Pervasiveness of marketing in todays society

Marketing affects our everyday lives as soon as we awaken and go to sleep, such as which kind of car that we drive, what websites we visit throughout the day and what make of clothing we wear. All of these affect how we behave in our everyday life and how exactly we respond to things we see and hear within current affairs and the marketing. There are a number of definitions as to what marketing happens to be and exactly how it affects contemporary society. Kotler (2006) identifies marketing as "a societal process by which individuals and communities obtain what they want and want through creating, offering and readily exchanging products and services of value with others. " However, the English Chartered Institute of Marketing (1984) represents it as "the management process responsible for indentifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements probability", cited in Cooper et al (2005, p. 554) Despite the fact that these are two different definitions, they both illustrate marketing as being a process and both discuss the value of customers. Many people think marketing is just about marketing goods and services, but there is much more opportunity than that as marketers can market almost anything, such as people, properties, places and incidents, ideas and information to complete with their consumers. Marketing is said to be pervasive in the current contemporary society and Cambridge Dictionaries define pervasive as "present, disseminate or noticeable atlanta divorce attorneys part of something or place. "[http://dictionary. cambridge. org/dictionary/british/pervasive]. I trust this affirmation and think marketing is very pervasive in today's society and this essay will assess how pervasive marketing can be and how it affects consumers recognising brands and their behavior towards certain market strategies. This article will likewise incorporate lots of factors such as marketing psychology, globalisation of brands and marketing technology to help me confirm and assess this claim I am agreeing with.

Marketing technology is an excellent example to show how pervasive marketing is inside our lives. This is because an increase in public networking technology means marketing can be more disseminate and noticeable. For example, marketers use social networking technology such as Facebook to stay in constant connection with their customer basic and understand their needs and needs. Therefore, the more marketers know about people through Facebook, a lot more knowledge they develop about people and ideas, to bring about new products to focus on them with. For example in america Facebook has bought out Google and is second only to Google in the united kingdom, proving the pure popularity and consumption of the interpersonal network site. [https://www. keynote. co. uk] Which includes led to 250 million people logging to Facebook each day and 200 million users have installed it on the cellphone [http://www. facebook. com], showing that it is a great distribution channel for marketers to sell and inform consumers about their ideas and products. The Sociable Ads at the side of the webpage on Facebook offers is an area for companies to advertise themselves and their products to Facebook users. The company can select what consumers see their advert by typing in keywords such as, age, sex, hobbies, politics views, relationship position, education and location and then connect this with their product. For example, Dominoes Pizza utilize this lot to market themselves to their consumer bottom as their company is usually within these Public Advertisings. [ http://www. facebook. com] Therefore, the rise in the level of popularity of cultural network technology has led to marketing being more pervasive because it's around everybody that uses Facebook all the time, even though they could not notice it. Another example to support that marketing technology has resulted in marketing being more pervasive is by the globalisation of brands. As "technology innovations in transportation, delivery and communication have made it easier for companies to advertise in other countries". Kotler, Keller (2006, p. 103) Therefore this implies it is simpler for consumers to buy products internationally and travel anywhere for the experience of these products far away and experience local tastes and culture. This obviously, shows that marketing is pervasive because it is anywhere you go despite which country you are in and what type of behavioural or geo-demographic characteristics you have.

Another example that has led marketing to be more pervasive is marketing psychology. For instance, companies such as L'Oreal use a number of different physiological strategies to get through to their consumer base. This is shown by companies duplicating their adverts and pairing products to have a positive familiarisation reference to the consumer. This type of physiology is utilized for companies to help market their brands. For example, L'Oreal is not only known for its slogan "because your worth it" but it is also known for its faces of stars within the air and tv adverts, mostly associated with Cheryl Cole and Halle Berry as their adverts are repeated on television set throughout the day [http://www. loreal. co. uk]. Resembling a brand with a slogan and superstar is a smart way of marketing since when consumers see the celebrity there is a stimulus to the brand and when they start to see the brand, there is a stimulus to the star, so subsequently makes a positive resemblance. One physiological strategy is to transfer the meaning from an unconditioned stimulus to explain why certain brand names show strong effects on consumers. For instance, Nike is known for "Just Do It" and McDonalds is known for "I'm Adoring It". Therefore, once consumers here this slogan they automatically recognise that brand due to their marketing slogan, which differentiates it from other brands such as Nike from Addidas and McDonalds from Burger ruler and provides it the uniqueness. Therefore this implies that mental factors help marketing become more pervasive in that in results in certain stimulus, which can result in certain behavior towards that product.

