McDonalds and Tesco Promotional Mix


Dick and Apple pc McDonald founded the 1st drive-in and personal service restaurant in California, US in 1940. Today McDonalds is one of the leading fast-food dealer having more than 32, 000 local restaurants [1] throughout the world. Using a mass penetration and exhilarating brand image, McDonald's is providing more than 60 million people in roughly 117 countries of the world [1]. To determine its market occurrence and differentiate from its challengers, McDonald's has generated a number of logos and highway signs depending upon its operations for example dine-in center drive-through etc. Following are few illustrations illustrating different logos:

[2] Different Logos of McDonald's


McDonald's has used a highly effective promotional mix technique for the marketing of its products and services. For the organisation to penetrate within a specific market, it is essential to get maximum knowledge about the culture, flavour, climate, consumer needs etc. to create a correct set of promotional mixture for marketing its advertising campaign. The right choice of the promotional mix helps the company to communicate the great things about its products and services to the consumers (O'Shaughnessy 2003, p. 110). McDonald's core consumer base is made upon children, business personnel and fast-food fans. Followed by that your promotional mixture strategy used by McDonald's is advertising and sales promotion.

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O'Shaughnessy, J. , 2003. The marketing ability of feelings, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003.


The promotional mix strategy accompanied by media advertising is definitely favourable as it reinforces the life of the organization and also helps in persuading the consumers to buy. The advertising tools include print multimedia, electronic multimedia, billboards etc. for campaign. McDonald's too uses certain effective promotional techniques by making use of advertising tools.

Print Media, Television Commercials

McDonald's utilises competitive multimedia advertising as a tool to market its products. By using television commercials, newspaper publishers and publications, the organisation has successfully managed to generate a positive image of its brand. The scrumptious representation of its food products on the hoardings not only appeals to its consumers but also keeps them up to date about the new arrivals.

[3] Images of Burger and Fries

Social Networking

Today networks have become popular and since most of the traffic on these websites is followed by the younger generation therefore, it becomes needed for the organisations like Mc Donald's to show their market presence. To keep itself connected using its core consumer platform, McDonald's has created webpages [4] on typically the most popular networks which includes:

Facebook http://www. facebook. com/aboutmcdonalds

Flickr http://www. flickr. com/photos/aboutmcdonalds

Twitter http://twitter. com/mcdonaldscorp

These pages confer all the related information about the latest news and upcoming situations about McDonald's and also changes about new offers and will be offering.

[3] http://www. aboutmcdonalds. com/mcd/media_center/image_gallery/products. html

[4] http://www. aboutmcdonalds. com/mcd/media_center


Public relations play an integral role in today's marketing world. The multinational organisations having vast operational framework be a part of certain international affairs like exhibitions, charitable work, rallies and sporting activities events. McDonald's in addition has been involved in such large size happenings which not only perform a positive note but also help in the advertising of its brand image.

The 2010 Olympic Winter Games

The 2010 Olympic Winter Game titles were kept in the stunning city of Vancouver situated in the web host country of Canada. Since the brand image of McDonald's represents youngsters and for that reason, it is constantly on the participate in sports activities incidents. McDonald's has formally announced its involvement as the state Restaurant for the eighth consecutive video games [5]. The business is ready to give food to more than 10, 000 of the world's best sports athletes, coaches and the Olympic officials. It is just one more element of McDonald's smart promotional strategy as millions of people throughout the world will recognize the existence of McDonald's as an internationally partner of this Olympic movement.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

FIFA World Cup is an event that is anxiously anticipated by diverse selection of age groups everywhere you go around the world. Mc Donald's always seek for such events that create an extravaganza to focus on a mass audience. The organisation is an standard sponsor and the official restaurant of the 2010 FIFA World Glass South Africa. With an increase of than 32, 000 restaurants in more than 100 countries, McDonald's provides the FIFA World Glass to life for millions of customers and employees across the world.

[5] Company logo for the 2010 FIFA World Cup

[5] http://www. aboutmcdonalds. com/mcd/media_center/press_kits. html


The sales special offers are usually short-termed or time specific strategies that are designed to attract the clients or even to replenish the relationships with the existing ones. The sales promotional campaigns offer attractive deals, work on prices and submit services. The buy-one-get-one deals, gifts and prize techniques are few examples of such sales campaigns.

