Psychotherapy Theory And Practice Children And TEENAGERS Essay

In this research newspaper I am explaining all the various psychotherapy ideas and techniques from the past for this. Theories researched consist of psychoanalytic therapy, Alderian remedy, existential therapy, person-centered therapy, gestalt therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, reality therapy, feminist therapy, and family systems therapy.

Psychotherapy Theory and Practice 3

"Psychoanalytic therapy seeks to help the patient understand unconscious former forces which affect emotions and behaviours. "(www. depression. about. com) A patient meets with the therapist at least one time weekly and runs from several weeks up to years.

The founder of psychoanalytic remedy was Sigmund Freud in the late 1800s. Individuals who would reap the benefits of this therapy are people with a depressed disposition, anxiety, and repetitive patterns of actions that cause a sense of limited choices and excitement.

Alderian therapy is named after its creator Alfred Adler in the first 1900s. " Alderian psychotherapy requires the first view that we are all in control of our own destiny and not subject to the whims of fate. " (http://whatispsychology. net/what-is-adlerian-therapy/)

Alderian therapy can be used for individuals, categories, and young families. It is employed to increase fascination with social discussion, reduce or enhance self-destructive patterns of behavior, also to help them solve problems in a far more positive manner.

Existential therapy was founded by Rollo May, Irvin Yalom, and Victor Frankl in the first 20th century. " Existential psychologists believe it is not only important to identify and reduce the systemtomatology of mental conditions, addiction, romantic relationship issues, and other psychological issues, but to exceed the symptoms, handling what sort of person defines interpretation, purpose, and a life well lived. "( http://www. allpsychologycareers. com/topics/existential-psychology. html)

Psychotherapy Theory and Practice 4

"Person-centered therapy, which is also known as client-centered, non-directive, or Rogerian remedy, is an approach to counseling and psychotherapy that places a lot of the duty for the procedure process on your client, with the therapist going for a nondirective role. " (http://www. minddisorders. com/Ob-Ps/Person-centered-therapy. html) Person-centered remedy was founded by Carl Rogers in the 1930s.

Rogers believes that you need to create a close personal marriage between the customer and the therapist. The client determines the overall direction of the therapy. In person-centered therapy, the therapist should seek to raise the client's understanding through casual clarifying questions. Rogers assumed the most successful remedy was the therapist's attitude.

"Gestalt therapy, that was founded in the 1940s, is a form of experimental psychotherapy in which the patient is encouraged to become alert to his/her emotions as they are present in today's moment. "(http://www. crchealth. com/types-of-therapy/what-is-gestalt-therapy/) Gestalt remedy was founded by Fritz and Laura Perls.

Gestalt therapy is prosperous in parents and young adults that are being cared for for substance abuse, addiction, habit disorders, spirits disorders, grief, trauma, sex craving, compulsive gambling, bipolar, and unhappiness. It promotes a concentrate on the present and a knowledge of the mental and mental processes that impacts someone's decisions, activities, and habits.

"Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps patients understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behaviours. "

Psychotherapy Theory and Practice 5

(http://psychology. about. com/od/psychotherapy/a/cbt. htm) The founders are Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis in the 1960s.

Cognitive behavior therapy is short term. It is used to treat unhappiness, stress and anxiety disorders, and phobias. This remedy is not expensive because of it being short term.

"Reality therapy is a healing approach that targets problem-solving and making better selections in order to accomplish specific goals. " (http://www. crchealth. com/types-of-therapy/reality-therapy/) It had been founded by Dr. William Glasser, MD in the 1960s.

The goal of fact therapy is to solve problems and restore connections. It really is centered on the here and today instead of the past. This therapy is effective in resistant young adults struggling with substance abuse, defiance, and manipulation.

"In a global where the male sex dominates, feminist remedy realizes a woman is afflicted by social stresses which show you themselves through her identity, " (http://www. goodtherapy. org/feminist-therapy. html) It had been founded by Olivia Espin, Jean Miller, Carolyn Enns, and Laura Dark brown in the 1960s.

In feminist remedy clients are encouraged to take communal action. The therapist is to help the client understand the impact of gender tasks in their lives and help them recognize different sorts of power that they have got.

"Family systems remedy is a kind of psychotherapy which involves members of the family or people in a close relationship rather than just individual clients. "(http://www. disorders. org/what-is-family-systems-therapy/)

Psychotherapy Theory and Practice 6

Family systems therapy is a discussion therapy. They discuss boundaries and how someone crosses those boundaries. The main element to changing an individual's understanding is dealing with the whole family.

Psychotherapy Theory and Practice 7


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