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Mobile Travel Applications Examination Marketing Essay

Tourism and hospitality are one of many fields in the area of the business that many people nowadays are living from. Statistically said, every third person nowadays, views the travel and leisure as an effective business that may bring them additional revenue. Therefore, people are taking risks in opening traveler agencies, creating chains of hotels, restaurants and far other different commerce's with increased optimism and objectives. However, the path of true success is nearly easy, especially in these days, when the planet is facing with huge inexpensive crises. Subsequently, your competition in the region of the tourism rises rapidly each year. Therefore people must think of unique ideas to be able to dominate in this "world of build businesses".

Many countries in European countries are believed as top holiday destinations for quite some time. Conversely, The European travel and travel and leisure is expected to record a weakened performance in 2011 consequently of the global monetary crisis and growing tournaments commencing the other locations. According for some statistics, vehicles and travel accommodation are anticipated to stagnate. Because the beginning of the crises, because of this of the decreased salaries, people are not able to gain enough; therefore most of them are decided to reduce the holiday traveling activities, a few of them even prepared to engrave it. Therefore, the ability of Western european travel operators to develop services, as well as embrace new solutions, will play an important role in the future of the travel industry.

Europe: Key Performance Indicators 2009-2011

% growth





-4. 6

1. 6

2. 1

Arrivals, volume

-6. 6

-0. 9

1. 8

Spend per introduction, value

-1. 5

-0. 4

0. 0

Hotels, value

-8. 5

-2. 5

0. 1

Airtransport, value

-9. 7

-2. 4

1. 4

Travel retail, value

-8. 7

-1. 3

1. 6

Source: Euromonitor Internatonal, IMF

"Travel and leisure is showing to be one of the most resilient industries and can be considered a strategic vector in the way ahead, as global economic conditions continue to deteriorate. " That is among the main conclusions of UNWTO's Western member states interacting with presented in Baku, Azerbaijan on the occasion of the 49th UNWTO Percentage for European countries.

In order to enhance the travel and leisure demand and increase the percentage of tourist trips per calendar year, the travel and leisure should concentrate on the machine of advertising, consecutively to build up a distinctive way of quick access that would help and encourage the visitors to make a decision to visit, yet to provide them reserving finally minute. One exceedingly improving approach that nowadays is quite used is the mobile travel applications. The tourism agencies should focus on "Planning a mobile strategy". The cellular phone is probably the most successful customer product that was developed ever.

According some market studies, there are about 4 billion users in the world, and that number is going to increase up to 5 billion the next several years.

Mobile phones as well as their different applications are definitely more widespread than autos - around 1. 4 billion rather than only 800 million signed up vehicles on earth.

Advertising and applying landline phones throughout the world caused hard work for almost 100 years, at exactly the same time as for their cordless descendants needed only 16 years.

As an outcome:

Travel businesses as well as any other vacationer industry should treat the cellular phone as one new platform that facilitates quite different and unique opportunities for promoting and selling their products and services.

They should think of using their features constantly and improve mobile travel applications since their use is growing rapidly.

With the assistance of the mobile applications, the travel and leisure companies will be able to reach new degree of operational efficiency generally, accompanied by great improve and success.

Smart phones will be the latest technology and in once the best possible weapon that has being developed the previous few years which the tourism industry can use it. Throughout the internet, people nowadays are searching for places to go to, hotels to remain, destinations to see etc. Therefore, the hotel industry came up with a brilliant idea how to provide all these information to the customer with only one click on their cell phone. The 3G adoption supplies the people fast access to the internet through any web site that they would like to wealthy. New 4G networks are being implemented in 2010-1012 in order to boost mobile Web rates of speed and reliability. Also, various applications for going are established and developed which help people in their choice of destination, the way of move that is best suited including even the tiniest details (The Gps device systems that nowadays are installed in the majority of the smart phones), broadcasting weather programs and many other applications that helps one individual in his/her selection of traveler trip. Finally, this technology provides the customers even arranging in last second (this is particularly important for the businessmen).

Usage of the 3G interconnection in % in the last 3 years

Source: Kelsey Group, ComScore, The Wall structure Streets Journal and PhoCusWright Inc.

Technology development these days has reached a fantastic level. It is a magic what it did within the last 20 years. Lots of the latest technological products that we used to utilize are now merged, well designed and reconstructed in small unique "bits of advanced technology" which have multifunctional ability.

Source: PhoCusWright Inc.

The advantages are primarily, their compatibility (they could be carried just about everywhere), the product quality and live expectancy and the majority of all, their multifunctional capacity. Furthermore, they are designed in such a way so people can have easy access on all applications in less than a minute. What is even more important is the fact that yields new features are not within any of these devices. Which makes these "pieces of advanced technology", the most complex and sufficient solution for the tourism market.

One exemplory case of these products that made a boom since the starting of its development is the I Mobile. This smartphone was for first-time presented before few years from the Apple Company as their hottest invention - mixture of computer, cell phone, camera and MP3 player all together blended and combined in a single portion of excellence and Source: PhoCusWright Inc. convenience, which instantaneously defeated the competitors. Following its unique system, people's interest regarding this exceptional device, is continuing to grow up rapidly in that short period of your energy.

