Morale At B R Richardson Timber Product Corporation

This is an task about B R Richardson Timber Product Organization, which is focused on the change intervention the company has tried to get after morale of all employees transpired and productivity decreased.

While ranking in the shoes of OD consultant, I've made an attempt to analyze the case taking the info obtained by Lawler, a consultant and his two students. The analysis part should go from analysis to this program management, which is shown below:

QN1. Analyze the info obtained by Lawler and his team and identify the problems facing the company

In order to analyze the information obtained by Lawler and his team, it is put under organizational level and group level examination model for comprehension;

Company's Standard Environment

B R Richardson Timber Products Corporation's (BRRTPC) exterior environment is merely moderately uncertain rather than very complex. Market condition has been good. Overall business is within profit. The current economic climate is steady enough regarding lumber and lumber products. Lamination vegetable is giving good profit to the firms since it was started out. Politically, The business is composed of four small companies viz a logging procedure, a lumber mill, lamination plant, and a mill is based on a countryside with an available yards and dirt connecting highway. The lamination flower is noisy from saws, conveyors, and hoists, and especially the planner. The lamination plant life and a mill are about fifty yards away from hq. The yard is graveled, with lumbers of all kinds piled-up and car parks surrounding the edges.

Company's Industry Structure

It is a family held corporation. The business dispersed in four different physical locations using its divisional structure, three in Papoose and a mill in eastern Oregon. Timber buys are produced from Forest Service and BLM. Roughly 70 percent of laminating herb lumber was purchased from outdoor and staying from Richardson mill. External purchases are generally from Orgeon companies -Weyerhaeuser, Bohemia, Georgia-Pacific, and smaller ones.


The corporate organization appears to have divisional structure, while the lamplant appears to have functional structure. It offers ignored impressive management trends which have emerged during the last decade and today seem to find it trapped in the trap that comes from not taking good thing about new efficiency systems. With waited, several cracks in the framework have been determined within the organizational framework all together which is having a poor impact on businesses. The framework is weak due to numerous factors from lack of technology integration to lack of ability to determine teamwork within the organization, which would allow the launch of new ideas and enhancements on a constant basis for the continual improvement of functions.


The laminating plant has been growing ever since its inception, it's very profitable and busy, yet Richardson seems to be reluctant to spend money to expand the facilities and to upgrade the machinery and technology, and seek the services of additional staff. Adequate communication at all levels is lacking, and the proper lines of communication are not followed.


Richardson seems to have centered on cost control strategy. The business tightly control buttons costs, refrains from incurring pointless innovation, human source development and even hesitates to keep a good health and safeness standard. No formal objective or goals are brought up in the event and this helps it be somewhat difficult to guage the effectiveness of the strategy.

Human Reference System and Measurement System

Company's human source system is underdeveloped as there is absolutely no human resource division. So, Human Tool Development Programs are disregarded. There is absolutely no performance dimension system in the seed. The business has conservative school of thought regarding settlement benefits; rewards and recognition which is evident from few preferred top management were only given extra if had to. Incentive for safeness has been created but not implemented well. Even very loyal and committed employees aren't known and rewarded because of their contribution in the vegetation. Creation and retention of abilities is not thought about.


There is little specific information; Richardson's culture can be inferred. A lot of the supervisors and professionals are production focused do stretch the prospective and force employees to do the overtime beyond their limit. So, work unrest, dissatisfaction, and irritation are very common. There is apparent of 'do or die symptoms' in the organization where employees either have to work long hours or get fired. Company will take lightly to the people employees dealing with hernias, back again pain, and damaged fingers just by saying that they had medical coverage for this. There is insufficient humanitarian worth and care and attention in the business which is forcing even the faithful and devoted employees to carefully turn to be different. Team spirit in the business is suprisingly low as hard workers are neither paid nor cared.

Goal Clarity: Senior management has some goals in their intellects and talk once in a while. It shows company does not have clear, written and communicated goal.

Team Working: Professionals and Supervisors show their own style of working. Employees actions and habits are completely manipulated by their superiors. Employees are forced to sit down for the overtime. Lack of team support for the hard works implies that there is absolutely no cohesive team who work actively and energetically alongside one another for the success of a common goal.

Group Norms and Structure: Everyday following a routine jobs and suddenly accepting the overtime with a order from the supervisors has been norms of the group associates. And there is absolutely no mixture of skills, experiences and talents within group customers.

