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Mcdonalds Have Used Effective Global Enlargement Strategies Business Essay

  1. Index
  2. 1: Advantages -------------------------------------------------------------------05
  3. 1. 1. Background of the report-----------------------------------------06
  4. 1. 2. Goals and Targets:----------------------------------------------06
  1. 1. 3. Technique---------------------------------------------------------06
  2. 2. Literature review and Examination---------------------------------------------09
  3. 2. 1. Environmental factors impacting upon McDonalds--------09
  4. 2. 2. Strategic examination of McDonalds--------------------------------16
  5. 3. Conclusion ----------------------------------------------------------------------21
  6. 4. Recommendations------------------------------------------------------------22
  7. 5. Reference:-----------------------------------------------------------------------23
  8. 1. Introduction
  9. Background of the report
  10. Aim and purpose of the study
  11. Methodology
  12. Quantitative vs. Qualitative
  13. 2. Books review and Analysis
  14. 2. 1 Environmental factors impacting after McDonalds
  15. McDonalds SWOT analysis
  16. Competitive Forces
  18. Substitute Products
  19. New Entrants
  20. Driving Forces
  21. Health Factor
  22. McDonald's customer support and opposing tips
  23. 2. 2 Proper research of McDonalds
  24. McDonald's Global strategy
  25. Politically Private Strategy
  26. Emphasis on Local Management
  27. Employment Opportunity
  28. Environmental Friendliness
  29. Corporate Citizenship
  30. Diversification
  31. Defend strategy
  32. Recommended technique for McDonalds
  33. Training and learning
  34. Equal opportunity
  35. 3. Conclusion
  36. 4. Recommendations
  37. Team building
  38. Sustainable growth
  39. Total quality management

The McDonald's is one of the very most growing global restaurant chains throughout the world. McDonald's have used effective global expansion strategies to get into new market segments and gain a show of the international junk food market. This article presents McDonald's best practices in the global food industry, international expansion trends and issues. It will go through the McDonalds Corporation with regards to its major competition and analyze the way the company has taken care of immediately its bordering environment. In closing, report can look at the prospects for McDonald's future and it will be clear that McDonalds will be able to maintain its prominent market position. It will continue being a model that functions as a benchmark for others on the market. Overall, the article provides an disregard of how McDonald's creates both customer and brand commitment for their products and services. This article targets McDonald's international success, difficulties and strategies.


1: Advantages -------------------------------------------------------------------05

1. 1. Background of the report-----------------------------------------06

1. 2. Goals and Targets:----------------------------------------------06

1. 3. Technique---------------------------------------------------------06

2. Literature review and Examination---------------------------------------------09

2. 1. Environmental factors impacting upon McDonalds--------09

2. 2. Strategic examination of McDonalds--------------------------------16

3. Conclusion ----------------------------------------------------------------------21

4. Recommendations------------------------------------------------------------22

5. Reference:-----------------------------------------------------------------------23

1. Introduction

In the world of globalisation the fast food business is the most strong and expansion orientated business. And without the doubt McDonald is the leader of most. McDonald's Strategy is persisted growth, providing exceptional customer care, remaining a competent & quality company, offering high value effectively marketing. Now McDonald's is a worldwide scale brand. Because the start of company in 1973, McDonald's Organization began dispersing domestically throughout america thus building its brand acknowledgement. Its preliminary strategy began by advertising right to the middle and upper school citizens, as can be seen in countries such as India and China. However, using its many bargain discounts on several of its food items, McDonald's commenced to cater to several people owned by the lower category. The key tactical elements that produce McDonalds so successful is adding 700-900 restaurants on a yearly basis, using new menu items, good deal specials, extra value meals to market frequent customer goes to, being highly selective in granting franchises, choosing sites convenient to customers, focusing on limited products & regular quality, careful attention to store efficiency considerable advertising & use of Mc prefix, selecting courteous staff; paying an equitable wage; & providing good training.

Originated in Ray Kroc's founding guidelines of Quality, Service, Sanitation & Value, McDonald's management has constantly presumed in being a leader in conditions that have an impact on their customers. This belief is evident in McDonald's engagement in a variety of community projects regarding education, health care, medical research, and rehabilitation facilities. These activities help the organization to extend their image beyond fun and entertainment into sociable responsibility.