Tourism industry sees its capacities quite useful to be able to reach their goals. Once again, this unique device, as a result of its advantages such as impressive touch screen program and the first functional browser, occurs to be perfect tool for advertising their products and services. Furthermore, the change in product explanation paradigm - from cellular phone to portable computing device, made this device to be simpler for use. By doing so, people can access any information easier. As it was already brought up, the 3G and today currently, the 4G interconnection that gives this phone even quicker access to the internet, alongside the numerous applications makes this small device, a powerful source of information.

Another quite smooth move that the APPLE MACKINTOSH has made so far, is relating to the App stores as part of the device. According to some researches, the program in May 2009, has listed over 2000 travel apps, giving the travel category about a 5. 4% talk about (5th largest). Given that they have included other travel-related programs in additional categories such as weather, travel ranks up to #4. All of these so far brought up abilities that these device posses are going to make a trend in people's lives and in the same time will play a huge role as a distinctive asset - weapon in the tourism industry. According to me, these small bits of new technology will be "the guilty ones" for future years success of the tourism industry.

Since the mobile applications are being developed and available for people, the next step should be how to boost them and make sure they are easy for gain access to and work with in people's daily live. Therefore, fresh ideas would have a positive effect;

The initial job would be Empowering Mobile Travelers.

- Since the mobile travel applications can be found, people would have self service. For instance, the bookings, the changes as well as the cancellations could be part of the applications. By doing so, people can make their reservations, or they can even make cancelations within the same second instead of going to that specific place - company, in person.

- During trips, people may feel safety since they own a smart telephone for the reason that they are equipped with mobile concierge services (LBS/maps, video, podcast). Recently among installing the GPS devices in the smart phones, people may be encouraged to get a trip. The Global Placement System provides the user detailed highway map with tone of voice guidance before smallest details. Consequently, if these Gps unit programs can be improved with even more increased and more descriptive maps, accumulated with as much as possible languages concerning the voice advice, people could have no apprehension to have decision for a trip in any put in place the entire world.

- In addition, people might use their smart phones for forums, On-site social networking for conferences or leisure/resorts. In that way they'll be able to talk and accumulate information about the product or service that they are interested in. Furthermore, they can have guest special services, such as reservations for spa treatment.

Furthermore, with enhancing of the travel efficiency throughout mobile travel applications, the vacationer industry could gain and develop the trust of the customer. With another words, the travellers would become more confident in using the merchandise and services that the business provides;

- Concerning the mobile check in, expedite of the front workplace check-in process would be superior. People might well have a complete mobile check-in with all necessary forms and information included.

- The exact same refers to the mobile check away. A customer can have full information, charges approval and ought to have mobile receipt. By doing so, the customer would be delighted, and being that they are satisfied, the chances to come back are high.

- For the room entry, a better secure access vie mobile keychain is vital.

- To be able to raise the bookings percentage, deals could be offered. For example, when using the smart mobile phones for internet, people could receive some messages involving last-minute discounts or time-limited offers with a certain discount. Since they use the smartphone, they would have the ability to locate and utilize the offer.

- In connection with travelling, especially the airlines, with the use of mobile travel applications, people can gain information regarding the schedules, the airline flight details, look for just about any marketing promotions, and even book seat tickets throughout their mobile phone.

Generally, following the short description, regarding the I Pone, we could declare that smart phones will be the revolution in the travel industry, especially with the latest implementation of the geo - localization services based on GPS technology. Regarding the Global Setting System, a detailed updating would have quite great impact. With another words, since this excellent technology has being discovered, a small style would make it even more used and appreciated. How do be that done? Simply with just adding this program additional description of every city, location that we want to go, advanced search available with tone control.

According to Ovum's statistics, Smartphone penetration is expected to achieve 92% until 2014 in Europe. Furthermore, they expect their most recent product that continues to be in its start of creation, the I PAD (a unique blend of the computer technology based on the I phone design), alongside the I phone to replace the use of the traditional computer technology.

Finally, in view of the fact that mobile technology as well as the applications are being developed and used in such way that gives the tourism industry and astonishing results, the next task would be, what will the technology provide in the future in order to contain this successful way?

There are extensive ideas, plans and schedules that are being taken in concern. Yet, people must not undertake the fact that, cell phones and their applications are one significant factor that has happened lately, which can provide the visitor industry a great future; travel and travel and leisure companies in European countries and all over the world must put an highlight upon this question and think of a unique idea how to check out and follow every interesting idea that will occur. To remain competitive, travel providers should provide a website especially designed for mobile phone search and probably mobile travel applications, and lastly partnering with designers and keeping touch with them in the finest relations.

"Mobile happens to be in the throes of a land grab by organizations that until now were unconnected to travel distribution, regarded as a potentially lucrative area for companies beyond your sector to make inroads. "

"The likes of Google and Apple do not have the cumbersome baggage of legacy systems and historical connections, can certainly acquire technology and competence and have the brand equity to move it off. "

Kevin May

Reference: Journalist, Editor and Co-founder, Tnooz

http://www. eturbonews. com/8585/european-tourism-active-against-economic-crisis

http://www. euromonitor. com/

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