Children will be the target consumer base of McDonald's and therefore it becomes inescapable for the organisation to build up such promotional strategies that could create enthusiasm in children. Happy Meals can be found with small gadgets which excites children. McDonald's also presents lucky draws, numerous schemes for winning prices and child contests every once in awhile for example, Happy Meal toys, Big Mac pc Hockey Contest, card games etc. The promotional tactic of scratch credit cards is also utilised for marketing which comes with combo meals. Increasing this, Mc Donald's offers econo-meals and value meals.

[6] Toys offered by McDonald's

Meals Designed for Healthy Eating

The consumer world of today gets more cautious about organic food and healthy eating and realising this McDonald's has come up with a plan of preserving its existing customers along with appealing to new customers. The company has designed Happy Dishes with intent to promote healthy eating in children. The organisation has teamed up with DreamWorks Animation to put forwards a series of toys and games including Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots to endorse super fruit, fruit and vegetables, and low-fat dairy and fruit juices. By promoting the healthy eating McDonald's has tried out to penetrate within the consumer bottom that intentionally prevent the junk food products as they contemplate it to be fattening and un-healthy. That is a smart promotional campaign that will benefit the company by attracting the new segment of consumer bottom part to the existing database of the business.

[7] Shrek Themed Happy Meal

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Tesco is the leading retail super market in UK possessing a mass penetration of around 90% with an annual turnover of more than 1 billion. Tesco is an internationally recognised brand name which is not only restricted to food and grocery store items but is also expanded its operation to the non-food products.

[8] Official Custom logo of Tesco


Food Ranges: Dairy, eggs, butter and everything grocery items

Non-food Ranges: Books, Dvd videos and Electronic products

Others: Dieting clubs, flights and getaways, music downloads electricity etc.


The list below signifies the core opponents of Tesco in UK. All the listed below companies will be the leading supermarkets in UK and functions almost in same range of products and categories. The competition for Tesco is extremely fierce in UK as the quality of products and services made available from these supermarkets are relatively same hence it becomes difficult for anyone to send out. However, Tesco using its comparatively huge functional network offers a respected position since it's got smaller or bigger retailers in another area. The promotional techniques provided by these supermarkets is more or less the same but Tesco ensures its specific identity by adding smart marketing mixture accompanied by carefully designed promotional mix.







Tesco has designed a smart promotional combine strategy that demonstrates a prudent way of thinking behind its campaigning. Tesco has effectively managed to achieve a essential role in the daily habit life of each household and its own progress is based on the success of its creatively devised promotional strategy. The core constituents of Tesco's promotional combination are as follows:


In blend with lots of meaningful promotional strategies, Tesco is efficiently following a immediate marketing strategy. Once a person is registered on the main website -and begins shopping, the business keeps on interacting with that customer via telephone, emails and texts from time to time.

Emails Messages

The comprehensively designed website stores the contact information of the client and the productive direct marketing team of the company keeps a track record of customer's buying behaviours. Tesco sends promotional offers, necessary data, services and special deals via personalised email addresses to the customers. In addition, Tesco also delivers out feedback varieties and surveys via e-mail to keep updated with the constantly changing customer's needs and options.

Text Messaging

This is yet another way of close relationship with the customers. Tesco helps to keep on sending useful information about the new offers and products via texting. The company means that the client never misses out anything provided by them and by doing so the business also advances a certain place in the customer's everyday life.

1. 3. 2 Mass media CAMPAIGNING

Like its core challengers, Tesco too needs to make heavy purchases on multimedia campaigning even though its market existence is humungous. The competitive environment of today doesn't allow anyone to fall short when it comes to marketing campaigning. Marketing is one of the most powerful and decisive aspect of the overall promotional strategy.

TV Commercials

To differentiate from others it is vital to highlight the main element features of the company in the TV commercials. Tesco primarily focuses on its convenience as its network is comparatively broader. The advertisements also emphasize its healthy eating and organic products. Moreover, the TV commercials are designed to give you a little extra eye-catching occasions to ensure that the commercials stay in the customer's imagination for a longer time of their time.

Interactive Websites

In addition to its main detailed website, Tesco has launched a number of other webpages including Tesco Apps, Tesco Diet, and Communicating Tesco etc. The links to these web pages are also made available on the key website and the hyperlink to the key website has been kept prominent on all the webpages.


