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Quantas Airlines Marketing Analysis

Keywords: quantas pestle, quantas business analysis

The article examines about marketing aims in hospitality in Qantas airlines. Qantas is Australians largest airlines and one of the oldest airlines on earth. It is the Australian main airlines. Our main hubs air-port is Sydney airport, Melbourne air-port in Australia. We focus on some locations London Heathrow air-port and Cairns airport terminal. Total employees working with Qantas 33, 584(2012). Qantas have own website www. qantas. co. au. In our organisation we always fulfil customer requirements and needs.


2 Situation examination.

2. 1. Simple explanation about Qantas:

Qantas was founded in Winton, Queensland on 16 November 1920 as Queensland and northern services limited by Paul McGinnis, Hudson fish, Fergus McMaster and Arthur Baird. Qantas Empire Airlines (QEA) limited was created in 1934 by Qantas. They traveling internationally from May 1935, when the service from Darwin was lengthened to Singapore in 1947. In 1958, Qantas run the second airline flight by ultra service from Australia to London through Asia and the Middle East. Qantas operated a significant number of international plane tickets out of Singapore, Auckland international airport, Brisbane airport, LA and London Heathrow airports Qantas one of the very most profitable airlines on earth. In 2008 the first Qantas airbus A380 was handed over by airbus at a ceremony on 19 September. Melbourne to los perspectives was the first road of A380.

  • Where fixed with Qantas organisation:

Qantas equipped their organisation on travel sector. Qantas associated with the development of Australian industry. Qantas is widely considered ones leading long distance air travel and one of the strong brands in Australia. Qantas provide exceptional service to their customer and do the fantastic contribution of worlds aviation industry. Like a travel company we built quality in safety, operational reliability and customer support. The Qantas main business is transportation customer to 1 location to another place using two brand airlines Qantas and jester. Qantas operate regional, domestic and international service. We offer the best services in order to gain customer commitment. As travel sector Qantas go the following mile stone which is the nice for the travel sector. Where Qantas fitted their main aspect is travelling. In operating is significant large to bring travel and traveler industry. In conditions total group functions, total passengers carried increased 3. 5% in 2011/2012. A lot more increasing passenger kilometre by 3. 15 in the financial time 2011/2012. Inside our organisation is hospitality sector.

2. 2. Id of Qantas main stake holder and their interest:

a. Internal stake holder:

  • Qantas Stuff:

Stuff do the great contribution in any organization. our Stuff perform specific tasks in most modern economics. They described relationship between individual and organization if any customers disappointed with our service than stuff encouraged them. Stuff always look after their customer.

  • Qantas Director:

Manager is good element of any organisation. They add their skill, knowledge, experience, competence &give back salary, status, payment and reward. If Customer unhappy with stuffs or their have any issue then manager immediately talks with customer.

  • Qantas workforce:

Organization hiring the abilities and receiving benefit, wages and marketing promotions. Qantas always recruit certified employees. Those people get the several type of benefit, promotion. We want offer you an experienced, experienced person if indeed they do good job properly then we keep you for this job if you happy.

  • Qantas shareholder:

Shareholder who invest money plus they expected profit. That's why they spend a lot of money. So as group shareholders contribute tons of thing. Whose are invest money for our Qantas they our complete internal stake holder. Shareholder always spend when they think that is the profitable for the coffee lover. Shareholder always linked with sustainability and risk management.

b. External stake holder:

  • Customer

The core of product or services is to supply the best services to customers. Customer who buy our service or product and present us money. Qantas always want to fulfil customer needs and expectation Customer is the exterior stakeholder in Qantas airlines. Our Qantas always uses customer needs their requirements.

  • Insurance company

Insurance company will be the external stakeholder of the company. when our customer go one place to another place they have to life security. that's why our life insurance coverage provide that kind of facility.

  • Qantas dealer:

Qantas have different kind of supplier food dealer, fuel supplier. Some of company provide good food for our airlines customer. When our airline got then airlines need gasoline. A petroleum company provide energy.

  • Government:

Government provided some policy. When we run our Qantas group we always follow federal rules and rules. Qantas provide administration tax, vat. Administration is our external stake holder.

