Passion Fruits: Medicinal Uses and Taxonomy


Passion fruit is one of the very most exotic tropical berries because of the magic of its aroma and the style of its fruits. It belongs to the family Passifloraceae and is estimated to obtain approximately 500 varieties of Passiflora. In this particular types, there are two particular varieties, the P. edulis f. flavicarpa i. e the yellowish passion berries which is Peru, Brazil and Ecuador, additionally it is widely allocated in Guyana as well and the Passiflora edulis L which is well known as the purple passion fruits. The purple passion berries is cultivated in Africa and India. They both change not only in color however in other feathers. The purple passion berry has is less acidic, has a better aroma and taste, and has just a bit higher juice content. The yellow passion fruit on the other palm has a, ore energetic vine; the super fruit is greater and has a thicker wall membrane than the crimson type. Thus they both make an excellent juice blend. Passion super fruit vine is a shallow-rooted woody, perennial, climbing by attaching its tendrils to items. The leaves are evergreen, hairless and are alternately assemble, posses 3-lobed when mature, they are simply finely tooted, expand from 7. 5-20 cm long, deep green and gloss above, paler and uninteresting beneath, the stems and tendrils are tinged with red or purple ( usually the stems and tendrils of yellowish passion super fruit). Fragrant bloom grow from 5-7. 5 cm large and is also borne at each node. The bloom is clasped by 3 large green leaf-like bracts, consisting of 5 greenish-white sepals, 5-white petals, a fingerlike corona of upright, white-tipped rays, wealthy purple at the base, 5 stamens with large anthers, the ovary and triple-branched style sorts a visible central composition. The yellow interest fruit flower expands slower with an increase of strong color than the crimson passion berries.

Taxonomic Classification of Passion Fruit

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Division: Magnoliophyta
  • Class: Magnoliopsida
  • Order: Malpighiales
  • Family: Passifloraceae
  • Genus: Passiflora
  • Species: Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa (yellow enthusiasm fruit) and Passiflora edulis L. (crimson passion berry).

Brief Origins of Love Fruit

Passilflora spp, in particular the purple love fruit is native to South America, from Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina; better modified to tropical highland areas which is the most popular type to be exported. On the other hand the yellowish type is way better adapted to tropical low land areas and is the rule type produced in Guyana. The fruits is widely sent out on the market and a little amount is exported to Barbados and Canada. It really is one of the best tropical berry to grow since it comes into creation within a time and is known as 'fruit cash crop'. Its juice is rich in vitamin A, B5 and C.

"Passionfruit bought its name from Spanish missionaries who thought parts of the plant's bloom resembled different spiritual symbols. The Jesuit missionaries who followed the Conquistadors to South America saw in its eye-catching flower a way of illustrating the Crucifixion; the 10 petals and sepals symbolized the apostles, the crown of thorns was seen in the filaments, the five anthers signify the five wounds, the three stigmas were allied with the fingernails used to pierce the hands and feet of Jesus and the vine's tendrils were equated with the whips. " (http://www. passionfruit. org. nz/History. htm).

Medicinal uses and properties of Enthusiasm Fruit

The passion super fruit leaves together with a small portion of the juice contain the alkaloids, including Harman which is employed to lower blood pressure, sedative and antispasmodic action.

The leaves are also use in many countries as medication.

The bloom of passion fruit has a slight sedative and can be use to induce sleep.

Passion fruit plants have been use within treatment for the anxious system in easily excited children, bronchial asthma, insomnia, nervous gastrointestinal disorders and menopausal problems.

The flower may also be used as a mild hallucinogen.

It offers a useful amount of fibres and iron; also use to alleviate rheumatism or gout.

It has been used for years and years by indigenous tribes as a sedative or soothing tonic.

Used for urinary attacks so that a minor diuretic.

The drink of passion fruits reduces malignancy cell progress; the phytochemicals in this juice is accountable for the inhibition of the cancer cell development.

The phenolic acid (known because of its anti-microbial activity) and flavanoids within the berries are recognized to possess heart protecting function.

Passion fruit is an excellent source of both normal water soluble and excessive fat soluble antioxidants.

Passion berries possesses antiseptic properties, anticancer impact, and anti-clotting and antioxidant properties.

The super fruit is saturated in carbohydrates and simple sugars, which improves energy performance.

Passion fruit includes plant sterols, that assist lowers the level of cholesterol.

Some studies say that the berry is good for attaining optimum health and weight loss.