Tesco is facing a slashed neck market competition and for that reason, it has to keep on planning innovative promotional ways of address the consumer needs and provide them a wonderful shopping experience at the same time. Keeping in view of the growing level of inflation and downturn period, Tesco has come up with ground-breaking promotional methods as pleasing their customers.

Club Card Points

By adding the Club Greeting card rewards point, Tesco has made shopping far more fun and exhilarating experience for the consumers. The incentive points can be gathered by shopping via the web website which may be accessed by heading to its website [8]. This promotional approach attracts the customers looking for discount rates and keeping options.

[8] Image of Tesco Club card

[8] http://www. tesco. com/

Tesco Apps

Tesco has launched a direct mobile website which permits its consumers to look for groceries from absolutely everywhere on their mobile by getting the Tesco software from the web site [9]. The web shop also allows the client to add or delete something from the online shop accessed via the mobile. The mobile request also enables the client to gain access to the most liked list making the process easier. This application can be an innovative promotional technique which attracts the consumer base that comes with an extremely occupied life.

[9] Image of Tesco Apps

1. 3. 4 General public RELATIONS

With its mass penetration in the consumer market, Tesco completely comprehends with the thought of consumer satisfaction which is often achieved by hearing them. It has been established that the customer sentiments significantly changes in regards to a certain product depending after the positive or negative image they build by exceptional offered level of services. Believing the same, Tesco keeps close connections with its customers by making use of numerous methods.

Talking Tesco

The company has launched a distinctive website called as Discussing Tesco so that its customers know that their say things and is always encouraged. The net page [10] is designed to collect the opinions from its customers along with any issues or grievances and it's been ensured that the relevant team members react to the complaint or enquiry as soon as possible. The web web page also exhibits a personalised email address i. e. to directly contact the team and get a quick response.

[9] http://www. tesco. com/apps/

[10] http://www. tesco. com/talkingtesco/

Tesco Diets

Tesco is convinced in keeping strong bond with its customers so that their commitment may also be preserved. Tesco has introduced an interactive website which offers a personalised fitness program that is designed to encourage people for healthy eating, retaining a balanced diet and follow a fitness regime that may help in minimizing weight. By registering on the site an individual can receive personalised daily work out programme and log the progress. Moreover, scrumptious dishes, tips, diet plans and interactive tools are also available on the website for free. These sorts of interactive and informative websites help the consumers to build up an optimistic image about the brand and therefore, develop a relationship of trust between the retailer and the consumer which eventually benefits the company.

[11] Image of Tesco Diets

[11] http://www. tescodiets. com/why-join/90078

2. Make clear the role of promotion within the marketing blend for an effective promotional campaign.


Promotion is the fourth marketing-mix element which is crucially important for a successful advertising campaign. There are a number of tactics mixed up in promotional activities to be able to communicate the subject matter to the consumer base. Depending after the nature and size of the campaign the mark market is preferred which could be a focus group; a specific market segment based on culture, flavor, and religious believes etc. and promotional materials are designed to affect these customers.

There are a number of tools that are helpful in the promotion of the products. These tools include:


Advertising is a way of conversing with the end-customers and passing on a note in regards to a particular products. There are several ways of advertising including print out media such as pr announcements, newspapers, publications, broacher, hoardings and leaflets or it could be electronic advertising such as radio, television set or internet. The advertisements are external mass-mediated communications which do not necessarily influence the average person consumers as desired because these text messages are filtered through social communication stations and the perceptual systems of the consumer before acquiring any implications however, they certainly effect the consumer's buying behavior (Schiffman and Kanuk 2000, pp. 129-35). The advertisements are typically made to penetrate a more substantial section of the consumers. Since the advertisements represent pictures and the info about the merchandise therefore, it is likely to develop a certain image in the consumer's heads. The TV commercials or radio advertisements are also meant to connect with the mark market. The repeated telecast of advertisements and the access of print media in the seated areas of every household are suffering from another paradigm of marketing. Along with the help of

advertisements the manufacturer attempts to send a clear meaning to its consumer. O'Guinn, Allen, and Semenik define that the meaning of the ad is set through a

Schiffman, L. G. , and Leslie L. K. , 2000. Consumer Behaviour (VII ed. ), Top Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc.

subtle but powerful procedure for meaning structure by consumers (O'Guinn, Allen, and Semenik 2003, p. 202).

