Product Development With In The Hospitality Environment Marketing Essay

Price is the sole marketing mix component that produces Revenue. All other represent cost. Some experts rate prices and price competition is the main problem facing marketing executives. Pricing is the least understood of the marketing factors. Pricing changes are often magic pill made without proper examination The most common miscalculation include that is too cost oriented. Pricing that does not take all of those other marketing mix into account; a pricing miscalculation can result in a business failure, even all other element of the business sound. Simply Price is the amount of money recharged for a good or service. More broadly price is the total of the prices consumers exchange for the huge benefits. 7

Use appraisal ways to analyse and also to improve operational performance:- 9

References 10

Analyse the nature of the merchandise:-

People meet their needs and wants with products. A product is anything that can be offered to satisfy a need or want. Suppose that an executive seems the necessity to decrease the stress of his and her job in a highly competitive industry. So the nature of the products that may gratify this need add a concert, dining at a restaurant, a four day Caribbean holiday, and exercise classes. These products are not attractive. the greater available and less costly products are likely to be purchased.

The concept of product is not limited or physical things. Anything with the capacity of satisfying a need can be called something. More broadly identified products include encounters, folks, places, organizations, information, and ideas. Marriott holiday golf club international, Marriott's time show resort division, focuses on creating customer experiences. Customers remember holiday experiences. Marriot differentiates itself by creating visitor experiences. For example a drinking water rafting trip because of its Utah property. Marriott uses the sources of the destination to generate guest encounters the guest member for life span.

Thus the merchandise includes much more than physical goods or services. Consumers determine which events to experience, which holiday destinations to visit, which hotels in which to stay, which restaurant to patronize.

The different affects affecting habits of demand with in hospitality organization

People have almost unlimited needs, but limited resources. they choose products that produce the satisfaction because of their money. human wants that are backed by buying vitality, wants become demands.

Consumers view products as bundles of benefits and choose the ones that given them the best pack because of their money. Thus Motel 6 and Sleeping inns signify basic accommodations, a low price and convenience the four times and Kempinski hotels means luxury, comfort and position. so people choose the product whose benefits soon add up to the most satisfaction, given their needs and resources. now there are different affects demand for travel and recreation Is becoming basic to the life styles of people across the world. In times economical recessions or gas problems people still travel; they could shorten their quantity of times and amount of travel, substituting nearby spots to more faraway ones, but travel does not cease.

Price Elasticity Demand:

Marketer also needs to understand the concept of price elasticity, how reactive demand will be to a change in price considered the two demand curves:



Q1 Q2

Figure 1 Inelastic demand

In figure 1price boosts from p1 to p2 contributes to small drop in demand from Q1 to Q2.



Q1 Q2

Figure 2 Elastic demand

In physique 2 nevertheless the same price increase contributes to large drop popular from Q1to Q2 If demand rarely varies with small change in price we say the is inelastic. if demand changes greatly we say demand is stretchy.

%change in volume demanded

%change in price

Price elasticity of demand


Average Spending Vitality:

The spending power features available income after taxes and social efforts. Average spending vitality depends on everyone average income after taxes contributions and family income as well. Gross domestic product progress has greatly effected by average spending vitality.

Product Development with in the hospitality environment:

A company needs to be good at growing new products. it has additionally to be proficient at managing them when confronted with changing tastes, technology, and competition. Every product seems to proceed through a life cycle: it exists goes by through several stages and eventually dies as young products arrive that better consumer needs. All hospitality companies and travel vacation spots must consistently be aware of trends and prepared to try services. A company can buy new products in two ways. the first is through

Acquisition - buying a complete company, a patent or a certificate to produce some else product. As the cost of developing and introducing major new products climbs, many companies acquire existing brands alternatively than create new ones. Thus Accor attained Motel 6; Choice acquired Rodeway, Econo lodge, and a friendly relationship Inns; and Carnival obtained Holland America, Windstar, Costa, and Seaburn.

A company can also obtain services through new product development by setting up its own research and development division. Maximum Schnallinger has been involved in the development of 200 restaurants. He remarks that nine out of ten restaurant in the united states fail due to poor general market trends, market size has been overestimated, or real product is not developed as well it should be. The solution lies in strong new product planning and in setting up a organized new product development process for finding and maturing services.

Concept Growing and Testing

Marketing Strategy

Idea Screening

Idea Generation


Business Analysis

Product Development

Test Marketing

Figure 3 Major levels in new product development

Idea Era:

New product development starts off with idea era, the systematic seek out new ideas. A business typically must generate many ideas to find a few good ones the search for new product should be systematic rather than haphazard. Often the company risks finding new ideas that won't be compatible with its type of business.

Internal Options:

One study demonstrates more than 55 percent of most new product ideas result from with in the company. Companies will get new product through formal research and development. Company brainstorm trainings also produce new product ideas. The business's sales representatives are another good source because they are in daily contact with customer.


Almost 28 percent of new product ideas result from watching and listening to customers. Consumer needs and wants can be analyzed through consumer studies. The company can evaluate customer question and complaints to find services that better solve consumer problems. Company management and sales people can talk with customer to obtain customer ideas and customer feedback.

Tourism destination planners and marketers will need to have a system to acquire feedback from site visitors. they need to also be aware of nationwide and international trends affecting visitors choices of vacation destinations.

Ecotourism has become a product line for hospitality companies and site visitors vacation spots. The demand for ecotourism has forced visitor destinations to discover a way to mix this new product with traditional product offering and also to preserve the substance of ecotourism.


About 27percent of new product ideas result from analyzing opponents products. Many competition buy competing services, see how they are made, examine their sales, decide whether they should draw out new products of their own. A company also watch rivals advertising and other communications to obtain hints about new product.