Herbalist used passion fruit flower to assist in digestive function, as a stress reducer as an insomnia treatment; the plants can be use fresh or dried out for use in pills, teas and for removal e. g. tinctures and infusions.

The bouquets are also used by Europeans as an efficient prescription medication to relieve panic.

The bloom can also improve symptoms such as shortness of breathing after treatment for congestive heart and soul failure.

Plant parts use to prepare supplement obtained from the leaves, bouquets and super fruit of Passiflora edulis and condition encountered from supplements:

Plant parts use form medicinal purposes



Lower blood pressure


Induce sleep, assist in digestive function, as a stress reducer and since insomnia, relieve panic, congestive heart inability.

Treatment of nervous system, bronchial asthma, insomnia, nervous gastrointestinal disorders and menopausal problems.

Mild hallucinogen, reduce rheumatism or gout, sedative or soothing tonic, mild diuretic.

Fruit juice

Inhibition of the malignancy cell growth, heart and soul protecting function, normal water soluble and fats soluble antioxidants, boosts energy performance, lowers the amount of cholesterol, optimum health and weight damage.

Medicinal uses of Interest fruit- Passiflora edulis as from interviews of Natural and organic Medicine Professionals at Bourda Market.

The leaves and blossoms of passion berries can be use as a nerve tonic.

Passion fruit can be studied normally as a good appetizer.

The fruit may also be use to cleansing upset belly.

The berries has a good source of vitamin C and is mixed by natural means with water or sometimes added sugar to make a clenching thirst fruit juice.

Passion fruit seed products is made up of high amount of fiber that the body needs to purify the bowel, improve digestion, and help prevent heart attack and stroke.

Passion super fruit is saturated in supplement A which helps your body to remove free radicals that triggers skin and tissue damage, looked after help to improve our perspective.

Passion fruit can also be use as pig food.

Name of Bush Medication Vendor: Mugabe Jawanza

Telephone #: 639-1552

Address: Great deal 25 Lane Avenue, Georgetown

Date of interview: 23rd Apr, 2011.

Name of Bush Drugs Seller: Sharmilla Mohammed

Telephone #: 220-7729

Address: 149 Comprehensive Street, Better desire, Georgetown.

Date of Interview: 23rd April, 2011.

Method of Preparation for the Therapeutic uses or uses of Passiflora edulis obtained from interviews:

The leaves and blossoms are boiled with drinking water and draw to produce a nerve tonic.

The fruits can be ingested uncooked, chopping the fruits in two and consumed (seeds as well as the orange juicy sac at the heart).

Squeeze the juice from the berries and drink in a natural way to detox the stomach.

Chop of the most notable of the fruits, scope the pulp into a dish; rub the pulp via a sieve to extract the seeds; squeeze gently to extract the juice, which is in the form of a rich, natural extract, can be diluted with normal water or other juice additive and blended with sugar to create a relaxing drink. This quenches thirst raise up and improve the body's energy.

The seed can be acquired by chopping the berries and gulping the pulp in to the mouth effortlessly or obtaining it after it was strained to draw out the juice. This can be taken to cleansing colon, improve digestive function and prevent coronary attack and stroke.

The rind of the fruit is chopped, dried and coupled with molasses as cattle or pig food.

Non-medicinal uses of Passion Super fruit- Passiflora edulis

The fruit of Passiflora edulis can be use normally to make juice.

Passion berries mousse is a common dessert, and love fruit seed are being used to decorate the tops of cakes.

The fruits can be used in many countries to make jams, jellies and butter as well as syrup to use on shaved snow.

The fruit can be eaten raw with sprinkles of sugars.

The juice of passion fruits may be used to flavor ice-cream and other desserts such as cakes, yogurts, cocktails and cookies.

The juice can be boiled as a dense syrup and use in pastries and may also be added to fruits salads as a dressing or as a berry.

The berry is extensively use as juice mixes.

Pharmacological effects and hazards as from literature search and interviews:

Effects from Literature Sources

Rapid heart rate and tempo, nausea, and vomiting have been reported as the exceptional but serious side effect from obtaining supplements of the love berry or any part from it. Side effects could also include drowsiness/ sedation and mental slowing. It is advice see your face operating or traveling heavy machinery should take extreme caution when working with Passiflora edulis.

The passion berry flower may raise the risk of bleeding and alter blood testing that measure blood vessels clotting.

Passion fruit blossom can also cause the result of congestive heart failure for the treatment of shortness of breath and difficulty working out.

Effect from Interviewers

No result was obtained from the interviews.

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