Background of the report

The background of the report is to evaluate environmental factor and key individuals impacting McDonald's success and strategy. The McDonald's restaurants are managed by MacDonald's Corp, franchisees, or affiliate marketers under jv agreements. At March 31, 2005 there have been 18, 306 franchised restaurants (producing 60% of 2004 system huge sales), 8, 091 company handled restaurants (27%) and 4, 111 affiliated restaurants (13%). In addition to the McDonald's restaurants operating under the same brand, which is one of the 10 most popular brand names in the world, McDonald's Corp performs other restaurant chains under its Spouse Brands such as Boston Market and Chipotle Mexican Barbeque grill. The restaurants operating under these brands are around 1, 000 and

represent 3. 22% of the stores run or franchised by the company.

(www. Mcdonalds. com)

Aim and purpose of the study

Aim and purpose of the report is to evaluate and analyse the key drivers that impact MacDonald success and strategy, its swot evaluation and examine current strategies.


Pure research can be involved with the expansion, examination confirmation and improvement of the study methods and techniques and tools that from your body of research strategy. Examples of clean research include just starting a sampling method that can be applied to a specific situation; developing a methodology to gain access to the push of the techniques.

Normally research in the public sciences is applied. In other words the tests, methods, and research tools to create the research strategy. Research methodology is useful to collect the info in different aspects of a concern, problems and situations.

Research will perform mainly, using the qualitative approach to research technique, as the type of research is based on primary data which is gathered by doing personal interview questionnaires.

Quantitative vs. Qualitative

Quantitative research is based on the way of measuring of the quantity. It is suitable to phenomena that can be indicated in term of variety.

The need for the principal narrative and theoretical conjecture

Figure : 3. 1

Source: Remenyi, D et al (1998), Doing Research in Business Management

An launch to Process & Method pp-125, by Sage Publication.

According to Saunders (2000) the study philosophy depends upon the way we take into account the development of knowledge which thinking affects the way we do search. Whilst commencing the research, a understanding of research philosophy is essential since it can help the researcher to refine and specify the research strategies to be utilized in a report, that is, to clarify the overall research strategy to be utilized (Easterby-Smith et al. , 1997)

2. Books review and Analysis

This chapter will provide a detailed literature review. The literature review helped body the initial focus of this review, as well as emphasis the data analysis Swanson & Holton, (1997). Literature reviews help researchers limit the scope of these inquiry as well as act as a standard for contrast purposes. Relating to Creswell (2003) literature reviews give a framework for building the value of the study.

According to Swanson and Holton (1997), Research is a process of a particular type of end result. Results of research are new knowledge, obtained via an orderly, investigative process. Typically the research process commences with attempting to solve a challenge, which is performed by requesting a question and determining a remedy or, essentially, drawing a realization.

2. 1 Environmental factors impacting after McDonalds

McDonald's is one of all thriving companies in the world today. With its immediate globalization, the firm has been able to expand and keep maintaining numerable development; as well as carrying on to explore using its growth potential in the returning years. In the creation of the business's development in america, to its get spread around in Great britain, Australia and more recently India and China, the firm has been able to give a variety of hamburgers and other foods to its consumers. In the Big Macintosh, to the Maharaja, the company's successive strategies, specifically with heavy research and development have allowed it to satisfy the preferences of locals atlanta divorce attorneys country it performs. Its leaders in every of its major departments have established prices worldwide in all types of currencies, making its foods affordable for customers of most classes. The business's difficulties of providing better foods to its patrons have contributed to its financial success, thus allowing loyal consumers. In certain countries, such as India and China, eating at a McDonald's has become a luxury, primarily among the middle class, who feel a feeling of empowerment that they too can afford to consume at quality restaurants. However, as the company continues to settle into its new surroundings, it will slowly but surely cater to the lower class, as is seen in america. The strategies produced by its experts, thus permits the business to upsurge in profits, quality, and result in consumer satisfaction.

McDonalds SWOT analysis


MacDonald's has a strong global presence with its nearest domestic rival being only half its size, McDonald's is the market leader in both domestic and international marketplaces. MacDonald's reap the benefits of cost reduction through economies of size because of its enormous size and its own huge global existence allows it to diversify risk associated with the monetary performance of specific countries. In international market segments, MacDonald's is well located to broaden and take good thing about long-term economic development.


The food industry is very saturated. Because of this, MacDonald's must deal with the prospect of looming market saturation, which could make it difficult to add new outlets. The market is forecast to increase by around 2% per calendar year.


MacDonald's sold its Donatos Pizzeria back again to its founder in 2003 and discontinued

Boston market operations outside of the united states. The company will instead focus on Chipotle

Grill which is the company's most successful non MacDonald's top quality chain of restaurants. Also to increase success the business has slowed its extension of

McDonald's restaurants so as to refurbish and change the image of current restaurants and adding new features such as Internet access.


