Marks And Spencer: THE LARGEST High Street Retailers

Marks and Spencer is one of the primary high street stores in UK with over 600 UK stores and nearly 303 stores in 41 territories. The home country of Marks and Spencer is United Kingdom. The top office is situated in central London at Waterside House. As the business's concept is to value quality, advancement, personalize service and security with their customers in a very unique manner which develops the trust of the clients towards the company.

M&S offers stylish, high quality clothing, home products and excellent service especially their own food brands since 125 years. Through significant supply string including more than 2000 suppliers internationally we've used the analytical to tools which can be explained the following:

Pestle analysis

Political Examination:

In spite of ethnical variations M&S have functioned very efficiently in terms of macroeconomic guidelines and also better good relationships with other countries to broaden the business enterprise.

Economical Examination:

As the existing scenario the economic conditions are negative due to tough economy therefore M&S is not able to achieve the desired targets anticipated to that they have to reduce their cost of products and even great deal with the suppliers. ( )

Socio-cultural Examination:

M&S choose certain public and social aspects which vary from country to country in terms of these lifestyle, beliefs and beliefs. This leaves the effect on diffusion of products onto the market. As changes in the approach to life results in both opportunities and dangers to the firm.

Technological Research:

M&S uses move forward technology in order to provide their customers such as increased online shopping were customers can make choices from various products that exist with regards to clothing, food etc. This gives flexibility in working the business more efficiently. (http://www. oxbridgewriters. com/essays/marketing/marks-spencers-corporate-objectives. php).

Environmental Examination:

M&S has developed plan A which makes the business to fight against climate change, waste materials reduction etc. This is actually the first company that has removed the unnatural colours from the meals items. They provide points to the clients if the customer uses their carriers while shopping. This way the M&S is environmental friendly.

Legal Analysis:

M&S has high holding status, so this will influence the environmental rules with which in duties must comply. M&S has standard accounting methods. M&S is stated in on London stock market, they are simply founding member of business in the community.

Industry life routine period

There are 4 phases in the life span routine, the M&S acquired started from advantages phase it got taken quite a while to developed and move for the growth phase. In 20th century the development of M&S was strong enough to remain competitive in the market. The company is still in the progress stage because they are innovative and creative in terms of developing services and due to this only they haven't come to to the maturity and drop stage.

Five Forces

Threat of New Entrants:

In 19th hundred years; there have been new entries like Asda, Tesco, and Sainsbury. Even Zara and Top Shop were getting into the marketplace. So M&S encountered high risk from them and started out preventing product differentiation & decreasing the price through mass development.

Bargaining Vitality of Potential buyers:

M&S bargaining electricity increases because the product quality and the price tag on the products are high therefore they cannot contain the customers as Tesco, Asda and Top- Shop achieve this task they attended up with quality products with cheaper prices to get the clients, thus M&S is becoming more price delicate.

The Bargaining Electricity of Suppliers:

M&S bargaining electricity is very high as it is well known for its quality & value products. So distributor can threaten the market by increasing high price or lessening the product quality. As M&S does partnership generally which boosts bargaining vitality of supplier.

Threat of Substitute Product & Service:

Due competition swap products & services are available, M&S is having brand name which is valuable, but substitutes are also available like Tesco, Asda, Manchester United, Zara and Top Shop.

Intensity of Rivalry among competitors:

The Rivalry among the list of competition is strong, In case there is M&S, there are numerous rivals so they use techniques like sales offers, advertising, product differentiation and diversifying the structure by bringing out other brand products.


Due to high competition, the merchandise substitution can be done & this will further reduce the price of product e. g. Primark. M&S products are value perspective but there are incredibly small group which constitute value perspective and consumer point of view products as it is having value added charges methods as other suppliers use market skimming method.


The competitive gain helped the business to expands its business remember the futuristic eye-sight in conditions of diversification to help market development from the existing products by inviting new products and make sure they are can be found in the global market this denotes the development matrix in conditions of M&S as the business is on the advantage of creating its brand over the territories.

External Evaluation:

From all these analysis one can declare that M&S produces the superior quality products and thus M&S can sustain in proper market for very long time but have to be protective from opponents. M&S has strong advertising strategy (example: clothing). Largely there sales promotions are done by online purchases and creating consciousness in all the public places like pipe station, place, bus place etc. Purchasers of M&S are slowly but surely dropping because the Tesco and Sainsbury are providing quality products with cheaper rates. So through all of this we can say that M&S must take quick decision regarding various polices and strategies they are following.