Distributors and suppliers:

Distributors are close to the marketplace and can transfer information about consumer problems and new product alternatives. Suppliers can notify the company about new principles, techniques and materials that can be used to develop services.

Other options:

Other idea sources include trade publications, shows, and workshops; government businesses; new product consultants ;advertising organizations; marketing research businesses; college or university and commercial laboratories; and inventors.

Idea Screening process:

The purpose of screening is to identify good ideas and drop poor ones as quickly as possible. The theory or concept testing stage is the appropriate time to review carefully the question of product line compatibility one common error in new product development Is usually to introduced products that are incompatible with the company.

How will the merchandise assist us to:

Fulfil our objective?

Meet corporate aims?

Meet property targets?

Protect and promote our center business?

Protect and please our key customers?

Better utilize existing resources?

Support and improve existing products?

Concept Development and tests:

Surviving ideas must now be progressed into product concepts. It really is in important distinguish between a product idea and product strategy, and product image. Something concept is an in depth version of the theory stated in meaningful consumer terms. A product image is just how that customers picture an actual or potential product.

In the late 1970's Marriott regarded that the urban market of its current hotel produces was becoming saturated. They needed a hotel theory that would work in secondary sites and suburban locations. Marriott decided to focus its possessions on the company's central business, lodging, through the introduction of anew product.

Concept assessment occurs within several focus on consumers. New product principles may be presented through word or picture explanations. Marriott examined Courtyard motel using a statistical technique called conjoint research.

Marketing Strategy:

The next steps marketing strategy development designing a short marketing strategy for introducing the merchandise into the market. The marketing statement involves three parts. THE PROSPECTIVE Market, The prepared Product placement, and the sales, market share and earnings goals for the first few years.

Business Analysis:

Once management makes a decision on the merchandise concept and marketing strategy, it can measure the business elegance of the proposal. Business evaluation involves a review of the sales, costs, and revenue projections to determine whether they gratify company's objectives. If indeed they do, the product can proceed to the merchandise development level.

Pricing and Success principles with in the hospitality procedures:-

Price is the sole marketing mix factor that produces Income. All other represent cost. Some experts rate charges and price competition is the number one problem facing marketing executives. Pricing is the least understood of the marketing factors. Pricing changes are often magic pill made without proper analysis The most frequent mistake include that is too cost focused. Pricing that will not take all of those other marketing mix into account; a pricing problem can lead to a business failure, even all other element of the business sound. Simply Price is the money billed for a good or service. More broadly price is the total of the values consumers exchange for the benefits.

Hospitality marketers must consider when setting up prices, general techniques, pricing approaches for new product, product mixture charges, initiating and responding to price changes and altering prices to meet buyer and situational factors. Internal and external factors affect a company's pricing decisions. Internal factors include the company's marketing aims, marketing blend strategy, costs, and organizational thought. External factors include the nature of the market, demand Competition and other environmental elements.

Internal Factors affecting pricing decisions:

Before establishing price, a corporation must decide on a product strategy. If the business has selected a target market and placed itself carefully, its marketing mixture strategy, including price, could be more precise. For example four seasons hotel position its hotel as luxury hotels. The clearer a company is approximately its objectives, the simpler it is to set price. types of common aims are survival short run revenue maximisation, market talk about maximization, and product quality authority. There are some different concepts for pricing

Such as Brand collateral Growth that brand equity can result in a significant increase in revenue and that insufficient brand equity in hospitality organizations can damage potential cash Flow result less earnings. And Product -Quality management such as Ritz-Carlton and Groen demand more because of their products, but they also reinvest in their businesses continuously to maintain positions as quality leader. Costs take two forms Fixed and adjustable cost over time management must bill a cost that will at least cover total costs at confirmed level of sales.

External factors Influencing Pricing decisions:

Market and demand:

Although costs placed the low of prices, the marketplace and demand place he top limit. both consumer and channel buyers such has travel wholesalers balance the product's price against the benefits provides, thus before preparing prices, a internet marketer must understand the partnership between price and demand for product.

Cross-Selling or more Selling:

A hotel can mix sell F&B, exercise room services, and executive support services such as fax and may also retail products ranging from side dipped chocolates to terry fabric bathrobes. Up selling also area of the effective earnings management. This occurs through training of sales and reservations employees to constantly provide a higher -charged product, rather than settling for the lowest price.

Consumer notion of price and Value:

In the finish it's the consumer who determines whether a products price right. When establishing the prices, management must consider how consumer perceive price and the techniques these perceptions influence consumer buying decisions.

Segmented rates:

'The right product to the right customer at the right time at right price'. Like Galveston opera house company's solution service administrator and staff sat in every one of the opera house's 2200 seats and gave each value according to the view and acoustics. Airlines, hotels and restaurant cell phone calls it yields management. Then your opera company has 9% profit increased than previous time of traditional rates.

Use appraisal ways to analyse and improve operational performance:-

Appraisal is a systematic analysis of how effectively each job has been performed. Appraisal also tries to identify the reason why for particular level of performance also to seek ways to boost future performance.

As much as the personal determinants of job performance are worried, the first stage in any appraisal system is to identify how the individuals' ability, skills and motivations interact to determine his and her success. Since an integral purpose of any appraisal system is to find mutually decided ways of increasing performance, it is essential that Appraiser and appraisee agree with the fact not only current performance but on what needs to be done to improve it.

Appraisal interview:

The success of any appraisal system is determined by the appraisal interview such interviews are understandably sensitive, since the appraiser has to discuss recognized shortcoming and inadequacies, as well as advantages, with individuals with whom a good romantic relationships has to be maintained in the future.


Many organizations allocate a substantial proportion of these budget to training and development. Identifications of training needs, design of training program, Training content, training process and learning principles, Analysis of training, Management training is the key periods of the appraisal system.

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