McDonald's is subjected to changes in the global overall economy. The company's aggressive international expansion has remaining it extremely susceptible to other countries monetary slowdown. Foreign currency fluctuation is also another problem global companies like McDonalds. The Fast food industry is now an extremely competitive sector. MacDonald's helps to keep up with opponents through expensive promotional campaigns which brings about limited margins to get market share. McDonald's is attempting to differentiate itself, with new types and new menu items, but other fast food industry are doing the same too.

McDonalds SWOT evaluation shows us that even though there are many threats from the fast-food industry, McDonald's occupies a comparatively strong position in the global market. According to the five makes model, the most powerful competitive force is between rival retailers in the industry. This SWOT evaluation shows the much durability that Mc Donald's uses to keep itself near the top of the fast-food industry. Although there are several weaknesses, these can all be switched around following the McDonald's Plan to Win, that was implemented with the hiring of Jim Cantalupo. Obviously all fast-food chains will have to beat the new consumer health objectives, but we feel that under Cantalupo's authority, McDonald's has a strong enough consumer platform to grow in the future years. The financial examination shows certain defects in McDonald's budget, but these are largely due to the expansionary policy set up in the company.

SWOT Evaluation and Grand Strategies

Source: P. Wright, C. D. Pringle, and M. J. Kroll, Strategic Management, 2nd ed. (Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1994),

Competitive Forces

The quick-service sandwich industry faces competitive stresses from a number of pushes. The major competitive hazards originate from competing sellers in the industry as well as companies in other business that offer substitute products. McDonald's main competition within the quick-service sandwich industry are regularly deriving new strategies through unpleasant and defensive methods in order to get customers and market share. In 1989, Wendy's applied the 99 cent value menu as an offensive technique to gain customers looking for a quality product at a value price. In response, McDonald's and Burger Ruler took a protective approach and also instituted a value menu in their individual stores in order that they wouldn't lose market show and customers to Wendy's. Organizations in the quick-service sandwich industry are constantly jockeying for better market position through unpleasant strategies and in reaction to these strategies, other organizations will take a defensive method of protect from that unpleasant move made by the rival company.


Forces in the Industry Analysis

Source: Predicated on M. E. Porter, Competitive Strategy: Approaches for Analyzing Establishments and Competitors

Substitute Products

In addition to competition from rival vendors on the market, sandwich businesses also face strong competitive pressure from firms in other market sectors selling substitute products. The alternative products for the fast-food industry are probably some of the most diverse on the globe. These alternative products may include products purchased from the neighborhood grocery store, food from sit-down restaurants, or delivery foods such as pizza. The principal concern with these substitute products is that they are readily available to the client and the customer will view them to be comparable or better in conditions of the quality of fast-food products. Another issue that encounters the fast-food industry is the option of products that cater to the health-conscious lifestyle. The majority of the public will view fast-food restaurants as mostly providing foods that are saturated in unwanted fat content and bad and consequently they will probably look in other places for a healthy option. In response to the product offerings, purchasers also exercise a great deal of bargaining capability through their purchasing vitality. While fast-food products may well not always be associated with health and quality, fast-food restaurants to have got a major benefits over firms retailing substitute products through the price of their products and the quick, convenient service.

New Entrants

The risk of potential new entrants and the bargaining electricity of suppliers is not really a significant competitive power in the fast-food industry. Sometimes, new entrants will come along and compete with companies in the fast-food industry and offer substitute products. However, in order to compete on a sizable scale, it will require a great deal of capital to purchase real estate and build physical restaurant locations. In addition, the market is already so saturated that the new competition might find it difficult to establish a customer foundation and become profitable. Suppliers in the fast-food industry do not have substantial bargaining electricity due to the fact that businesses in the fast-food business tend to acquire their materials from various shops. One company might purchase their meats supplies from a couple different beef manufacturers, then purchase their dairy needs from a variety of dairy companies, and also purchase their bakery products from a number of sources. Because the fast-food firms split their purchases among a diverse array of suppliers, the suppliers tend to have little if any bargaining vitality or leverage since there are multiple suppliers for the same products.

Driving Forces

There are lots of driving pushes which have shaped the current point out of the fast-food industry. In the beginning, fast-food companies typically centered on being the low-cost supplier and wanted to increase into as much markets as possible. As these nationwide brands have become, the markets they are simply competing in have grown to be overly saturated with restaurant options. Because of this, the fast-food industry has begun to focus on the needs of the client. The customer has significant amounts of leveraging power due to the fact that if they're dissatisfied with one brand they can simply switch or purchase from an alternate brand with little if any financial repercussions. The fast-food firms have implemented strategies to enhance the quality of customer support and the cleanliness of the restaurant locations in order to please their customers in hopes that they can become a repeat customer.

