Overview and swot evaluation of hsbc bank

HSBC is well known Organization in bank sector. It is a largest bank and financial corporation on the planet. HSBC can be an international company which includes around 8500 office buildings in 86 countries and territories. It is an international bank, which is disperse all over the world. It has a whole lot of branch in the London.

HSBC has recently adult through an additional achievement. The HSBC bank group is among the most biggest bank in the UK. Approximately half of all people in the united kingdom now bank or investment company with HSBC bank group. The group has the major branch network of any UK bank. The achievement does mean that the new group has a broader selection of competence with multiple kinds under its banner. It is a far more multicultural business, with stronger market attendance in areas such as mortgage loans, insurance, financing and investment.

HSBC is using variety of progress technologies to make a global network, including a swiftly growing e-commerce capability; HSBC provides a comprehensive commercial range of financial services corporate service, personal services, private bank and other activities. They offer many other services including Braille, large print statement and indication words interpretations.

HSBC in its 145 years have been innovative; these are providing Internet banking, disabled customer consideration, mortgage loan, house loan etc. It really is totally financial company but the company offers insurance service as well.

SWOT Analysis


During the financial crisis HSBC remains the world's strongest bank. It was able to raise 750 million to increase its capital as required by the treasury and was still in a position to lend approximately 4 billion more to other UK lenders. A staggering 4. 15 billion of revenue was recorded on March 2009. And even with the reluctance of buyers to venture into the stock market, HSBC was still in a position to raise 12. 5 billion in capital which is use to obtain struggling banks and additional improves its budget.

HSBC, as an effective international financial company, provides advice and recommendation to other companies regarding international business. They have branches worldwide has got client from different environment and social but never beaten in this area. . HSBC has the expertise to check out structural and effective development. It was mostly an Asian lender until it had taken over a UK loan company in 1992 and today has become the world's second-largest loan provider by income. HSBC has different idea and concept about how exactly to get more return from purchases.

HSBC provides qualitative services in an easier ways than other banking and financial industries. If you start your profile with HSBC you will acquire everything within few working days e, g; debit card and cheque book etc.

HSBC is primarily stated on the London and Hong Kong stock exchanges, which will save you the business much sorrow in to agree with new American Sarbanes-Oxley laws and regulations. To discuss current economical recession, it was at the higher position than recession while many banking institutions and financial companies collapsed.


HSBC had made the loan consolidation of all its banking business under one brand far behind its competitors since it has brought different company name under its group for over a century such as Hong Kong Loan provider of Canada, British Bank of Midsection East and HSBC Banco Roberts. Not all of these Banking institutions, prior to 1998, taken the HSBC brand. In 1998, these were all branded along, but the past lack of branding and the name changes may have harmed HSBC in brand recognition. In addition, HSBC had just recently integrated all its global marketing and financial strategies under a global framework.

HSBC's financial position is also under scrutiny since its debt in proportion to its loan stock portfolio is increasing.


The BRIC overall economy specifically: Brazil, Russia, India and China have been less afflicted by the financial meltdown. HSBC experienced well position itself on these countries providing itself with a counter balance for just about any drop of its earnings on developed counties such as USA and UK, which got experience serious monetary and financial complications even up to this day. The BRIC market has experience a reliable growth in the number of its middle income and this possessed made HSBC business growing.

Other bankers are reluctant in buying the Middle East anticipated to peace-and-order concerns and strict laws and regulations. However, HSBC has made its occurrence in the region for quite some time and had successfully blended its operational plans to the criteria of the spot. This got made HSBC record important business because the region had been a top essential oil producing countries. With a strong business presence in the region, HSBC can continue to take advantage of business opportunities in the centre East. HSBC is a trusted name there, and the lender has successfully open up its doorways in Iraq, bank on its new democracy. HSBC happens to be the biggest international bank in the centre East.


HSBC had savored huge gains from its operation but these profits had become a source of discord between your management and employees. HSBC employees acquired managed to get clear to the management that their pay never displays the real benefits made by the lender and with 1, 500 strong personnel they march in protest during HSBC gross annual appointment in London. This turmoil had been a cause of matter to HSBC long term potential clients since any union action will surely affects its procedure and the organization as a whole.