Sales Promotion

The adverts are intended to instigate a desire among the mark market in regards to a particular product consequently of which the consumer builds up a need to get it. However, the competition is fierce today and another competitor more or less uses the same practices to attract the customers. Here comes the necessity for exploiting different promotional tools. The sales promotion is an efficient way to control the costing strategy and gain edge over the competitors. The cost of a product plays a essential role as it pertains to the consumer's decision making process. There is portion of consumers which do definitely not look for designs, colorings and quality instead they always look for discount offers.

Depending upon the marketplace density the sales campaign strategy may do wonders with something. The marketplaces that are abundant with similar brands may well not get competitive advantage but may supercharge sales for a limited period and on the other hands, where the markets where the setting of brands are dissimilar, the sales advertising may aid in establishing the origins of a new brand or may even help in penetrating deep on the market. The main objective is to utilise this tool in an effective manner. The smartly designed sales advertising campaigns can help the sellers to reduce the old or unsold shares and make ways for new arrivals.

It is important to notice that the sales campaign strategy might give quick results or might take a little longer to profit however, the overall performance of the sales campaign strategy can be watched and assessed over enough time. The primary role of the sales advertising plan is to get clients because the benefits associated with this technique are short termed and hence it is difficult to break the devoted customers. It has been projected that the great rise in the amount of brands and a decrease in the efficiency of traditional advertising credited to progressively fractionated consumer market segments has lead to augment the necessity for expanding sales promotion strategies (Brierley 2002, p. 132).

Public Relations

The main aim of the general public relations approach is to exploit the consumer's sentiments in the advantage of the organization. The general public relations tactics mostly includes the people

O'Guinn, T. , Chris A. and Richard S. , 2000. Advertising (II ed. ), USA: Southwestern Publishing.

Brierley, S. , 2002. The advertising handbook, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

having potential effect on a company's procedures to attain its goals and objectives, such as both retailers and the customers. The idea is to keep up healthy and positive relationships with the individuals and sets of mutual hobbies working collectively for the good thing about the organization. This may be charitable event, a cultural show which is not directly related to the interests of the company but definitely portrays the sociable responsibilities of the business towards the population in general. This could in exchange have a great effect on public sentiments that will lead to increase sales. The organizations sponsoring the shows ensure that appropriate coverage has been given to such public situations and activities in that way, highlighting the positive image of the business through information and information press. The press conferences, contests, conferences, and other cultural events are all part of pr which is intended to draw the attention of standard consumers towards their products and services. It is the responsibility of the advertising agencies and the public relation specialists to foresee the options of evolving goodness from the brand image (Arvidsson 2006, p. 88). Alternatively, several irrelevant issues are also handled by the multinational organizations by helping certain triggers which eventually impacts the organizational targets in reaching its goals. It has been observed that lots of corporate companies do definitely not seek success out of public relations methods however; the brand imaging culture of today evidences that general population sentiments performs a vital role in the success and failing of products and services. The multinational organizations and corporate companies acknowledge the value of open public sentiments and for that reason, it has been proven that marketing public relations departments are essential to straight support corporate and product campaign and image management (Arvidsson 2006, p. 96).

Direct Marketing

It is a period consuming process which requires the collection of data about the target consumer market. The direct marketing technique is based on an in-house data platform which provides sufficient information about the targeted consumers to aid the direct marketing teams to own best services possible which may suit the client's needs. A number of multinational organisations and corporate and business companies conduct extensive researches, polls and general public surveys to gather the consumer's views about certain products. The replies obtained are thus designed into the databases and are up to date from time to time. The process could be very frustrating and therefore, a number of organisations buy the mailing lists and

Arvidsson, A. (2006) Brands: interpretation and value in advertising culture, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

contact information of potential customers that is customized to an accurate specification. It is an efficient promotional tactics that involves a number of different techniques to do a well-designed marketing plan. Direct marketing may require the utilization of emails, characters, calls etc to attain the targeted consumers. This method is useful in targeting a specific band of customers and sends them personalised emails which might have a definite impact as compared to the TV commercials or regular promotional strategies. It's been observed a section of consumers prefers to be professionally addressed as it offers them some extra importance (Levy 2003, p. 108). This system is welcomed by way of a consumer platform that is psychologically inclined towards introvert lifestyle. The main role of immediate marketing strategy is to get natural results as the deals are made to target the placed customers and therefore, the response level extracted from them can provide an idea of how well the plan is working. Today, the competition is getting tough and the organisations seek for improved results therefore, immediate marketing techniques are followed to gauge the success of the promotional campaigns and make necessary modifications where required.