Health Factor

All fast-food hamburger chains, McDonald's included, are forced to react to the shift in customer personal preferences from high-calorie burger and fries to more healthy items such a deli sandwiches and cooked potatoes. All of the chains are anticipated to be attempting for quite some time to come to meet new consumer health prospects without compromising the original menu items.

McDonald's customer support and opposing tips

As years have progress many issues have arisen for McDonald's but the greatest is probably its poor customer support. A customer service index done in 2003 found that McDonald's gets the lowest the customer service standing in the junk food industry and it is placed even lower on customer support than the IRS. One reason for this is a high employee turnover rate. McDonald's has the highest employee turnover rate among its challengers. Another contributing aspect to the poor customer support is poor service at the drive-through windows. McDonald's currently ranks fifth in acceleration at the drive-through screen and 19th in precision. If you compare its rate and accuracy to its rivals and retain in head that McDonald's creates 60 percent of its earnings from its drive-through and suppose it is losing one percent of revenue for each six moments that its at the rear of, than McDonald's is loosing roughly 97, 000 dollars annually.

While McDonald's feels positive about its recently carried out changes the critics are somewhat skeptical. It was stated that long-term they believe it'll be tough to sustain expansion and margin development. Specific concerns include McDonald's capability to maintain it current degree of product development and challengers' ability to duplicate those ideas. The critics even travelled as significantly to question if McDonald's recent improvement was more of a representation of the market and the money rather than its recently put in place strategy. In response, McDonald's officials stated that they will need to deliver on their explained goal of sustaining rises in sales and operating income. Following with significant question of weather or not the new changes will sufficiently provide McDonald's with primary competencies essential to build a lasting competitive benefit in the global fast-food industry.

2. 2 Proper research of McDonalds

McDonald's Global strategy

McDonald's already supports a strong position in the global current economic climate. It is advice that they decrease development in the almost saturated home market segments, and continue their extension in overseas countries, such as Asia, and the Pacific. Companies generally broaden into foreign markets so that they can gain new customers and capitalize on central competencies. McDonald's central competency is they are in a position to produce and sell quick and cheap food to a big amount of customers. With this concept, they have been able to broaden into other countries, and they currently are the most significant global fast-food string in the world. Since they already hold this lucrative position, they should continue expansion in order to drive out competition. One strong suggestion would be for McDonald's to grow into emerging markets. Since they focus on low-priced food, it is likely that lots of could afford their products, and therefore, McDonald's could grow into a stronger company.

Politically Private Strategy

One of the company's major concerns was to develop ways to avoid politics confrontation with the Indian authorities. The other major matter was to be cautious of the spiritual sensitive in India. Almost 80% of Indians do not eat meat, and over 150 million Indian Muslims do not eat pork, therefore, instead of supplying the standard Big Macintosh personal computer, which consists of beef, the business developed the Maharaja Apple pc that is made of two lamb patties. Other foods were also added to the non-standardized menu including McAloo Tiki Burger, and other common Indian meals.

Emphasis on Local Management

Throughout the globe, McDonald's prides itself in hiring local people, specifically management in order to gain popularity in to the country by its individuals. The emphasis is dependant on the "think global, act local" theme of the company. For instance, the business decided to establish two joint ventures with two local business owners in New Delhi, who were selected to control the fast food restaurant. This strategic move allowed the company to gain easy access to the bureaucracy associated with the country's federal government.

Employment Opportunity

Foreign enterprises are often reluctant to employ local people in their companies, specifically at the managerial positions, however, McDonald's research figured to be able to endure the brutal Indian federal, it would have to employ local people as cashiers, cooks, managers, etc. , as well as provide jobs for the country's agricultural workforce. In fact, McDonald's outsources its products to several Indian companies throughout India. This provides facts to the Indian authorities that McDonald's isn't just customer friendly, but also employee friendly.

Environmental Friendliness

In order to accomplish a good reputation, as well as follow local and nationwide policies of an country, McDonald's will try to establish services that are green. India is an example where the company provides financial contributions and sponsors several community related activities in order to promote environmental protection. This is primarily seen within institutions; thus indicating that the company also supports local academic institutions.

Corporate Citizenship

In order to better its reputation, this multinational firm gives back to the local individuals in every countries it works. For example, the company provides several financial donations to local organizations. This is a great way to encourage consumers to consume at its restaurants, as it can be an incentive that is utilized to multiply the name.


