Personality Pursuits And Job Suitability

The purpose of this survey is to look at my suitability for the career I would like to follow as well as check out other areas that maybe more suited to my personality and passions. I will spotlight my suitability to the job in which I've chosen through self-awareness and profession exercises. I am analysing these findings and deciding my suitability for my chosen profession as well as the implications that I may face.

I will then review potential career opportunities of interest if you ask me and why I've chosen this particular profession as well as reviewing the choice procedure that I would have to undergo in order to become listed on the Metropolitan police force service.

Finally, I'll produce an action arrange for the next 5 years predicated on my profession and life goals and the steps I'd need to take order to accomplish my goals.

Throughout this statement I will be referring to material that I've used that may be located by the end of this survey in the appendixes.

A Future on the Front Line

Initial Reflections

In my Job Planning Preparation Questionnaire (See Appendix I), I layed out occupations which i was considering. After further thought into this, I've made the decision that my main goal is to become listed on the Metropolitan Law enforcement Service, although I will be performing research into Mi5 as a backup option easily had not been successful in getting started with the authorities service.

The survey was very appropriate for the reason that it stated that we was a very confident person and understood what pursuits me and what sort of career I'd like to pursue which I believe will be evident throughout this report.

In the feedback section by the end of each section I place my self tasks to complete, I have done all of these I purchased the booklet stated, this demonstrated useful when completing assignment one in for which I received a very good grade. I have completed the Potential customers Planner (Appendix V) which will be referred to throughout. I have also conducted considerable research into the Metropolitan Law enforcement officials service and Mi5.

Self- Awareness

Analysis and Reflection Following Type Dynamics Indication

In order to comprehend the kind of person I am and what sort of job my personality would be best suited to and that implications that may arise I conducted the 'Type Dynamics Sign Exercise' (Appendix II)

After answering a number of questions, the signal suggested that we preferred the style of co-ordinator. That is one of the very most organised and responsible of the types. A more detailed analysis are available in the appendix. ONCE I read the report and compared it to can certainly make money view myself and how this would match the police power, I came across it to be very useful and insightful.

Throughout my job I have always preferred an requested and disciplined work place, hands on tasks alternatively than office centered work, and I loathe work which is unstructured or wastes time. My preferred style also points out why creative writing and undertaking arts have never interested me, as this isn't typical of your co-ordinator.

I enjoy taking responsibility in clubs, which is evident throughout my academic and voluntary functions. I got form representative throughout supplementary school, college and university. I used to be also seat of Basildon Children council for three years. Based on the report, the above mentioned elements are incredibly typical of a co-ordinator.

I can be a very tough innovator. I am very organised and ensure everyone has an activity and a deadline by which to complete it by. I am going to also put equivalent if not more work into the job as well and respect those who do too.

Many co-ordinators are found in the authorities force. This is because they may be organised, traditional, faithful and efficient and the work gives them a job where duty, courage and a sense of responsibility are the foundations and together with purpose, way and delivery. I think my preferred style is very suited to a job in the authorities force. Although areas I might desire to improve are overall flexibility, allowing visitors to do things in their own way and being more appreciative to other people's feelings.

My Strengths and Weaknesses

I used the activity 'How Well Do You Know Yourself' to help me highlight my strengths and weaknesses. I had to choose five words that defined me, including at least one weakness, I asked two of my home mates whom I've resided with for 24 months to do the same. The email address details are layed out below.

How I see myself:






How others see me:






It appears i see myself nearly the same as how others see me. Both my friends and I also mentioned which i was driven which hopefully will stick out as i go for through the choice process and deals. One of my weaknesses i put down was that I could be moody, this was not found on by my friends by they performed state that I can be aggressive. This might prove a challenge when in the police force and so I should make an effort to be less hostile and abrupt when interacting with people as this may aggravate situations, instead I will be more authoritative as this will also take care of situations.

Because I have already been involved in voluntary work from a time this is also one of my major strengths as not only do the police view those people who have undertaken voluntary work very highly I've also proved helpful in a variety of different clubs with different law enforcement and developed numerous skills such as communication, showing, leadership, teamwork, delegation and compromising.

The work I have also performed with the authorities with add to my strengths further as I have a more in depth understanding of the workings of the authorities that very little other candidates will.

Analysis of Job Interests

To assist me to recognize my career interests I used the John Holland 'Job Interest Inventory'. My Results explained that my code was ESI. A description of different aspects is below.







People who have athletic or mechanical potential, prefer to utilize things, machines, tools, vegetation or animals, or even to be outside.

People who prefer to observe, learn, research, analyze, assess or solve problems.

People who have artistic, innovating or intuitional talents and like to work in unstructured situations utilizing their imagination and creativity.

People who prefer to work with people to enlighten, inform, help, teach, or get rid of them, or are skilled with words.