  • Agent:

When our customer would like to move one destination to another place. Then they need to be ticket. Agent provide them with ticket and everything. Qantas travel company they do that job. They sell our ticket and take from us ratio. So agent is the nice point as company and customer.

We have more some external stake holder include hotel, restaurant, and car rental organization.


Pestle examination is element of strategic management represents a platform of macro-environmental factors. The PESTLE research is very important to the marketing development (Johnson and Scholes, 1999). PESTLE analysis using for business position, market up and down. Using PESTLE we now summarize how it is work with Qantas.


Political factor is very important part for airlines sectors. The political issues Qantas problem includes politics stability, corruption and duty. Qantas steady with strong politic countries to run their business. United kingdom airways and Qantas limited are thinking about a potential which is considered the most ambitious initiatives procedure for worlds aviation's industry. Qantas have certificate to perform their business. Qantas keep of petrol under the control of "organisation of the petroleum exporting countries" can lead to gas price.


The scientific innovated development has Qantas airways. The two new aero planes do non-stop soaring between two continents. Qantas have online reservation system. Exactly where our customer they can book tickets via the online. High technology can increasing customer expectation. Qantas always utilize high technology product and service. They have developed the worlds innovative aeroplanes 380A and B747. These really advanced the convenience of flying.


Economic issues are other areas of aviation industry. Inflation of money rates can affect the Qantas where they leads to unstable of market. At the moment financial recession turned into the economic problems, Qantas Airways Limited will inevitably be affected. Overseas change rates make a difference Qantas airlines. . Customer is everything is an organization. The financial article 30 June 2009 revenue was $14. 3 billion but in 2012 it reduced $13. 6 billion. The profit of Qantas in the financial year was $117 million AS 30 June 2009 it reduced $112 million.


(S)ocio- ethnical:

Qantas has lots of variety customer. The airlines industry proved a great impact on the Australian life. Brand identity is important (Campbell, 1999) for an flight sectors. Qantas has strong brand personal information that's why they using Australian nationwide symbol. . Australian administration recently released articles on the statement of the status of the airlines industry. Qantas brand quality understands all around the globe. Qantas offers different type of service using low priced prices to customer purchasing behaviour.


Where we situated our Qantas corporation is their environment friendly or not. our Qantas wastages of gasoline it is not best for environment. It could be pollute the environment. Inside our customer uses the material. After using towel it is rubbish put on the bean. We must follow the Qantas uses the environment safeguard system. Qantas sometimes decrease emission of energy.


Legal aspects are important for Qantas airlines. Qantas keeping health and basic safety rules for the customer and employees. They are really following food and cleanliness functions. Qantas industry are required to follow the employment guidelines and rules. That law sustains all of worker customer. Anyone can not smoke cigars in airlines.

2. 4. Main marketing issues of Qantas airlines:

Qantas position in international airline market is more than in the domestic market. When All over the world have tons of airlines. They are really competitor each other's. Qantas face strong competition among other airlines. It's very difficult to Qantas increase their sales to give attention to their market segments. Qantas always try to give their customer proper products and service. Qantas fulfil their expectation and needs. That is why Qantas follow the market sections issues. Market segments can be increase their customer. Qantas air travel acquire effective marketing mixture strategy promote product service. Every organisation employs the marketing combine strategy. As an airlines company Qantas always want to market their business.


3. Online marketing strategy:

Marketing strategy is based in macro environment and micro environment check out through of stakeholders such as products community, intermediaries, customers, supplier's opponents to the prospective market.

Qantas segmentation:

Market segmentation divided of market different kind of customer with same needs. The goal of market segmentation is ensure that the elements of marketing blend design to different customer specific needs. A marketing term discussing the aggregating of prospective buyers into groups which may have common needs and can respond much like a marketing action. Qantas have limited resources that aren't possible to create all time for all people.

Qantas focusing on:

Qantas must use why people aim for few markets and exactly how these markets are identified. Qantas do the targeting based on our market segmentation. Qantas following demographic segmentation. They are really targeting middle income people to top category people. Lower course people cannot by the monetary class tickets. Qantas has got some regular customer. They going always and recommended various other customers. Qantas targeting the top quality customer. If we keep our customer than we know very well what our customer needs and would like. and you want to fulfil the our customer needs. That's why Qantas things always try to make good relation with customer.

