Poem Examination: A Red Red Rose

Symbolism can be used to lighten the entire ambiance of the poem and aids in describing the author's love by portraying love as a melody in tune rather than describing directly the affection between them. The symbolism involved aids the move by not getting right to the idea and making the viewers decide this is of every verse. Symbolism of the poem has also made this poem appear like a melody where all the verses hook up and have an over-all matter that underlines each verse in its unique way. This word was chose to clarify that symbolism was used in the poem to explain how love is sugary and as an instrument learning in melody. The mark of participating in in tune connects the sentences in the first verse so the general theme portrays enjoyment and happiness. Following the poem, we can truly see how great and joyful love is and exactly how his love is similar to a red vibrant rose and such as a melody enjoyed in tune; of how love is something that is celebrated and full of life versus the opposite-something sorrowful and lifeless.

Sonnet #43, FROM YOUR PORTUGUESE by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The poetic device I have chosen is irony.

An example from the poem is "I really like thee with a love I appeared to lose".

Irony is utilized in this phrase when the author areas that she loves someone with a love that she lost sometime. It is ironic because how could one love someone, when they no more possess love? She is trying to say that she doesn't love this person ever again as she's a love that is lost. She also is explaining that this person has done something to make her lose love. The writer has also attempted to mention that at onetime she liked this person with a passion. She is recounting different examples of how little she cares for him.

The Street Not Taken By Robert Frost

The poetic device I've chosen is assonance.

An example from the poem is, "Two streets diverged in a yellowish wood And become one traveller, long I stood".

This assonance attaches the poem through joining phrases of diverse so this means with what at the end of the phrase. It attaches these phrases by presenting the discord of there being one traveller and two highways. It also links this by making the verse flow and which makes it have a melody that may be sung rather than allow it be considered a free verse where it is strictly words with no rhythm. A couple of other situations of alliteration in the poem where it connects relevant ideas. The author uses alliteration showing the conflicting quality that he or she is trying expressing by demonstrating two options she's the ability to choose. He links his true to life problems with this situation of being separated between two paths, not knowing which one is more satisfying.

Dreams by Langston Hughes

The poetic device I have chosen is metaphor.

An example from the poem is, "Life is a broken-winged bird".

This metaphor shows how not keeping true to your dreams make a difference your life greatly. The author compares dropping your dreams and ambitions to a busted winged bird which cannot perform its most essential function of flying. A bird's main way of defending itself from predators is to fly away and without having to be able to use its wings it is prone. It also needs its wings to have an advantage over prey so it can eat. This is merely like a human being who hasn't fulfilled any of their dreams. Life is full of fluctuations. There are times when we will fall but we can choose ourselves up and soar to success through effort and time to heal. The writer obviously shows through this metaphor that dreams are crucial to have the ability to enjoy your daily life as they will let you determine your goals and create motivation to gas your endeavours.

The poem you called for by Larry Levis

The poetic device I have chosen is personification.

An example from the poem is, "My poem would eat nothing".

Personification really adds to this poem by talking about it as though it was a individual and acting towards it as if it were alive. The example implies that this author is wanting to give food to this poem metaphorically and is trying to take care of it just like a human being. He goes as far as explaining situations as if it pertained to a genuine person making the poem finally come alive. The author is showing how we can give the poem frame of mind and emotion and steps to make it come alive from an inanimate object to making it seem as if it were a human being. He also demonstrates we can't give up on a poem or any job though it may well not "eat anything" and that eventually we will see our groove and succeed. He shows how from meaning little or nothing, the poem can convey human characteristics that will allow the reader to raised relate with the emails of the poem.

Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson

The poetic device I have chosen is irony.

An example from the poem is, "And Richard Cory, one peaceful summer night, Travelled home and put a bullet through his brain. "

Irony is exhibited throughout the poem as it points out that Richard Cory appears to have a perfect life yet he eliminates himself. The poem claims that he put a bullet through his brain inferring that there surely is an unknown factor in his life that problems the views of 'efficiency' kept by others. This secret factor pressed him to the extreme- committing suicide. All his neighbours envied him only until his tragic loss of life. Now they can easily see that there was more to his life than matches the eye and that the high life isn't always ideal

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