People who prefer to use people, influencing, persuading, performing, leading or managing for organizational goals or financial gain.

People who like to use data, have clerical or numerical ability, carry out jobs at length or follow through on others' instructions


My most popular interest area was enterprising. A far more detailed analysis of this on a single website, said that I am self assured, assertive, ambitious, popular and extroverted that are similar qualities to the people highlighted in my strengths and weakness section. It also stated that I love heading meetings, proof which is my three years as seat of Basildon Junior Council and reaching awards, something that of course I always enjoy. Occupations that matched my code included, computer operators, paramedic and stoke brooking, although nothing of these jobs has ever interested me.

A police officer complements the Holland code of SER. I matched up the interpersonal and enterprising aspect but lacked in the genuine aspect as with the description it explained that the interests include working with machinery, plants, and tools which is something that will not appeal to me. I still believe my hobbies match closely recover of a Police officer and this my interests will still be fulfilled.

Analysis of Career motivators and Drivers

I completed an exercise developed by Dave Francis in order to focus on my career drivers (Appendix III). Both highest scoring elements were material rewards and electricity/influence. I had not been stunned by the electricity/influence aspect as I enjoy taking on responsibility and believe I perform better in teams i am leading.

I was stunned by the material rewards element. I've never considered myself a materials person, but that maybe because I have never experienced a strong budget as I am from a low-income qualifications. My dependence on a much better life where I do not have to be anxious about money maybe what is driving me to achieve success and may be why I have chosen to have a degree to become able to apply for the high development plan within the authorities force to aid my promotion leads. I maybe further motivate to gain promotion because electricity and influence drives me to succeed. I don't believe I'd be happy in a job which does not allow me to develop or where there is absolutely no opportunity for promotion.

Prospects Planner Results

I completed an individual profile on the prospectus website (Appendix IV). In the skills area I matched 100% in three areas, counselling, interpersonal and direction services, human resources and career and legal services. I really believe this is an excellent match if you ask me as I have already been involved with a great deal of children and community engagement work through my voluntary roles and I loved this quite definitely. I also undertook a 4-week work placement while I was at university with McCormack's Criminal Defence Solicitors i enjoyed too. I was surprised that I scored so highly on human resources as this is an area I've never considered or interested me before. My highest scoring on my passions and motivations was again counselling at 71% and coaching at 69%. I used to be surprised that we scored highly on coaching as this is another area that hasn't interested me.

My combined profile matched up most highly with counselling with legal services very close back of. Both of these have interested me throughout my life and I'd consider a job in these areas easily were unsuccessful in my original career strategies or wanted a big change of job later in life.

Appendix V shows how well my blended profile matches the job of a police officer. My overall match was good however; there are some areas that I scored fine or poorly in. After looking at the statement the areas in which I've said I would like to avoid or be a minor part of my job are those that I'd not mind making use of into my profession. These are things I am efficient at therefore i do not think they will prevent me from enjoying or executing my role as a police officer

My Profession and Life Goals

Pass my travelling test

Have a degree with a 2. 1 or first class classification

Successfully gain employment with the metropolitan law enforcement officials service

Gain promotion

Career opportunities

Although a large part of this report will be based on the Police force I have also conducted research into Mi5 as I will need a back up option if I were not successful in getting started with the police.


Graduate Positions

Graduate positions within Mi5 are marketed on their website (http://www. mi5careers. gov. uk) a standards of employment that would charm to me is mounted on this article (Appendix VI). Before you make an application for the work you are asked to complete a brief test of scenarios with possible reactions that you've to select in order to check your suitability to the role. I conducted this exercise and a duplicate of my results are available under appendix VII.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to join you need to be at least 18 years old, you must be considered a British citizen and one of your parents also has to be. You have to have been citizen in Britain for at least 9 out of the last 10 years prior to your application. This will not apply to those people who have been serving in foreign countries with HM Causes. You also have to be of good mental and physical health. Depending on the role you apply for you might have to meet other requirements such as degree classification or prior experience.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is quite long and can go on up to 6 months. The first rung on the ladder is to get an application form from one of the assistance external recruitment firms. If the application meets the required standard you'll then be shot detailed and the best applicants on the short list will be invited for a competency founded interview with the assistance graduate recruitment team. If successful you will then attend a one day assessment centre where a selection of competencies will be tested. Successful completion of the will lead onto another interview this time with the services vetting section. This can last for at least 2 hours and will require personal questions about your record and lifestyle to ensure you are suitable to presenting access to sensitive material. Those who pass this factor will gain for a final interview with the ultimate selection table. If successful the vetting process is then complete and employment offer will be made. Depending on what role you are trying to get you may need to do additional assessments such as fitness checks, medical examinations and in the case of the vacancy attached to this report you additionally have to execute a 2 hour traveling assessment.


Once you have been appointed you undertake a week long primary induction course prior to taking up then post and then you will take on a two-year training programme.

