service.

* The business has the capacity to develop and can increase its start by Online sale, marketing and shopping.

* Electronic Business can save huge money by minimizing manual work.

* The business has got no online competition within the united states.


* The business has a major threat to security. It is situated in main city and does not have any scanning and proper security system.

* It really is in competition in market with china plus some other companies like Singer Pakistan.

Trained and expert tech quits by finding better opportunity.

So on the basis of the above SWOT examination we can conclude that the company needs new marketing strategies and online sale opportunity. We will design a fresh relationship of the business with its suppliers and customers. Detail work and evaluation is completed.

The company seems never to have enough online challengers, so an improved opportunity to commit money on latest online internet technology.

2. 6) The Market Summary

According to an estimation the Pakistan has 160 million of inhabitants and almost all of them leaving in families of at least 4 or 5 person typically.

This quite simply means if we can separate the market in to following sections. The segmentation is entirly done based on average monthly income and normal living standard.

We will extend on Dawlance image of invention, quality, and value and must make it more competitive in market.

Chapter No3:

Marketing Plan for Dawlance Group Pakistan

The Dawlance Group limited is along the way of continuous improvements and innovation to adopt efficient measures possible. Thousands of Dollars are allocated to advertising to increase its earning by maximum sales. Attempts are created to compete with its competitors on the market of dynamic progress.

Bringing in the front all the aspects, the business is keen to re design a solid system that gets the center for online shopping, marketing, procurement, purchasing, customer service, excellent operational efficiency and further security so the extra cost incurred can be manipulated.

This plan is situated totally on the incorporation of new marketing plan that gives full prove more successful for the company.

3. 1)Marketing Goals:

The aim of the marketing plan is to increase the company growth. The company is having financial problems. The company suffers lose subsequently over in recent yr and need marketing intend to restore its position.

The company must attract the market and should turn out with good quality products with extra features and services to keep carefully the brand on the market and using a good turn over.

3. 2) Market Strategy:

Our market strategy identifies specific actions to perform the company aim and target and keep its brand position within the market

3. 3)Market Segmentation:

The main market is segmented in to Urban and Rural Areas which is often further sub segmented directly into next categories.

Segmentation Products:

The products are segmented in to the following categories.

1. Top quality expensive Products (attracting rich families)

2. Medium quality moderate Price Products (For medium school families)

3. General Products of daily usage common use

Families are sub divided into following categories.

* Midsection Lower Households (30% of the whole population)

* Middle-Middle Family members (20% of entire population)

* Middle Upper Individuals (10% of the complete population)

* Upper Households (05% of the whole population)

The hard estimation shows 35% of the population leave in poverty and they some time struggling to go for just about any valuable product.

Target Markets :

The marketplace for our plan is all the middle range and top class people this time mainly in Urban areas. Upper category is the folks who are able it quickly and for middle income it is difficult however, not impossible plus they have been normally seen to buy expensive products if it is on affordable and monetary price.

Middle school have been seen to buy good expensive electronic stuff like Freezers, air Conditioned, Micro wave range and Tele Eyesight etc and especially at that time when they marry their daughters or sons.

The company must advertise the merchandise through all Radio and Television set and bill plank banners and must go for offers, discounts among others good offers that'll be more competitive economically on the market.


The company has almost sixteen big ware properties from coast to coast and shops in virtually all the big cities.

The company along with physical placement in the retail outlets will likewise have the facility to order via mobile and mails. So the product can been supplied with no inconvenience.

The payment for the merchandise will be in move forward either by cheque/postal order or Loan company deposit.


The marketing plan is mainly designed on whole families. The standard products the Dawlance is advertising in market is used in families. Like One TV, washer and toaster or Juicer in one house. In some young families more than two Tv set even used but marketing plan is designed at lowest level.

Get older:

There is no get older limit. Normally getting customers are parents and elders of family in age 30-60 years.


Focuses both genders specially individuals or leaving in one house in sharing.

Family life routine:

It targets the whole family.

Social School:

Upper class, higher middle, upper lower, middle upper and in a few how middle midsection and lower middle classes are concentrated.

Market Geographic's

Most of the individuals living metropolitan areas like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Islamabad and many major places and districts have significantly more possibility to buy electronic appliances manufactured by Dawlance.

Therefore the key concentration will be urban areas which have easy access and easy delivery services. Most of the bill plank adverts are usually spread in locations with lamps easily persuading customers.

Market Psychographics

Market is designed more to get high personality people whether he live in family or together. Some people like quality value products with extra characteristics so we will provide different stuff ranging little to high price. Stuff with high price has extra characteristics that will attract highly upper class people.

Market Needs:

The market has need of highly toughness. A number of the company appliances are the market needs like Television and refrigerator which is the most important segment to focus on.

3. 4) Product Strategy:

All the electric powered equipment bought with Dawlance brand will be given 5 years warranty and any product having developing or technical mistake will be free of cost.

The customers will be provided call centre quantity that will continue to work morning 0900-0500PM. The customer details will be studied and service will be provided. The complete maintenance centre will be close to city.

The devoted customer may also be given 20% discount on same appliance, if he is choosing new product at the condition no state for maintenance is made during full warranty time.

3. 5) Price Strategies:

We have decided to lower our prices to get more customers and bring the product in competition with other companies marketing within the united states.

Price will be bring down with no bargain with high quality. Prices are certain to get down 20% less on good discounted rates. Some products like Freezers and Televisions may also be available on interest free instalments in the form of loan. The price will be bit greater than normal in case of instalments.

We aim to entice nor only upper category people but also middle class and in many cases even lower higher class people to make it more strong within the market. We deliver high quality value.

3. 6) Promotion Strategies:

For all products the Dawlance is retailing immediately or indirectly they aren't promote able. You will see a lottery solution within and on pull the consumer will be awarded free Tv set or Freezers.

3. 7) Distributions Strategy:

We are widening our network and broadening it virtually all the major towns. The customer can choose the products straight from the retailers, local agents and you will be able to order online or by mobile phone once the company is received repayment.

All the merchandise ordered immediately will be delivered to on door at the expense of reasonable demand.

3. 8) CUSTOMER SUPPORT Strategy:

The Dawlance is providing customer support that will need all phone calls regarding complaints, recommendations and guidelines.

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