Personal Selling

Personal offering is another tool used to devise an efficient promotional advertising campaign. It includes the career of sales associates in order to handle the day to day sales activities. The non-public selling technique is not very well complimented by the overly busy environment of today as the consumers are a lot more inclined for the electronic sales option i. e. via internet. The personal offering option can be termed as the priciest means of advertising, as human participation requires certain bills, and supplementary benefits however, a number of companies still maintain their sales team and encourage door to door advertising. Personal selling is effective with the consumer base that's not very fond of following the commercials and is unable of using internet. These customers have got the psyche of believing what they see in real. They could prefer trying a product before their ultimate decision making process. The sales workers are highly trained to cope with such customers and also trained to utilise personalised elements and techniques to convince the customers. The door-to-door advertising techniques are peace and quiet consuming and might not get instantaneous results for the

organisations however, they seem to be to be effective in unapproachable client base to obtain the competitive benefits. Salespeople are trained to make presentations, answer objections,

Levy, S. , 2003. Root base of marketing and consumer research at the University or college of Chicago, Utilization, Markets and Culture, 6(2): 99-110.

gain commitments to get, and manage accounts progress (McFall 2004, p. 63). The primary goal of the sales person is to encourage the customer on the spot and achieve the company's concentrate on by maximising sales activities which can even be achieved by the word of mouth area if the client is happy with what sort of sales person has presented the merchandise. The technique is focused on keeping a good reputation with the end customer where the sales person assists as a face of the business. Therefore, the sales team must be well acquainted with the product knowledge in order to gratify the consumer's enquiries related to the product. The personal advertising strategy is known as to be out of fashion credited to growing e-technology and online marketing strategies however, the effect of personal discussion with the consumer can't ever be ignored. Coupled with a correct set of promotional mix an effective advertising campaign can be designed.

McFall, L. , 2004. Advertising: a cultural economy, London: Sage.

Explain the role of advertising businesses in the introduction of an effective promotional plan - the evidence you need to produce is an undeniable fact sheet.


The ever-increasing range and variety of market products has given climb to plethora of brand consciousness consequently of which the importance of information, persuasion and convincing the client has become a key feature within the consumer market. Advertising is a essential tool that provides an opportunity for the companies to connect with the target market also to escalate the marketing process, advertising companies has been pioneered that serves as a bridge between your company and its consumer base.


The advertising companies facilitates in the introduction of positive consumer culture.

They provide as a powerful mediator in between the market products and their consumers.

For an effective promotional campaign, an advertising firm aims to profit its customer by maximising sales opportunities.

The advertising businesses externalise marketing as a management function and generate a body of specialised knowledge about markets and consumers (Wilson and Thomson (2006, p. 112).

They comprehend with the client's targets, product knowledge and the mark consumer bottom.

The advertising agencies conceptualise the overall promotional activities.

The products are well comprehended and the process begins by creating the image and personality of the brand.

A team of professionals get excited about the procedure of brainstorming progressive suggestions to achieve the place targets.

Extensive research is conducted to study the market trends and consumer needs are recognized.

Depending upon how big is the budget, an advertising firm creates effective

Wilson, J. and A. Thomson (2006) The making of modern management: British management in historical perspective, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

promotional campaigns.

Advertising agencies makes a solid effort to build and maintain the goodwill of the brands.

The agencies get excited about the procedure of managing a trade mark's enhancement to an integral symbolic factor of marketing strategy (Brierley 2002, p. 97).

The businesses devise a marketing communication technique for mass campaign with the aim of selling

The aim is to make a direct link in between the maker and end-consumer by lowering the attempts of sales activities of wholesaler and sellers (Levy 2003, p. 103).

Developing a brand image that creates desire to have the advertised products.

Follow competitor-based methods to market segmentation and product positioning (Cano 2003).

Study the behavioural and psychic dispositions of the consumers that happen to be heavily inspired by the brand imaging.

Strategically manipulate the socially-shared symbols in order to facilitate the market penetration.

They offer meaning and symbolic connotations to the marketed product which helps the consumers in decision-making process.