Metropolitan Law enforcement officials Service

Graduate Positions

The recruitment process is available to everybody and it is not limited by graduates only. In order to apply for the Metropolitan Law enforcement officials Service you have to complete a credit card applicatoin form, in which it asks you to provide examples of a number of competences. The only path you can get one is to wait one of the recruitment occasions that are presented throughout the year in a variety of different regions of London, information on the events can be found on their website http://www. met. police. uk/careers/events. html. That is to evaluate your determination to the force to which you are applying.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to become listed on the authorities you must be a British Citizen, a resident of the EU or other areas in the EEA, or a Commonwealth citizen or foreign countrywide with indefinite leave to remain in the UK. The minimum years is 181/2 but you can apply to sign up for at 18. A couple of no formal requirements needed although you will be required to have the ability to pass the testing. You need to also be in physical form and mentally fit enough to execute the duties of an officer.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process may take in excess of 12 months. If you're successful in the application level, which 65-75% of individuals are not credited to poorly done application forms, you'll be delivered notification of your assessment centre day and information about the process.

While at the analysis centre, you will be a person service officer and the situations and exercises will be based around a fictitious shopping centre called the Westshire Centre. During the analysis centre, you will undertake two 20 minute written exercises, which could be a article and a letter for example. This will test your problem solving, communication and written skills.

The interview is another part. It generally last 15-20 minutes and you'll be asked 4 different questions and you'll have to provide types of things you did in the past to show you competency in various areas.

You will then proceed through four interactive role-play stations. At each station you will be given five minutes' preparation time at each stop in which to study the backdrop information to the role play and make any records which you are able to take in with you. When the 5 minutes are up you will enter into a room, connect to a role-play actor, and package with the problem for 5 minutes.

The last exercise you complete at the diagnosis centre is the Police Initial Recruitment Test, which contains two papers; Numeric (12 minutes), and Verbal Logical Reasoning (25 minutes).

You will receive results of your evaluation centre within 2 weeks. Each one of the competencies tested will be graded between A-D, D being the cheapest. When you have passed, you will also be sent information on the next stage of the diagnosis, which is the fitness tests and medical.

Firstly, you will go through a medical where your hearing, eyesight, blood pressure, surplus fat etc will be tested. Your elevation and weight will also be taken. In the event that you go away the medical, you can progress to the fitness test.

The first stage of the fitness test will evaluate your upper body strength. There exists two parts driving and pulling, these will both be measured over a Dyno machine. You need draw at 35kg and motivate at least 34kg to move. The next test is a bleep test. In this particular test, you will run between two things 15 meters apart. You will set you back one end change wait for the beep and run back to the other end prior to the other beep. As the test, progresses the beeps will get closer and closer jointly through the levels. You will have to reach at least level 5. 4 to move. Once you have completed this section efficiently you will go through the last vetting and research investigations, if this is successful you'll then be officially offered work and built in for your uniform.


When you start, you will at first carry out a 5-week module at Hendon Recruit Training College and you are designated a borough where you will carry out a staying 26 weeks training within the Initial Police force Learning and Development Programme.

Every recruit will experience a 2-yr probationary period before they'll become a completely trained constable.

High Potential Development Scheme

Those who show potential during training will automatically be invited to join the High Potential Development Plan, you can also connect with join the High Development Potential Scheme after one year with the service, you do not need to have a degree to apply, but you must be able to manage the academic needs. It is predicted that there is only going to be 60 places on the program in the Metropolitan Police Force for 2009.

In order to apply you will have to fill out an application form when they become available, you can find out when they can be found from your boroughs HDPS representative. If you're successful the evaluation takes place in three stages.

Stage one - an in-force diagnosis where individuals will demonstrate the ability to meet the high level eligibility criteria. Pushes will be asked to recommend their very best officers.

Stage two - is some ability lab tests, including assessments of your verbal, numerical and non-verbal capability, and a test of your judgement and decision making in a range of managerial scenarios. These tests were created over the same lines as the selection studies used for the Strategic Command line Course, they will ensure that prospects have the ability to deal with the mandatory academic programme. However, dependent how many people are advised, these tests could also be used to select the best officers on merit to attend the analysis centre at Stage 3.

Stage three - is an assessment centre incorporating; written exercises, interactive exercises, an dental briefing exercise and a competency-based interview. Candidates will also have a personality questionnaire. The feedback from the questionnaire is only going to be used to give all people developmental feedback; it isn't area of the selection process.

If you are successful, you'll then go on a two-year development program leading to a postgraduate diploma related to policing in which you will be assessed throughout the complete process. Place of work support and development is also available. Those who find themselves successful at this stage and still show potential to attain Key Officer level can go onto another level where they'll embark on further development leading to a masters.