Strategic Alliances

Economy of range:

In circumstance of M&S market of level it uses the idea of mass production and through this they could decrease the cost per unit as well they increase more revenue. As it is one of the dependable brands it possessed to keep hold on efficiency.

Economy of opportunity:

M&S has types of products in different selection of stores and locations. This diversification of the products and services as this core quality is giving greater possibility to contend in the global market.

Economy of learning:

M&S has additional competence as learning of new marketplaces, new customers and new choices according their earlier pitfalls and achievements. (http://www. marketingteacher. com/Lessons/lesson_PEST. htm)

Evaluation of Company Performance by Balanced Scorecard Methodology.

Customer Perspective:

M&S has now known its quality & value traits were not working longer as their business strategy because customers are trying to get quality goods at a cheaper price. As a result now they moved from product concentration to customer concentration to attract the customers towards them. E. g. progressive online shopping and presenting more value added services.

The Internal Business Perspective:

This point of view highlights the inner capability of firm. M&S has invested to open up a retail recreation area, food stores in several towns & travel hubs in international airports, channels etc. The swiftness and flexibility of having the products into the stores has advanced by controlling inventory. To supply a good service to the client, the business has committed to systems & infrastructure. This can help to lessen the export cost & ignites syndication. M&S have launched an knowledge division to fight the weather change, waste lowering & trading in honest way etc. (Marks & Spencer Annual Record 2009, http://annualreport. marksandspencer. com/).

The Invention & Learning Perspective:

From time to time; it is coming up with new ideas. For e. g. It has unveiled "Per Una" in 2008 and unveiled 'Make Asian'&' Bakery glass cakes' along with underwear collection in 2009 2009. M&S is performing activities to teach leaders of next era with the 'Flagship command programme' & 'new brand management developing programs. ' They even have benefit package for their employees (Grades & Spencer Total annual Statement 2009, http://annualreport. marksandspencer. com/).

The Financial Point of view:

In this season the total earnings of the company have increased by 0. 4%. Whereas international market revenue has increased by 25. 9%. However the UK market has decreased by 1. 7%. Company interim dividend has decreased from 8. 3 pence per talk about to 5. 5 pence per talk about. M&S company stocks increased by 5. 87 % to 361 pence per show in, 2009(Markings & Spencer Annual Article 2009, http://annualreport. marksandspencer. com/). It is satisfied with its performance in the first 50 percent of this season as the Company has increased the stocks of the clothing & food market.

Financial Ratio Examination:

The previous parts we have used numerous tools and techniques to analysis the business the tactical performance. Furthermore to conclude the complete proper appraisal of M&S is described below.

M&S Company Current Proportion is 0. 62 times in 2009 2009. It acquired been 0. 60 times in 2008. It really is less than 1; M&S's networking capital is negative. It really is unusual in a corporation like M&S. In '09 2009; Quick proportion was 0. 33 times in 2008 but it offers reduced to 0. 32 times in this season. The stock has increased because of sluggish moving inventory. Cash proportion is 0. 13 times in this year; it was 0. 16 times in 2008. In '09 2009 Total Credit debt ratio is 0. 74 times & 0. 75 times in 2008. In this year its profit margin is (0. 03). This helps M&S to preserve on the market. This examination helped to clarify the internal composition of the organization which is explained as follows. (Marks & Spencer one half 12 months results 2009/10, http://corporate. marksandspencer. com/page. aspx?pointerid=3e7ce29a8f244dc38e22943f16d954d3)

Environmental Scanning

Internal evaluation:

The M&S has some powerful strength as their competitive benefits to sustain in the market:

Strong brand:

M&S achieved attractiveness in UK because of their quality, service and development; and effectively stepped in global market to diversify their brand internationally. M&S also developed very high reputation from all kind of customers by preserving their standard and never compromised the product quality standards.


The Company has a very strong cashflow position where in fact the company doesn't require taking any lending options from any finance institutions. They can certainly manage funds from the revenue they generate. The company indicates to truly have a strong balance sheet as you can find upsurge in their turnover and trading earnings.

Generic Strategies:

Cost authority:

To equate to Industry competition M&S is not focusing to be always a cost leader as to maintain their quality.


M&S always differentiate their products and services to keep their position in the retail market. For example to be a UK's leading clothing merchant maintain fashion tendencies and great value with an increase of clarity and newness of most range from children to old generation.

E. g. Women wear Stock portfolio and INDIGO, AUTOGRAPHF, SLIMFIT SHIRT, AND NORTH Shoreline as well as for Men, etc. limited collection and '35 and under' for more youthful customers 'DINE SET FOR TWO FOR 10' in Food and also always customer centering and getting rid of duplication that are top priority issues.