The advertising agencies plan and design the promotional advertising campaign in such a way that the desired information about a product shall be presented to consumers in a presentable manner (Arvidsson 2006, p. 56)

Review the progress of promotional campaigning and improvise necessary alterations where required.

Maintain and replenish the connection between supplier and the consumers.

Brierley, S. , 2002. The advertising handbook, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

Levy, S. , 2003. Origins of marketing and consumer research at the University of Chicago, Usage, Markets and Culture, 6(2): 99-110.

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Arvidsson, A. , 2006. Brands: so this means and value in marketing culture, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

In a report - explain the reason why behind the choice of media in an effective promotional marketing campaign.


With the passage of time your competition in the organization world is becoming increasingly fierce that has allowed the marketing sector to increase. Marketing can be done by lots of ways depending after several associated factors however; the role of mass media atlanta divorce attorneys form can be an essential element of the marketing world. The rising pattern of e-connectivity and public networking tactics has managed to get obligatory for the organisations to include media as a tool for a successful promotional campaign. It has been greatly discovered that the adoption and implementation of advertising within the promotional campaigning of a product gives better results as TV, radio, internet connection, e-commerce practices and social networking technologies give a great potential for creating new marketplaces. The incorporation of press within the promotional campaign gives a new interpretation to the consistently evolving market developments and consumer behaviour along with changing organisational forms, and knowledge-driven economy (Aaker 2002, p. 27). It is a favorite fact that the sociable linkages and bonding between your merchant and end-consumer is definitely there be it cultural similarity, informal link or an everyday contact and the existence of mass media strengthens this bond. Press therefore, is participating in an integral role in creating connections between the manufacturer and consumer which really is a good sign as it may enhance the business activities and may also address the consumer needs at the same time.


As per the overall definition a mass media is a tool used to converse a message to large section of people and when this tool is utilized by the organization companies and multinational organizations to promote their products and services then the role of advertising is not only limited to reach out people instead it is supposed to convey certain idea for economic benefits. The consumers can form a certain perception about a product with the help of marketing campaigning and a lot more they take in a certain product or a brandname the greater benefits the business achieves. Therefore, the role of marketing becomes extremely delicate as it gets the electricity of manipulating the consumer's perception system and changing the perceptions about almost anything. Media has an extremely powerful position and therefore it becomes inescapable for the

Aaker, D. , 2002. Building strong brands, Simon & Schuster: London.

larger organisations to utilise it for economic purposes. The idea isn't just to try out with consumer's sentiments but also to guarantee the market presence. Marketing services are being used for promotional campaigning is by including the marketing combine i. e. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion of products, services or ideas. The media acts as a binding electricity among the end-consumer and the organizations. Mass media can be utilized in a number of different ways to get and persuade customers about certain products and services. You'll find so many specialists that design the press campaign with respect to the specified needs of the client. For example if the company is going to market a clothing range for girls then the easiest way of marketing the product is to choose the time slot machines on television during soap operas and have a discussion shows that are usually popular among women. Depending after the age group and target consumer bottom part a promotional campaign is devised and then marketing is completed by using the accurate form of press.


The advertising is primarily split into two main types i. e. Print and Electronic advertising. They both serve the same goal i. e. marketing however; the techniques and the method of operations varies. In order to clearly understand the role of media it is vital to explain the two types of press:

Electronic media

Any form of marketing that is performing via the electronic means can be referred as electronic media. There are a number of digital mediums that helps in the marketing of products and services including television sets, radios, pcs and mobile technology. These electric mediums aid in devising a powerful promotional promotions through a number of meaningful ways to reach the targeted consumer bottom part. The television commercials are designed to intrude within the living space and rooms of the clients and become an integral part of their everyday life. These advertisements capriciously interact with the consumer's decision

making process. The air advertisements although do not posses any visual result but during regular travelling from home to work and completely back it may produce a significant amount of effect on the buying decisions. Computer technology is significantly growing and is becoming even more effective than the televisions or any other source of multimedia. The advertising through the web banners and social networking website plays an integral role to boost sales and ensure the success of promotional promotions.

