Protagoras That Man Is The Measure All Things Philosophy Essay

Man is the measure of all things. That's what Protagoras mentioned. He said that as though man can do whatever he wished to do nowadays. He defended that by means of mans opinion over a certain issue. Actually what Protagoras is saying is slightly right. Inside the bible, man is the administrator of the world. But on that point, there is no bible to lower back what he is saying. That's why other philosophers like Plato contradicted his idea.

So how do Protagoras protect his idea of man is the me personally7asure of most things? Does Protagoras will win the argument or not?


This research aspires to reconstruct the philosophy in the Sophist Protagoras through his idea that man is the way of measuring all things. But for us, this statement is definately not obvious, he explained that, as if man contains the rights, but we the research workers, will try to demonstrate that his beliefs has some slots, and we realize that this Philosopher had a smart head in his get older he provide a different conclusion in every situation that surrounds him. But we will try our absolute best just to contradict what he perceives himself that man is the way of measuring everything, man can do whatever he pleases to himself, and got a right to offer a perception on the subject matter. But will man is the best form in this world? Does the idea to the originator of man really exist? Or you can find someone that will best fit the name of the way of measuring everything.

Statement of the problem

This study sought to answer the following questions.

1. What is the ambiguity of Protagoras notion, "man is the way of measuring all things"? 2. What inspired Plato to contradict the idea of Protagoras? 3. Is Man is the highest form in this world?

Scope and Limitation

Orthoepeia, Man is the measure of everything, and Agnosticism are the three great doctrines of Protagoras. Those are well known philosophies that serve as the basis of this modern period. While reading his philosophies, we the experts suddenly became confuse about his idea of man is the way of measuring all things. So we give attention to that notion of him.

Man is the measure of all things, that's what Protagoras believes. A person might point out a certain view to a certain theme. He believes that whatever thoughts and opinions of a guy on a topic is unquestionably right. Other folks can't object about the thoughts and opinions of others. Is really man is the way of measuring all things?

Significance of the study

What will the students and educators will get when they read this research? For the students, this paper will help them to comprehend about Protagoras and his notion and it tends to give ideas why some philosopher argued about his notion. For the instructors, this research can help them to give more information in what philosophers think atlanta divorce attorneys situation.


"Man is the measure of all things: of things that are, they are, and of things that are not, they are not" Protagoras and uses his predecessor's teachings as a foil for his own dedication to objective and transcendent realities and ideals. "Protagoras, " Plato writes, "admitting as he does that everyone's view holds true, must acknowledge the truth of his opponent's' opinion about his own idea, where they think he is wrong. "Plato here's arguing that Protagoras view, which he interprets as the claim that whatever a person believes holds true, is logically incoherent. His debate from this subjectivist thesis is by means of a reductio advertisement absurdum. A reductio discussion proves that a thesis is false by showing that this brings about an "absurdity"-in particular, that signifies a contradiction, a affirmation of the proper execution "P and not-P. " This discussion form is also therefore called "proof by contradiction"-and it's very helpful! In doing formal reasoning we will research this form of confirmation, also called "indirect proof" since it is typically used to establish a thesis holds true "indirectly" by demonstrating that supposing it to be fake contributes to a contradiction. The promise is the fact that given the fact of disagreement, subjectivism indicates a contradiction and is also therefore been shown to be false. We begin using what is in place a "imagine if": in premise 1 we're saying "imagine if subjectivisms were true. " Within the assumption for reductio we aren't professing that it's true-we're saying in place "let's pretend" Let's try it out the subjectivist thesis to see what happens. If bad things happen, then we know we have to reject it. Most people however aren't enticed by subjectivism, or by relativism about all propositions whatsoever. Hardly any people are tempted by relativism when it comes to regular, uncontroversial cases. The temptation is usually to be a relativist about claims that are controversial-which are generally placed to be concerns of judgment because there doesn't seem to be to be any generally accepted, conclusive reason to accept or reject them. Included in these are most notably moral judgments. We will argue in the next chapter, in our debate of knowledge as justified true idea, that relativism about controversial claims is a consequence of confusing fact with

justification. With regards to difficult questions, which are disputed, including questions in ethics, metaphysics and theology, there's a whole lot of disagreement and smart, informed, informed people frequently disagree. With regards to such claims, people on both attributes may have very good reasons for the views they carry. But this isn't to state that their views are both true (or that neither are true, or that there surely is no objective fact of the matter as it pertains to such statements). We can have very known reasons for holding values that are incorrect. Indeed we are sometimes justified in holding beliefs that are actually false. So to this degree it's alright to be incorrect!

(Cornford, Protagoras, Plato and Relativism), (Tanner H. Sewell, Team of Psychology, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington VA, 24450)


Based on the study that our group conducted about Protagoras, we didn't assume that "man is the way of measuring everything". We believe god is the measure of all things simply because God is the main one who created man. He's the Supreme Being. But we also realized that those words are not enough to contradict him because even Protagoras understood about any of it. So we the research workers figured Protagoras didn't really mean that man is the way of measuring everything that is man can do whatever he wanted to do. He simply just said that because man can in fact explained his own thoughts and opinions to a certain subject and what that opinion is, is what an individual believe. Man can do choose whatever he wanted to imagine to.


To the succeeding experts, don't just concentrate on a certain source where you will accumulate information. You need to use different tools in getting other information. Doing that will help you to compare different ideas to be able that you should create a new one for you.

Another is that, don't simply take the philosophers notion literally. Make an effort to think deeper ideas about any of it. It could be an idiomatic form or a riddle.

Word Cited

Cornford, Protagoras, Plato and Relativism

Tanner H. Sewell, Department of Mindset, Virginia Government Institute, Lexington VA, 24450

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