NIVEA Visage Marketing Mix

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Product is the first and important component in the marketing combine. A product is a criterion which is designed for gratifying the needs and would like of the consumers. The first step in building a powerful marketing combination is to understand the market and consumer's demand. For focusing on key marketplaces, NIVEA Company used market research which identifies goal customers with the similar characteristics such as get older, attitude, gender and lifestyle etc. The understanding and understanding from the market research assists with the progression of new product. NIVEA Company has completed its market evaluation in a variety of ways which encompasses:

  • Targeting emphasis group to be able to connect to consumers straight.
  • By several research techniques, gathering customer's view.
  • Performed product testing different consumers in various markets.

In the entire year of 2007, NIVEA Visage Young has been re-launched with an try to encourage their concentrate on customers to be able to build up a schedule for proper pores and skin. This has become a most competitive benefit for the business because no other product in the market is available for this goal.

The main target customers of NIVEA Visage Young were teenager and young girls. The NIVEA Visage Young offered a range of products which developed a routine for proper skincare and along with this it also helps them to keep their pores and skin healthy and beautiful. The target customer demanded a product which satisfies their needs and want. The NIVEA Visage Young was a better product range of its parent brand NIVEA that was introduced in order to fulfill the desires with their customers (NIVEA: The use of the Marketing Blend in Product Introduction).

Question 2:

Describe what's meant by way of a business being "Consumer Led".


A business being "Consumer Led" is the fact that way that was basically considered by company in order to lead the mark customers towards their product and accessible through a brand by giving reachable destination to access. Available term this idea is acknowledged by Promotional strategy. The promotional strategy of NIVEA Visage Young was the consumer led. With the usage of various below-the-line routes, company evaluated several ways so you can get views of teenagers and their mothers. These are the following:

The key component of company's promotional strategy was to use product examples. This helps customers to smell, touch, feel and try the product at once. In the year of 2008, more than a million samples of new product of NIVEA has been given away. These examples were accessible through the examples to get, websites or through goody totes given at street shows. This overall was the promotional strategy of company for keeping their products in the view of customers.

The NIVEA Visage Young has launched online publication named as FYI (fun, young and independent) to be able to improve brand recognition among people. The central aim for launching this mag was to enable self confidence to the teenager girls to become younger and revel in their completely new independence.

The NIVEA Visage Young has connected with FYI and from then on acknowledged the energy of public networking sites among the list of young audience. After that company has pages on several communal networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. The company was approaching marketing as a part of promotional means for growing their business and customers in the market (NIVEA: The use of the Marketing Combine in Product Start).

Question 3:

What will be the key elements of the marketing mix? Explain how each works together with the others.


The important elements of the NIVEA Visage Young marketing combine are product, price, place and campaign. These marketing combination key parts enjoyed vital role in the establishment of any product in the market. The first aspect is the product, which has been redesigned and its revised feature which was specifically created for the desires and personal preferences of the NIVEA Visage Young fragment. The product has been redefined to be able to pass a message of sociable responsibility and commercial sustainability which was an important factor for the key points of the young women. By substantially adopting the method of including natural elements such as sea salts and nutrients, NIVEA has generated its root by creating their product that reflects its market positioning. The product is the catalyst in the marketing strategy which unifies all other elements in the marketing mixture.

The charges was regular with the approaches for distribution channel for promoting a majority of epidermis products by the method of street retailers. The hike in cost also builds an effective price and quality romance which differentiated the products from the further skin area treatments. Following this marketing factor place played out a vital role in the marketing strategy. The NIVEA Company has promoted their range of products at effective places so that customer can certainly access their products. Promotional place has significant impact on the offering of any product.

One of the significant components of marketing combination is promotion strategy. Campaign of NIVEA products established an awareness of products range among the customers. These marketing combine elements have included significantly over the development of business. Product, price, place and campaign are directly or indirectly interconnected with one another. One component motivates others. These marketing mix tools enable an organization to grow in the market by analyzing the marketplace requirement (NIVEA: The usage of the Marketing Mixture in Product Launch).

Question 4:

Explain why the total amount of the marketing combination is really as important as any solitary element.


The elements of marketing blend are evenly important in order to ensure balance when the company is concentrating on marketing something in the market. The NIVEA Company has adopted four P's of marketing combine in order to recognize the advantages and weaknesses of the combination of the marketing combination tools. It might be very worthy to acquire amazing product at affordable price and located in accessible place with the advanced promotional techniques. In the event, if the products is marketed marvelously at the very least possible cost and also have popularity among general population however the product is put in such a way that nobody will get out in market. For overcoming these drawbacks it would be vital to combine each marketing elements with the other person in the balanced manner so that company may expand with the rate of life. The NIVEA Company designed a new selection of products in the market by analyzing the marketplace situations. The business has established a balance platform among all marketing tools to be able to improve their business and fulfilling their customers on the market. The Company emphasized on each marketing elements in the well-balanced way for constantly growing in the competitive time (NIVEA: The usage of the Marketing Combination in Product Release).

Question 5:

Analysis the marketing combination for NIVEA VISAGE Young. What exactly are its strongest factors? Explain why you think this is so.


The NIVEA Company after market research has re-designed a range of product with new method, packaging, design and with the new name in the market. The Company has centered on the marketing strategy by more emphasizing on the managing view of marketing mix tools. This balanced marketing mixture given additional gain to the company because of their business development.

As per the marketplace research more youthful consumers required beautifying benefits rather than solution of pores and skin decease. NIVEA Visage Young was launched for skincare directed at those females who do not want any medicated product. But competitor's products were more centered to the issues. This became an additional competitive gain to the NIVEA.

The Company's prices strategy wants to ensure in the beginning a range of products at low prices so that company can perform high level of market share and purchases. With the availability of range of products at this good deal, it prompted customers to develop a practice of buying. This was a solid benefit to the business.

The NIVEA Company has emphasized on the area and promotional strategies of the business. NIVEA has positioned their products at that places from where consumers may easily gain access to their products. It positioned their products at retail outlets which is generally accessible by customers. Additionally for improving the awareness of their products among the consumers, Company has promoted their products by the effective use of advanced techniques for promotion. They were the additional advantages to the company in the market for their business development (NIVEA: The usage of the Marketing Combination in Product Unveiling).

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