Print Media

Printing is a sizable scale process that involves the use of heavy printing machinery and ink to develop texts and produce certain images and pictures on printing material i. e. newspaper. The form of printing material used for the purpose of advertising includes newspapers, magazines, leaflets, billboards and paper mails. The main purpose of advertising through print media is to target the consumer with personalised announcements and intrude of their thought processes. Advert with the help of newspaper publishers gain a great deal of advantages as the newspaper publishers are the key the different parts of the living rooms of almost every household. Depending after the nature of the merchandise different types of magazines can even be used for the promotional campaigning as for example the special offers of apparel can be carried out by the correct choice of fashion mag or the grocery store products can be promoted with the aid of diet and health related magazines. The tiny leaflets are another potential source of marketing a product. They are cost effective and have the ability to enter every household. Colourful and attractive leaflets can be made to catch the attention of a consumer and likewise to this; the company will keep the consumers well informed about the latest products and offers. The huge billboards and hoardings are another form of effective print media that plays a vital role in promoting a product or service. The billboards are usually made to situate on the most obvious corners of the roads to appeal to the commuters. It is essential to be creative when making a billboard as it helps in creating a certain image about the brands. Probably the most catchy lines and captions can stay for a long time in the heads of individuals (O'Shaughnessy 2003, p. 39).


In order to effectively express a message to a particular group of people, an organisation requires the help of media. Media doesn't only speak the meaning but also tends

to influence the idea process and consumer's buying behaviour. Therefore, it is important to notice that the choice of mass media must be in accordance with the product specifications. No real matter what form of mass media has been utilised by the marketing team, it is significant to be imaginative and thoughtful while creating an ad-campaign. Marketing can be an essential tool but its appropriate use with the right promotional blend strategy should match the mark consumers and only then your organisations can create a successful promotional campaign.

O'Shaughnessy, J. , 2003. The marketing ability of feelings, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003.

5. Design a promotional marketing campaign for a given product/service to meet the needs of a given campaign/creative simple.


Royal Indulgence Hotel is amongst the leading hotels within the grand hospitality industry of UK, having a distinctive global positioning and a superb reputation for quality. The diverse profile of this brand offers its friends a fantastic place pleasingly made by merging unique architectural designs and structure, expressive furniture of imaginative quality, and superlative features to allow an enhanced customer services experience.


The main goal of this report is to design a promotional campaign for the re-launch of Royal Indulgence Hotel which is expected by the end of next 12 months. The report intends to explore the competitive advantages that the hotel may attain by integrating intellectual marketing strategies within its business plan to ensure maximise sales and achieve better success.

Target Market

As the hotel is found in central London, the mark consumer bottom will mainly include the visitors and since central London is also famous for its commercial and business related activities therefore, visible business customers are also targeted.

Time Schedule

The promotion marketing campaign is designed to start from January 2011. The first stage of the campaign comprises of the official press releases accompanied by a promotional combination marketing strategy that will run at intervals throughout the complete year. The campaign will commence by the teasers which are to be broadcasted on national television for the original two months accompanied by the full fledged promotional campaign that is comprised of television commercials, ad-films, road shows and sociable networking systems.


To maintain competitive gain and suitably position an offering throughout its existence, it is crucial for Royal Indulgence Hotel to recognize the period of the service life routine and because the hotel is expected to re-open soon, it is crucial to devise skilled strategic arrange for the initial half a year of its procedure. The placement of the offering in the service life routine will determine the marketing strategies that are appropriate to addressing the troubles of the stage in question. Setting is an important strategy that an company might utilise to set-up, and preserve, competitive gain (Anderson and Vincze 2000, p. 97). The organisation should first of all identify the foundation on which it wishes to contend, and then position its services in an obvious and unique way (Meek, Meek and Ensor, 2001, p. 102).

It is important to determine the different placement conditions along which service offerings can be situated. By carefully assessing and identifying the essential segments and target market the main purpose of the integrating marketing campaign is to clearly position the service offerings by the Royal Indulgence Hotel, which are constituted the following;

Situated in the center of financial and commercial hub the positioning of Royal Indulgence Hotel itself becomes the catchiest service or product attribute that may be aggressively marketed to get trade benefits (Naik, Kalyan, 2003, p. 376). The marketplace strategy would concentrate on promoting to business travellers the fact, that it is found in the heart of an financial centre and can in exchange seek their attention.

By recognizing the significance of today's fast paced environment, the marketplace strategy would also dwelling address the e-benefits or e-needs of consumers. Today, e-connectivity can be an essential factor of every day life therefore the hotel determines to concentrate on specific services offered to the business section that includes internet access and doc delivery services.