Positioning of Qantas:

Positioning is the artwork of designing the business's offering and image place in the mind of the mark market. In setting we must need to know the how we going to good position in business strategy. We should follow that customer needs and expectation. If company want to go a good position than Qantas must fulfil customer requirements. We are able to do the marketing campaign than our customer is aware of Qantas airlines and them attractive inside our airlines. We know about our customer how we provide our service. As type we fixing our company's reputation.


  • Geographic segmentation:

This market is segmented relating to geographic criteria nations, states, areas, countries, places, neighbourhood, geographic data create a far more accurate account of Qantas airlines. Qantas offer an indicator of provide according to different geographic locations. . All around the globe have different kind of customer. When Qantas utilizing their geographic segmentation then we concentrating on which countries customer most using our Qantas airlines. For example Europe people using our airlines more than Asian people. That why we live targeted European market. We always try to keep all of customer. We offer all of good flights in European countries.

  • Demographic Segmentation:

Demographic segmentation consists of dividing the market into groups based on parameters such as time, gender, family size, income, occupation, education, religion, competition and nationality. Demographic segmentation parameters are amongst typically the most popular bases for segmenting customer categories. This is partly because customer desires are closely linked to factors such as income and age. Also, there is certainly often a lot more data available to improve the demographic segmentation process. In our Qantas airlines start to see the ages people prefer our service most. On this segmentation we found the almost all of individuals are over forty users. Most of are informed people. Our Qantas most users Christian religions people. Yet another think our most of the client are delicate man. Different customer have different income. We using the first class, economic course, business course.

  • Psychographic Segmentation:

Psychographic is determined by personal satisfaction. Psychographics is the science of using demographics to better understand consumers. Psychographic segmentation is divided corresponding to their lifestyle, personality, values and social category. . Every people have different ideas and mother nature. Psychographic segmentation corresponding to their views research is one tool for measuring life style includes activities interest, ideas, attitudes, values. In this segmentation our customer has different life style. Differing people have different sociable class. For example our middle income customer uses the monetary class seat and abundant people using the business enterprise class. On this segmentation we offer different people different service.

  • Behavioural Segmentation:

In behavioural segmentation, individuals are divided into groups according with their knowledge of, attitude towards, use of or respond to a product. It really is predicated on the behavior of the consumer. Some people have enough money. These are want a little extra center. Behavioural segmentation is based on customer behaviour toward products include (benefits desired, consumption rates, brand commitment, user status, readiness to buy, occasion).

Our company using different type of product and service. Resource chain development associated with marketing development. The worthiness of string development links (Shi and Makkula, 2004) to inner business development via an included system by using move forward technology such as e-booking, e-mailing, internal communication, and e-marketing. Resource chain development consists of external stakeholders such as suppliers, customer, and open public passions(Christopher, 1999). Collaborations very important in building the resource string development (Todeva and Knoke, 2005). Qantas produced profits before three years (Yahoo Finance, 2012). The main aim of product or services to provide to attaining customer. Matching to Mittal ET a1 (1998), service attributes determine the level of client satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer retaining to generate profit in an organisation. The of the Qantas provides security and safety as comfortable trip. Regarding to Yahoo Funding (2012), Qantas controlled a fleet of 308 aircrafts to comfort its customers as at 30 June 2012. E-ticketing is service to customers which is largely employed by the Qantas management in the current market.

3. 3. Qantas pricing strategy:

Qantas airlines getting position to attract customer costing strategy will support this position. Qantas offering lower prices technique to customers. Qantas normally change the purchase price according range of customer. Qantas serve the customer and give them proper service. costing strategy can appeal to the customer. According to Kotler (2003), a pricing strategy can increase customer interest towards the products setting which can generate more earnings for an organisation. We using our business coverage talented and professionally pricing team based in our head office make an important contribution to the effective procedure in each business. Business Qualification is highly appreciated upon this section not essential for all guidelines. Qantas accountable for providing support analysing and appropriate maintaining costs strategy. Qantas have low priced airlines jester airways they package with low priced cover customer. Qantas provide them with cheap price and fulfil customer requirements.