Promotion will be given to those who are able to show the Chief Officer that they are competent in the next rank and complete the relevant exams; the advantage to the is that they don't have to wait for vacancies to come up and therefore undertake the ranks quicker than those who find themselves not on the system.

Even those who find themselves not on the Plan can still make an application for promotion after they have completed their 2-calendar year probationary period. There are numerous opportunities to specialise further. There are many different departments that you can work in like the dog section, CID, Views of Crime, Intelligence, Terrorist Division, armed response, air support etc.

Pay and Benefits

During training you will be paid 28, 497 and after completion of training this will go up to 31, 068. A far more detailed break down of the salary for officer's at all different levels can be found as Appendix VIII of this report. You'll also have access to a comprehensive pension plan and free travel inside your borough.

Why the Police Service?

When I got 10 I went to an open trip to the local authorities station. I used to be amazed at all of the work they undertook and the job really appealed to me. I began getting involved in volunteer work I joined up with the Basildon Children Council and this lead to further opportunities to work carefully with the police where I learnt a lot about the pressure and the work.

I continued looking to become a officer and decided to study Public Services at university. I wanted a vocational course that enabled me to learn more about the jobs within the authorities as well as offering me chance to work with the police and other organisations.

Now I am at College or university studying the degree of Policing and Offender Investigation. I decided to go with this I reach study various aspects of the work of the authorities at length as well as learn English law in great depth too. The degree will also assist me as i join the police and make an application for the High Development Probable Scheme.

A job in the authorities force attracts me, as I'd like employment that is both challenging and worthwhile whilst giving something back to the community and making another type of in the lives of those around us. Though it does have some drawbacks. It really is a very dangerous career as you are the first response to many violent happenings, some situations you attend can even be very traumatic. Due to the shift habits it can leave very little time for a public life and plans which you make may need to be cancelled due to more pressing work.

Action Plan

I am now heading to make an action arrange for myself predicated on my profession and life goals previously mentioned.

Pass my generating test

By the finish of summer season 2009 I am going to have passed my operating test. I will achieve this by firmly taking weekly long crash course in Blackpool, costing around 1000; this cost will include 40 hours well worth of driving a vehicle, my theory and functional test costs as well. This will assist me when applying for Mi5 and the police service.

Have a degree with a 2. 1 or high grade classification

By then end of summer months 2010 I hope to acquire gained my degree with a 2. 1 classification or higher. I will accomplish that by participating all my lectures and seminars, conducting extra reading and research. Planning tasks beforehand and conducting considerable research and reading to permit me to complete my projects to the best of my potential. I'll also be continuously revising throughout the year to ensure I am ready for my exams.

Successfully gain occupation with the Metropolitan Police force Service

During my previous semester at school I'll regularly check the metropolitan law enforcement website to see where in fact the recruitment happenings are where I could obtain a credit card applicatoin form. After obtaining this I am going to spend a lot of time filling this out correcting with good examples. If I am successful at this stage I am going to then perform practise for the evaluation centre by rehearsing interviews learning the information regarding the assessments and build on my fitness.

Gain Promotion

If I gain work with the authorities service I'll regularly work hard showing my ready and ability to join the High Development Scheme. I will demand a credit card applicatoin form when they become available and if I am successful in becoming a member of the scheme I am going to work hard to complete the exercises that are required of me and regularly show my enthusiasm and capabilities,


After completing the self-awareness and job tests, I discovered that my personality would be very suitable for employment in the police force. In the Type Dynamics Indication, my preferred style was a co-ordinator and one of the better suited occupations to this style is a police officer. My strengths which were highlighted in the 'how well have you any idea yourself' exercise will assist me while I am in the Police force as both my friends and I said I was authoritative. Although being moody and hostile were my weaknesses I can work on these issues and they shouldn't pose problems when I sign up for the Police make.

Although my profession interests inventory did not match exactly your of a Law enforcement officials Office I still got two elements, social and enterprising, that fits a law enforcement office therefore i still will be a good match for the job and my pursuits do not change majorily. My profession drivers, material rewards and ability and influence, will help motivate me and encourage me going for promotions and which is why I want to apply for the High Potential Development Program in the police force which I discussed before in the report. Finally, whilst my prospects planner results did not highlight the authorities force to be one of the best matches the occupations I did so match had elements which were needed in the authorities force and when I matched my account with a officer it proved a good match. Overall, I believe the exercises did not highlight many implications for my job choice.

After performing research into Mi5 and the Metropolitan Police Service I chose that I am going to defiantly be applying for the Metropolitan Authorities service as my first choice workplace and if I were successful in attaining employment I will be applying to sign up for the High Probable Development design as well. Although, easily weren't successful I believe Mi5 will also provide me with in the same way a thrilling and challenging profession that I would be happy in.

In conclusion, I'll work towards the goals that I have arranged myself in this survey and hopefully I am successful in achieving my career seeks.

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