The Royal Indulgence Hotel has the capacity to positions itself to conference organisers as ultimately fitted to hosting conferences and by doing so the user categories of Royal Indulgence hotel stretches from meeting the needs of both the individual and business customers.

Anderson, C. H. and Vincze, J. W. , 2000. Strategic Marketing Management: Achieving the Global Challenge. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.

Meek, H. , Meek, R. and Ensor, J. , 2001. Strategic Marketing Management: Planning and Control. Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann.

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By flaunting its high standard of services and facilities in comparison with other hotels, the Royal Indulgence Hotel has the ability to position its brand at the high end of the marketplace as reduced hotel.

Based in the heart and soul of Britain, the Royal Indulgence Hotel offers its customers a unique feature permitting them to experience the ethnical values and traditions of one of the world's most famous locations i. e. London. The intellectual use of ethnic icon and traditional ideals within the marketing campaign can be useful.


The marketing mixture strategy targets responding to the four essential P's of marketing by considering the product, price, place and advertising and thereby, developing an effective plan that enables to get competitive edge (Mantrala, 2002, p. 411). The marketing blend strategy developed to market Royal Indulgence Hotel is especially focussed on the merchandise and promotion combination strategy. In order to achieve this, a thorough understanding of the historical track record associated with the make of Royal Indulgence Hotel shall be represented which served as the key to converse the note to customers in a highly effective manner. The promotional advertising campaign will highlight the main element features of the product i. e. the atmosphere and exquisitely designed interiors of the hotel, its quality of food and service and lastly the comfort and convenience made available from the hotel. Additionally, a blend of promotional practices has been implemented for an extensive reach of the product. The main intent of the marketing mixture is to move the target audience to develop a positive notion of the brand.


Depending upon the marketplace setting and competitive rivalry an ambitious launch campaign is intended to set up place focussing on the product and promotional mixture of marketing strategies and certain concepts that are key to handle the competitive environment. For an upscale brand image of Royal Indulgence Hotel, the introduction campaigns need to have the finest basic features coupled with creativeness of stratagem. Following are the information on marketing campaign:

Mantrala, Murali K. , 2002. Allocating marketing resources. Barton A. Weitz, Robin Wensley, eds. Handbook of Marketing. Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA, pp. 409-435.

Print Media

A series of pr announcements and press activities shall be planned to support the momentum beyond the original announcement of the re-opening. The trade journals and print material that are quickly accessible to the mark market are approached to aggressively advertise the return of the hotel with a bang. Commencing from now, adequate time span has been given to follow a line of investigation to gather the essential information and development of the press materials. This would allow the marketplace to get acquainted with the brand and seek for its inauguration.

Electronic Media

Television has always been the most dependable source to provide information amidst the masses and for that reason, strong media campaigning shall be initiated with teasers at first followed by 5 minutes of advertising campaign film till the re-opening. The advertising film is cut short to 1 1. five minutes of advertisement that shall be aired after seven days of inauguration. To increase the customer basic from UK to the complete Europe, the promotional marketing campaign shall also be broadcasted in several European countries.

Road Shows and Events

Road shows and ethnic events shall be the center point to raise the awareness amongst a diverse selection of customers. Furthermore, huge billboards shall be installed on highway borders and also covering the primary commercial areas.

Video Base

Taking benefit of today's video usage boom, an eye-catching and evenly entertaining video has been included within the promotional advertising campaign to run on you-tube which is the most effective growing video platform. The online training video advertisement is intended to attract the interest of the e-savvy customers of today in that way, expanding the customer base.

Social Interaction

Social networking websites are also implemented as an efficient medium to market the brand and products in public. Certain social media communities such as Twitter and Face book shall be employed for perfection targeting. The purpose of engaging the interpersonal networking websites is to build understanding, prior to re-launch, and generate inbound links to the prevailing site (Naik, Kalyan, 2003, p. 377).

Public Relations

In order to get the portrayal images and publicize the dreamy ambience of the hotel, a specialist public relations shoot has been assemble right after beginning ceremony. The images and images shall be implemented for marketing in the key newspapers, newspapers and websites. The advertisements through shoot may account for adding glamour to the image of the brand to catch the attention of the elite school of customers.

Naik, Prasad A. , Kalyan R. (2003) Understanding the impact of synergy in multimedia system marketing communications. J. Marketing Res. 40(3) pp. 375-378.

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