3. 4. Promotional Mixture:

Promotional combine has two classes; personal and non-personal. personal mix who directly speaking with one another, face-to-face in a gathering, or on calling. Customer can ask questions about the company's brands and products. On-personal promotional mix refers to promotion occurrences and includes all printing, broadcast and screen tools. They provide important advice and a specialist service in providing a marketing communication advertising campaign.

Qantas promotional combination divides 5 parts:

1. Advertising

2. Sales promotion

3. Open public relation

4. Sponsorship

5. Direct marketing.

  • Advertising:

Advertising is any paid-for mass communication activity. Advertising is the better which way people know our Qantas airlines. Advertising can be down throwing TV, Publication, build board, mag, online, internet, poster, tourist brand publication, ambient press. When we promoted the newspaper customer get our Qantas amount discount. When people viewing television they noticed the advertise of Qantas airlines. People go one place to another place they found the Qantas billboard. Our broadcast communication removed throw the internet it is vital for the prospective customer

  • Sales promotion:

Sales campaign is marketing communication function that is adds value to brand image. When customer buy something that time using sales advertising. When company new product launches customer utilize to trial this products. That's why product price is gone to be cheaper. Specifically sales campaign must be targeted in focus on markets. Qantas always give their customer discount voucher offer. Promotion includes drive market and pulls market strategy.


Public Relation

Sales promotion

Sponsorship Direct marketing

  • Public relation:

Qantas want to increase their sales that are why they using the public elation tools. Qantas have their business by tuning in and responding favorably to customer. Qantas do the permanent relation with general public. Current time general public relation is the best way to promote Qantas products. If company desires elevating their reputation than it is very important always good connection with public. The general public relationships role includes taking care of publicity aimed at financial stakeholders and politics bodies, as well as promoting company image and specific brands.

  • Direct marketing:

Direct marketing means corporation promote their business directly with customer. Qantas in person conversation with the customer. What new service and products provide from Qantas they can be describing that type of part? Qantas want to give them proper inspiration. If product is good than customer used it if it's not than customer don't use it

  • Sponsorship:

Sponsor can be promote business. Every year Qantas tons of customer go one place to another place. When they travelling abroad they can facing plenty of problem. For example flood, tsunami can influenced Qantas customer. That is why they have to life guaranteed position. Qantas always give them proper life insurance coverage which one is wonderful for the Qantas customer.


Qantas uses the several type of circulation or market channel to provide customer convenience. Syndication strategy Qantas uses different types of method. Syndication strategy make available information to customer. Qantas do booking and payment system. Qantas airlines uses website to increase customer purchasing electricity. It is best for the customer getting range of airlines choice. Wholesalers buy goods and service from company. The internet is the latest tool of Qantas distribution strategy for goal customer. Qantas using the sales promotion to point getting the customer. We using advertising and marketing to market our service. Qantas is largely included to the network development. Source chain development helps to increase the circulation to the targeted followers (Attaran and Attaran, 2007). The management acquire both direct or indirect syndication strategy to gain customer loyalty. Distribution strategy is important in the marketing development.

3. 6. Marketing blend using Qantas Company

Marketing mixture:

Marketing combine is one of the successful mixes of the right product sold at the right price in the right place using the best promotion. Marketing combine is the marketing condition. It really is an integral part of marketing plan. Marketing mix is named 4Ps and 7Ps. The 4Ps are product, price, promotion, and place. Also added process, people and physical research. Marketing blend always like always involves 7Ps. 7Ps include.

A. Product

B. Price

C. Promotion

D. Place

E. Process

F. People

G. Physical evidence

3Ps long marketing combination:

A high level of quality service can gain client satisfaction and customer retention. A good service quality can increase customer devotion that allows the management to gain income (Heskett et a1. , 1994). Marketing mixture strategy should be purchased an organisation to market products and services to gain profits.


Marketing 3Ps

  • People
  • Process
  • Physical evidence

The 3Ps expanded marketing combine strategy power its marketing placement. These strategies are people, process and physical evidence (Chaffely 2007). Therefore, customer service is an important part in the flight industry. Qantas provide good customer support and stuff training to increase their skills. As claimed by Maslow and Lowery (1998), stuff basis needs should be fulfilled before can encourage them to improve service quality.

  • People:

Stuff is the main person for Qantas airlines. So recruiting the right products in the right position and properly trained them. Qantas stuff has proper knowledge, skills, capacity that they offer good service to your customer. People are referred to internal marketing which pertains to squash communication. Qantas always trained their products and give opinions which way they supplying the proper customer service.