M&S gearing a target generic strategy by focusing on narrow market segment such as a particular buyer group and era, social category, income and occupation. Market segments through value like prime price, high quality, mid-priced and low-price segment.

These are the key points applied to achieve differentiation using their company opponents like Tesco, Asda, Top shop, Clarks, Zara and Next. To be a tacit skill they produce new suggestions to enhance the business e. g. M&S maintain to keep their own brand products in stores. M&S have decided to create the other brand products like HEINS, NESTLE etc.

Value Chain Examination:

Due to the result of the recession few years again M&S possessed face some drawback in business especially in food industry nevertheless they quickly rectified most of the issues. To defeat from problems they have got restructured their source chain and technology recently. Before M&S is determined by middle man as their main clothing dealer which led 5% to 7% additional expense plus more operational cost ultimately the expense of the products are definitely more when compared with their competitors.

Inbound Logistics:

M&S has manipulated and improve effective computerised inventory control system which is centralised over the globe in order to delivery each item to the shop floor. Relating to Stuart Rose (Total annual record 2009) M&S always focuses on environment friendly creation, recycling process through 'Aircraft A' project gives very successful achievement in food and clothing industry as well as very manipulated functional cost led the company to reduced the price of goods. As an extra value the company has a powerful website to incorporate the online order management to fulfil the actual profit. M&S has authorized an contract with Amazon for e-commerce services to the retail sector (Press release 2009) which includes efficient work move design.

Outbound Logistics:

In order to provide constant replenishment products to the customers M&S has efficient robotic system such as RFID to improve stock correctness and inventory techniques and delivery method. They have got their own delivery vehicles and warehouses all over the world. They have shut 21 warehouses to combine their GM procedures into four large warehouses within UK. Furthermore M&S made contracts with alternative party logistics providers to assimilate their suppliers in the source chain. In case of International syndication they moved forwards with immediate sourcing as an add strategic value planed to use SAP of their center commercial system in 2010 2010 and going to outsource their HR system to save time and energy to consent rate in center business (M&S research study 2009)

Sales & Marketing:

M&S has excellent strategy in sales and marketing in advertising, store & seasonal deals. They have proved that products are value your money can buy. Their recent sales improvements and marketing campaigns are such substantial achievements in retail industry (Total annual report 2009)


To wthhold the existing customers also to attract clients M&S targeting more on value added services such as Insurance, Charge card, Tourism, Home delivery etc. Not only this M&S in addition has founded in HRM, Technology development, Procurement and Standard Administration and still keep looking to improved upon through standard dedicated R&D team.

In respect to Boston Matrix M&S have penetrated into the market through its various new products and services which handles selling products in to the market and achieved main objective in terms to boost the market talk about of current products; and yes it has secured a dominant development in the market. As they are diverse in their products the company has also opened up new shops in different countries and have occupied the market in a better manner. Therefore, the Boston Matrix examination in terms of M&S does not have any canines and problem child because they're not dropping any revenues which they have invested however in conditions of cash cows they aren't successful in attaining revenue from some international territories due to recession. However in terms of actors M&S hold a strong market due to their reputation.

Boston Matrix in a very simplified manner:

In relation to the precious stone porter's competitive benefit on the market M&S hold a very strong position as it has withstand in the international market keeping in mind companies restructuring strategies which has helped to boost the efficiency and innovativeness as per the demand of the client. The company is reinforced by skilled staff, capital and infrastructure thus attaining sustainability on the planet market. Even the government inspires M&S to kick off its desired products due to company's commitment towards the clients.


M&S is the major retail industry in the global market. It includes strong financial back up and also contains good reputation among the customers, suppliers and the marketers. The brand is very famous among the marketplace in UK as well as over the globe. Even they may have diverse selection of products making them unique in their behavior as they may have their in house production. These tips have helped M&S sustain in the global market.


Marks and Spencer is at strong competition with Top Shop, Zara and then for example the production life cycle of Zara is merely 6 weeks even when it involves clothing outlets these retailers provide same cost range as M&S and even more trendy products. In terms of food shopping M&S faces competition with Sainsbury's and Tesco as they give high quality value added foods.


Using both environmental evaluation techniques (SWOT and PESTEL) and stock portfolio analysis we have seen that M&S have various inner strengths and weakness in its current business activities as well as variety of opportunities and hazards. The stock portfolio of M&S's products in terms of BCG matrix is either 'pet dogs' (profit balance) or question grades (cash cow). In food and clothing (with its focus differentiation universal strategy) comparative market shares is low with low industry growth and Financial services industry development is high but M&S's market show is low and can require significant capital investment to turn them into 'celebrities'.

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