One strategy that McDonald's as well as much of the other fast-food chains have embraced is that of diversification. We feel that McDonald's should continue this trend. Together with the large health-craze reaching america, many restaurants have to improve to healthier, top quality menu items. The fast-food industry is no exception. Healthier burgers, low-fat salads are showing up on menus in the united states. We feel McDonald's should continue its diversification and incorporate much healthier foods, including low-carb burgers and fries. If McDonald's can stay prior to the competition in this aspect, they have a strong competitive gain over such companies as Wendy's and Burger King.

Defend strategy

The purpose of this plan is to make it harder for challengers to get ground and then for new organizations to type in. A fortify-and-defend strategy works well with firms that have already achieved industry dominance. Since McDonald's has already been the industry leader in the fast-food market, they can opt for a number of methods using this plan to maintain their industry position. They can continue their growth tactics by continuing to open more stores round the world. This enlargement would help reduce the chances of and help to discourage smaller companies from increasing their market share. In addition, they can also choose to get capital in R&D to assist in developing new technologies because of their operations. These new technologies can help them continue to be cost-competitive and technologically intensifying.

Recommended technique for McDonalds

The definitive goal of the stay-on-the-offensive strategy is to be a proactive market leader. The principle of the strategy is to constantly stay one step ahead of your rivals and force those to play capture up. McDonald's is already the industry leader in the fast-food industry with a market talk about of 33 percent weighed against the number two chain on the market, Burger Ruler at 13 percent market share. They are able to stay out front by implementing scientific improvements in their restaurants to enhance the production methods or even to increase the ordering procedure for the customer. In addition, they can also bring in new or better product offerings to gratify the needs with their customers. The best methodology that McDonald's can take through this plan is to boost their customer service. McDonald's customer service ranking was the cheapest in the fast-food industry and was even less than the Internal Income Service. To boost after this substandard feature, McDonald's should revamp their training process for newly hired employees and present new educational modules for presently employed employees.

Training and learning

McDonalds should put more focus on training of its employees within their strategy of growth.

Training and learning is the main tools for HR to prepear management for any future change in the organization. Regarding to Beardwell and Claydon (2007) the role of formal trained in organisation today seems to have declined significantly. Firstly, the speed with which skills requirements change in a few industries means the formal time consuming, to deliver efficiently as required. Subsequently, the growing reputation of Human resource development as a tool to achieve competitive advantages has raised knowing of the necessity of the embrace learning as a central tactical concern also to be part of the culture of the organisation. Employees, employers, managers, leaders, government, European and international body, customers and Human source of information development specialist consultants all of them needs more training for future years.

Equal opportunity

Equal opportunity, means changing office behavior in the areas of discrimination, sexual harassment and affirmative action to ensure that employees have identical access to rewarding and beneficial working lives. Wright, N (2003)

3. Conclusion

In analyzing McDonald's, the talents, weaknesses, opportunities, and hazards were inevitably explored to raised understand the current situation. This SWOT examination shows us that although you'll find so many threats resistant to the fast-food industry, McDonald's occupies a comparatively strong position in the global software industry. Based on the five forces model, the most powerful competitive force is between rival sellers in the industry. This SWOT examination shows the much durability that Mc Donald's employs to keep itself near the top of the fast-food industry. Although there are several weaknesses, these can all be switched around following a McDonald's Plan to Win, that was implemented with the hiring of Jim Cantalupo.

McDonalds has followed many tactical changes during its business routine. McDonald's business will continue steadily to thrive as long as the primary competencies are identified and never overlooked. With every issue and challenge the organization faces, it has the chance to improve itself and demonstrate itself to the general public, shareholders, and stakeholders. With every battle conquered, a different one rises and with a secure objective and vision in mind, the corporation shouldn't stray too far from the root base and success of the business. The suggested strategy will bolster this plan because it is doing what McDonalds does indeed best and more so. Despite the downturn the company has seen, the general impression we acquire from McDonald's financial situation is that the business is slowly but surely climbing out of a low period and making a turnaround. We must never forget the key success factors of the business enterprise which really makes the business for what it is today, including franchises that provide quick, efficient service in a clean friendly environment.

4. Recommendations

Team building

Team building is vital for any individual McDonalds store for improvement with their sales shape and all together for the business. When the organizations have the proper team than they can face all sorts of challenges, they can perform the competitive edge, and organizations can maximize their profit.

Sustainable growth

Managers and employees of McDonalds need to place more effort about the ecological growth. With this continuous changing world of organizational powerful only sustainable companies will survive. McDonalds should have concern more on the product and just how they produce it, and environmental issues.

Total quality management

Total quality management is the key of the success in the development way. If everything is done by as they organized, than they will the quality atlanta divorce attorneys field of the organisation.

The reason behind is, why researcher is emphasizing on these studies, because after covering these factors professionals, employees and organisations will get the constant development way.

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