HSBC had consistently shifted its operation from local branches into online bank. However, serious security issues possessed engulf it when hackers, obstacle by its massive scale of procedure in banking with an property more than a trillion us dollars, had successfully breach its security protocol. The general public especially HSBC's customer were not made aware of this ongoing challenge for year or two and when this problem was leak to the public, HSBC defended itself that its online security system is well in place and strong. Unfortunately, researchers from prestigious school such as Cambridge acquired downplayed HSBC statements, proclaiming that with just nine attempts - HSBC's online security system can be breached.

Moreover, HSBC Company's Chief Executive Officer have been quoted saying "our HSBC website acquired thousand of email viruses". Up to the moment HSBC Company spent lot of cash to avoid these from creating systemized destruction since only a single virus could cripple HSBC online system.

PESTEL Analysis


HSBC is working across different geopolitical landscape. It includes its presence on every continent of the world with countries having differing political ideology. HSBC can be found in Asia, THE UNITED STATES, South America, Middle East, Africa, Australia and European countries proving itself as the globe local loan provider.


Recently, HSBC got survived without the government help, -the worst financial crisis because the great despair in 1929. It was in a position to avoid problems and had amazingly made a significant profit through the period while its competitors cease to exist and have been merge with other bank entities.


HSBC runs in a highly diversified cultural environment due to its global banking presence. It highlights in its advertising campaign about the "THE USAGE OF LOCAL KNOWLEDGE" and "THE WORLDS LOCAL Loan company" in an effort to connect to all its Target Market.


HSBC possessed intensified its plan to encourage its customers to use the online bank facilities. It has additionally made its branches have cash counting and settle payments kiosk or machines which greatly improve its functional efficiency.


As a major global loan provider, HSBC is also at the epicentre of the carbon footprint decrease commitment because of computer global and large size operation. The federal government requires large scale companies to check out a designated aim for for the decrease on carbon ft. print.


The move by G8 spearheaded by the united kingdom and USA Government to put a limit on the Banker's bonus offer may cause significant negative effects on its ability to attract and retain very skilled and talented labor force especially on its investment bank group.

Marketing strategy of HSBC

Brand: Make HSBC and its hexagon sign one of the world's leading brands for customer experience and commercial sociable responsibility.

Personal Financial Services: Drive progress in key markets and through appropriate stations to make HSBC the strongest global player in personal financial services.

Consumer Finance: Expand to arrive of this business to existing customers by way of a wider product range also to enter new market segments.

Commercial Bank: Make the most of HSBC international customer basic through effective romantic relationship management and improved upon product offerings in every the Group's markets.

Corporate, Investment Bank and Market segments: To hasten to progress or incidence of growth by boosting capital marketplaces and advisory capabilities straight focused on customer service in described industries where HSBC has critical relevance and strength.

Private Banking: Help the Group's highest value personal clients around the world.

People: Get, develop and motivate HSBC people, rewarding success and rejecting poorness.

TSR: fulfil HSBC TSR concentrate on by achieving strong aggressive performances in cash flow per share growth and efficiency. HSBC goal at any how they would like to increase our per share growth.

Implementation Plan

Base on the strategies mentioned above, this graph hereunder reveals its timeframe.














1. Brand













2. Personal Financial Services













3. Consumer Finance













4. Commercial Banking













5. Corporate, Investment Banking and Markets













6. Private Banking













7. People













8. TSR














HSBC has 140 years connection with china. It offers 8500 offices in 86 Countries and Territories. HSBC, as a major bank, provides an array of services to support new businesses from primary idea to running the business. When it was born it has a small idea to offering local needs. Nowadays it pleasant to across the world customers. It has been utilizing a huge technology to hook up international market. It has a good strategy to make sufficient money. It provides the faster services than other financial organizations. HSBC know how to flourish in M&A organic and natural and effective development.

It is obviously global company; it has a so many challengers. In my view HSBC's market segmentation and market penetration is good part of the organization. I recommended HSBC what they are doing; keep continuing but customers desires and needs are vibrant. HSBC has to make an effort to fulfil the customer's needs. BARCLAYS, NATEWEST, HALIFAX are main competitor of HSBC. Also, they are offering the same kind of service and using same kind of marketing strategies. If HSBC will not pay attention to these competitors it could bear huge loss in the foreseeable future. HSBC has earned the customers trust so I suggested keeping it up. It will keep tract on its global market competition and better service than other company.

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