The Cola-cola Company has recently been hailed as a corporation with "inspirational marketing, as their gains soar", for example, they have got recently released a 13% earnings increase from last year, proving they can be doing something right as sales have increased [http://www. marketingweek. co. uk]. This may however, been down to their marketing and psychology strategies, as the focus on their adverts watched by consumers relate to 'happiness'. If a consumer gets this subject matter from a brandname, chances are they will consider buying their products because they will have a positive attitude towards it. It has led to their most recent advert from February 2011 called 'Siege' becoming shown in the USA, to bring across a message to their consumers that coke "gets the power to bring happiness and optimism, even the darkest situations. " [http://www. thecoca-colacompany. com]. Therefore, this shows companies can use a certain kind of 'hidden' concept to make their consumers feel happy and subsequently lead to customer commitment. This shows, to the amount that marketing is pervasive because it is in all types of adverts even though some consumers may not recognise it.

Marketing is utilized in order to influence culture and our behaviours whenever we see things. Most marketing is related to private companies marketing their goods and services to be able to generate and demand and subsequently a profit for their company. However, there are some marketing acts you can use for non profitable reasons such as health issues to protect culture. For instance, in past due 2009 the government launched a fresh NHS action, the F. A. S. T advertising campaign, to boost recognition in society and get visitors to act fast if they think a person is experiencing a stroke and to call disaster services, as soon as possible. The plan has been promoted on posters, Facebook, television set adverts and on the radio [http://www. nhs. uk/], and continues to be a popular advertisement on the tv today. This market campaign again has a strong psychological position to it as the television adverts are almost as an interactive test, and shows what each letter means and what to look out for, so the next time you start to see the advert you keep in mind what each letter means and what to do if it happens. However, this advertising campaign, led to an increase of an extra 55% in cell phone calls to the crisis services, confirming a stroke, not all of which were appropriate [http://optimistworld. com]. Therefore this shows that it is not just private companies that market ideas to their consumers, and even though some of these calls aren't accurate, it includes certainly forced a big change in population as more folks know about this, exhibiting its pervasiveness over the private and general population sector in terms of marketing.

However, there are a few types of marketing to claim that marketing isn't pervasive in the current society. For instance, de-marketing is recognized as "attempts to discourage customers generally or a certain course of customers specifically on either a temporary or long term basis", Phillips (1971) cited from [http://www. bukisa. com/article]. Therefore this implies, de-marketing is totally the reverse from marketing, and normally brings about decrease of prices and less advertising. Modern examples of this would include cigarette smoking as smoking adverts have been prohibited and cigarette machines have been prohibited. The BBC says that there is an upcoming advertisement being shown over the UK later this month, showing smokers that even though roll up cigarettes are bad, there aren't as dangerous as packet smoking cigarettes[http://www. bbc. co. uk/news] This demonstrates de-marketing isn't pervasive because they're trying to decrease the demand of cigarettes smoked, which has obviously resulted in less advertisement. This means that consumers do not have a physiological stimulus with cigarette smoking, without an advertisement since there is not a particular picture or slogan to resemble its knowledge of. This has resulted in loss of 26% of institution trying smoking from 1983 till 2009 [https://www. keynote. co. uk]. Therefore, less advertising campaign of the product, gives consumers less knowledge of the brand, and will challenge customer devotion, displaying all marketing isn't pervasive because de-marketing strategies are implemented to decrease the demand for something and subsequently lessening how popular, obvious and spread out it is.


In summary, this essay shows that marketing is pervasive in the current population because marketing is a common activity across the globe and has been made easier by recent advancements in technology as stated above. Without marketing, companies could have no demand for their product and consumers could have no products for their own wishes and needs. Therefore, it is clear to say, marketing is pervasive within culture due to day-to-day activities such as social networking as companies will get out exactly what consumers want and exactly how to target them with specific segment demands to make a certain product. All achieved with general market trends from the assistance of Facebook and Yahoo. However, marketing is only pervasive to a certain extent because other marketing strategies such as de-marketing prove that not absolutely all marketing is linked to a behavioral stimulus or acceptance of brands and subsequently rendering it less disseminate. Considering this, there are much more varied reasons why marketing is pervasive in everyday activity somewhat than it not, because if it wasn't spread out and around us constantly we'd live a restricted lifestyle with no popular for change in modern culture.

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