  • Process:

Process is the service of firm providing the professionally to our Qantas valuable customer. Qantas make their product systematically that is why Qantas customer easily find out what ever their need. Qantas need always provide good service on right way. Qantas always getting comments from customers. If customer unsatisfied for our service then we want to give them proper service.

  • Physical evidence:

Physical proof is the element of service which allows the client make judgments on the organization. People like always clean and nice environment. If customer walk into the Qantas business than they see the Qantas air travel is clean and environment friendly.

Task Three

Marketing Research:

Marketing research is the areas of business environment determine financial market demand for existing product. It really is really helps to better understand how to attract or keep customer to business. Marketing research process defines marketing opportunity and problems see marketing action and findings the perfect solution is to management. Marketing research handled all of information about customers. It is important for business strategy. This technique generate and examine marketing action specifies the information required for collecting information. Marketing research provide planning to the market levels.

There have five stage of marketing research

  1. Research design development
  2. Problem definition
  3. Data collection
  4. Report presentation
  5. Data analysis

First stage - problem define

Marketing research obviously defined aims or find out real issue of Qantas airlines. An obvious and written goal helps companies avoid the true problem. A good research market should declare problem that needed the research and it is importance. On this stage marketing researcher of Qantas airlines find out marketing research problem has to discover the problem that should be investigating. With this stage they are doing the environment is needed to formulate research problem that is related. So marketing research identify the problem and id of the precise. A useful research should declare the specific problem necessities the research and its importance.

Second level -research design development

The marketing research design what research methods for collecting data of Qantas airlines and that are most suited to addressing problem set. The techniques will depend on how suitable for addressing the condition set.

There are two types of marketing research:

  1. Quantitative research
  2. Qualitative research

Quantitative Research: It is enthusiastic about quantifying (number) and analysing the responses of the representative test.

  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Testing and experimentation

Qualitative Research: It is predicated on quality of Qantas airlines. Qualitative research uncover what type of quality service provide Qantas airlines.

  • Focus group (regular customer)
  • Depth interviews (finding travel problem)
  • Mystery shopping (alternative party to check your service)
  • Qantas airlines marketing administrator might use
  • Surveys and questionnaires

Third level - Data collection

In this stage, we need to collect data. Marketing research includes two type of data research. Most important data sources, Extra data sources. Supplementary resource should be the first line of collecting data when performing marketing research. They may be widely available and often inexpensive. If secondary data don't have goals the researcher must accumulate data. Although Main data will fit more research goals, data collection can be expensive and frustrating. Because he need data to determine the problems. You will discover two types of data collection source.

Primary research data

Secondary research data

Primary research data:

Primary research data specifically designed to address the challenge identified. The procedure is collecting the initial data about the marketplace. The research completed after getting some knowledge from the companies. This process of research can be done by the internet marketer or can be person which focuses primarily on these kind of surveys. Most important research is not carried out organizations generally hinge of secondary options for information.

Advantages of key research data:

  • Primary research is very good for responding to the real problem. It is implies that Qantas airlines problems and recognizes the Qantas error. Primary general market trends confirms data regarding specific market.
  • Researcher collecting data and reviewed their own needs. The organisation complete control the procedure and the study as far as its target is connected. Research company can be asked find data regarding specific market rather than on mass market.
  • Primary research finds out some connection with current situation of Qantas.
  • Primary data using accurate tools which is good for the Qantas flight.
  • Collector of most important data are the owners of that information and he need not discuss it with other companies and competitors.

Disadvantages of principal research data:

  • Primary research is expensive for data collection. Collecting Qantas data using costly proposition main research as marketing expert should be involved.
  • Researcher need to create everything.
  • Primary research is long time process. Due to mother nature of Qantas the time necessary to do research accurately is very long when compared with supplementary data.
  • Primary research need to large number of human resource, data collection and surveys.

Secondary research data:

Researcher of Qantas airlines probably check existing secondary source become familiarized basic characteristics of this market. We might invented that a few of information we need has been already collected. This process involves being able to access information that is originator or a distributor of key market research. Secondary research includes collecting information from third-party such as Qantas websites, Qantas sales and accounting information, journal articles and Qantas marketers report. Customer doesn't straight join with us. They using third-party information and made a decision what they want to do. Customer also can find out any previously information employed by the professional from any internal or external source.

