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Moving From Colleague To Supervisor

1. Managers may use the wrong kind of management because each team must use the correct technique for management and authority, that may create the most favorable conditions of the collective work. I think that in this situation the companies have poor socio-psychological climate. So, the relationships with colleges and socio-psychological factors are the most crucial for the selecting of management style. However, exactly this area of management, which is linked to manager's relationship with his subordinates, plays a key position in conditions of the success of the top as a whole. No matter how proficient and hard-working employer is, but if his attempts are not recognized by his subordinates - a result is improbable to be especially successful.

It is obvious that each administrator selects the style that best suits him - for a particular company, and under his personality type. But below are a few important tips that may be considered: the first choice must understand that the company - as an individual organism. It lives matching to certain laws and regulations - both the general business regulations, as well as their own, which can be found only inside the company. It is therefore important to feel the unity of the business, and relative to this select a style guide, which is the most harmonious.

In our case of Chery Kahn, Rob Carstons, and Linda McGee, who were marketed into management positions, the market leaders must look at the psychology of individuals who use the leaders and understand that to begin with people do the business!

Any new innovator encounters with the question: the type of management style to choose? There will vary types of management: very soft, hard, democratic or totalitarian. It is quite crucial for the administrator to find the appropriate approach to leadership in the particular company, taking into consideration the precise of the business and it's team of employees.

When the manager can not choose the style of company management, this means that he does not possess the required knowledge in the field of taking care of people. Such a person would be the best staff, but will not know the psychology of management and mindset of team leadership. Then the person cannot enroll in the team and be its head.

In such a case a person must go away training on the management of company and personal efficiency. Some assistance provides the model F. Fiedler, that help choose the management style. There are different leaders: the head who is "task oriented", and the head who's "focused on interpersonal relations". Using special tools installed, future supervisor can decide what type of leader he belongs to. This and other training and techniques can help choose the desired design of management, and follow it. (Bennis, W 1998)


Leadership - can be an art, it requires professionalism, intelligence and specific skills. You will discover such types as authoritarian style, democratic, unaggressive and individualized. It really is clear that every manager selects the style that best suits him - for a particular company, and under your personality type. But below are a few important tips that can be considered:

- The leader must understand that the company is really as a single organism, it lives matching to certain laws and regulations - both general business laws and regulations, as well as their own, which are present only inside the business. It is therefore important to feel the unity of the company, and in accordance with this select a style guide, which is the most harmonious.

- It is important to keep in mind that nothing at all stands still, everything is moving and changing. The head also should not stand still, he should develop up, get additional education, constantly learn new things and innovate in the business. Then it will keep rate with swiftly changing times and prevent stagnation. Therefore, the decided on style guide should take into account the need for changes in the business.

- Consider the mindset of men and women who work with the leader. Understand that business is people first, and only then technology. Therefore, for any manager it is critical to select a team that everyone was not only in its place, but also efficiently coped with the responsibilities and could more effectively reach their potential, since it is determined by the success of the business. (Tittemore 2003)

So, I have to conclude that whenever selecting the style of leadership, future market leaders must take into account the psychological top features of the team. In the companies where work Chery Kahn, Rob Carstons, and Linda McGee you can find some "conspiracy", when people are polite, but there is no sincere romance, people cover their views. In that team leader Chery Kahn, Rob Carstons, and Linda McGee does not know how to resolve conflicts, reach consensus not developed loyalty to the staff team and the manager. Teams do not have mutual understanding and trust between employees, which means integrity and integrity with matter for the good of everyone.

Therefore, I feel that whenever choosing the authority style, professionals first need to find common goals:

- To accomplish personal understanding;

- Seek opportunities for regular joint problem-solving;

- To determine trust between employees and groups. (Adams and Shields, 1994)

If to consider the existing instances of Chery Kahn, Rob Carstons, and Linda McGee, who were marketed into management positions, I believe they have to select a democratic style of governance, which is seen as a the syndication of authority, initiative and responsibility between your director and deputy, the leader and subordinates. are the key characteristics of the style:

- supervisor always looks for the views of staff on important professional issues, but needs decisions as a body;

- communication with subordinates is by means of requests, suggestions, recommendations, advice, rewards for quality and operational work, friendly and polite, if required apply requests;

- the top tries to promote a favorable mental weather in the team, defends the hobbies of subordinates. (Tittemore 2003)

I think that this management style can help managers to improve relationships in the team and become good market leaders.


Promotion of employees to leadership position and a new outsider innovator - can make a difference news in the business, and always an alteration in the team.

The staff and employees may not always well react on special offers of colleagues. In that situation it becomes difficult to establish human relationships between employees and the new leader. If the new manager came from another company, it is even harder to become a innovator, because he will not know the team, does not know the rules of the company and it's environment. He needs to learn everything and adapt to new conditions, and choose a style of authority.

So I think that promotion within the company is more lucrative. To begin with, the new head already recognizes his subordinates, he has learned the psychological climate of the business. In this example, brain should better choose a democratic design of management, and to remain on friendly conditions with the team, but do not become an authoritarian leader, that may ruin relations with the colleges.

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