Organisational Behaviour Assignment Pepsi

Motivational Techniques of Pepsi

The drink is the invention of Caleb Bradham, a pharmacist and drugstore owner in New Bern, North Californa. In past due 1890's, he had been experiencing with Coca and Kola ingredients in the syrup form. By mixing up this syrup with carbonated normal water, he produced a very pleasing beverage that not only tasted good but also made his customers feel great. He promoted it as a cure of dyspepsia (indigestion).

Initially called Brand beverages by his local friends, the local friends, the drink was formally entitled PEPSI COLA in 1898. By 1902 the syrup was so popular that Caleb was devoting the majority of time in the preparation, product packaging, marketing, advertising, and overseeing the circulation from it to other pharmacies. His sales increased quickly and in 1904 he bought the Bishop Mill and transformed it into his bottling flower for Pepsi Cola. In cola 1907, he purchased adjoining land and built a three-story addition to the manufacturing plant to provide as work place for his new company.


The target market of Pepsi aims at young generation. The mark market of Pepsi also includes the child can pronounce Pepsi as "Bebsi".


By opening CRICKET Night clubs for the young era where the organization hire famous cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Wasim Akram. These cricket clubs provide an opportunity for cricketers to learn playing cricket and as well the product Pepsi is advertised.

Another way of appeal is by sponsoring famous celebrities. When these famous personalities sponsored by Pepsi form in their areas of area of expertise, the Brand is also advertised.

This brand also provides scholarship for students, so that students from poor individuals can be supported as well attaining communal goodwill.

The company also introduces a number of schemes where the participants can get different gifts just like a CD player, T- t-shirts, Bikes, free return tickets etc.


The Human Learning resource Section of Pepsi Company gives following incentives and benefits to motivate their workers.

JOB SECURITY: They provide assurance to the employees working that they would not be removed after a certain time period of working. This encourages the employees to work sincerely because as they know that they might be in the business for an extended duration they might make an effort to put their best performance.

PAY ALLOWANCE: Which means that the employees would get allowances for his or her various overheads such as travel, food, property etc. That is an added edge to the employees working to motivate them to create and give their outcome effectively.

PROMOTION TO NEXT DESIGNATION THAT IS PURELY ON MERIT: This is a significant factor of drive, when a worker gets an possibility to be promoted strictly through his merit he attempts to set up his best performance. This creates an atmosphere of competition among employees this is good because it increases the production of the personnel.

ANNUAL PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: Pepsi organizes an total annual performance appraisal program where the best staff, proactive employees of the year and various other categories are elected and felicitated. This creates reputation for effort, Job satisfaction and effort put in by each member. This motivates each one to obtain that recognition.

THE Staff ARE OFFERERED PEPSI AT RS. 3 AND MEAL (ALL TYPES) IS AVAILABLE AT RS. 10: That is an progressive idea produced by the company so the employees working for the company can avail the meals provided in the canteen and Pepsi can be provided to them at an extremely cheap rate. This creates a feeling of satisfaction within the hearts of the employees and creates a high impression about the company. They might be not be disappointed instead be motivational factors for fellow employees.

FREE DISPENSARY: This means free allowance for medication. If an employee falls suffering his medication cost and the expenses would be covered up the business. This one of a major advantages and a motivator which creates an impression in the intellects of each employee that whatever happens the medication cost would be protected up by the business. This also avoids one of a significant mind hurdle that is Conception about the business.

CASH REWARDS: The Company also provides extra cash rewards to the really sincere and committed workers. This also pertains to those employees who've worked in the company for more than 10 or 15 years.

BONUSES: This is a also a reward a reward gifted to the staff for the merits and hard work.


Motivate Your Employees:

Pepsi can put in more initiatives to plan and devote methods to promote, encourage and encourage a worker because every employee's productivity is important to the company. Therefore, try to keep your personnel in the perfect situation and make all the factors such as working conditions and other factors beneficial so that they get determined to work more on a regular basis.

Manage YOUR TIME AND EFFORT Efficiently:

Time is another essential aspect to improve productivity. When all the plans and aims of a particular company are achieved successfully within the certain span of time that particular company/business grows. Therefore, time is a crucial factor for decision making and arranging goals.

Streamline Your Small Business:

Take advantage of good accounting and inventory software to keep track of your finances, sales and acquisitions. Take regular inventory of your products and sell off slow-moving items so they can be substituted by faster-moving ones. You can even use bar rules to keep track of your inventory and prevent pilferage either by thieving customers or your own personnel. Monitor your credit customers to enable you to collect your accounts receivable effectively. Spend money on faster pcs or other energy and time-saving equipment. Consider multifunction equipment. Nowadays, you can get fax, backup; scanning and printing devices all bundled into a single machine. This helps you to save time, space, and energy - and increase your response time to customer inquiries.

Every Small Effort Counts:

Even small gestures such as putting in a coffee maker or an air-conditioning product can help improve efficiency in your business. Any improvement, small or big, should be explored in order to increase production levels in your small business - and the above mentioned methods will let you do this.

5) GET THE Supporters Conversing :

The roadways are communicating and the net has ears. Potential prospects are more attentive to recommendations from relatives and buddies. This positive feedback stems from experienced customer support and satisfaction. By heading that extra mile to get the job done, your clients will definitely take notice and spread the term amidst their network of friends. Making this type of buzz is far more valuable and affordable than throwing thousands of dollars towards a print ad marketing campaign; however, the turnaround requires more time and patience. You may want to look at a rewards system for leads and referrals.


Incentives such as cash bonuses and or travel packages are alright, but without described goals, your team is more or less competing amongst the other person rather than collaborating to perform a goal. It helps to truly have a finish line coming to keep those lower limbs pumping. By setting up defined goals and placing them for any to see, your team productivity should spike substantially, especially since progress is easier gauged. If indeed they can visualize the finish, your team will know how hard they need to push to make it happen.


Any company may become successful if only they have effective motivational strategies and if they are implemented effectively. A worker in must get as equal importance as a supervisor in an organization, this is because each person has his own importance in the work delegated to him. "Individually were one drop, but along we live an ocean".

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