Advantages of secondary research data:

Easy to collecting supplementary data. This includes the relative circumstance of usage of many sources of secondary data. Qantas with the availability of online access and extra research used on that research. . Qantas offers convenience and generally usages methods for all resources of supplementary research.

  • Secondary research is low costly than the other research. This data has allowed researchers access to valuable information for cost-free to acquire.
  • Secondary research more openly evaluated. Extra research is often concern to determine briefly for an company.
  • Secondary data help to research question. It could be help the researcher clarify questions.
  • It has already been done and acquired the result.

Disadvantages of supplementary research data:

  • The quality of supplementary research can be poor.
  • Sometimes supplementary research can't find analysts needs.
  • Secondary data is not identical to working market.
  • It is not relevant the existing market situation.

Fourth stages - data evaluation:

After collecting all of data we have to decide what approach to research we used to seem sensible of data. We can take help from other experienced air travel to observe the info whatever we collected. Data analysis level is very important because we are in need of to find out existing problem. Data research summarizing the response for each and every question for every participant. All summery calculate as deciding the preferred answer provides an overview of the study information. Faster computation vary to relating sampling method used to obtain data. Data evaluation can offer additional insight, such as the two difference respondents.

Final stages-report display:

This is the final level of marketing research process, its includes copying, coding, managing, interpreting and check the data collected. In this level report should plainly state the research problem and put together research targets.

So this demonstration show how research specifying who was simply asked and how the methods used to analyses data.

Report presentation includes.


Task four

Sustainability and communal responsibility of Qantas:

Now a day's airlines business, sustainability and corporate cultural responsibility are big issue. Every business organization is doing some event for environment and social help. It's very popular to helping people and airlines advertising as well. It are different things airlines doing their own responsibility.

In airlines sustainability not is not merely about travelling-it's about people, attitudes, areas and lifestyle. The Qantas group provide ecological manner. Qantas works hard to encourage changing the amounts economic, friendly and environmental sector. The foundation harnesses Qantas people resources which can be sustainable future for everyone Australian neighborhoods. Qantas group existing charitable and community make an effort. The building blocks was lunched donation from the Qantas group. Among the most important issues climate change facing the global community. Climate change creating a number of economic, public and environmental impacts. Qantas focused on reduce emission of weather change. Qantas working to reduce their carbon footprints. Qantas teams' global carbon footprints effect over 95% from the airlines energy flying procedure. Qantas concentrating on 1. 5% average targeting in gas efficiency out to 2020. Beyond 2020 Qantas concentrating on "carbon natural growth" aim to reduce net emissions by 50% by 2050 split to 2005 levels. Qantas will participate in the Australian government's carbon costs framework work from July 2012. Qantas including new airframes, engines sustainable aviation energy and tri-generation electricity. Qantas be strict about stuff using goblet and clear plastic recycle. When Qantas customer using plastic glass we placed on everything bean so when we arrived we recycle that throwing away products. Qantas drive for maximum gasoline efficiency and lowest weight from existing fleet-our gas conservation program prevented the emission more than 1 million tons of CO2 since 2005. qantas improve air routes and air traffic management. Working with governments more effective economic musical instruments.

Working with Governments to adopt more appropriate economic tools: bonuses to financing research and development in new technology, properly designed global local climate plans (which do not create competitive distortions) and voluntary carbon offsets.

You can sign up for us in minimizing the impact of emissions on the surroundings by carbon offsetting your own share of journey emissions with just a little contribution. We continue steadily to contribute by offsetting our very own share of emissions from our employees' business plane tickets and our surface vehicles.

Conclusion and advice:

Qantas air brand is one of the popular brands in the air series industry. They play important role in Australian overall economy. They consistently enhancing their performance score card in air travel industry. On the other hand employees received good carrier way which they can perform anywhere in flight. They provide good service to customer for reason they helped bring A380. But customers have great deal of expectation from Qantas air travel according to study report. They aren't 100% have their service. They have to improve their customer support, reduce solution price etc. Though they may have problem operating and others nevertheless they are #1 1 position on earth.

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