Task Composition: Employees are monotonously doing their boring task. There is no job characteristic model where employees can have different style of the work. Supervisors give order to do the jobs in particular way demonstrates there isn't autonomy, nor feedback is given the way the job was performed. Even after witnessing a fatal mishap of one subordinate, they can be forced to keep their job. Besides few supervisors, most of the employees never feel any influences of their process has made to others. There is absolutely no task relevance nor have been recognized for the duty done well.

Issues Facing the Company

There are various issues that are inhibiting for the organization's and team efficiency. They are pointed out as:

Such a large organization operates without Human Source of information Department is an extremely big concerned and is a significant serious issue

There is no effectiveness, available and clear communication between shift supervisors and professionals, supervisors and top management and between top management and CEO. Supervisors and managers not to hear even there are any changes in schedules rather than to know about the implicit goals with their department is quite a serious issue

Company neither has clear eye-sight and quest, nor has tactical goals is a huge concerned

Some professionals and supervisors are discarding all the emotions of the subordinates and dealing with them as like a machine rather than body is a huge question of humanitarian values

Companies not to have linked to employees performance and contribution to any rewards system is unconvincing

Lack of enough staffs to handle the additional work load and also to eliminate work stress of the prevailing employees is a intimidating issue

Company for taking so softly to medical and safeness issues of people by just saying there is insurance coverage on their behalf who are losing and going to reduce fingertips and toes in the machine is disgraceful

In the get of earning ventilation to the steel building a little bit more in the extreme summertime where people lost 5 pound in a single shift, management to think about expense to produce ventilation is pathetic

Most of the supervisors and managers lack leadership and showing authoritarian style is unsound and proves to be one of the challenging issues in the company

QN2. Presume the role of Lawler and write a report to the management team of BRRTPC delivering your findings as well as your recommendations.

Mr. Richard Bowman

B R Richardson Timber Corporation

P O Box 66

Papoose, Oregon

Dear Mr. Bowman,

After the Medical diagnosis of your company, I have found the following results:

Strength of the Plant

There are numerous dedicated and highly dedicated employees who will be the biggest investments of the organization

Most of the managers and supervisors are very saturated in KSAs and also have strong leadership potentiality

Introducing a 'softball team' is quite a healthy sign of providing employees wellness program in the company which eliminate work stress of employees

The vegetable is very productive in execution of strategy

Problem Areas

Overtime is the largest problems in the herb. Staff are being stretched and pushed for working overtime beyond their limit which is making dissatisfaction and stress to employees. And unrest and annoyed workers are the vulnerable to fatal accidents.

There is no effectiveness, open up and transparent communication between shift supervisors and professionals, supervisors and top management and between top management and CEO. Supervisors and managers do not hear if there are any changes in schedules.

Health and security issues are extremely serious which excellent cause for creating low morale of employees. Employees will work with returning pain, hernias, and shattered fingers or toes are demeaning the repute of the company.

Employees' turnover is threatening to the business that is induced by insufficient induction and orientation program before sending workers to the work; and it is strongly scheduled to lack of human source development programs.

Unrealized Opportunities

There a wide range of potential leaders in the plant life who are untapped and unexploited. They want to work hard, achieve the target and desire to be expertly developed.

Employees are willing to demonstrate corporation citizenship behavior provided with work support, hear their concerns, and help them to resolve their work-life conflicts.

Workers are very enthusiastic in their works plus they could drive their energy further if they could be given rewards and acceptance timely with performance appraisals systems.

Employees are likely to improve their work performance when they are placed under training and skills development program.

Top management if practice 'management by walking around' style by the visiting the seed time to time, it would develop a good image and culture in the business.

Company doesn't have clear vision, mission and goals and goals stated and communicated. An obvious defined such quest and goals would develop mental image of the possible and suitable future point out of the business.

For any sorts of changes and strategy formulation and execution, if the employees were asked to be a part of the dialogue of how changes should be integrated, it would create a solid sense of family culture and ownership.


The following non-training issues need to be tackled to help ensure effective procedure of the crops:

Raise and immediately change the health and security standard of the place to bring the employees moral back again to the business.

Hire people to alleviate the employees to minimize overtime and work unrest to lessen accidents and health issues.

Set up HR Division in the business in order to make the smooth operation of the place- for aggregate HR Planning and Succession Planning ; and perform the Human Source development programs to to be able to appeal to and retain employees and to create intellectual human capital for the organization capability.

Set up a formal appraisal system where in a single session the owner rests down with the very best management and supervisors to discuss performance and placed targets. In another procedure performance development is talked about.

Use objectives arranged for the year and clarify how rewards (bonus, pay raises, and so forth) will be tied to the objectives.

Determine the mission, goals and targets of the business and the areas of the performance focused on.

Training Needs

Several training needs were evident after the examination of the business beyond that which was indicated by you. Specific to those issues, however, supervisors and managers were especially candid in indicating that that they had never subjected to any type of feedback or communication skills. That they had no knowledge or skills in these areas. Attitudes in these areas were blended.

A partial set of training needs includes insufficient knowledge and skill in:


Effective Feedback

Measuring Staff Performances

Team Building

I believe above mentioned are the discovering from my evaluation. Once you and Mr. Richardson have considered about these training needs, give me a call. I'm going to be prepared to describe what I see as the expense of training while planning the particular program.

Thanks for presenting me possibility to work as a consultant. I have enjoyed meeting all of you as well as your team and have learnt more about your company's culture and systems.


Jack Lawler

Partner, Oregon Consulting Associates

QN3. Examine the client-consultant relationship in the case. Assuming that the management accepts your advice, draft out an agreement for the OD work you will undertake at BRRTPC.

We feel the following points to be able to understand client-consultant marriage:

Entry of advisor began after the mutual agreement from both parties of choosing organizational examination before performing the motivational course. Lawler's entering process was faulty, his contracting was deficient. A proper coming into process is a necessary prelude to expanding an excellent agreement. Lawler's contracting was inadequate and came down to a verbal contract between Bowman and himself, in which it was decided that Lawler would execute a 1 day trip to the flower with many of his graduate students to gather information, which Lawler would then analyze and show the business. Lawler would expenses for three times of his time, in addition to the bills incurred when he and the students went to. Lawler's contracting did not clarify the way the OD process would proceed, it didn't set up and elucidate the expectations of the celebrations, enough time, and resources that might be expended, and the bottom rules under that your get-togethers would operate.

Given the gravity of the actual problems at the seed, and the actual fact that the OD specialist was external to the business, a far more formal, structured, and informative agreement would have been appropriate. There is no sign of mutual arrangement as to the prospects of the get-togethers involved, nor the services and benefits to be provided by the OD practitioner, except the alternatively vague "more sufficient identification was probably a useful first step" comment made by Bowman, and this Lawler would make a one-day trip to the plant.

Lawler's contracting didn't adequately cover the three key areas of contracting viz. , preparing mutual expectations; the time and resources that will be expended; and the ground rules for working alongside one another. It didn't cover how Lawler would gather the info, who would be engaged in providing these details, and how much of the personnel time would be needed from their jobs getting involved in interviews.

Draft Preparation

While creating the draft the first rung on the ladder will be to develop the learning objectives.

Learning Objectives:

Some of the learning objectives are as follows:

The trainee will, with no mistakes, understand function and route of communication, the communication process as well as different kind of communication - Interpersonal, Organizational; and barriers to effective communication.

Open and transparent communication will be practiced as part of organizational culture

Trainee will develop the behavior of "first to understand then to be grasped" reinforced by empathic listening. It will solve inter-personal conflict; enhance cooperation, communication and co-operation in the task place.

Managers and supervisors will be taught how to get a person doing right thing and give appreciation to the person for the job well done. After completing of any job, employees are certain to get immediate responses.

Trainee will learn how to use constructive feedback and how to practice it in the task spot to motivate employees. This can be facilitated by role play and some simulation exercises.

Trainee will know why and the way to link employees performance with the company's goals and goals and how to build up expectancy theory among the employees to enhance their motivational level.

Organizational Objectives

Teamwork and team building will be developed that may solve most of the conflicting issues and bring co-operation and collaboration in the business and make a good cultural weather.

Organization begins using performance appraisal system to assess employees' performance that may energize employees to utilize expectation and linking appropriate rewards with it'll brings drive to employees.

Organization will add Job Feature Model, where employees are allowed to expose in several skills and works, and eliminate to a great degree to their boredom and anxiousness.

Each of working out topics will need three time and extend for three days and nights. Maximum fifteen people will maintain one training session. Top management will remain for just two training treatment- Communication and Dimension of employees' performances.

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